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Ageless Style-Heather Lindstrom

If you are new here, once a month Elizabeth from the Vintage Contessa and I interview someone over 50 with great style.Today I am happy to introduce you to Heather Lindstrom from Curated Travel. I have not met Heather but have  known her via blogging for many years. Heather is a retired school psychologist and now full time luxury travel advisor. She began blogging as a hobby and morphed it into a full time travel business. I love Heather’s polished  resort style.  She has a flair with accessories and can rock a hat like no other.  Welcome to Ageless Style-Heather Lindstrom.

Ageless Style-Heather Lindstrom

How would you describe your style?

I have a bit of a dichotomy in my personal style. Perhaps it’s the luxury travel advisor in me, but If I could live in a caftan, with a sun hat, gold bangle, cocktail ring, and sandals every day (like I did on the French Riviera and the Caribbean this year), I probably would. On the other hand, I tend to feel pretty fierce in a black silhouette with leopard print accents, a structured jacket (maybe in leather) and booties with a fabulous bag and signature watch. I suppose it depends on my mood at the time.

Travel Advisor Heather Lindstrom for Ageless Style

+Do you have a style muse?

I have style icons that I appreciate, but I tend to gravitate towards what makes me feel good in my skin. I also espouse to the less-is-more wardrobe design of Marie Kondo and continually refine my closet. At this stage, less is more. If an item doesn’t work for me I donate it to someone who can use it, and that feels good. 


+What is your favorite accessory?

I love a cocktail ring! I’ve collected them from the flea market in Paris, beach vendors in the Caribbean, as gifts from loved ones, and from a talented jewelry designer friend. One of my favorite rings is from my sister who had one created for me with coins from France and Italy where I celebrated my 50th birthday. 

Heather-Lindstrom-Curated Travel for Ageless Style

+What are your favorite color combinations?

I’m a fan of the classic black and white combination, a bold animal print, and shades of the Mediterranean sea in turquoise blues and greens. I also love monochromatic dressing for the long and lean profile it creates. Long and lean is always a winner in my book!

Heather Lindstrom in Paris-Agless Style

+Do you have a signature piece that defines your style?

My suitcase! With 5 international trips under my belt for 2019, it feels like I’m either packing or unpacking for some exciting destination. I love it! Noise-canceling headphones, a soft pashmina, anti-bacterial wipes, Mario Badescu rosewater spray, and my TSA pre-check number are my musts for travel!

What are your favorite beauty products and why can’t you live without them? 

Scott and Heather Sailing Riviera Maya - Ageless Style

Fragrances: I discovered Fragonard ‘Soleil’ last spring on the French Riviera. It smells like a splash of sunshine and takes me back to that trip with just a spritz. I discovered Le Labo several years ago and am a fan of Bergamote 22 for cooler weather (and I’m obsessed with Santal 33 – the cult favorite). I seek out local fragrances and oils while traveling as souvenirs, and they remind me of a beloved destination when I’m back home.

Skincare: I’m a fan of Caudalie skin care products from France. The Premier Cru line works well with my skin and the serums keep my skin hydrated and supple. I’m also a fan of Mario Badescu Rosewater spray. I keep it in the fridge for a cooling spritz. I use the Colorscience Total Eye 3-in-1 renewal system and my trusty Clarisonic keeps my skin smooth.

Heather in Los Cabos for Ageless Style

Makeup:  I love all-purpose beauty products for travel like my recent find-the RMS Beauty Buriti Bronzer. It’s the perfect sunkissed color for eyelids and cheeks, a hint of bronze from natural ingredients in a compact pot for travel. My current favorite lipstick is ‘Liberty Rose Gold’ by Laura Gellar, and Milani ‘Dulce Caramelo’, a pretty rose with a pale glimmer of gold, is an easy-breezy drugstore find. I use ‘IT CC cream’ with 50 SPF (one of my favs as well) in place of foundation every day.

+What are your favorite online or boutique sources?

I tend to explore and shop while I travel. It’s always fun to discover a new cosmetic line or designer brand that reminds you of a favorite destination. With the ease of online shopping, I find that I can frequently repurchase from a preferred brand once I’m home. 

Ageless Style-Heather Lindstrom

+Do you have a particular diet and or exercise regime that you follow?

My favorite forms of exercise are reformer pilates, yoga, and swimming. When traveling I allow myself to indulge in the local cuisine and wines to enhance the experience of the destination. It’s part of my research for my travel clients (at least that’s how I justify it). When I’m home we focus on fresh organic vegetables/fruits, grains, and lean proteins. I watch the carbs, sugars and white stuff at home. I’m a fan of daily lemon water and I’ve been recently flirting with intermittent fasting to rev up the metabolism. Moderation is truly the key at any age. 

heather lindstrom in positano for Ageless Style

Do you have any anti-aging or destressing tools that are your go tos? 

I indulge in a regular spa bath at home with my favorite candles, Diptyque Tuberose, plus a nourishing face mask from Caudalie. This ritual is a good stress reliever for me. I also drink lots of water and get as much sleep as possible sometimes with the help of melatonin. I try to do something every day that gets my blood pumping whether it’s exercise, an adventure, or a spontaneous dance party for one. Keep it sexy!

What Motivates You? I’m not one to make New Year’s Resolutions but I do tend to set a theme for each year. When I retired from my career as a school psychologist and started my own luxury travel business my theme was ‘Be Bold’. The next year it was ‘My Year of Yes’ to new travels, new clients and new opportunities. 2019 my theme was to ‘Explore’ as I’ve traveled the world with my many industry perks (hence the 5 international trips this last year). 2020 my theme will be ‘Savor’. To savor the moments, destinations, experiences, time with family, friends and preferred clients that I’ve cultivated over time. 

+What advice do you have for women over 50?

I’m 58 years old now and thrilled to be the Gigi/Grandma to Charlie and Lilijana. Growing older has its challenges (where are my glasses? Where is my waistline? My own personal summer hot flashes!), but there are also many benefits. 

One major change I made a couple of years ago was to grow my hair out to its natural shade of platinum (or more accurately blanc/white). I’d been coloring my hair since I was 20, so this was a scary but exhilarating move for me. My husband was all for it so that was encouraging. I love the low maintenance factor, not to mention the health benefits of reducing my exposure to the chemicals regularly applied to my skin. Other than using my Living Proof shampoo/conditioner I add a good purple shampoo (I use Joico Color Balance) to my routine every couple of weeks to get rid of brassiness. My hair looks shinier and feels healthier than it has in years and I get frequent compliments on it. If you are considering going natural, I encourage you to go for it! 

Ageless Style Heather Lindstrom

Other advice: Play to your strengths! If you have pretty shoulders but don’t care for your bum, wear an off the shoulder number. My best advice (to get you through the worst hot flash or bad hair day) has always been ‘lead with a smile’. Others won’t notice our less flattering attributes if we are smiling and giving off great energy, and neither will we. 

Thank you so much Heather for sharing your insights and your positive outlook on life.  You are truly an inspiration to those of us over 50 (and way beyond!). 

If you are in need of a travel agent that checks all the boxes and more, contact Heather at Curated Travel.  You can read testimonials from all her satisfied clients here.  If you would like to subscribe or follow along on her adventures (and there are many) read her Curated Travel Blog here ,and you can follow her on Instagram here, and facebook here.

Now pop over to see Elizabeth’s blog and see who she is interviewing today.  She always finds someone fascinating.

If you love Heather’s style you can shop her look below.

Reader Interactions


  1. Tamera Beardsley says

    A lovely feature of the gorgeous Heather! I’ve had the pleasure of having her and her husband at our home! She is even more gracious and beautiful in person!

    Thank you Cindy for another inspiring style feature!

  2. Sandra Sallin - Apart from My Art says

    Well, this was delightful. Preppy Empty Nester was just writing about Living Proof hair products. and here I was wondering if they were good for us grey haired ladies. Obviously they are. I must start using them. I haven’t gotten on the Caftan band wagon yet. I still think i’m too short but boy they look great on you. I love that they are your uniform. You simply look fantastic so what ever you’re doing is the right thing. So nice to meet you and i’ll have to check out your blog and instagram page. Good choice Cindy!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra
      No Caftans for me either Sandra. I don’t think I am tall enough. I have not found living proof to be a good product for me with gray hair, but I know those that don’t love it!

  3. lisa thomson says

    What a gorgeous lady and a gorgeous couple. I’m also growing out my natural hair. Your looks beautiful. Mine is mousy—lol. But it’s a part of me that I want to meet. Your travels look dreamy.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lisa

      Good Luck growing out your locks you will not regret it. So glad you enjoyed Heather!

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      Hi Lisa,
      I love your attitude about wanting ‘to meet’ that part of you. Well said! The grow-out process is never easy but stay the course as it’s truly an empowering process. Thanks for your kind comments. I do feel so fortunate that my newer career in travel has afforded me some beautiful travel experiences. Wonderful to meet you!

  4. Diana Amato says

    Talk about manifesting your dreams into reality! This is IT, Heather! You have such a wonderful energy and attitude about style, going silver and travel. I’m so happy to connect here with you today. I don’t need to tell you to enjoy those grand babies, it’s obvious you already do!
    Cindy, you picked an amazing woman for this post. It’s been so much good fun for me to be a part of the Ageless Style posts this month. Thank you and Elizabeth for this amazing platform and for all the good energy you both have brought to so many of us!

    Diana Amato

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      What to fun to connect on the Ageless Style series this month, Diana! As I mentioned on IG I love your style, attitude about life, healthy tips and look forward to following your stylish adventures. This is such a fun series and thanks again to Cindy and Elizabeth for including us.
      Cheers to Friday (and yes, red wine, too!). 🙂

  5. Joanna says

    You have a lovely flair. I love your choices in clothing. They are both playful & sexy without being too young. If I buy & wear hats, will I have as much panache? 😉
    I was just in San Juan but did no shopping. Now, I am kicking myself after seeing your gorgeous top. It’s perfectly light!
    I love to travel and take at least one trip a year. I will be checking out your blog for advice and inspiration.

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      Hi Joanna, My theory on hats is that wearing one can create that ‘panache’. 😉 Defintiely give it a try!! By the way, a hat hides a multitude of bad hair day issues while traveling (and I’m a bit lazy about the hairstyling). How fun that you are able to travel so frequently. Let’s definitely keep in touch on travel inspirations.

  6. Caroline Walker says

    I agree with Lorna. I, too, always enjoy the women you and Elizabeth feature. Each has her very own individual look. Many inspirational ideas. Heather looks wonderful and has great flair for what suits her, and obviously enjoys her life. What could be better?

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      I always enjoy this series, too, Caroline. It’s fun to share and inspire each other with our unique styles. It’s all about finding ways to enjoy life and feel good while doing it. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Caroline

      I am so glad you enjoy the series. Elizabeth and I really enjoy all of these inspiring ladies!

  7. Lorna says

    I always enjoy the women that you and Elizabeth feature. They are always very interesting and have a flair for looking good and highlighting their best features. It’s easy to feel inspired after reading these posts.

  8. Katie Clooney says

    OMG… Cindy… what a wonderful subject! I have been following Heather for many years and love her style!! So funny that she would mention Living Proof on the post. I talk about that line in today’s post. Have a wonderful weekend, Cindy!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Katie

      I have only tried one of the living proof products. I need to hop over and read your post!!

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      Hi Katie! Thanks so much for the kind comments. It’s been so much fun to connect over all of these years in blog world. I agree, Living proof has some great products (love that style extender product too). I also love how the shampoo smells. It reminds of the product line at a Caribbean resort I visited one time. Travel memories! Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Kathy says

    Would you share who makes the turquoise poncho in the top picture? The length is so great as well as the color!

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      Hi Kathy,
      I’m always happy to share tips! This little number I found in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, many moons ago. I agree, it IS the perfect length and it never wrinkles. I should have purchased 3 of them! I wish I had the name of the designer but apparently I cut off the tag. I love those colors, too.


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathy

      I tried to link some similar styles in the shop Heather’s look at the bottom. Maybe you can find something there!!

  10. Dinnerpartyguru says

    Much great advice here and I love her style. Thanks for featuring her. Her travel stories and approach are also inspiring!

  11. LA CONTESSA says

    HOW ARE YOU?YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAM!I remember meeting YOU years ago in NAPA and you spoke of TRAVELING for a LIVING!
    I’m with YOU on the CAFTANS!I have a wonderful GAL who whips them up in HOUSTON!

    • Heather Lindstrom says

      La Contessa! So fun to connect again. I do remember our meet up in Napa when I first started blogging at Style*Mind*Chic. I had that dream of travel for a living and it’s so exciting that it is now my reality. You are looking fabulous as always! What fun that we are in the grandbaby chapter now. I’m honored to be featured in this stylish series that you and Cindy have created. Yes, would love to get together again soon! x

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