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A Stylist’s Farmhouse Christmas Part 1

I did a post on my friend Roxanne’s new kitchen here earlier this year.  It remains one of your favorites so I thought you might like to see how Roxanne does Christmas at her house.  

This wreath was created by Roxanne. of curly willow, various greens, juniper berries and moss. It is hung high above the front door.

 Once inside her foyer we are greeted with another of Roxanne’s pretty arrangements.

Her table was set with my Glenna china from Anthropologie ,my chargers from Pottery Barn a few years ago, and my glassware from PB many years ago.  You may wonder why my china?  Roxanne and I live about ten minutes from each other. We forage from each other.  If she is doing a party or special event she grabs stuff from my house and I do the same. 
My pictures do not do this beautiful table justice.  It was a little too light by the time I got to her house.  The table is jam packed with votives in amber and antique silver.  The effect is stunning in person.

I love the way Roxanne used an old fenceboard to display her votives.The justaposition of the old wood with the mercury glass is fabulous.   I would love to see this at night wouldn’t you?


Roxanne is a master at tablescaping. Those of you from our area have seen her work at many charity events. I love the combination of the old silver flatware with the german silver heart. 
On the fireplace mantel are more votives of all sizes from Roxanne’s collection. She has gathered them from small boutiques to Home Goods.
The wreath is made of silvered magnolia leaves.  The effect is almost ehereal in person.  I am so sorry my picture isn’t better.
Christmas scenes meticulously styled are in every nook and cranny. Here is a collection of Santas nestled amongst moss and birch.

Near the window she gathered all her beads that weren’t used elsewhere; and displayed them artfully in this basket.

I love the mix of greens, pinecones, and ornamental cabbage.  

There is just to much to digest in one sitting.  Stop by tomorrow for the kitchen tour, and the piece de resistance the tree.  Her tree this year is the most beautiful I think I have ever seen. 
How are your Christmas preparations coming? On Monday we will take a break from Christmas and we will take a tour of the Trad Home Napa Valley Showhouse.  If you haven’t already stop by and  check out Mary Ann’s tour here.
Don’t forget to stop by here tomorrow for Part 2 of Roxanne’s Christmas Tour!!

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  1. Mary@mydogsmygardenandmary says

    How great that you can borrow from each other. I have a friend like that also. only she lives a little farther away, about 2 miles.

    Roxanne's dining room and table scape is beautiful and I can just see it at night – stunning.
    Thanks so much for sharing, I will look forward to tomorrow to see the kitchen.


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