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Sunday Fave-Heather Chadduck, Johnny Was, Soup

Happy Sunday everyone!  We are down at the lake tying up loose ends for the sale.  We went to the fabulous new Booker Tasting Room yesterday I will feature that in my Sunday five next weekend. Let’s join Annie and Mary Ann for some Sunday fun.  Let’s check out my Sunday Fave-Heather Chadduck, Johnny Was, Soup and more.


You all loved the beautifully styled entry table by Heather Chadduck in my How to Style Round Entry Tables post so I thought I would share some of her portfolio images from her website. You can find more here

heather chadduck living space

While Heather often favors color and pattern, she is also a master of texture and neutrals. Both this image and the one above are from the gorgeous Southern Idea Living House 2019.

heather chadduck kitchen copy

This guest house has been on my radar forever.  Love how she made use of this space.

heather chadduck guest house

You can see her beautiful textile line here and follow her on Instagram here.


Lauren made this delicious soup from feasting at home last night.  She replaced the ground beef with turkey, so it is definitely WW friendly.

feasting at home meatball soup with turmeric, spinach and lime


I just finished The Silent Patient

I think I probably purchased it for an airplane ride somewhere back when we could travel.  It is a real page-turner with plot twists galore. If you like a good mystery you will enjoy this one.


My blogging friend Elizabeth from Pine Cones and Acorns has started a new series you might enjoy called Wellness Wednesday.  This week she discusses the benefits of taking a bath. Check out her beautifully redesigned blog as well.  Elizabeth is quite the baker.  I often feature her recipes here as well.  As you know if you stop here often a baker I am not.

the benefits of taking a bath


If you love Johnny Was but not the price as much, here are three colorful shirts at 30% off.  The J Crew boyfriend jeans are also on sale.  The Gigi Pip hat is the summer version of the one I am wearing here. Their hats are great. My niece turned me on to the Rothy loafers.  Has anyone with bunions tried them?  I have my eyes on these and the leopard number. I love these straw bags on Etsy, so many pretty options.  I have linked my sunglasses before but I get emails at least once a week about them so here they are again.  All items are linked below the pic.

Johnny Was Fashion Over 50


Thank you for reading Sunday Fave-Heather Chadduck, Johnny Was, Soup.  Now pop over and visit




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  1. Juliet says

    Love Elizabeth and her new series. Just printed the soup recipe. My husband is on a Tumeric kick and challenging me to find recipes. Thank you for the assist! xo

  2. Di Naftzger says

    Love Rothy’s shoes, purchased a pair pointy toe Rothy’s on my last visit to San Francisco in 2019. I had hoped to be back in San Francisco last year however Covid put a stop to our yearly visits. Unfortunately Rothy’s are not shipping to Australia.

  3. Gail says

    Wonderful favorite five post. The soup looks delicious and I adore Johnny Was. I’ve been lucky to find some fabulous bargains of their things at TJ Maxx.

  4. LA CONTESSA says


  5. Cindy Hattersley says

    Hi Damon
    Not too much info for me at all. Exactly what I needed. My husband has the same issue as you and his foot guy advised him not to get surgery but to live with it as long as possible (coming from the surgeon himself). I intend to do just that as well. Mine is on the side of my foot, so I am always looking for comfortable stylish shoes! Thanks so much for weighing in!

  6. Damon says

    Hi Cindy, As always, love your blog. Re: Rothy’s, I must have at least, 6 pairs of different styles, I love them! I have a large bunion on my right big toe (should probably get surgery — but I’m chicken), Anyway, my favorites are the round toe flats, followed by the loafers. I have one pointed toe style I never wear — it hurts my bunion. And I also have one high ankle sneaker style which is slightly a bigger cut on me so I wear w/ socks. I’m a 7.5 and the flats & loafers run true to size on me. Probably more info. than you need but clearly I’m a BIG fan of Rothy’s. If you have any more questions let me know. 🙂

  7. Ann says

    Cindy, I have the leopard print Rothy’s loafer and I really like them. I also have a bunion, which I have a rather strong opinion about! I purchased the Rothy’s in my average size and they’re comfortable and cute. Very lightweight shoe, but durable fabric. Doesn’t push on bunion. I’m hoping a solid color looks as good as the leopard. I’m going to order a pair for spring. I hope you are happy with them if you decide to try them. Cute fashion selections today. I especially like the bag!
    Congratulations on getting your vaccine. Yay! And congratulations on selling your home. I understand what a big venture moving from your home is, but you have loved and lived in it well. Won’t it be fun to have a little less work and still enjoy creating more beauty in your new home.
    I have been reading your blog, your honest writing, enjoying your wit and style for some time. All the best.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Ann

      We have not sold this home as yet but it is possible! Our lake house is in escrow, so lots of changes on the horizon for us. Should this sell, we plan to move into a cute rental house that we own, and fix it up a bit. We have owned it for over 20+ years. I will chronicle it on the blog. I have no plans to quit blogging. Unless you all quit reading! I am no longer doing design work, since we are unsure of where we will land permanently.

      • Ann says

        Oops! Sorry for the mix up, Cindy. I’ll be reading. Thanks for writing positive posts. Here’s to a good week!

  8. Karen B. says

    I love Johnny Was and have my eye on one of the sale tops. I love Rothys and have two pairs. I don’t have bunions so I cannot address the fit regarding that. They always get compliments when I wear them and people are always surprised to hear they are made from recycled plastic bottles. Great post. Thank you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen
      Good to hear. It sounds like the loafer is for me per everyone’s comments! I love that they are upcycled and washable!

  9. Wren says

    So many good points in the newsletter today! First, good to know about Booker. I’ve been in the area so long that I used to know everyone in the wine biz but no longer. Today we had lunch at the gorgeous Presqu’ile winery if you ever get just south of Santa Maria.
    Chadduck interiors shots work for me with all of the blue and white. Love the 2 big vases/jars with palm fronds on the kitchen island.
    Johnny Was has beautiful pieces but too big! I have yet to find something that fits but maybe a kimono that is OSFA. Rothys is another hit and miss. I have 2 pairs of the round-toe flats and one pair of the pointed flats. I like the look of the pointed better but each pair seems to be a slight bit different in size; I don’t know if the weave is tighter or what. I’ve had to return a couple of the pointed so finally gave up but haven’t tried the loafers. I like the concept of recycling pop bottles!
    GigiPip hats are sold by a local store and I want to investigate the felt versions as I have lots of summer hats.
    The soup looks like a winner and I have almost all of the ingredients on hand but turmeric (which I think I only have in ginger tea).
    Thanks for the good range of topics and I hope you make a new nest easily. Selling quickly is not a bad thing even if it means scrambling to find your next landing.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      So many great tips! Thank you! We are anxious to get down to the Santa Ynez area as soon as we can travel again. Our kids want us to move there! In Paso the new store (can’t ever think of the name) next to we olive handles the gigi pip hats. She always has several. I think she has a shop in San Luis as well. Let’s meet for lunch when we are out of jail!!

  10. ck says

    I also have bunions, and love the Rothy’s loafer. I’ve tried a couple of their styles, but find the loafer works the best. I’ve got the leopard print and wear it frequently, just order a bigger size than what you normally wear

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi CK
      Thank you so much! That is what I suspected as well. Did you size up a full size or just 1/2? I am ordering the leopard!!

  11. Debbie says

    If you loved the Silent PatientLucy you will love,; The Woman in the Window, The Lions of Fifth Avenue, The Masterpiece both by Fiona Davis, and The Guest List by Lucy Foley,

    • Debbie says

      My comment should say The Guest list by Lucy Foley, The Lions of Fifth Avenue by Fiona Davis and The Woman in the Window.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        You are welcome Elizabeth! Your new blog design is fabulous!! I adore that guest house as well. Heather Chadduck’s designs are just gorgeous!

  12. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    Cindy, thank you for the feature! I am in awe of this beautiful guest house! What a wonderful space! I love the seating arrangement, everything is light and fresh. I am a huge fan of Johnny Was, his beautiful tunics are perfect for Spring. Have a wonderful day! And thank you again.

  13. home before dark says

    Heather’s style is simply perfect! I’m not a coastal person so those giant bird picture brings on some heebie-jeebies!! Had the 2nd shot Thursday…and it was the doozy! Apparently the younger you are, the worst it can be because of youngers generally having more effective immune reactions. My response was mostly tummy issues and facial swelling (like I get from insect bites). Today all is well. When you get your second call be on notice your next 72 hours may be “challenging”. Also do not pretake pain pills before shot. You need the reaction!!! So….did my prediction come true about your other home selling this week? You are definitely in the adventure mode.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Patricia
      I have heard many have reactions after the second but a small price to pay, right? Your prediction may be true…

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