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The Perfect Christmas Brunch Menu

We will be celebrating Christmas on the Saturday after Christmas when we can all be together.  We will be doing brunch since Colin and Lauren have to go to work later. I wanted to serve something that we could eat while we can leisurely (??? with Summer) open our presents without the pressure.  I thought I would share what I consider The Perfect Christmas Brunch Menu in case you are also planning a brunch over the holidays and need some inspiration.

the perfect christmas brunch menu

We are heading to Napa today to spend Christmas there with Colin and Lauren.  The table is set so I won’t have to worry about that when I return. You can see more of my Christmas table on my holiday home tour part 1

cindy hattersley design christmas table 2019 3

the perfect christmas brunch menu

I am not a cocktail aficionado by any means, but even I can handle a mimosa. We will do a variation of these Christmas Mimosas from The Spruce Eats.

mimosas the spruce eats

Our main course will be Ina Garten’s Mushroom Bread Pudding.  I find it on occasion can be a tad dry.  I sometimes add a little more liquid before or as it is cooking.  It is a great base you can’t go wrong. 

ina garten's mushroom leek bread pudding

We will accompany the bread pudding with this winter pomegranate salad from Half Baked Harvest.  I have made this or a variation of this many times.  I find their recipes to be very dependable much like Ina’s.

Christmas Brunch Menu

We all love asparagus and we are trying to encourage Summer to expand her vegetable horizons past olives {olies) and tomatoes so we will give this one a try. She likes meat and any form of cheese. I have served Ina’s prosciutto-wrapped asparagus before and it is always a crowd-pleaser

ina garten asparagus bundles

We will accompany this all with a fabulous loaf of the local Ad Astra Bread Co cinnamon raisin bread with chocolate chunks (which I froze).  If you are local head over and check them out in Seaside.

Christmas Brunch Menu

We will top off the meal with something I am sure Summer will like Ina Garten’s fruit salad with limoncello.  We will skip the limoncello on Summer’s version


fruit salad with limoncello

So there you have the perfect Christmas brunch menu (in my humble opinion).  For more brunch ideas you might like to check out my Breakfast and Brunch Pinterest Board. 

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In the meantime have a wonderful Christmas with those you love and follow me on Instagram to see what we are up to in Napa!


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  1. home before dark says

    It all sounds delightful. That bread is really unique. Hope you and your family have the happiest of times. I am sure Summer has perfected the olive on each finger trick by now. What fun! I am hosting on Saturday as well. We’re having fennel salad with spicy pecans served with a parsley, lemon and parmesan vinaigrette, potatoes gratin in cream, beef bourguignon and lemon tart…and lots of red wines. I am glad to be flexible about the timing. A holiday on a Wednesday is the pits as far as I am concerned. The date isn’t important. It’s that you chose to celebrate whatever holiday this season makes you joyful and grateful!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Your menu sounds delicious Patricia. Any chance you would share that fennel salad recipe? It sounds amazing. I agree with the holiday on Wednesday comment. It is not about the date but being together. Summer is in San Diego enjoying time with her cousins and her other grandma as it should be!!

  2. Squeak says

    Your table looks gorgeous! What a great idea setting it ahead of time. One less thing to do.

    I’ll be alone for Christmas, so I’ve stocked up on special treats. Breakfast will be lox, chive and garlic cream cheese, capers and red onion on a toasted everything bagel along with French vanilla flavoured coffee. Yum!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Squeak it is so good to hear from you. Your breakfast menu sounds amazing (one of my favs). Have a wonderful Christmas!

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