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Friday Fun Stuff-Rough Luxe Mud Room Essentials

I don’t know about you but my mudroom always needs help.  I have a great hand painted bench from Brazil with a long rack from Europe that looms above it. Notice you can’t even see the rack?  Sadly the bench is usually covered with fabric samples, pillow forms, and who knows what else while the rack is littered with Beau’s numerous leashes, and Mr. H’s multiple caps.  Sadly it usually looks worse than this.
How about some stylish solutions to stow the clutter?
I love these nameplates from Pottery Barn
How about these trays from Terrain to stow those muddy boots? They come in tons of sizes and would be great for appetizers etc. as well in the smaller sizes.
Love these Jacqueline “recycling bins on wheels” from Pottery Barn.  They could be stowed under the bench. They are on sale for $79.00!
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These coordinating baskets would be great for stowing shoes & boots. They are also on sale for $47.00
Jacquelyne Baskets
I would love to mix it up with a couple of these vintage style milk crates from Terrain.
These tiny zinc chalkboards with twine from Save on Crafts would be great tied on the baskets to mark the contents.  I know in my house they would be needed! They are $24.99 for 20! You can share with a friend.
If you don’t have a rack of your own I love these reclaimed wood beauties from Terrain
How about a chalboard at the door for grocery and to do lists! Love this one from Pottery Barn on sale for $159.  If you have a handy husband you could make your own for much less!
Brookner Medium Chalkboards||NoFacet-_-NoFacet-_–_-
Do you have issues with clutter in your mudroom? What kind of stylish solutions have you come up with to stow the clutter?

Thanks to the uber talented blogger extraordinaire Leslie of Gwen Moss for the shout out! Lesie has downsized and purchased a house at the beach that she and her husband are fixing up. She infuses a huge dose of reality into the process and  her musings on life in general  (click on deeper thoughts) are better than going to a therapist.  Did I mention she also has fabulous taste and a wonderful sense of style? If you haven’t read her blog grab a cup of coffee and go back and read all of her old posts, or do what I did and spend an entire sleepless night catching up on her posts.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are off to the lake which always means some great lunches in Paso and undoubtedly a bit of wine tasting! Follow me on Instagram if you love food and wine and don’t mind a large dose of Beau!!

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  1. La Contessa says

    OKAY!I need to catch up here…………I know your name from the BLOGWORLD for years……..and now it seems YOU have found me!Thank YOU for your lovely comments………..but what LAKE are you headed too?Are you in my neck of the woods……….NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!I shall sign up to follow you on INSTAGRAM TOO!Maybe I will be able to figure it out!!XX

    • Cindy says

      Hey Linda

      It was actually purchased locally from a company called Accent Brazil. He has a home in Brazil and Santa Cruz. He has a website. I would like a little sand between my toes right now!1

  2. Leslie says

    Hi Cindy, I will be ordering the shoe/boot tray from Terraine ~ love that store 😉 and I can think of a few spots where the rolling baskets would be put to good use. Wonderful finds here today! Thanks for sharing.
    Happy weekend!! xxL

  3. Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary says

    Love all the different things that you used in your mud room. They talk about women and their shoes, but men and their hats OMG. One good thing they are not as expensive as shoes.
    Have fun at the Lake this weekend.

  4. Celia Becker @ After Orange County says

    Cindy, I use the Pottery Barn Basket on Wheels in my Vacation Rental Cottage to store sleeping pillows. I tell my guests to remove the decorative pillows from the beds in a message written on a mini chalkboard that is attached to the basket. Great minds think alike!

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