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Over 50 Fashion-The Collected Look

Today Mary Ann, Annie, and I are delighted to be joined by five fashion-savvy bloggers that know how to rock the collected look and have their own personal style honed in. Isn’t the real point of fashion to look as interesting and as creative as we can be?  Know yourself and know what you like. Your personal style tells the world who you are.  A collected look shows your personality and defines who you are. Let’s take a look at Over 50 Fashion-The Collected Look and how to get it.


Begin by assessing your resources. Look into your own closet to see what you have, like, and want to keep before you buy anything new. Shop carefully. Shop at boutiques, Etsy, eBay, and consignment stores for vintage and creative accessories that reflect your style. Don’t follow the rules; wear whatever you want to and let go of stereotypes. Mix it up and pair the unexpected with the expected. The beauty of being our age is we no longer feel the need to please anyone but ourselves.  We like to keep abreast of trends but aren’t slaves to fashion. Collect treasures and artifacts from your travels and wear them as a remembrance.

Jill Sharp Weeks posted this picture on Instagram as I was preparing this post.  Jill is a woman who rocks the collected look and knows her own style.  She is uber-creative. If you aren’t following her @jillsharpstudio  you are missing out on a whole lot of inspiration.

jill sharp weeks. collected style

For this post, I shopped my own closet and came up with six outfits that are basically defined by the accessories. I began with an amazing blazer from Peruvian Connection and expanded from there. A well-fitting blazer has the power to make any outfit look finished, and it can serve as a great layering option.  If you don’t have a well made black blazer you need one. They’re super versatile, you can easily dress it down by pairing it with a pair of jeans, and a simple tee or you can dress it up by pairing it with a white shirt and a skirt. Add some fun accessories and you can create multiple outfits. 

I would like to thank Peruvian Connection for gifting me this gorgeous Fiorello Cutaway Alpaca Jacket. I chose this jacket because it is fitted at the waist (very flattering) and it’s long lines cover the bum.  It is unlined which I think makes it much more versatile.  It isn’t the least bit scratchy and it is beautifully made. Here I am wearing it alone without anything under it.  I added tortoise earrings, a vintage pin (from a former fashion post here), a vintage banana republic belt I have had for years, a banana republic leather skirt from the ’90s, my blondo waterproof boots also several years old, and a mix of old tortoise bracelets.

Over 50 Fashion-The Collected Look


In this next outfit, I am pairing the Peruvian Connection Fiorello Cutaway Jacket with their Ruffle Shirt (which I love, an old silk scarf, simple pearl studs, my rag and bone crossbody bag (found on poshmark) (you can read that post on crossbody bags here) an old pair of Zara skinny pants, and my favorite bed stu boots.

Over 50 Fashion-The Collected Look


Here I am pairing the blazer with an old Madewell block print shirt, one of my favorite necklaces (if they have a catch you can wear them short or long), my coin earrings (a gift from my daughter a few years ago), a vintage bracelet, and one from Etsy, the eileen fisher pants, and my velvet Birdies (if you don’t have a pair of these shoes you need them!), I wish I had them in every color.  They are super comfy and accommodate my bunion.

cindy hattersley in peruvian connection blazer and red shirt

bracelet and necklace combo



These posts really inspire me to dig deep into my closet and experiment.  Here I am pairing the Fiorello Cutaway Coat, and the Ruffled shirt with a vintage pin, simple pearl studs, a nic and zoe skirt several years old, with my (new this year) stretch boots from Anthro (keyword stretch-accommodates bunion) and an old scarf.

Fashion Over 50 The Collected Look


This is an everyday look that we all can pull off.  I am wearing an old black and white check shirt from J Crew, silver bracelets, an older french kande necklace,silver hoops, madewell jeans & the birdie starling.

cindy hattersley in Peruvian Connection Black Blazer and Jeans


The last look is just for fun. I have paired the blazer with my favorite turtleneck from Anthro, the hat also from Anthro (my husband talked me into buying it), earrings I purchased in Sedona, a beautiful scarf I bought locally at a new boutique in Salinas emily evita.  If you are local check her out. Anthro suede leggings, my bedstu boots and collected silver bangles.

cindy hattersley in peruvian connection blazer and anthro leggings


I hope this post inspired you to dig deep in your closet, seek out interesting accessories, and own your own style. 

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Be sure and check out the ladies below who are much more suited to give you advice on fashion in their inspiring posts.

Fashion The Collected Look

You read the post Over 50 Fashion-The Collected Look here first on Rough Luxe Lifestyle.


Reader Interactions


  1. Jane says

    I’m with The Contessa, The last outfit is so cute, and would work all day into a casual dinner or party. And I have to add, all of your styling looks just fab. I wore my share of blazers when I was a working girl, they were a bit ‘boxy’ in the early-mid 1980’s. I like seeing them here used with belts and fun accessories, especially your scarves. I’m definitely adding a few to my spring and fall wardrobe.

    Been absent. Vow to get better!


  2. Juliet says

    Absolutely loving The Collected Look in fashion … I’ve learned something from each participant and I’m inspired to dig into my closet. What fun! xo

  3. Marcia Rayne says

    OMG. I am in heaven! I love every. Single. Post! I am a master gardener so I love your garden and landscaping. I am a native Texan , born in Houston , living in DFW. I live in jeans and leggings and enjoy your personal style. In fact, you inspired me to order a couple pieces of original jewelry from today. . BTW, LOVE, LOVE the unlined blazer. Looks fabulous belted! You influenced me to drag out an old horn and stone bracelet that I bought 50 years ago. I wore it to lunch yesterday! ❤️ Anyway, I look forward to your posts! Thanks so much!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marcia

      You made my day! Thank you so much for commenting and supporting my little blog!

  4. Karen B. says

    This is such a fun topic and I especially like the style each of you shares. I’ve gotten some great ideas of outfits I can pull together using my own closet. Great combinations of accessories and timeless separates.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen
      Thank you for always being so supportive to all of us. Your comments are always so kind and thoughtful! We love you!

  5. kim says

    Cindy, Love those looks and especially you in the blazer- fabulous! The hat looks terrific on you. Love those kind of hats. I have to shop your post. You find the coolest things. I follow Jill too- she’s amazing and reminds me of you!!
    Thanks so much for asking me to do this. I have really enjoyed it and meeting new friends too. I feel honored to be in your sphere here! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      We feel honored that a youngster like you will hang out with us old bags!! Loved your post pal!!

  6. Kris says

    I like the cut of the jacket but the sleeves of the blazer appear to wrinkle….is that because it is not lined?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kris
      Thank you for your interest. This jacket absolutely does not wrinkle.  I actually left it in a heap accidentally one day and the next day it wasn’t even wrinkled.  I searched high and low for a versatile blazer and this one is perfect in my mind.  I am wearing a 6 if that helps.

  7. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! I love every look! That leather skirt from BR is amazing! I wish I had something that cool lurking in the back of my closet…too many moves I’m afraid! I love how you show the Peruvian Connection Cutaway blazer with so many different looks. It looks like a great length! A perfect wardrobe piece to have for sure! And….you totally rock the hat! I’m glad Steve talked you into it! Can’t wait to see you in early March!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thanks Annie! I loved your post and you looked absolutely stunning! The Contessa said so too! If you saw my messy closets you would know why it is lurking there! No moves in over 30 years not good!

  8. Sandra Sallin - Apart Fom My Art says

    Thank you for including me in this fun post. You hit the nail on the head when you said “Collected”. That’s me. I really had fun with writing and photographing this post. All my jewelry little children got a chance to strut their stuff.
    YOU, what a great model you have become. I love your looks! I think my favorite is the Equestrian look. Very cool. You know I think I’ve got a black blazer in my closet. Haven’t worn it for years. But you have inspired me. You look great in this Peruvian Connection piece. I love the many ways you have styled it. Bravo.
    Again Thank you for including me. Loved it.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra
      You rock the collected look. Those bracelets are so you…spunky, full of life, and super stylish. Thanks so much for joining us. Your posts are always so inspiring. That jacket is a winner. I have searched for a flattering blazer and this one checks all the boxes.

  9. Kimberly says

    Fabulous post Cindy! I’ve so enjoyed getting to know you and the other fabulous women of this collaboration! Let’s keep on rocking at every age!

    XO, Kim

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Amen Kim! Loved your post and feel exactly the same way about you! Next time I am in Texas, or better yet you come visit me-let’s get together!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Alison
      It is pricey but worth every penny. I looked high and low before I found a blazer that I loved. This one is a keeper. You won’t regret it and it is on sale now!

  10. LA CONTESSA says

    I would NEVER IMAGINE you in a fitted BLAZER!LOOKS GREAT!
    YOU are READY for WINTER!
    THANK YOU for including me with these other BLOGGERS…………….
    I set my alarm for 6 am and here I sit to VIEW!!!!!
    THANK YOU for all YOUR LINKS and inspiring treasures!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth
      Suprisingly I do wear quite a few fitted things. However they are better when I am slimmer! Everyone did such a fabulous job. I enjoyed each and every post!!

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