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If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

Welcome to this month’s addition of AgeIess Style. I am so happy to be interviewing long-time blogger and tulip aficionado Elizabeth Moyer. She is passionate about living, giving, and entertaining with style and grace. Her followers (including me) have long appreciated her keen eye for detail and penchant for all things elegant. If you love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer. You will love her style!

Photo Credit: Alison Rodilosso

Elizabeth is no longer blogging as regularly, but her inspiring content is still available online here. You can also follow her on Instagram here. Let’s get to know Elizabeth!

If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

Introduce us to your story and how you started your blog back in 2010 and where you are today?

It all started with a purchase on Etsy in 2009! I bought a little terrine (white with gold trim) and a carafe from the Etsy shop of Eddie Ross. His partner, Jaithan, wrote back the nicest email (which I still have). So, I wrote back. I mentioned that I wanted to put the carafe in my bar area, as my home was going to be on the local home tour. Back and forth we wrote…and the next thing I knew, Eddie and Jaithan showed up for the home tour and then attended a lunch a friend and I hosted that day in their honor.

It was beyond fun! Eddie featured my home on his blog, so this drew me into the world of blogging. For a while, I sat on the sidelines just reading and commenting on other blogs. But I loved the sense of community and wanted to be more a part of the conversations. So, on April 11, 2010, I came home from church with a name in my head and wrote my first blog post. That was the beginning of Pretty Pink Tulips.

Elizabeth Moyer with tulips in front of carousel in Paris

Photo Credit: Katie Mitchell

I wrote the blog for nine years! At first, it was daily, then a few times a week. It was a wonderful, creative outlet for me while my boys were growing up. I went to several blog conferences and met a lot of wonderful, talented people. Many of those people have become friends in real life.

Valentines Tablescape by Elizabeth Moyer

photo credit Abby Cole Photography

In 2019, I was feeling overwhelmed by other commitments and hit a bit of a creative wall. I decided that while my sons were finishing high school, I would focus on them and take a break from blogging. I kept the site up, as I felt like a lot of the content was evergreen and I didn’t want to shut the door completely. Last year, as my youngest was wrapping up his senior year in high school, I spent some time exploring what I should do as an empty nester. I have always loved taking photos and I noticed that during the pandemic I leaned very heavily into the garden and creating celebrations. To me, it was a sign that I had more I wanted to share.

Elizabeth and her dog Mollie

Recently, I have co-created and launched a stationery set and cocktail napkins based on my tulip garden with Bespoke Designs, a darling stationer and tabletop shop in Westport, CT. I hope to develop other products under the PPT umbrella. I have also just started a role as a Brand Ambassador for SG Travel Advisors, working with my friend, Sandy Grodsky, who I first met because of blogging. Sandy had a travel blog and when we first met in person, she mentioned how she might want to move into travel advisory. Her youngest was the same age mine is now! I was one of her first clients and I have been using her to plan amazing travel experiences ever since. In fact, she helped me plan my first bespoke group trip to The Netherlands (for peak tulip season), which is happening right now!

I am truly excited to see how Pretty Pink Tulips continues to grow. You can read more about my Bespoke Designs collaboration here.

If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

Pretty Pink Tulips Bespoke Stationery

Photos Alison Rodilasso

You grew up in Texas but have since moved to places like San Francisco, CA, Charlotte, NC, and Manhattan, NY. Tell us about this journey (with young children!) and how it has supported your life motto of “bloom where you are planted.”

garden with tulips

I am in fact a 4th generation Texan and spent the first 31 years of my life in and around the DFW area, including my college years. Yet, I always had a yearning to experience living somewhere else. Six months after I married my husband, he was offered an opportunity to move with his company to San Francisco and we both jumped at this chance to live there. We absolutely loved it! But, shortly after we had bought a townhouse there, we learned that his company had decided to consolidate that office into NYC. So, we prepared for another move.

Elizabeth Moyer in black blazer and pants

In NYC, we lived in an apartment near Central Park and both worked in midtown. I was nervous about living in the Big Apple, but I embraced the opportunity, exploring as much of the city as I could. Less than 2 years later, and 3 months before I was to have my first child, my husband’s company, once again, decided they were moving his group…this time it was to Charlotte, NC.

This was our 3rd move in less than 4 years. This fast pace of change made me realize that you can’t assume how long you may be some place, so don’t put off exploring and settling in. We spent 5 lovely years in Charlotte, where we created our first real home, a traditional red brick house on a tree lined street. It was my first experience in learning how interior design choices can enhance your interiors and how changing your landscape can improve your curb appeal. I believe these two things helped us sell our home quickly and for a profit.

If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

Elizabeth Moyer in White maxi dress

When my sons were 18 months and 4 years of age, my husband changed companies and we moved back to New York. That move was a bit more difficult for me, as I was not only moving a young family, but a whole lot more “stuff.” We had raced through the house on a quick house-hunting trip during a very tight real estate market. My recollection of the house turned out to be a bit romanticized. We ended up spending a number of years renovating and improving not only the interiors but the landscape. As you may realize at this point, none of these moves were my choice. But I tried to see them as opportunities. I made the decision that I needed to “bloom where I was planted.”

Tulips! Your signature flower. Share your love of tulips and why you chose them as the name for your community online. 

Elizabeth Moyers with tulips in Paris

Photo Credit: Katie Mitchell

I have always loved tulips! I adore the different varieties and that the stems have no thorns. Also, I appreciate how the tulips continue to grow after they are cut and reach for the sun. They just always seemed like such a happy flower. So, when we decided to tear out the existing landscaping at my current home and start from scratch, my landscape architect suggested I plant something with color to go with the foundation plantings.

She asked what my favorite flower was and what color I liked. Pink tulips, I said. We planted them that first year and we’ve planted them ever since. Neighbors and friends looked forward to seeing them as much as I did. So, they became a bit of a fixture. I think of them as my outdoor “signature.” When my house appeared on Eddie’s blog, it was a photo of the house surrounded by pink tulips. When I decided to begin my own blog, the name pretty pink tulips came to mind, and it just seemed like an easy and obvious choice for me.

Elizabeth Moyer on Paris Street with tulips

Photo Credit: Katie Mitchell

This month, you are taking a tulip-focused retreat through the Neverlands. In fact, you will be traveling back on the day this blog goes live. Tell us about your vision for this retreat and what you are most excited for during this experience. 

It has been a dream of mine to visit The Netherlands during peak tulip season. I felt that in my first year as an empty nester (and with a brand associated with tulips) that it was the perfect time to do it. I also knew that this was the kind of experience that others would enjoy, so I decided to create a dreamy itinerary and invite floral loving friends to join me, thus creating a “retreat.”

My vision for this retreat is that everyone feels pampered, inspired, and delighted. I hope that with the detailed planning that I’ve done with SG Travel that we will deliver a bespoke, luxurious, and memorable floral-related experience. Every day we have very special plans, but the day I am most excited for is the day we visit Keukenhof Gardens (which has over 7 million tulips), bicycle through private tulip fields, and visit a 3rd generation private tulip farm. It will be Tulipmania!

pretty-pink-tulips on Instagram

Will you be hosting more retreats like this in the future? What can you share with us?

My hope is to absolutely host more retreats! I would like to take a group (or more than 1 group) to The Netherlands for the tulips each year and add in at least one other retreat to another garden/floral-themed location. Some places I think would be fun to visit are the Cotswolds, Provence and even places in the US. Stay tuned!

Live. Give. Entertain. Why these three words and give us a brief summary of each category when describing your lifestyle brand. 

I love the power of three and often think in terms of things in that way. When I was starting my blog, I felt drawn to write about how to live, give, and entertain with style and grace.

Live: to me this is how you approach your every day. I believe we all get to choose how we approach things, so why not approach things in an elevated way. To me this encompasses your home (and garden) décor, how you dress, the types of products you favor, travel, work and how you spend your time. Basically, to me this is your lifestyle.

elizabeth moyer in capri on a boat

Give: to me this is how you approach giving of yourself and giving to others. This includes remembering birthdays and other days of importance, thoughtful gifts, your volunteer efforts, beautifully wrapped presents, showing up for people, and giving of your time and attention.

Entertaining: to me this is more than hosting a beautiful party, though I do love those. It is creating thoughtful and memorable occasions for those you care about, so they feel seen, celebrated, and appreciated. That can mean an intimate dinner, cocktails in the garden, a birthday scavenger hunt and favorite breakfast, a team dinner, a surprise outing, a first day of school tablescape, all holidays and just making the most of every day.

If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

You love a good, handwritten note on beautiful stationary. Share with us your tips for the perfectly written note. 

Here are a few things that I think make a well written note. Choose stationery that reflects your style. Date your note. Use colored ink, in your favorite color or the favorite color of the recipient. Be heartfelt. Write the way you would speak. You don’t need to write a lot. Sign off with style!

Tell us about your personal style and how you would best describe it

My personal style is polished, elegant, yet comfortable. I gravitate to solids in white, black, denim, cream and either pink or red. I love dresses, but the climate where I live now is on the colder side, so I have embraced pants during the fall and winter seasons. Also, I love white tops and v-necks. I love a blazer, as I think it pulls things together or a leather moto jacket for panache. I have found some brands that fit me well (Veronica Bearch, L’Agence, Cinc de Sept, Zimmerman) and stick with those. Moreover, I don’t want to spend a lot of time getting dressed, so I like having a few pieces that I rotate and rely on.

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is pink – in a variety of shades. But, I also love white.

What’s your favorite accessory and why?

I have a small diamond heart necklace that I wear every single day. I never take it off. Several of my friends also loved it and bought the same necklace. That makes me happy to know we are all wearing the same one. My signature perfume is Chloe. I’ve tried many others, but I always come back to this one as people often stop me and ask what I’m wearing. 

Tell us about your home and your decorating style.

My home is a 1946 colonial. It is painted white on the exterior and currently has white shutters. On the inside, the layout is traditional and I have a mix of antiques, traditional pieces, and some contemporary touches. I have an antelope stair runner on my main staircase that I love, as it goes with everything. A lot of my furnishings were purchased before I had this house, so I have maintained the same style for more than 20 years.

The most popular room in our house is the “brown room”, which refers to the color of the walls, but is also my maiden name. It has a cozy, clubby feel and everyone seems drawn to it. I don’t have the spatial skills that an interior designer needs, but I do love what I call the “last layer.” I enjoy styling bookshelves and coffee tables and creating beautiful tableaus. Also, I think my decorating style is collected and pretty but not cluttered.

Travel! Tell us your top-five travel destinations and why. 

I do love travel and I feel like I am entering a phase of life where I will get to do it more!

Italy – I just adore this country. I like how Italians live. We just went to the Amalfi Coast and Capri for the second time, and we are already wanting to go again. La Dolce Vita!

Paris – I was able to enjoy Paris 3 times last year and yet there is still more I want to do. I love how walkable, chic, and historic this city is. And, I will never tire of watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night.

Texas – now that I have been away from Texas for so many years, I really miss it. The state has really grown, too. We had planned a good old fashioned Texas road trip through Dallas, Waco (for the Fixer Upper empire), Austin and San Antonio in March of 2020, but we all know what happened then. Also, Round Top is something I’ve never done, but really want to do.

Japan – my husband now works for a Japanese bank and has gotten to go numerous times. I am hoping that I can tag along on a future work trip and my dream is to see it during cherry blossom season.

Iceland – I was surprised by how much I loved this little country. The natural beauty is unmatched. The waterfalls, the lagoons, the Icelandic ponies…all so amazing. I think everyone should visit if they can.

Bonus: we are taking a trip to South Africa and Botswana this fall and I hear that once you go to Africa, you will want to go back, so I will let you know!

If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer

Give us a snapshot of a normal day for you balancing work, life, and family. 

I wake up around 6:30 am. I start with lemon water, coffee, foam rolling and mat pilates. Also, I try to walk approx. 5 miles every day and usually do that in the morning. Some days I walk with a friend, so we can chat and catch up and when I walk solo, I am listening to a podcast or a book on Audible.

My husband takes the train into NYC for work, so he is up early and out the door, so now that my sons are in college, it’s just me and Molly, my sweet King Charles Cavalier.

My days are a mix of work, volunteering, hobbies, friends, and home. I work from home, so I don’t go into an office. That can be hard because there are always home-related things that vie for my attention. I must be intentional about my time. I find it works well for me if I set a timer for an hour and stick with a task and then take a break.

So, I probably have more balance in my life than I have in a long time!

If you could pick just three accessories to take you from one season to the next, what would they be, and why?

An analog watch my husband gave me, because I feel as if I am missing something if I’m not wearing it.

A beautiful pair of sunglasses I bought in Positano. They finish a look, but they always remind me of the special trip my husband and I took for my 50th birthday.

One of my cocktail rings. I love the weight of having a ring on my right hand. And, I have several that I favor.

How do you stay active and what role do supplements and nutrition play in your life? Has this changed as you have gotten older? Do you have any supplements you cannot live without?

Over the years, I have tried every type of exercise there is. Yoga, weightlifting, aerobics, barre class, indoor cycling, Pilates, etc. but during the pandemic I made an interesting discovery. I seemed to feel my best and look my best with a combination of walking and some type of stretching/foam rolling/strength training. There are several online exercise methods that I favor: Lauren Roxburgh (Aligned Life Studio), Lia Bartha (B Method), and Melissa Wood Health.

Foam rolling was a revelation to me. I use Lauren Roxburgh’s foam roller and swear by it. It works the fascia, and I am a complete believer. I also have a mini trampoline from Bellicon, which is great for additional cardio, especially when the weather isn’t nice enough to walk outside. I no longer make myself take classes that stress me out or lift heavy weights. It almost sounds counter intuitive, but by letting up, my weight did, too.

As for nutrition, I naturally favor simple foods. I guess I do a version of intermittent fasting, as I find I feel better if I narrow my eating window. But I’m not obsessed about it. For breakfast, I like a smoothie, yogurt with nuts/granola or a soft-boiled egg and half an English muffin. For lunch, a salad. Also, for dinner, salmon and rice and vegetables or soup. When all my guys are home, I’ll make enchiladas and heartier fare. I love tortilla chips, so those sneak into my daily diet. I’m not a big dessert person, but I adore the Hu brand of chocolate cashews.

As I entered my 50s, I realized I wasn’t doing much in the way of supplements. I now take a daily multivitamin and Vitamin D. My mother and grandmother had osteoporosis and a recent bone density test showed that I have the early stages, so I am very focused on weight bearing exercise.

Other than your family, your community, travel, and shopping, what are some of your hobbies that we might not know about?

I am fortunate that I have time for hobbies right now. I’m learning Canasta with friends, I have another group I play Mah Jong with, I love to read and am in a book club and I belong to a local garden club. I learned calligraphy as a tween and have recently picked it back up. Needlepoint is something that I long to do and just need to sit still long enough to make it happen! I also love spending time outside, in my back garden, during the Spring and Summer, so I am very excited that things have finally warmed up in New York.

Garden with hydrangeas

If you could give your younger self any words of advice, what would they be?

Don’t do what you think you need to do. Find out what lights you up and do that! Also…you won’t believe how great mid-life will be! Hang in there!

Share your words to live by. 

You get what you give. Make it happen. Just keep going. Follow the fun!

A big shout out to Elizabeth for allowing us to interview her this month. Our April interview had a family health emergency. I hope you enjoyed If You Love Gracious Style and Pink Tulips-Meet Elizabeth Moyer. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Elizabeth more. For years I have been enchanted by Elizabeth’s garden, her infectious love for beauty, creativity, and the finer things in life.

You can find my other Ageless Style interviews here. Brenda was unable to join us this month, as she is having technical issues. Hopefully she will be back next month!

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Reader Interactions


  1. Diane says

    Thank you for the interesting interview. The questions you asked were just what I wondered about. Such an elegant lady.
    I love that Elizabeth mentioned no thorns on tulips, as I sit with gashed hands from pruning roses. Note to self, plant more tulips.

    • Mildred L Brown says

      I am Elizabeth’s mother, my claim to fame! Living in Texas, I, too, love following her interviews from a distance. Roses! Chuckling, I like roses, also. Elizabeth plants hundreds of tulips. My family in Lower Rio Grande Valley of South Texas planted hundred of rose bushes. I will take the bloom and the thorns. The thorns will not harm if we do not push. What a thought! Continue to enjoy your roses. To you and flowers—Mildred Brown

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Mildred

        Welcome! We certainly enjoyed learrning more about your darling daughter! I couldn’t agree more about the roses. I will do a post on mine soon!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Diane

      Understand the gashed hands as well!! My husband does a lot of the gardening now that he is retired and he wears those long gloves!

  2. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    Cindy, what a beautiful interview with Elizabeth. I followed her blog since the beginning and loved it. She used to create the most magical parties for her sons.
    As for her tulip tours, Amsterdam is an amazing place to visit and with Sandy helping with the planning I am sure that they will be magical. On that note, if you ever need a travel agent Sandy is the best!
    Have a great weekend Cindy and thank you for sharing Elizabeth!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth

      I am glad you reminded me about Sandy!! Hopefully we can travel once the beast grows up!

  3. Rita says

    What a wonderful post on Elizabeth, thank you. I used to read her blog and look every now and then on instagram and I think I’ve learnt so much about her from this interview. What a gracious lady she lady she is.

  4. Elizabeth Moyer says

    Thank you so much for this lovely feature, Cindy! I am truly honored and humbled. You have the best followers! Marie asked about the white dress that I wore this past summer…it is by Piccola Bella, a little boutique in Southampton. I didn’t see it on their website, but I bet if she reaches out to them, they can get her one, as they make their own designs.

    Thank you, also, for all you do to support, encourage and elevate all of us over 50 – trying to live our very best lives!!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thank you Elizabeth. You are one of the most kind and gracious people we have ever interviewed. You were so kind to step in earlier than your expected date. Especially right before your trip. You are one in a million and I am so glad your mom popped over! She sounds like my kind of lady!!

  5. Deanna says

    What a lovely post. Enjoyed all the pictures, especially the ones with tulips. Such beauty and grace is inspiring.

  6. Katherine says

    Hi Cindy,
    Elizabeth Moyer is a lovely lady. Their garden is gorgeous, and oh my the pink Tulips are beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your interview.

  7. Juliet says

    Cindy! How excited was I to wake up and fine Elizabeth featured on Ageless Style! I love Elizabeth, a beautiful and generous spirit and I love that I know her just a tiny bit through Instagram. I had know idea about all her moves … and that she lived across the Bay in the City for a short time. Her attitude and approach to these major changes is amazing … as is her overall approach to life. Sign me up for a tulip tour … how wonderful does that sound. What a great interview Cindy, you knocked it out of the park and I feel like I know, love and appreciate Elizabeth all at the more. xo

  8. annie diamond says

    I’ve followed Elizabeth for years and even met her with a group of local bloggers at an event for Eddie’s book release! It’s so fun to learn more about her after all these years!

  9. Marie says

    Thank you for introducing us to Elizabeth and sharing her story. She is adorable! Love her style. And love the white maxi strapless dress with smocking she’s wearing. Do you think she’d share where she found it?
    Which brings up a question for you, Cindy. At what age do we need to refrain from wearing sleeveless or strapless? I’m almost 67, on the slender side and work out regularly so my arms have some tone. But the skin on my arms is starting to sag 🙁 There are so many cute summer dresses that don’t have sleeves.

  10. Ginger says

    Elizabeth inner beauty, style and grace really shine through! What a pleasure to “meet“ her through your blog!

  11. Mary Ann Pickett says

    This is so much fun to know more about Elizabeth as I have followed her for a long time. Her Instagram feed is just lovely and a nice little escaper. Thanks for featuring her, Cindy.

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