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How to Select a Harmonious Color Palette for a Pool Area

Happy Tuesday everyone! I am babysitting Summer this week so this post will be a little short. I thought I would share with you some of my plans for the pool area of our new home. The great news is there is a lot of living area around the pool. The bad news is there is a lot of living area around the pool. If you know what I mean? Let’s talk about how to select a harmonious color palette for a pool area.

The first think I think about when I am designing an outdoor area is what are the colors in the natural surroundings. In this case, I wanted to incorporate the colors of the stone and the water. I think it is much more pleasing to compliment and embrace the colors in the immediate surroundings.


We will be using the Suzanne Kasler designed harbour outdoor furniture collection for Ballard Designs that we purchased for our current home. You can read about the concept for that design in this post Designing a Small Town Garden here. You can also read about the finished product Before and After Backyard Transformation here.

I had to use the pool as a backdrop (even though the furniture will be closer to the house) because I couldn’t photoshop the former owners furniture out. We have a coffee table which our friend Jim made before he passed that we will be using that is similar to this coffee table from Pottery Barn. The side tables are the bargain tables that are included in the chair sets from Home Depot that I wrote about here.

paso house outdoor seating area

The outdoor pillows are from Pottery Barn (all linked below the post). The middle pillow is from a favorite Etsy Seller Krinto. I am going to treat it and hope for the best. I could not find one that suited me in this colorway. This seating arrangement will be under shade anyway.

I wish I could show you better close ups of the area where this furniture will actually be. I will take pictures once the former owners leave this weekend. I am thinking the area might be better defined with some curtains. I had these exact same curtain panels at my former lake home that were custom made. However you can purchase them more reasonably ready made on Pottery Barn here.

paso house outside dining

We have our beautiful table that was handmade by our wonderful friend Jim that we will be using but this Pottery Barn table is very similar. The chairs are super reasonable from Home Depot here.

The Beaufort Pendants are from Shades of Light. I think the scale is perfect with the rest of the design.


The outdoor pillows are from Pottery Barn. If you can find pillows that are not custom made you can save yourself a lot of money. Here are the pillows I have ordered.



Thank you for reading How to Select a Harmonious Color Palette for a Pool Area. I will be back with my pals Mary Ann, Annie and special guests for some Spring Entertaining on Thursday. Summer may make an appearance if I can coax her!

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  1. kim says

    Cindy beautiful! I love all these and am just about to choose new pillows for my pool area. I even think the pendants could work indoors like in my kitchen. I am so excited for you. This pool area is probably the prettiest one I have seen ever! Love it all. xo Kim

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kim

      Yes those pendants would be great in a kitchen as well! I probably will not get to that this season (or should I say Steve), but it is in the works!!

  2. Kathy Chandler says

    It will be so beautiful! I love the stone wall around the pool and those lush green hills in the background! You will spend many happy hours there I am sure!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathy

      We love it too…the former owners did such a good job with the outside hardscape and landscape. We were there on Saturday. It is so peaceful and beautiful. No sirens!

  3. Elizabeth says

    Cindy, I cannot wait to see this as well as the new spaces you will create. Your designs are always so beautiful and timeless. I love the tables that your friend Jim created and think it is so special that you will have the memories of him each time that you use them.

    Enjoy your time with sweet Summer! How wonderful to have her all to yourself for a week!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eliz

      We so treasure the tables that Jim made and think of him daily because of them. He loved woodworking. I think it was so rewarding for him.

  4. Nancy Brantley says

    Your pool area will be gorgeous! I love the curtains. I use all natural curtains for my pergolas. Where do you get your umbrella? I try to just replace canopy when needed but manufacturers keep changing the pole size for canopies!!???

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I get my umbrellas all over the place. It is sometimes hard to find the big rectangular ones (suitable for a large table). You can order from Home Depot online sometimes. This one is better looking of course from Pottery Barn.

  5. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Love those pillows and everything!! I’m going to put that Palececk pendant similar to what you show on our patio too…but two would be nice.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mary Ann

      This pendant is much cheaper than the Palacek one, that is why I chose it.

  6. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! Oh my goodness…it’s going to be soooooo gorgeous! I can’t wait to see it all come together!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Annie

      I sure hope so! We are going to need a lot of potted plants to cozy it up!!

  7. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    The view alone is so special, but with your touches I know it will be gorgeous.
    So exciting to be styling and decoration an new place!
    Xo Heidi

  8. Becky says

    Have you chosen your favorite pool towels? I have a similar color palette at our home in AZ and I’m searching for new pool towels.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Becky

      No I haven’t and thank you for reminding me. We chucked all of our old awful ones. I will keep you posted on what I find!

  9. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says

    Cindy, such a calm and peaceful color selection. Your post is timely as I am re-thinking our pool area, which is surrounded by lush green landscaping everywhere. Since our home is historical, I am loving the Lancaster Collection by Miles Redd at Ballard Designs. It’s just so expensive and as you can imagine, the hot summers here are spent somewhere cool and not by the pool. Thanks for the tips about color and coordination. Your new home looks lovely.

  10. Eva Popovich says

    Don’t worry about us not having the back of the house with the former owners’ furniture photo-shopped out. We all enjoy your beautiful interiors and exteriors, and can just imagine the sizes as you will have them.
    It will be so much fun having this. I find that more and more I’m preferring a neutral background in furnituure, which gives me plenty of leeway for accent color changes.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eva

      Thank you so much for traveling along on my patio journey with me!

  11. Kim says

    The Etsy pillow is beautiful! I understand your concern about whether it can withstand the elements. Scotchguard makes a spray for outdoor fabrics and has worked quite well for my outdoor cushions. I deep clean them once a year, then re-apply the spray. Spills wipe off easily and a quick brush with a wisk broom takes care of dust, pollen, etc. Would suggest using something with a UV protector so that that beautiful fabric doesn’t fade. You could also reach out to the Etsy seller and see if she makes pillows in outdoor fabric. Looking forward to seeing the finished area!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kim

      Trust me I have looked everywhere for a pillow that works for me in that colorway. I am going to treat it with Scotchguard and hope for the best!

  12. Karen B. says

    How fun to have Summer this week. Enjoy. I absolutely love the vista over the little stone wall and I am eager to see your progress as you move in and make this beautiful home your own.
    Karen B.

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