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How to Achieve Your Own Personal Collected Style

Hi Everyone. Well, this has been a rough week. Our hearts go out to the Ukrainian people. I have to admit I knew very little about them until this crisis. They are us and we are them. I have so much respect for their leader and them as a people. They are in all of our thoughts and hearts. That being said, today is Sunday, and Annie, Mary Ann, and I try to bring you five things that made us happy our caught our eye this past week. Today my favorites are about How to Achieve Your Own Personal Collected Style. Rita Konig has inspiration for in your home. I am sharing a collected look for your wardrobe a healthy recipe, how to help the Ukraine, and more.


Rita Konig is based in the UK but has projects all over the world. I love her collected gathered style. You can find Rita Konig on Instagram here, and Rita Konig’s full portfolio on her website here. If you want to learn how to achieve your own personal collected style. She also has an academy where you can learn from the master here.

rita konig designed bedroom


The Washington Post has a great list here of ways we all can help the people of Ukraine.

The Atlantic has a good article on the fighting and state of affairs here, if you haven’t already seen or heard enough (so devastating)


I have been struggling with these outfits of the week lately. I wish I could just throw something together and be happy with it but that just isn’t me. Today I hit the jackpot after hours of trolling. This outfit is all about a collected look. These palazzo pants from Anthro are fabulous, and I love the chambray shirt from RL, so flattering. I topped It all off with a fabulous GG Pip hat, J Crew Sandals, faux tortoise accessories, ray bans, and a gorgeous handbag from Etsy. I am ready for a vacay how about you? All items are linked below the graphic. I had to switch the earrings out to a similar style as they were sold out before I posted darn it! I have the pants and shirt on order!




I have a pal…well I feel like we are pals, one of my longtime readers Gray. She started a blog. I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to start a blog now. You have to know so much and it is so hard to get discovered.. Gray’s blog is special. She is a good writer. She has known pain, and has learned to deal with it and to help others do so. One of her latest posts is about downsizing, or not? I think you will enjoy it as well as all of her posts. Check this post from State of Gray -.Downsizing, rightsizing or just staying put? I love it.


I have to be honest, we do not cook as complicated as we once did. We do try to still eat healthy, and this Chicken Tinga recipe from Pinch of Yum is well Yummy!



For fun (those of you who are Bridgerton fans) Bloomingdales is having a Bridgerton Pop Up. here

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Well that’s it for me this week. I know we all have the Ukranian people in our hearts. What is wrong with Vladimir Putin? Anyway, as always thank you for reading. You can find all of my Sunday favorites here.I hope to continue to keep this a happy place where we can share ideas in spite of what is happening around us. Thanks for reading How to Achieve Your Own Personal Collected Style. Please pop over and visit my friends Mary Ann and Annie for a little more sunshine during these grim times.



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  1. Susan B Nelson says

    Hi Cindy.
    As often happens, I have found something fabulous in your Sunday favorites, and this time it’s a someone. So enjoyed browsing through State of Gray postings and immediately signed up to hear from her regularly. THANK YOU!!

  2. Katie Clooney says

    Hi Cindy! Those chicken tacos are to die for! I sent him the link to the Mister with a note that he needs to make them this weekend. I love the collected outfit of the week – especially the shirt. I stopped over and read Gray’s blog and left her a note. You’re right – she is a wonderful writer. Hope you have a wonderful week. xx

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Katie

      I wish the mister would come cook for me. I am so jealous! Gray’s blog is wonderful. I hope she is successful!

  3. Ann M. says

    Another lovely post, Cindy. I am thinking and praying for the Ukranian people every day. The sadness and devastation that Putin is bringing upon these brave and strong people is beyond understanding. There is no good answer why someone needs to have so much power and control and loses all sense of humanity. It is beautiful to see the world come together to help Ukraine. Touching on other notes, I took Rita Konig’s CA class and I enjoyed very much. She’s so pleasant and cozy 🙂 The way she uses color is brilliant. Your outfit this week is one of my favorites. Easy, classic and comfortable. I appreciate your research! I am looking forward to reading Gray’s blog 🙂 The best to all.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Ann

      I know it is almost too much to bear isn’t it? He has no humanity that is the problem. I am so glad you love Rita Konig’s work. I am so drawn to anyone that has a collected mix as you know. I agree the outfit of the week was a good one. I spend a lot of time on these outfits as I am sure you know, but I enjoy it. There is so much cookie-cutter stuff out there.

  4. Elizabeth says

    Cindy I was just thinking of you thins morning when I saw this AMAZING coat.

    I love Rita her style is amazing and showcases a life of adventure and a life well lived. I love the collected look, our house is filled with all sorts of collected books, finds, art, furniture and more from all of our travels and adventures.

    The tacos look scrumptious. At our house I am decompress and destress baking and my husband by grilling and cooking, he is always trying new recipes, buying cookbooks and watching YesChef and Master Class to learn from the best. I enjoy most of the food although I do not enjoy all of the dishes. I like to joke that whenever my husband cooks it is like Thanksgiving dinner.

    Off to check out Gray.

    As for Ukraine, it is heartbreaking to see so many suffer. Unless we stop buying 1 Billion dollars of oil a day(along with many other countries) Putin will have money to fund this war. 8% of the oil we buy comes from Russia, and we need to find a way to replace it in an already tight oil market. Sadly getting rid of Putin does not necessarily fix the leadership in Russia, if he should no longer be President the next person could be worse. I am praying for the people of Ukraine and a peaceful solution to this war.

    Have a wonderful week Cindy.

  5. Nan says

    At our age, we grew up during the Cold War and know the great depths their despotic leaders will go to exert power. It is gut-wrenching, isn’t it? Our former president persistently fawning over Putin is unfathomable and unforgivable. My heart goes out to all who are remaining in Ukraine to oppose the invasion and those fleeing and their welcoming neighbors giving refuge.

  6. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    I’m heartbroken over the devastation and losses the Ukranian people are experiencing . I can’t imagine how I would react if it was happening to me. I don’t know if I’d have the bravery we’ve been witness to. Amazing and inspiring. I donated a painting for UNICEF Ukraine though an auction and will do more. Constantly sending light to them in my thoughts.
    Switching to other topics, I jumped on that RL blouse as soon as I saw it here. OMG 😍😍! I hope it fits! You always find the best pieces!
    Hope you had a good weekend.
    Xo Heidi

  7. Juliet says

    Love Rita Honig and recently finished her academy course. So good. How had I never heard of things tacos before and now twice in one week. Must be a sign I need them in my life. Great casual, vacation or summer soirée look … chambray is my favorite and this is a fun new option. Alternating between sad and infuriated over the situation in Ukraine. Thanks for the WP and Atlantic links. xo

  8. DiAnne says

    Ukraine needs our help…….they are not strong enough to fight Russia….Force America to send all the help and equipment needed. and sTOP buying Russia oil… the USA supply🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. Pam says

    We’ve eaten whole food plant based for over four years now, but these would be easy to make with Butler’s Soy Curls. I’ll just swap out the chicken and use the soy curls and leave out the cheese. They sound yummy with the chipotle pepper sauce. I’ll definitely try these that way.

  10. kim says

    Cindy really great post. I am with you as we have talked about Ukraine and I have read so much more about Russian aggression. Putin has to be stopped. It’s very scary and yet with all the heartbreak the Ukrainians are giving us the most incredible examples of bravery and strength. I think so many of us in the world are now in awe of these amazing people. I also have been surprised how our whole nation and world has come together behind them in two short weeks.Last night the polls show almost 80% of Americans want us to stop buying oil from them and are okay with prices going up at the pump! It gives one hope we can together defeat this evil. I love your outfits always and this tie front shirt is wow. Super flattering I am sure and what a great wardrobe piece. I want it and the modern earrings. Thanks so much for the links to the Atlantic, a great place to get what’s happening. I always love their journalism and The Guardian. Max and I will try the chicken tacos this week.. I am now going to pop over to Gray’s blog. Yay her for beginning it. xo

  11. Gray says

    PS – The Macy’s Hotel collection towels are the BEST!!!! Thanks for the heads up.

  12. Gray says

    A great post as usual Cindy. Thank you for your shout out! And we ARE pals! 💋 I love the outfit and even tho those pants aren’t in my usual colors, I WANT THEM! And the recipe is great!

  13. Mary Ann Pickett says

    It’s so so tragic in Ukraine. I think Ukrainian will be a synonym for tough or stalwart or brave.

    Love your outfit! I will visit Gray.

  14. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Fun as always. The tacos are on my list for this week, thank you for giving us simple recipes for delicious meals. I’ll be heading over to check on State of Gray’s new blog site.
    Have a wonderful Sunday and upcoming week.
    Karen B.

    • blogfixer says

      Hi Kathryn

      I just did! It showed on my draft that it was working but didn’t update for some reason! Isn’t it a great outfit this week? I just love it. I think I need it for Hawaii!

      • kathryn says

        Do you have any recommendations for Carmel? Visiting the end of March with some girlfriends!


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