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Do you Love Mexican Food and the Color Green

Happy Mother’s Day. It was in the 90s here yesterday but back down in the 70s tomorrow. It’s that crazy time of year. I am joining my pals Mary Ann and Annie for some Sunday Fun. Do you Love Mexican Food and the Color Green? Let’s talk about it.


Once the weather gets warm here I am looking for simple fresh menu options. These Chicken Tinga Tacos from Pinch of Yum are on rotation at our house once Summer hits. Serve them with fresh sweet corn and fruit salad for a simple meal.



I really like this green Anthro dress. I did not see it when I was in the fabulous Palo Alto store last week. It’s 100% cotton. I added an nexpensive bag, hat and earrings from Etsy and comfy fit flop sandals.

outfit of the week, the color green, anthro dress, etsy accessories & fit flop sandals



Yes you can and no you can’t. If you have some counters you just can’t stand but don’t have the $$$$ to replace them. Can you paint them? This article from Homes and Gardens tells you when you can and can’t.


Would you paint your cupboards green ( we did once)? How about your walls? Or do you think it works better as an accent color? After all it is everywhere in nature. Would I paint my kitchen cabinets green again? No I personally would not. Ours lasted a few years and I got tired of them. I love them in others homes. Here’s some pretty inspiration from Instagram.

This bathroom from Open Housen 10 on Instagram is to die for. Would I be bold enough to do it probably not, but I love it. The black and white floor complements the beautiful marble and seals the deal.

Elle-Decor-Bath-the color green

This kitchen from Jaclyn Peters Design photographed by Ariana Tennyson is fabulous. Would I paint my cabinets green again, no I wouldn’t. I know myself well enough at this age, and I know I personally would tire of them.


I do love green but as an accent color. I love this tableware from Carolina Irving and Daughters. I could work these into my tablescape rotation very easily.



This is a fun one. Al found some treats I want to try, how about you? Check out Al’s TJ Faves here. Have you tried all of them?

Well, that is it from my desk. Thank you for reading Do you Love Mexican Food and the Color Green. You can find all of my previous Sunday Favorites right here. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day with family and friends. Let’s pop over for a quick visit to Annie and Mary Ann.



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  1. Beth 25 says

    I love my green accent colors in the living room and dining room. I painted the area behind my built in bookcases Kennebunkport Green. I also used small pops of Caledonian and bright green and boxwood in my dining room. I am using an artichoke theme for the dining room table. It is exciting to change the look around. I am going to check out the green dress from Anthro—good idea

  2. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for introducing me to Pinch of Yum. I’m definitely going to peruse her site for some new recipes.
    In the 80’s I was all in on Hunter Green. I think I burnt myself out on green in general. I love seeing the uses people find for it in today’s designs and admire the look, just not for me anymore.
    Have a great week.
    Karen B.

  3. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    Love Pinch of Yum and those tacos are some of my favorites.
    As for green, I love it! We are considering painting our power bath a dark green. Love the inspiration images. Especially the dishes.
    As for Trader Joes we don’t have one here and I miss it. But when we travel we just stock up on our favorites.
    Have a wonderful week Cindy!

  4. Nancy b says

    Green was my favorite color as a child, and while I have shifted a bit, I still love it. I love the green cabinetry and the green bathroom, but I am very careful about the colors that are reflected on the face in bathroom mirrors, The wrong ones can really skew your perceptions and even make you wonder if you might be sick😄 How did we live without Trader Joe’s?!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I completely agree with your perception. I love the look of a green bathroom, but probably would not do in my own house. Trader Joe’s is our salvation here. Grocery shopping is a challenge.

  5. Juliet says

    Yes, I love Mexican food. And green! Recipe pinned and spitting out of printer as I type. Yum. As for green, that bathroom … I want it and will tuck it away as inspiration for our next house. Happy Mother’s Day! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Juliet

      Your library is such a beautiful green. I absolutely adore it. No more homes for us, this is it!!

  6. sharon says

    Does blue green (as in aqua, and teal ) count? Bc if it does, that is my go to accent color along with celadon (that definitely counts!). I love all of the green shades and our townhouse garden is a sea of green with white flowers.
    Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy!

  7. Nanci says

    Do like green. In fact my new velvet English roll armed couch is a dusty green. And I just added some greenish print curtains and chandelier shades to my kitchen.
    Now as to the tacos…are they real spicy. My husband doesn’t like his mouth to burn. Sure do look good!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nanci

      They are not too spicy for me but if you are worried I would try one adobo chile instead of two!

  8. Heidi says

    I love green. There’s so much of it outside and we have mostly windows, so I don’t really need to incorporate it into my interior decor. But I have touches here and there. I’ve been thinking about painting the kitchen island base, but if I don’t will probably be blue. I love blue and green together. Does that make me weird?
    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Xo Heidi

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Heidi

      I agree with you…I love bringing it in in small doses. I wish I could send my blue kitchen island to you! I can’t wait for Steve to paint it a more neutral color. With our busy kitchen counters, I think it is too much.

  9. Jennifer says

    I love green, I just don’t have it in my home or wardrobe. Hmm…I wonder why?
    Happy Mother’s Day!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jennifer

      Isn’t it funny how you can love a partiular color and not wear it or have it in your home!!

  10. Kim says

    That bathroom is amazing! I have grown to love the color green and have a linen tunic top is just about the same shade. I also like the French Arsenic green paint color. There’s something about it that’s so appealing. Thank you for another beautiful post and Happy Mother’s Day to everyone: to mothers, and those who nurture and support us.

  11. Janet Arden says

    I’m really not a green person, except when it comes to fresh flowers. Then I like all-green. Go figure! However, the dress in your outfit is nagging at me — I need a colorful break from all my black & neutrals. always enjoy your posts. Have a great week!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Janet

      That dress is lovely. I did not see it when in Palo Alto or I would have tried it on.

  12. MARILYNN says

    I had Scalamandre zebra in green wallpaper installed in a powder room on just one wall. The design reflects in the mirror at the sink. I added African flat baskets on top of the paper for more texture. It is just enough drama for our very neutral townhome.

  13. Joanna says

    Other than plants and maybe in a painting, I don’t have green in my home, neither do I have it in my wardrobe. I like the color green but in others homes. My home is neutrals. I find them soothing. Some may say boring. I have no explanation for why I have no green in my wardrobe, it’s just not a color I gravitate to.

    Now, Mexican food, I love! I’m trying your recipe above.

    I can see you in that outfit pictured above, looking very stylish. Happy Mother’s Day Cindy!

  14. NancyO. says

    Happy Mother’s Day!
    Mexican food is a favorite and I’ve gotten comfortable making some dishes myself. Will definitely try this recipe.

    I like green in my house in small doses and have several pieces of green painted antique furniture scattered through out. I don’t wear green; not great with my coloring.
    Your posts always inspire me. Thank you.

  15. Gray says

    Love the color green – in my wardrobe but don’t have much in my house. Lime green accents in my bedroom.
    Bought the dress in the first colorway – I love this green one! This body is a bestseller for Maeve.

  16. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Yes and yes…I love Mexican food and the color green….that outfit would be great here!
    Happy Mother’s Day to one of my favorite moms!

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