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Cheap-Chic Drinks Tables to Complete your Look

The small side table or drinks table (depending on who you are talking to) is the catchall for remotes, glasses, magazines, and of course the glass or two of wine or coffee. According to Architectural Digest the drinks table was “originally designed for settling ashtrays, hence its once-common “cigarette table” moniker”. They are perfect for tight spaces and can add interesting color or texture to a room. Let’s take a look at some Cheap-Chic Drinks Tables to Complete your Look.

Some of these tables are literally a one drink table.  To me, that version is not very practical and is slightly ridiculous looking. The dog and or kids could knock them over in a flash. In my opinion, in order to be functional, they need to be at least seat height (around l8″ ) and at least 15 inches in diameter.


I have had this cross-cross iron drinks table for years.  I can’t even remember where it came from.  Presently it resides between these two chairs in the great room of our new home.

drinks table in cindy hattersley's great room

Here it is in our former home tucked between two wicker chairs. Interesting what goes around comes around.  I am using the same color scheme in our current living room.

cindy hattesley family room

In our guest bedroom/Summer’s room in our former home, we placed this inexpensive rattan drinks table next to the wing chair.  When Summer was young there was room for a bottle and a drink for her mom.

white wing chair with rattan drinks table

Now I am using the same inexpensive table at the end of our sofa in our great room.  We have a big coffee table that can be used to rest drinks, but I liked the repetition of the texture of the baskets in the built in cabinet. Sorry about the missing trim piece on the cupboard Steve fixed it. I shared this room in my recent post Five Simple Ways to Update Your Home For Summer here.

cindy hattersley's great room

I have another small wicker drinks table that has traveled around from place to place in my home.  Most recently I used it in our most recent former home next to the sofa. You can see the crisis cross version in between the same chairs as well. If you missed my post on this living room, you can read the full details here Fixer Upper Living Room Before and After.

cindy hattersley's spanish revival fixer upper living room

In my son’s family room they used a small table from Crate and Barrel between their two sofas.  Again it is large enough for two drinks if you remove the arrangement. If you missed the post I did on their home How to get a Fresh Collected Look in Your Home you can read it here.   Note they have a doggie door right next to the sofa so there is only room for a small but functional table. They used this same table in their former home in between two chairs in their living room.

cindy hattersley designed family room from kitchen area

Here is another example of how effective a drinks table can be.  This is the library of my son and daughter in law’s home.  They work long hours so this is the place they literally (eat their dinner at the small table in the same room) and relax with a glass of wine before they turn in late at night. Again this table is big enough for two drinks and a remote.

cindy hattersley designed library with telescope

My pal Sherry Hart used a garden stool (as a small drinks table) in between two chairs in this room I believe she designed for the One Room Challenge.  If you love design and you aren’t following Sherry’s blog Design Indulgence, you are missing out. You can also follow sherryhdesigns on Instagram here, and can see Sherry’s entire portfolio here.


Another talented designer and blogging friend Carla Aston used a small drinks table to anchor two wing chairs in this pretty living room she designed. You can follow Carla’s informative blog hereYou can also follow her on Instagram here and view Carla’s entire portfolio here.


As you can see these small accent tables can be the workhorses of home decor.  They can provide the perfect perch for a drink, a book or remote, in even the tiniest spot. I think it is silly to pay a lot of money for these little gems.  There are plenty available for under $300 and much less.  I have rounded up some of my favorites below.

cheap chic drinks tables to complete your look


Thanks for reading Cheap-Chic Drinks Tables to Complete your Look.  Have a great weekend. I am sorry my posting schedule is a little wonky lately. I am still trying to get organized and I will have Summer all week next week.  I will be back on Sunday with my Sunday faves.

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  1. Carla Aston says

    Thanks for sharing my work there, Cindy! That little drink table is from Bernhardt. 🙂

  2. Wren says

    What a great topic to post about. I don’t really need anything but appreciate reading none the less. I do have 2 garden stools in the shape of elephants, blue and white. One is in a guest room and one in the garden (actually courtyard).
    Thanks for inexpensive, practical ideas/advice.

  3. holly says

    In search of a new table for my husband to house his “stuff” (drives me crazy with all the little bottles/pens/cards/books/nail clippers/tissue/”I love that thing”/phone/lotion/more pens/leatherman gadget)
    Sheesh! This helps tremendously!

  4. Tetia says

    Hi! This is a long shot; however, do you know where I can purchase the side table used in Carla Aston’s picture? Thanks!

  5. LA CONTESSA says


  6. Gray says

    Great post Cindy! I am looking for something like this beside my guest bed, where there is no room for much else.
    I am also hoping you’ll post about side tables for your master bedroom – I need them too – I have card tables now – it’s tragic. But there is nothing in town.

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