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10 Wearable Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50 can Embrace

Spring is here, and it’s time to shed those winter layers and embrace the sunshine! We all are trying to buy less and wear what we have., Do you have a few things on your radar that you would like to add to your staples to help you navigate the months ahead in style? The beauty of being our age is we are no longer at the mercy of the fashion industry to follow every new trend. Instead most of us rely on our instincts. By now we are comfortable in our own skin and know what looks best on our own bodies.  Let’s join my blogging friends and chat about 10 Wearable Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50 can Embrace.

10 Wearable Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50 can Embrace

According to Who What Wear “designers are focused on clothes that reflect our modern lives and what women actually want to wear.”  That sounds refreshing.


The high contrast between black and white can create a sophisticated bold look, while remaining classic and timeless. It’s a staple in my closet. I don’t wear much pattern but I love the simple batik quality of this dress. It could be belted with another belt for interest. It could be dressed up with a pair of low heels or you could throw on a pair of sneaks for a more casual look.

Black and White Anthropologie Dress Straw Bag

The pretty embroidered top is from Anthro, the hat and bag on preorder are from Janessa Leone.

White jeans and Anthro Tavi Blouse black and white

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Statement Belts

I am not one to “jump” on the jumpsuit wagon, but this one from Anthro is very flattering. I am wearing a size 6.

Anthro Colette Weekend Jumpsuit | Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50

This linen jumpsuit from Banana Republic is also flattering and very lightweight. It comes in black as well. I usually replace the fabric belts as I am longwaisted

White Banana Republic Linen Jumpsuit-brown woven accessories

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Vivid Blue

I don’t often wear blue, but these electric blue linen separates from J Jill had me at hello. The sandals are from laid back london. You can find similar here.

J Jill Blue Linen Outfit on Cindy Hattersley with her lab puppy
J Jill Blue Linen shirt and Bryn Walker Casbah Pant

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Girly Details

I can’t wear a lot of ruffles and bows but the pretty victorian details of this blouse from Anthro I find appealing.

AnthroVictorian Sheer Lace Blouse and Bryn Walker pant

“Air Con” Materials

Apparently “air con” is a fancy word for open weave fabrics. This little topper from Anthropologie would be great over a dress as well.

Anthro open weave top and bryn walker casbah pants | Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50

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This sweater from Eileen Fisher also comes in black, as well as a short sleeve version in gray. I am constantly reaching for both.

cindy hattersley in eileen fisher terry midi and delave top | Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50


Apparently stark white is having a moment. If you have silver hair, white can be your new best friend. This all white outfit is from a few years back. Quince has similar pants here. I have linked other similar items below

cindy hattersley in Johnny Was and Lysee | Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50

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This dress (no longer available) is from Hanna Wessel. Quince has a similar dress here.

white dress and jean jacket | Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50

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Preppy Details

Polo shirts, stripes, and sweaters knotted around the neck are making a comeback.What’s not to like? I don’t really wear stripes or polos, but I do knot the occasional sweater around my neck. This one is from Mersea, and is a great travel option with the Eileen Fisher organic terry separates.

eileen fisher sweats with mersea sweater knotted around neck

Ballet Flats

I don’t currently own any, but I think this is a classic that many women our age can rock.

Loose Linen Pants

I have no problem embracing this one. Pair them with a tucked-in blouse or a fitted top to balance the silhouette.

cindy hattersley in bryn walker pants auntie oti shirt

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Embroidred Cut Out Motifs

This shirt from Magali Pascal was from Anthro last year. There are a lot of fun new options available which I have linked below the photo.

cindy hattersley in embroidered top and kut from the kloth jeans

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I always find the “trends” interesting even if I don’t always choose to follow them. Some are silly, and others we have seen before. You might enjoy the articles below:

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Thank you for reading 10 Wearable Spring Fashion Trends Women Over 50 can Embrace. I would love to hear what you think about the “trends”. Now let’s pop over and visit my blogging friends for their Spring faves.




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  1. Amy says

    Great post! I love the cut out designs. The white tee under the black cut out top looks so classy and modern. Your puppy is so precious. It’s fun to see him in your photos. Beautiful!

  2. Lois says

    I notice you frequently wear white pants. I have a friend who wears white pants and her undies always show through, and it’s a disaster if anything spills on the pants — they are never spotless again! They also call attention to the bottom half of one’s body, which dies not work well for many women. For me, attention on my face and shoulders is much better!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lois

      Good points! White has it’s issues. I never wore much white until my hair was silver. I do love it now. The beauty of white linen is it can be bleached or whitened. White jeans are not see through and many white linen pants are lined. I own two pairs of white denim and two pairs of white linen. White does brighten the face! Thanks for weighing in!

  3. Peggy Manny says

    Please tell me (us) where the chartreuse linen crops and purple shirt are from..beautiful colors !!
    You look great in the jumpsuits..I like them but HATE having to get undressed every time I go to the loo..which is every 2 minutes at my age 😫
    Thanks for the Spring lookout..I hope we can dress as such in the upper Midwest soon.
    Peggy in Wisconsin

  4. kim says

    Cindy finally getting to see all your pretty looks here. You really have so many great outfits! I especially loved the all white look, so luxe and you in the acid green and pink… And the blue with Scout is darling too. I also think pantsuits are great on you. You have the right proportions. I tried that same jean one on… Not great on me. You look fab in it!!

  5. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Everything you wear looks great. I saw a few pieces I’ll shop for. That said, the puppy stole the show! Haha. He’ll keep you busy for the next few months.
    Karen B.

  6. Marcie says

    So many great ideas here! I love that you are always wearing sandals or sneakers. Thank you once again!

  7. sherry hart says

    You are like a damn model! And I have to say that the new puppy has stolen the show away from fashion:) Love all of your outfits my friend!

  8. Jennifer says

    That blue is stunning on you!! Every outfit is outstanding. I love how you style things. Your new little side kick is adorable!

  9. annie diamond says

    Cindy! You rock the bold look of black and white, but look gorgeous in color too!! So many beautiful, stunning looks for everyday and special occasion!
    Scout is so cute!

  10. Mspoon says

    Cindy you look fabulous in each outfit! Although I might not be able to afford some items it is great inspiration to search for similar pieces at lower price points. I took advantage of shopping the sales you listed and with these new pieces I’m feeling refreshed. Now I’m off to Marie Kondo my closet.
    PS your doggie looks adorable!

  11. Dianne says

    You caved! Jumpsuits! You look gorgeous in both the white and the denim! YAY! And I LOVE the bright blue outfit on you… the color is brilliant and happy and so “Springy” and the color is stunning on you!
    The sun feels magnificent and all the flowers and blossoms have come alive – I think I have, too!
    Love all the outfits on you and especially love seeing tiny little Scouty! Precious little guy – the best!
    Enjoy today – the rain is coming back tomorrow~

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Diane

      I did cave! Everyone loves them so I thought I should try a couple! I have to say I really liked both of these!

  12. Gray says

    Love all the looks! Especially that denim jumpsuit, sexy mama! 🔥
    Just ordered a Frank & Eileen set – it just about killed me. I plan to wear it every day.
    And your new little accessory looks great with everything.🐾

  13. Juliet says

    Great spring looks . I especially love the black and white. And that Anthro jumpsuit is fabulous on you. So happy to finally feel the warmth of the sun and shed a few layers. xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marth

      Yes, I had trouble with my links today. I think everything is linked now. I know how hard it is to find anything on the EF site.

  14. Rose says

    I also like that electric blue outfit. I did t see the link for the top and yes it would be helpful to know what size you ordered for those separates. Thanks

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Rose

      The shirt is linked but it is shown with the pants. I am wearing an XS in both shirts. I think a small might have been better in the button down. The pants are a petite small.

  15. Mary Ann Pickett says

    I love you in black and white, Cindy. So many cute choices. We both have the J. Jill blue linen! I’ve worn it tied at the waist, too.
    This is such a thorough post…love it!

  16. Cindy L says

    P.S. I love that you include Eileen Fisher pieces and show us new ways to style them. I’ve been an EF fan for years!

  17. Susan kolb says

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!!! Never wore bright blue until my hair turned white, but now it’s my color!

  18. Cindy L says

    Hi Cindy~
    Thanks for another terrific post! I see you’re wearing mostly wide-legged crop pants … I’m still in a quandary over this. Are slim-leg pants totally out of the picture? How about black leggings with tunics and shorter dresses? I’d love your input on how to wear knee-length dresses in the summer if you have bad legs (spider veins, etc). Or do you just avoid them and go with maxi dresses?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cindy

      I avoid them and wear cool flowy maxi’s. I have one leg that is badly scarred from 3rd degree burns as a child, so I have never looked good in anything knee length. It took me awhile to embrace the wide leg crops. I always get compliments on those Bryn Walker casbah pants whenever I wear them. They are cool and comfortable.

      • Cindy L says

        Thanks so much, Cindy. I am in the same boat, leg-wise. I will follow your lead. I do like the wider linen/flowy pants in lieu of a dress, and I love maxi dresses in the summer as well. In the Artful Home catalog, I notice a few of the models wearing black leggings with short dresses — but wonder if that look is dated now.

  19. Susan says

    Love that electric blue! I’m about your height… do you recommend regular or petite sizing for the right cropped length in the pants? Another great post, thank you!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan I will add that. I did order a Petite small in the pants and XS in the tops. I think I could have ordered a small in the button down as well.

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