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What Decorating Trends Do You Wish Would Go Away

Hands down it is an easy answer for me. Hoofs and paws at the base of an otherwise tasteful piece of furniture just doesn’t do it for me. Paws, claws, and hooves have been used as table feet for an eternity.  However there is something about the literal nature of these pieces that are well sort of creepy. In the words of Rose Tarlow “an object added for effect instead of affection will always look like an affectation”.
Myra Hoefer uses them often in her designs.  I love her sense of whimsy and style .
 Myra Hoefer design | Hoefer also has a chic style shop on the plaza in Healdsburg that ...
myra hoefer
These stools are awesome! ....giraffe legs? and X on island side..kinda fun
I adore this room by Celerie Kemble for Lonny Mag but I am just not feeling the love for the bench.
Celerie Kemble Design featured in Lonny Mag. Thanks Good Bones Great Pieces for posting!
Valorie Hart of the Visual Vamp has one in her Nola living room.  She is full of spunk with a quirky design sense and it suits her.
We love how our Hoofed Legged Table looks in @Valorie Hart's stylish home. "It's quirky and fun. It has a more glam high gloss finish."
Z Gallerie Table , Valorie Hart

Even Bunny Williams has jumped on the bandwagon. 

bunny williams
This little number from Oly Studio is not quite as graphic as some so I don’t find it quite as offensive.  However, I am not going to specify this any time soon for a client

I have to say this otherwise lovely room below really creeps me out.  Those things look like they could get up and walk away…
Is it just me? Love em or hate em?  Is there another trend that you are dying to see pass? There is a lot of chatter regarding the love or hate of the taxidermy trend.  Many think we are mid century modern overloaded. What do you think? I would love for you to weigh in.

P.S Thank you Maryann of Classic Casual Home for the sweet post about our home

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  1. SHERRY HART says

    Hmmmm…I had not really given much thought to those but now that you mention it maybe they aren't my favorite. I agree with another reader…burlap can take a hike….except if I want to use it for a tablecloth or something:) What I don't like to see is every trend in one room!!!

  2. LaPouyette says

    Like furniture with interesting legs, particularly sitting pieces (chairs, armchairs, sofas) with paws or claws. Hooves – not sure. Maybe on a table as a single piece – like a sculpture, and in the right setting. Of course all depends on the individual piece, the setting/interior and the personality of the residents.
    Wish you a sunny and lovely weekend, dear Cindy,

  3. Debra Phillips says

    over, done, go away, …….total creep fest!

    may i add my 2 cents? can someone make the calligraphy signs go away…..believe……you are my sunshine……beach house, etc, etc

    phew, feel better already cindy!

  4. d says

    So agree with you although the Bunny William's version is more whimsical, therefore not bad. I recently wrote on this same topic of trends that I wish would disappear and, sticking with your animal theme, I do not quit get the giant octupus painting or a giant horse's head hanging above my sofa. I love and appreciate the beauty of these beasts but not sure it is something I want to look at all day, every day. I'm just sayin'…

  5. Anonymous says

    I don't mind an antique piece with ball and claw feet, but the modern pieces with hooves seem affected. Are we over cow hides yet? Please.

    • Cindy says

      Ha! If you were as old as I you would remember the elderly ladies wearing full mink carcasses around their that was a bad one!!

  6. La Contessa says

    These photos you have shown do nothing for me………….so I would agree with you.I do own a few bits of TAXIDERMY and they do not bother me in the least.MID MODERN………is definitely NOT ME!I think you can grasp that if you know me!!!

  7. therelishedroost says

    There is only one hooved piec ei love and its at John Rosselli in NYC it gray an upholstered small bench with chippy hooved feet. The others not crazy about, but like the claw foot many fo these ideas have been around for hundreds of years but now they are exaggerated in detail Great post, K

  8. Kim says

    I find them interesting, but not certain I could ever "do" them!! I think the little skinny hoofs bother me more than the fat feet!!! xo

  9. jennifer says

    I agree. I am also creeped out by hide rugs. That is why I have not been able to buy one. I even like the look, just not the idea of what happened to the animal. Great post!

  10. Connie says

    I'm definitely not into hooves. Also anythink over used becomes too mundane for words… weary of mason jars and burlap! Enough all ready!

    • gme says

      Connie and Cindy – I so agree! Please no more burlap! It's rough and depressing and not at all something you want to lay your head on…… Plus, I know I'm in the minority on this but I just can't get into the gray trend at all. It's so clinical/institutional looking I'm afraid I would need therapy if I had it in my home. I find some rooms look like they are just photographed in black and white. Who wants to live like that when the world is full of so many beautiful colors? Also, the ultra distressed painted furniture. I'm sorry, I don't want to live in an environment that looks like I just pulled it all out of the dump. A little bit of that goes a long ways……

    • Cindy says

      I am getting a huge kick out of all of our pet peeves!! My daughter always says she doesn't want a dog that needs therapy. We don't want our houses to make us feel like we need therapy either!!

  11. Burlap Luxe says

    I love Loi's comment. Although not a big fan of this design style, it does work in a bold statement with one piece making it into the right setting. Like perhaps the polo club, or equestrian library den, a high end home fashion with the right anchoring piece can work in a home without looking to trendy …Other then that in all the high end show rooms I have spent years in, this look is fitting for the drama of a show room and rarely living spaces unless otherwise used in a rooms space large enough to pull it off. I really dislike all the cheap manufactured knock off of these footed pieces making this design style that much more tacky.

    This was a great posting, I hope I didn't put my hoof (foot) in my mouth.


  12. Loi Thai, Tone on Tone says

    Now, Cindy, please don't get me into trouble 🙂 !!! But I agree: some of those are not for me. Okay I'm at the store today…will walk around and hide my pieces with hooves and paws. I'll let you know when it is safe to visit! xoxox

  13. The Arts by Karena says

    In the right setting and the right scaled leggy piece can work, as in Valerie's room. I agree with you Cindy, that armchair looks creepy and I would probably have it featured in a nightmare (apologies to the designer)

    The Arts by Karena

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