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Think Pink-Do You Love it or Hate It?

It’s Sunday so I am joining my friends Annie and Mary Ann for our Sunday favorites. I am not normally known for my love of pink, but for some reason everything I looked at this week had me seeing pink. How do you feel about pink? Do you love it or hate it? Let’s explore Think Pink-Do You Love it or Hate It.


If you love beautiful gardens, and can’t wait to get your own hands in the dirt. European Garden Designs on Instagram might just be what the doctor ordered. I scrolled down a few squares and spotted my former garden as well.

This gorgeous image is via chips garden

european gardens on instagram chips garden

Monets Garden at Giverney

Monet's Garden via European Garden Designs

This image via photographer Ben Nicholson (thesnappyben)

European Garden Designs via photographer Ben Nicholson


I have been meaning to sign up for audible. Katie is an avid reader and shares her best sources.

All about audible book sources and Katie’s favorites.


Melanie’s Mock Mashed Potatoes look absolutely delicious to me. I can’t wait to try these.



I am not normally a pink person but this double gauze shirt from Madewell had me at hello. The sleeves are long enough to cover the (not so pretty part of our arms) and my fabric for Summer. I paired it with the scalloped Lysse legging (I have them on order they come in blue as well), Cariuma sneakers, a cute crossbody and bandana also from Madewell, and inexpensive faux tortoise accessories.

Outfit of the Week Madewell



If you love gorgeous fabric, you will love following Textile Designer, Debby Tenquist (also sister of the very talented Serena Crawford). Her Instagram account is Botanica Trading.


If you are planning a vacation to somewhere warm, Sundance is having a flash sale this weekend on Getaway Items (20% off). That’s it for me. We are heading down to Paso with a trailer load of boxes that we never unpacked from our basement and garage. The former owners are still renting back from us, but they were kind enough to let us put some boxes in the garage. Happy Sunday and thank you for reading Think Pink-Do You Love it or Hate It?

Now pop over and visit my friends for their Sunday Fab Five.



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  1. Nan of TN says

    OK, I admit to never wearing florals or pink or decorating with the shade… until embracing my grey hair last year! It is such a flattering color now, along with lavender. Even added touches of pink to my bath yesterday when I found a new Pottery Barn blue/green/pink vining floral with birds and butterflies shower curtain and new vanity accessories. Envisioning something to wear in fuchsia linen this summer. Yes, Cindy- go for those pink wardrobe additions!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nan

      I know…gray hair does that!! I love the right color of fuschia…it can be so flattering with silver hair!!

  2. Beth Lowe says

    I have never been a PinkGirl until I discovered Blush pink. I now have several pieces of this lovely soft color, which I very much enjoy wearing. I love your selections for home decor, healthy food and fashion and follow you on Instagram as well. Keep up your interesting work.

  3. Jan Correll says

    It’s funny but when it comes to gardening I always prefer reds and purples until we bought our beach house t”whichis gray. I then went with shades of pink for my gardens., which seemed to blend better aesthetically.

    I have always loved pink when it comes to my wardrobe and love the ensemble you put together in blush pink! Great post!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jan

      Thank you so much. I love pink and gray they just flatter each other in the garden. I had a lot of gray green in my former garden to compliment the pinks.

  4. Juliet says

    Love it! I’ve looked at all these pink themed images at least 15x before I made it down here to comment. Pink in the garden … is there anything better?! And that tabletop. Swoon. Also love the pink gauzy shirt and entire ensemble. You’ve got me thinking pink. And spring. Save travels! xo

  5. eileen chadwick says

    When I lived in NYC.. all the hair salons had pink plastic coats to ware. I asked why? They said it is the most flatt
    ering color for a woman. Sooo me thinks I need to get me some!!

  6. Lisa says

    You just sold me a pink shirt! I think it will be perfect to take to France this summer (including Giverney and Monet’s garden).
    I haven’t seen our mutual friend Lisa Terry yet, but I will tell her hello from you as soon as I do!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lisa!

      Great to hear from you. I love that shirt and I love the other colors as well. Have a wonderful trip to France! I think our only trip this year will be to Hawaii for a wedding in April then we will be moving and getting settled.

  7. Sheila-Merle Johnson says

    It’s taken me 2 years to start wearing pink. There’s a very narrow bandwidth of pink I can wear. I bought something pink a year ago, but didn’t wear it till now. I’m still not on the whole bandwagon, but it suits my mood on days when I’m feeling soft.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sheila Merle

      I agree totally with you. I am learning to be more open to pink as well. I too am limited in the shades I can wear. Thank you for weighing in!

  8. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    I love pink in my garden but otherwise, I don’t typically dress in pink or decorate with pink. Still, there were some pretty examples of the use of pink.
    How exciting to be planning a move.
    Karen B.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I do not decorate with pink either (but never say never, right?) I can go for terra cotta however.

  9. Leslie says

    You always have great posts and I look forward to reading them. As for pink, I use pink in some of my paintings. And there is a great pink for every color season in our wardrobes. Unfortunately the pink you chose today is awful on me. Pink Death in my world. I love the idea of it so perhaps you can explore other shades of pink in the future. My front porch is all pink flowers against green foliage and grey stone pavers and pots. It’s a thrilling combo in a spring garden.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Leslie

      I agree with pink in the garden with gray-green foliage! The best in my opinion. I try to do outfits of the week that not only I would like but others as well. I can wear the right fuschia. I am always on the lookout for that!

  10. Karen says

    Oh Cindy
    Love ya Posts, Like Pink, certain shades, very subtle. Think pink always looks good on everyone. Just have never used it as in Interior
    of the home, outdoors in one of the gardens.

    Thank you

  11. Annie Diamond says


    I always shy away from pink, but the truth is, I love pink! In every shade! It’s beautiful to wear, in the garden and on the table as you have shown!

    Good luck with your move today! How exciting it will be to open those boxes after it’s been quite a while now!

  12. Katherine says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE pink, I see you more in red, purple, turquoise colors, but I think pink would look pretty on you with your silver hair. I also love, white, dark pink, purple flowers in the garden.
    It’s so good to get boxes moved, one box at a time. A huge undertaking.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Katherine

      Thank you for the lovely card by the way!! You called my colors! It is hard to find pretty purples and lavenders but they are so becoming on those of us with silver hair. I am always on the hunt!

  13. Mary Ann Pickett says

    I LOVE pink, Cindy. That outfit would be beautiful on you with your hair. Thanks for telling us about Botanica Trading… That table is amazing!

  14. Gray says

    What a great Post Cindy! I will say that I love pink – I use it a lot in my garden and wardrobe. But YOU have inspired me to try red! I have never been a fan of red, but it looks spectacular on you!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gray

      I need to wear more red. Now that my hair is silver I need a red with a lot of blue in it and that is not always easy to find!

  15. Joanna says

    I’m not a pale pink person, much preferring fuchsia or red. Pale pinks wash me out but fuchsia or red give both my colouring and confidence a boost.
    I’m going down the rabbit hole of European Gardens on Instagram. You’ll know where to find me. 😉

  16. Wren says

    Welcome to the area, Cindy! I’m also not a pink person, leaning more towards coral, peach, apricot, etc. I’ve read that there is a blush pink that’s supposed to be universally good on every skin tone and I do have a blouse in that. I had dishes similar to the ones you show from my grandmother but when I downsized, they had to go (but for one serving bowl). Pink flowers, however, I think are charming. I love opening my email Sunday mornings to find what you’ve shared!

  17. Cindy Adams says

    I love that blouse and don’t like pink in general.

    I have a recipe for turnip scalloped potatoes that you could not tell they
    weren’t potatoes, similar ingredients.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nana

      You are so right! I think so often we think of too much pink because it can be overdone with ruffles etc!! That’s what gives pink a bad name!

  18. Wendy says

    I SO look forward to your posts…thanks for all your well informed knowledge on decor style and fashion. I love spots of pink mainly because I detest red! Touches of pink are lovely but not to be overdone though. Keep up the stellar work…you’re an inspiration as we climb the age of life scale.

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