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15 Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

The white shirtdress is a fashion chameleon. With its clean lines and classic silhouette, it can be dressed up or down, transitioning effortlessly from work to weekend. I am joining my pal Kim for our Monthly Signature Style Series. We decided for fun that we would both share the same shirt dress and what it would look like on someone in their 50’s and someone late 60’s. So let’s chat about 15 Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age.

15 Ways to Style a Shirt Dress at any Age

Kim and I chose the Frank and Eileen White Denim Shirt Dress. Frank and Eileen is a sustainable clothing brand founded by a woman engineer who loved comfortable button-up shirts. Their pieces can be pricey so Kim and I also selected this shirt dress from Nordstrom on the left that is quite reasonable and is made of a high quality cotton gauze as a more reasonable option.

15 Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

Shirt Dresses can be Youthful and Playful

I am wearing the Rory dress with the versatile Mersea sweater and a pair of sneakers, a casual look I could wear on errands or almost anywhere where I live. This cardigan sweater traveled with me to Savannah and Florida recently and provided extra warmth in the cool evenings.

Frank and Eileen Shirt Dress styled with Mersea Sweatr and Sneakers

Grab your utility jacket, loafers, and your favorite Native American jewelry pieces and head to dinner in style.

Frank & Eileen shirt dress with utility jacket and native american jewelry

Add a pretty indigo scarf, white sneakers, and a crossbody bag and straw hat for an easy day look.

Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

This utility vest has become a staple for me. It adds just a bit of extra warmth and a lot of fun to many of my casual outfits that I wear on repeat.

Frank and Eileen shirt dress with utility vest | Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

Shop the Looks

One of the easiest ways to style a shirt dress is with a denim jacket and sneakers for a more casual look. My jean jacket was purchased on eBay and customized by Mermade Brooklyn

Frank and Eileen Rory Shirt Dress with jean jacket

This great patchwork vest is from Tancredi & Morgen (one of my old haunts). Marsha the owner crafts one of a kind clothing items in her much loved (and missed by me) shop in Carmel Valley. A pair of white sneakers completes the look.

Frank and Eileen white shirt dress with tancredi & morgen vest and sneakers

Layer a linen shirt over a shirt dress? Why not.

Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

In this ensemble, I am wearing the shirt dress with another Mersea favorite the Catalina Sweater. I own this sweater in two colors. They are a great travel staple in my wardrobe. Scouty is hoping to get a few treats for his tricks.

Frank and Eileen shirt dress with mersea catalina sweater

Shop the Looks

Dressed Up with Statement Jewelry and Accessories

For a flattering silhouette, that looks slightly more sophisticated, belt it at the waist, and pair it with the Mersea cozy cardigan, and black accessories for an effortless look that can go anywhere.

Frank and Eileen Shirt Dress with mersea sweater and Eric javitz accessories

I purchased this fabulous Angela Mara sweater at Roux Collective locally. Layers are always a perfect choice here in Paso as it almost always cools off at night. I paired the combo with sandals and a favorite bag from Janessa Leone.

white shirt dress with openwork sweater | Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

Rattan accessories and a pucker top & sandals from Eileen Fisher, and a great necklace (no longer available from IBU movement) complete the look.

frank and eileen shirt dress with eileen fisher topper

This Mersea chelsea kimono provides an extra layer of warmth which would be great for travel.

Mersea sweater and frank and eileen shirt dress

The blazer (life jacket from cara browne designs) adds a bit of interest to the shirt dress.

Frank & Eileen Shirt Dress with Blazer | Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age

A red linen shirt tied at the waist, a straw hat, Artemis Design slippers and colorful trade bead jewelry (purchased on etsy many yers ago) add a little spark to the white shirt dress.

Frank and Eileen shirt dress with red linen shirt and colorful jewelry

Shop the Looks

The versatility of a shirt dress knows no bounds, making it a timeless wardrobe staple for women of all ages. By creatively experimenting with various accessories, layers, and styling techniques, you can effortlessly transform a simple shirt dress into countless chic and sophisticated looks suitable for any occasion. Whether you’re in your thirties, forties, or beyond, the key lies in embracing your personal style and experimenting with different combinations to express your individuality.

I hope you enjoyed 15 Stunning Ways to Style a White Shirt Dress at any Age. You might also enjoy Chic Sneaker Styles Women Over 50 can Actually Wear here. My simple advice is to spend your money on great accessories. You can find great ones on eBay, Poshmark, Thread Up, The Real Real, Etsy and more. You can create so many more options with your fashion staples. Now let’s pop over and visit Kim for her insight. She always has great styling tips.


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  1. SG says

    FYI – Pictures are pretty much all blurry … the pic with the puppy is good – others are not ..??

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi SG

      I am sorry. I do not have a professional photographer. I experimented with this post with clipping photos out of videos. It did not go well! I won’t try that again!

  2. Lisa H says

    What a great post! I enjoyed seeing two similar dresses side by side on both your and Kim’s post. The specifics of the dresses was very evident. The Frank and Eileen dress with the curved hem and narrower fit, and the Nordstrom pick with the straight hem, and a floatier fit.
    I think the Frank and Eileen more fashion forward, and the Nordstrom one is a little boho /caftan like.
    Please do more side by sides in the future!
    PS. We all have different budgets and choose to spend our money in different ways. I appreciate that you often link to EBay and Poshmark. My favorite shirt dress is a navy blue linen from Italy, and was $12 at my favorite thrift store!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lisa

      We will if you ladies enjoy them. Most of my clothing has been purchased second hand. I find it a challenge. Don’t you love a bargain!!

  3. K Winch says

    Use of the term pricey is just too coy. You promote expensive clothing that is gifted to you to promote. Then rather than say it is expensive you use the term “pricey” . Just say it is expensive

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi K

      Actually neither of these dresses were gifted to me. If they are gifted I state it. These were two dresses we chose to offer a less expensive option versus the more expensive option. Do you find pricey more coy than expensive? I am happy to use whatever terminology my readers find more appropriate. I certainly am not trying to be “coy”. If you read my blog you know that most of my clothes are purchased second hand. I also do not promote any brand that I would not wear myself. Of course I appreciate a well made item. If I cannot afford it. I will search all of the resale sites.

  4. Teri Haman says

    Hi Cindy,

    You are so inspiring!! I loved every single design idea!! You are so helpful as I create my outfits at home.

  5. Carol Larochelle says

    I just purchased a white shirtdress on AMAZON from the DROP. Fantastic linen and looks identical to yours. It had been highly rated last year. Also, I am 5’10” and it fall 3-4 inches below my knees. I just wore it on vacation to Florida and belted it with a neutral belt. I want it in all colors I like it so much! It was $69, so a great buy. Love all your looks. I plan on wearing it as a duster also.

  6. Christine says

    Great post on the versatility of a clothing staple. After reading, I’ll be looking at my wardrobe basics with a fresh eye. I love the “MW” sandals, but the link doesn’t connect properly. What is “MW”? I would have Googled the site, but I’m stumped. Again, thank you!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Christine

      Was there a typo? The brown sandals are from seychelles and the black from Madewell. The links worked on my end. Is anyone else having trouble?


    Sorry to say but I didn’t like any of the shirt dress styles. They all looked so matronly.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Alice

      You don’t need to apologize. Thank you for your honesty. Pop over and visit Kim. She might have some younger looks that you might like better

  8. Katherine says

    Hi Cindy,
    You always nail it with such wonderful styles that you create with clothing. You were born with such extraordinary vision.
    It’s just a gift of self expression. You just took a basic shirt dress and fashioned it in so many different ways. I call it “The Cindy” Look.”
    Hugs, and thank you for taking the time to show and tell. YOU are appreciated.
    P.S. I love your fur baby, the cutest. I hope the nice shoes are up way high.

  9. Marue says

    I’m surprised you didn’t show the dress opened like a long jacket. As you know Eileen Fisher shows this look often.

  10. dianne says

    Love each and every way you styled the shirtdress! and I love how little Scouty matches your outfits! He is quite the fashion statement!
    Love Frank and Eileen – LOVE! A spend brand but everything fits perfectly and they styles are timeless. I have a long and short denim dress – like yours! Will definitely use your ideas to style it as we get into warmer weather.
    Thank you so much for the ideas

  11. Ann says

    Hi Cindy,
    These look cute on you but as a retired medical professional, this looks too much like a lab coat. I couldn’t do it. I especially like the red shirt you have tied at the waist.

  12. Wendy Lewis says

    Hi Cindy!
    Love seeing you and Steve with little Scout (:
    What size did you order in Frank and Eileen? I find their things run so big. Was it XS or XXS? Always love your posts!

    • cindy says

      Hi Wendy!!

      I am wearing a small and so is Kim. I think an xs might have been too tight in the bust.

  13. Francesca. B says

    Gorgeous post thank you Cindy so many exciting ways to style a white dress. I love Frank and Eileen and own three of their dresses, one cotton and two linen and l love the white denim version . That is next! And Scout looking on!, Bliss on a Thursday morning l am going to experiment this weekend with these looks! Love the poncho over the top. Happy weekend xo

  14. Peg ELFERS says

    Cindy – I love your shirt dress ideas, but I’m curious about what you wear UNDER the dress? If my undergarments (esp. panties) show through, it’s a no go for me. A cotton slip, if they exist? Cami and half slip? Help me:-).

    • cindy says

      Hi Peg

      The Frank and Eileen is not see through at all . It is like a light weight denim. If I were wearing the gauze one out I have a linen slip I purchased on Etsy.

  15. kim says

    Cindy you look amazing in these dresses. I am so glad we did this. I think I am wearing my shirtdresses all this week in different ways.
    You really have the most wonderful accessories and every look here is fantastic. You should have been a stylist.I think I need some of these sweaters..I love the layered look! Also so cute with the jackets and I haven’t tried that.
    I love that baby Scout!

    Thank you for this idea. Was the most fun post with you and I have so many new looks to try for spring! xo

    • cindy says

      Hi Peg

      The Frank and Eileen is not see through at all . It is like a light weight denim. If I were wearing the gauze one out I have a linen slip I purchased on Etsy.

    • cindy says

      It is a small. I made several corrections last night that did not go through and I am up in the bay area with my granddaughter today!! so sorry!!

  16. Mary Ann Pickett says

    So much inspiration! For even the shirt dress that I already have! I wish the white ones came in petite…but I could always get it hemmed or wear it as a maxi.
    I know I always say this, Cindy, but you have such a great style and self expression.

  17. Lorraine Hitchcock says

    Thank you for some great ideas! I own the Rory shirt dress in 2 colors but never thought to add jackets, sweaters etc for different looks.

  18. Lee Davison says

    Absolutely wonderful! I’m 80+and bought a white shirt dress hoping to make it my new look after years of baggy clothes that were not working for me.
    Your ideas will make it so easy to have a fresh look and with accessories I already have.
    Thank you!

  19. Juliet says

    Cindy! You and Kim have me sold on a shirt dress. But which one?! I love your styling with the longer Mersea pullover sweater. Such a chic look and I can see you wandering the vintage markets in France wearing exactly that. xo

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