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Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants for Women over 50

I originally covered this topic over two years ago.  Wide leg pants have remained popular for good reason.  They are comfortable and forgiving if worn correctly. Let’s take a look at Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants for Women over 50, and the history behind them.

According to Wikipedia “Palazzo pants are long women’s pants cut with a loose, extremely wide leg that flares out from the waist”.  “Culottes are an item of clothing worn on the lower half of the body, can refer to split skirts, historical men’s breeches, or women’s underpants.” Palazzo pants for women first became a popular trend in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The style was reminiscent of the wide-legged cuffed pants worn by some women fond of avant-garde fashions in the 1930s and 1940s, particularly actresses such as Katherine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Marlena Dietrich.

Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants for Women over 50

old hollywood wide leg pant trend

Thanks to their flattering silhouette, these pants are great for women of all ages, heights and body shapes. Diane Keaton has rocked the look for years. Wide leg pants have been the signature of both Diane Keaton and  Meg Ryan. Jane Fonda often sports a slimmer version and Helen Mirren has often been spotted in more of a palazzo look.  

celebrities rock the wide leg pant


Can ordinary over 50-year-olds pull it off? Sure we can. Thanks to their flattering silhouette, these pants are great for women of all ages, heights, and body shapes. They accentuate your waist and can hide a multitude of lower body sins, creating the illusion of an hourglass figure. If you are in your twenties or thirties you might be able to  pull off the “pooled pant” look. For our age group, they should just skim the ground, unless they are cropped.

Our late friend, stylist, and mentor Brenda Kinsel was an ace at styling “well anything”.  We miss her so.  Here she is styling wide leg pants to perfection. You can read about how she styled wide leg pants here. If you weren’t lucky enough to know Brenda and you want to learn more about styling anything bookmark her website.

brenda kinsel styling wide leg pants

Brenda would often highlight an outfit she spotted on someone on the street in her anatomy of an outfit series.  She was such a pro.

My friend Elizabeth (aka the Contessa) wouldn’t think of wearing anything but a wide-leg pant, and she wears them well. She is quite tall so she wears them beautifully. Elizabeth never wears heels and always looks chic.

the contessa in a wide leg white pant for Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants After 50

Linda V Wright is rarely seen in anything but a wide-lelg pant.  She just oozes style. Here she has a crisp white shirt (a trademark of her shop Crimson in Paris) tied at the waist with her signature wide leg pant. I have never seen Linda in a pair of heels.

linda v wright in jean jacket & white wide leg pants

Tamera Beardsley always styles the wide leg pant to perfection. She is a master at styling a column of color well. You can find her on Instagram here, and follow her blog here.

tamera beardsley in wide leg pants


If you can still wear heels like Eugenia from Age of Grace, you can achieve this look. This column of color ensemble from Banana Republic creates the illusion of a long silhouette. It could be equally as stylish with flat sandals. This is a signature look for Eugenia.  You can get many more ideas from her blog or you can follow her here on Instagram here.




A lightweight cotton shirt with linen pants can be much cooler than a restrictive pair of shorts in a heavier weight. I am wearing my favorite Bryn Walker pants with a purple shirt from Aunti Oti. I wear an XS in Bryn Walker and a 1 in Aunti Oti. You can purchase from Maison Marianne online here. I have also listed similar options below the photo.

cindy hattersley in bryn walker pants auntie oti shirt


These great linen wide legs are from J Jill. I am wearing an XS. I am wearing them with a Michael Stars tee in small, Olukai flip fops and price friendly accessories from Target. 

cindy hattersley in michael stars and ju jill linen


I am a huge fan of kut from the cloth jeans (size 2).  Here I am wearing a wide leg jean with with an anthro top, dragon diffusion bag,  similar sandals below and belt.

cindy hattersley in embroidered top and kut from the kloth jeans


I recently styled these great J Jill linen separates in my post Six Tips for Looking Chic and Confident in Color. I am wearing an XS in both.

Cindy Hattersley in J jill limen pants and shirt


Here you can see more of the versatile separates in the Eileen Fisher capsule. I wear XS in anything Eileen Fisher. I am wearing a favorite necklace and bracelet from Parham and Company Studio

cindy hattersley in Eileen Fisher linen pants and poncho


I am wearing more separates from the Eileen Fisher capsule in this look.



I love these Eileen Fisher separates. You can see all of them in my post How to Create Multiple Outfits from a Capsule Wardrobe here.

cindy hattersley in eileen fisher and j jill


In this look, I am wearing an older Ralph Lauren jean jacket ( personalized and embroidered by Mermade Brooklyn here). The pants are Bryn Walker size XS, tee Michael Stars S.

cindy hattersley in polo ralph lauren/mermade brooklyn jean jacket & bryn walker linen pants



There are plenty of inexpensive options at Zara.  I popped into the store with my daughter and checked out the options below.  FYI I find the Zara sizing to be more consistent than it has been in the past. All of the pants I ordered were a size small and fit beautifully.

Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants for Women at Zara



Patchwork, Stripe, Oatmeal, Black and White


Black Linen, Black and Blue, White and Black, Blue/White 


Yellow Print, Pink Embroidered, Green & White, White Linen


The beauty of being “a certain age” is that we can wear whatever we feel comfortable and stylish in.  I have been wearing wide leg pants on this blog since 2018.  I am happy that they are once again considered stylish.  They have always been comfortable. I am often asked if shorter women can wear wide leg pants.  It can be more difficult.  I have short legs and a long torso. Don’t wear a large unfitted top with the wide leg pants. Tuck your top into the high-waisted wide-legged pants or jeans. If you have a longer top, the horizontal line cuts off the body creating the effect of shorter legs. If you have a belly try a cropped top that stops at the waist.  I like my wide legs to just graze the ankle or barely above.  I don’t want to trip on them.

You can shop all of Zara’s wide leg pants here

I apologize for the lengthy post. Thanks for reading Chic and Comfortable Wide Leg Pants for Women over 50. You might also enjoy How to Rock a Jean Jacket After 50, or 10 Ways to Casually Style White Jeans after 50. Do you wear wide leg pants? How do you like to style yours? We have been a little heavy on fashion here on the blog due to scheduling issues. I will be back on Thursday with some blogging buddies with tips on how to refresh your home for summer.

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  1. Liana says

    I love wide leg pants, specially the flat front types with no pockets and flowy fabrics, .in my book is the perfect attire for weddings/cocktail parties. I’m happy they are back in fashion and hope the stick around for good.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Liana

      I completely agree. I do not like the ones with pleats, very unbecoming on my physique! I prefer flat pockets or none at all!

  2. Sheila-Merle Johnson says

    What a beautiful long post! i got teary remembering Brenda. She was my image consultant mentor and friend. I even met you through her. So important in my life! I confess I am having a hard time moving out of the comfort of leggings and tunic. i still don’t go out much. I’ve always loved full leg pants, but I have a hard time with the wrinkles of linen, and with the proportion of larger hips and shorter waist, the gathers around the waist don’t work at all for me. But there are some pants here that might work. Thanks!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sheila-Merle

      I know she was your friend. You are right, we met through her. I still like leggings and tunics as well. I do not like gathering around the waist either, draws attention to the spare tire!!

  3. Susan says

    I loved that you mentioned Brenda. She was always appointment reading for me and I was privileged to attend two of her video classes which I so enjoyed. Love full length linen wide leg pants which manage to be elegant and casual in the same breath.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan

      Brenda was such an inspiration to so many of us. She was a pro in every sense of the word.

  4. LA CONTESSA says


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth

      I still like my leggings too! Yes you are in good company!

  5. Sandra Sallin says

    Oh, how I miss Brenda. She was that middle America person with soul. Loved her. She was not here long enough.
    Now you’re saying if one has a tummy which I do I should wear a short top/ Won’t it show off my tummy from covid and beyond? Loved todays blog. I thought skinny pants were in. Thank goodness I have wide leg pants.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra

      Only if you are wearing high waisted pants!! It is hard to keep up with fashion isn’t it? You always look stylish!

  6. Sue Reiner says

    Cindy I love the way your micheal stars tee shirts fit snug around your neck. When I look at them on their site the neck fit looks much bigger. I know you wear a small as I would but can you comment on the neck fit. Thank you, Sue

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I buy the 3/4 sleeve tees and the neck fits just perfect in my opinion. I like that they have a thick band around the neck. I have large features and find it more flattering.

  7. Terri says

    I have a pair of cotton wide leg pants with a delicate open crochet on the sides, just up to the knee. They’re very breezy, so I wear them on hot summer days. I couldn’t count the number of compliments I’ve received! Funny thing is, I’ve had them in the give away pile several times and just can’t let them go. I’m finally convinced they’re going to be sticking around quite a while:)
    Thanks, Cindy
    Love your fashion sense and home style. Sometimes, when I’m stumped, I ask myself, 🤔 What would Cindy do? ☺️

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Terry

      Your pants sound lovely! You are so sweet to say that. I don’t know what I am doing half the time. I just wing it!

  8. Marcia says

    Thanks for this timely and informative post. You look so lovely in all the examples, and have given me some much needed advice on styling wide leg linen pants. I thoroughly enjoy your posts and look forward to them for ideas and inspiration. I will research Brenda as I am not familiar with this obviously lovely woman.

    • Elle says

      I agree with Marcia! Lovely post.

      Cindy, thank you for sharing sizes. That’s the hard part of online shopping for me. Can you please share your height & what size you generally take in pants & dresses if sizing runs numerically? I’m 6, 8 & occasionally 10 (Theory pants) & often debate what size to order these days.

      Many thanks,

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Elle

        I am 5’4 (overweight at the moment!) I normally wear a Small in shirts (J Crew shirts 6). Eileen Fisher I wear an XS, Bryn Walker XS. I added sizes to all the outfits (thank you for reminding me). You can tell I am not a “legit” fashion blogger. I usually wear a four, occasionally a 6 at my current weight! Hope that helps!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marcia

      You will learn so much from Brenda. I think of her every time I wear a pair of earrings. She always said they should never pass the collar of your shirt!

  9. Judy Gilpin says

    These pants look great on you tall gals, but I’m only 5’2″ and if I tried to wear them, I’d look like a short stumpy mushroom. But thanks for the outfit ideas that I can use with my strait & skinny pants.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judy

      If only I were tall! I am only 5’4, but I understand you have to wear what works for you. Tamera, Elizabeth and Brenda are taller.

  10. Bette says

    I’m 5’9″ and only wear flats now — wide leg pants are super comfortable and flattering for me. I don’t follow the style rules (suggestions!) about tops and pants, though, and never tuck anything in. My current favorites are a pair of jersey knit EF wide legs that have an outer seam slit to the knee — love the fluidity and flow of these cool pants — no pun intended!

    Thank you for mentioning Brenda Kinsel and keeping her wisdom alive. She seemed to be such an amazing person. And I would pay a lot of money to own that date stamped silk shirt she’s wearing in the post you linked to! (Her blog also highlights the sad need to keep blogs updated. Her About page includes a phone number to contact her for a consult.).

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Bette

      I agree. Wide leg pants are so much more comfortable. When I was younger I thought one needed to wear heels with them. I have discovered it is not necessary if they fit properly. EF really knows how to make clothes for women our age doesn’t she? I am sure no one is taking care of Brenda’s blog now that she has passed, it is just lovely that it is still there for us to enjoy and learn.

  11. NC Sue says

    Love this post! Can you add sizes you purchase? It is always a help when ordering online. Brands can differ so much.
    Thank you for your always spot on fashion.

  12. Lindsay says

    I have been trying to get on board with the wide leg trend, but find it difficult. The linen pants make me look like a box and unless one is super tall (I’m 5’6″) I don’t think they’re flattering on anyone. Ditto for wide leg jeans. I, however, love wide leg flowy and fluid pants and think that can be a flattering look on anyone. I have found slightly wider straight leg jeans the answer for me.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lindsay

      I am glad you have found a style that suits you. I am only 5’4 and find that mine need to just graze the ground or fall a bit above the ankle.

  13. Kathy Little says

    Thank you for referencing Brenda!!! She was one of the first bloggers I started reading. I’m not even sure how I had come across her, but I wound up buying some of her books! I loved her personality that came across in every word she wrote!! And how wonderfully engaging all her writing was!! And her style was so special….. she was cutting edge, yet quirky, always reflecting her own self! Never a cookie-cutter! We all miss her!

    • Le Anne Miller says

      Me too!! I miss her like a sister. I had the pleasure of talking a class with her just before she passed. What a shiny woman. 🙏🏻

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        I go back and read some of her posts sometime. She was such a wealth of information.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathy

      Brenda was a lovely writer, knowledgeable stylish, and a wonderful human being. She hails from the Midwest and also had that friendly Midwestern personality. She is missed.

  14. Robyn says

    I do think wide leg pants are classics. It’s confusing when others say there are not. The higher waist is what’s tricky for me. Being that I’m short waisted they hit up under my arms.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Robyn

      I agree that they are classics, and even though I have the opposite problem (long-waisted), I don’t like the waist too high either.

  15. Marie says

    Hi Cindy,
    Loved this post. Your style is so inspirational! One of my favorite outfits here is the lavender button down with jeans…and the accessories..perfection!
    Brenda was also an wonderful inspiration. Thanks for keeping her part of the conversation.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marie

      Thank you so much we need to remember Brenda in our conversations. We did all learn so much from her.

  16. Sarah says

    I truly miss Brenda’s fun and colorful style and her amazing writing. She really inspired this old dog to feel like I still have a few tricks up my sleeve. You do as well!!
    I love wide-leg pants but lean toward the “slim wide” in a more substantial fabric like twill. They allow for air flow in the summer (I said no to shorts looooong ago) but manage to corral the jiggle, if you know what I mean.
    God luck with the big move! Can’t wait to see what you create in the new place.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sarah

      Brenda was wonderful, wasn’t she? I am so glad I was able to find those old photos. She lives on through her writings.

  17. Sarah London says

    Wonderful read. And great pics of all the various types of wide leg pants. I do love them. I remember having a sewing pattern back in the early 90s and I must have made about 6 pairs with it! Oh how I wish I’d never thrown that pattern out!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sarah

      You look fabulous in wide legs especially the lantern style. That style is not flattering on me as it makes me look all one size big!! I have learned so much from you. I am so glad we met virtually. Hopefully one day we can meet in person.

  18. Felicia Brown says

    I love and wear wide leg pants…Have worn them for years, not only for comfort, but I find them a style that sets me apart.
    Thank you for your story!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Felica

      I have rekindled a love affair with them as well. For one thing they are comfy!

    • Carolina says

      I love this post! Very helpful information. Will be buying my first ankle length wide leg pant and plan to wear the heck out of them this summer. Shorts have been in my rear view mirror for years so these pants are a perfect alternative.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Carolina

        I completely agree with you about shorts. I never looked good in them and now it is even worse!

  19. Cheryl P says

    Have always loved this style of pant. Very flattering and so easy to style up, not to mention THE most comfortable pant, especially in a linen fabric!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cheryl

      I do love the Wendy pant. They also have the Jenn which I also love from a few years back. I see they have resurrected it. Some of you might prefer it. It has more of a classic wide leg. I picked up a couple pairs of those last year and love them as well. They come off much more casual.

    • Francesca B says

      Lovely post thank you Cindy and so lovely to see Brenda and talk about her incredible style l was in Zara yesterday eyeing their pants such gorgeous colors l might go back !! Recently l went for Eileen Fisher’s wide leg linen pants as we are about to travel and they are perfect !! Happy week Cindy and thanks for the conversation.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Francesca

        Zara’s sizing used to be so inconsistent, but it seems to be better now. I absolutely love EF’s linen separates. They are timeless.

  20. Wren says

    I’m weighing in late (not supposed to be a pun) but I loved this topic! I feel “me” in linen but have had a harder time finding in the last few years. I have hung onto 3 pair of wide leg pants that I felt sure would be in fashion again so you’ve encouraged me to wear. I want to try the CPshades you mention. There’s the old expression that fashion just repeats itself and also, styles change to make sales. This was a great topic and thank you for helping drive the any width goes, whatever one feels comfortable in mantra.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren
      The beauty of being our age is we are no longer a slave to fashion. Sure, we want to be stylish, but we are free to dictate what that is. I have had a couple of linen cotton cropped pants with slits from Anthro that I have worn to death. I have picked them up on Ebay when I have seen them. I wore them to Roundtop a few years ago in the heat and received so many compliments. At that time they were not supposedly in style!

  21. 1010ParkPlace says

    I’m tall and lean but have to be skinny for wide legs to look good on me. Sorry, but I think most women are fooling themselves when they say they look good in wide leg pants.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Brenda
      I think it all depends on the waist, at least for me personally. I could never wear the high waisted paper bag look. They would make me look huge. I do love the Wendy pant even if they don’t look good on me !!

  22. Leslie says

    I’ve got the Target striped ones in the basket but notice they don’t come in for a week. Since I’m 5’3” the stripes should help elongate me a bit. And airy sandals. We shall see! Today it was 91 degrees so suddenly loose legs seem appropriate.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Leslie

      They are so comfortable in the heat. I wish I had them a couple of years ago when I had to went to Hotlanta and then three weeks later to Florida for a family emergency.

      • Theresa Pittman says

        I may have missed this photo/link from Target, striped pants!
        Always looking for cool and comfortable for short women. Target is a good price point.
        The Zara patchwork pants I bet will be timeless .
        I recently purchased T Tahari palazzo pants from Nordstrom rack, very evening orientated but timeless as well . Cindy, thanks for always disclosing the size you purchased. So helpful for those that online shop

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Theresa

          I don’t think I featured a pair of Target pants. They must have been from somewhere else. I have featured their t-shirt dresses before. They are great!

  23. Karen B. says

    You gave some beautiful examples of the style and I loved all of them. The thing is as I’ve aged my tummy doesn’t appear to be flat anymore. In fact it looks a little like I’m possibly two or three months pregnant. At my age that would be a miracle. Haha. so I will stick to the slim leg and tunic look for now. There are some lovely outfits in this post.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Ha! I have the same problem at the moment. Slim leg and tunic all the way!!

  24. Karen says

    Oh what a loss is Brenda, right Cindy? She trained me when I became an AICI image consultant some years ago. I loved her books and soaked up all her knowledge. With any trend that makes a comeback, it’s all in HOW you wear it, not your age. I’d have to kiss a lot of frogs to make these work for me, but I know with heels and the right cut it could happen! Brenda would want us to keep trying to tweak our “style recipes” with things like these pants!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I think of her often, she was such an inspiration. I did not know her girls though I met her partner who was a wonderful man. I can only imagine what a loss it is for them. So true about the comeback! I just kringe when people say if you wore it once, you can’t wear it again. In my lifetime I have seen some trends three times. Your words “its all in how you wear it” ring true. She certainly would want us to keep tweaking our “style recipes”. I hope she can hear all of your kind words. I know it would make her smile.

  25. Liana says

    Love them., but only at full length. In my opinion they are a closet staple, my favorites are the ones in flowy fabrics .
    Back in the days, I called them palazzo’s , whenever I find myself at an occasion when the attire calls for a a cocktail dress, my choice has been always a pair of palazzo’s with a tailored top as I don’t look my best on short dresses.
    I find that the cropped ones don’t look very flattering on short women.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I think you are right Liana. I am neither short or tall, but do have short legs. Sometimes cropped hit me at my ankle. I also completely agree with the no cocktail dresses please! I was burned at a young age and no one wants to see my legs. Tailored tops a definite must to pull it off. I so enjoy your contributions always spot on!!

  26. Stephanie Anderson says

    Thank God wider leg pants are coming back. 10-15 years of those dreadful “skinny jeans” has been the worst! If your legs aren’t skinny, in my opinion you shouldn’t wear skinny pants. Mine are thick and I feel much more graceful in straight or wider leg trousers. I’ve always worn basic Eileen Fisher straight-leg trousers, plus Bryn Walker linen pants in a variety of styles, Oh My Gauze cotton gauze pants for the hottest summer days, etc.

  27. LA CONTESSA says

    THERE IS A “FEAR” AMONGST tiny women for wearing the longer lengths I read all the time!Then I see a petite woman Sarah London STYLE wearing it and its AMAZING!!WIsh MORE WOMEN WOULD STEP OUTSIDE THE BOX.
    EBAY ALWAYS HAS SMALL SIZES……….I don’t think I can wear the MEDIUM IN CP SHADES!

  28. Ainsivalavie says

    A big yes to the well cut linen ( Beth Djalili style goals she looks awesome) but a big,big,big no to high waisted, wide legged pants in general, jeans in particular. They just look awful.. The looser, flowy linen actually IMHO looks best cut with a wider leg but denim especially with those ridiculous high rises…ugh MOM JEANS.:( If denim pants are baggy at the top it looks costume ( Diane Keaton) and if it’s very tight à la the ‘70’s ( any recent jean ad with a narrow hipped 6’ tall androgynous model)No, just no. Cut and tailoring is EVERYTHING to the vertically challenged, short waisted older body. That said I have seen some super cute wide legged linen with paper bag waist coming out of Target. My best wide leg linen pants are old EF’s that I bought on sale at Nordstrom. I wear them at just the ankle and I don’t feel like a stump. The top does need to be minimal but I’ve seen narrower tunics worn well over wider legged linen. I am going to check out the eBay site.
    I’ll spend money on the linen wide legs because I see them as classic, the rest, no.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      You guys are really keeping me entertained while I am working! OMG we need to write an entire post on NO TO MOM JEANS!! We were the foolish mom’s that wore them. Did they look good on anyone? I don’t think so. Yes to the narrower tunics as well. I like that look especially if you have a bit of height.

  29. SUSAN says

    How nice of you to mention to mention Brenda Kinsel. I so miss her…she was appointment reading for me for years. I sprang for a CP shades rayon brocade pant in a gold/ tan mix .from Ebay Will pile the turquoise on!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan

      Sounds like a great idea to me. I buy most of my clothes on Ebay. Who doesn’t love a bargain. My dad was such a bargain hunter that his bargains weren’t bargains anymore if that makes any sense. He would drive to Georgia to buy carpet for one of his projects and probably save 50 cents. Hopefull I am not that bad. When he was still alive there was nothing he liked better than a trip to the dollar store!

  30. Kathleen OBrien says

    I miss Brenda’s blog so much – I followed her for years and read nearly every book she had. What a great loss. But gratefully, she posted about you, so I got to find another stylish lady to get advice from.
    Wide leg pants are usually my uniform for summer. Its’ funny, don’t normally wear them in the winter. I love a good wide leg, usually printed pant with a solid color top. Last year I discovered wearing them with a long tunic, slit on both sides ala the fashion of some beautiful Indian ladies I’ve seen. Not as in cultural appropriation, but the silhouette is feminine and graceful looking – and refreshing comfortable and cool in the hot summer.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathleen

      I do too. I am going to continue to look into her archives when I post about something she was so knowledgeable about. Let’s keep her spirit alive here. She would be so happy to know that she influences us all in death as well. She was quite a lady. Funny story…a few days before she died she called and asked me about the app I told her about that you could “iron” your clothes in pictures. It is supposed to be for wrinkles on your face, but works much better for clothes!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      FYI I don’t wear them in winter either. I think the breezy look and feel of a linen wide leg in summer is just better. Keep the discussion going this is hilarious!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Linda

      I have to be careful that they are simple because I am not tall or thin. Thank you though!!

      • Terry says

        I love wide leg pants for the flattering, elegant look and the swish (also love maxi dresses for the same reasons). However, I don’t like dirty hems or the severe leg-shortening effect of crops so I have recently fallen in love with thin cotton harem pants – loose in the leg but gathered at the ankle. I live in California so no one is bothered by a 60+ woman in harem pants. 🙂

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Terry

          I love that lantern look as well. As I just mentioned above they are not flattering on me, unfortunately. If you follow, she wears them so well.

  31. Kandy says

    Wide legs are my jam because they fit my body architecture! (no high waist pants here) Not for everyone for sure. Thanks for the detailed write up. Now, off to shop. 🛍

  32. Katie Clooney says

    I think they look fab on everyone, especially you Cindy and of course, the Contessa. I’m not so sure they would look that great on my height-challenged frame. While all of you look like graceful willows, I’m afraid that I would look like a tree stump. Have a wonderful week, dear Cindy. Good luck with the moves. As you well know, moving ain’t for sissies.

  33. Shirley says

    No thanks. Trying to not look like a clown. I think a lot of older women should stick with the classics and stop trying to look so trendy. Starts to look ridiculous IMHO but hey I’m in the Midwest!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Ha!! The classics are always good. We all should wear what we feel best in!

  34. Diane B says

    I have been a fan of wide leg pants of all sorts for many years and would even wear them when skinnies were everywhere. They just feel so much more elegant. I had better stock up now while they are ‘back in fasion’. I miss Brenda as well.

  35. Lynn mcClain says

    On one of the hilarious Holderness videos a group of designers are asking, “How can we make pants look uglier?” Wide legged, high waisted pants are displayed. Dresses are long, floral printed and shapeless – “Just like the Oregon Trail days!” Sad, unflattering trends in my opinion.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lynn

      Ha! We all have the styles we loathe, don’t we? That’s what I love about our community here. We all know what we love and don’t!

  36. Jayne says

    I was pleased to see you mentioned Brenda Kinsella. Thank you for this informative post!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jayne

      I think of Brenda so often. I did not know her but for a few years but I certainly enjoyed her zest for life and her knowledge. I hope her posts remain infinitely, we can all learn so much from them.

      • Vivian Harrington says

        I followed Brenda from her first book…40 Over 40 & was heartbroken when she passed. I’ve gifted her books to so many women reminding them that”you are worth full price”!

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Vivian

          I am so thrilled so many of you have commented on Brenda. I sent a note to her daughters. I hope they can see all of the lovely comments.

  37. Mumbai says

    you need not pull them off when you are over 50 but you have to be tall. On petite women it looks a bit odd.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mumbai

      I guess it all depends on the length of your legs. I am only 5’4 but very long waisted so dresses never fit me properly. I am not a fan of the severe high waist and pleated look but I do love the CP shades Wendy and many others.

  38. Denise Harbour says

    I looked at the size small of the CP shades linen pants on the Ebay link you shared. It says the waist is 24”. I have t haven’t had that waist size in many years. 😊 Can you share what size you buy, and do they run really small in the waist? I usually buy a size 6 in most things and I’m 5’ tall. I always look forward to your posts, both home design and fashion. 😊

  39. Tracy Bigoness says

    Thank you for mentioning Brenda Kinsella in your blog today. I miss her blog so much.
    She was so creative and positive.

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