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Wendy Owen… Connecting to the Landscape

Wendy Owen has the uncanny ability to create that “vanishing threshold”.  The  photos below are of her beautiful estate in Sonoma which she calls “ La Maison de la Pierre”. As you will see Wendy incorporates large organic architectural forms into her designs manifesting the ultimate Rough Luxe Style .  If you would like to see more of this lovely estate click here to see a video Prepare to be awestruck.
One of the beautiful outdoor lounging areas. Love the splash of yellow and the coffee table constructed of old beams.
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The beautiful landscape surrounding the property.
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david duncan livingston
Adore the light fixtures constructed of barrel hoops above the dining room table.  I have a feeling they may be the work of Santa Cruz artisan Maurice Connoly.

Fieldstone was collected locally for the walls, and the floor is poured concrete in the “dining house” another outdoor room on the property. The fabulous paper light fixtures were found at another local designer (that I am personally infatuated with), Erin Martin‘s St. Helena shop. You can see my post on her work here
Des Wendy Owen - Sonoma
The barstools constructed of Brazilian Ironwood I am guessing Wendy personally designed.
Wendy Owen
conroy tanzer
david duncan livingston
I am crazy about the addition of the chartreuse accents in the otherwise neutral bath.
The ultimate
conroy tanzer

image source unknown
Love the mammoth coffee table constructed of old champagne riddling racks.
Wendy Owen
conroy tanzer
These two photos are of the beautiful garden designed by Wendy and John Lamos that garnered the Garden Designers Award at the  San Francisco Flower & Garden Show

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I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I.  I am completely enamored of her style.

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  1. miss b says

    Happy New Year to you! What a fabulous place! The outdoor lounge area is so warm and inviting with the splash of colour. So many stylish touches.

  2. Judy says

    Oh my gosh, finally someone is showing that house! I thought no one else liked that house but me…thank you for validating my obsession with Wendy Owen! All the stone and chunkiness is almost brutal but with all the prettiness thrown into the mix. You're so right about the vanishing threshold…this house really epitomizes that idea, it seems like such an indoor/outdoor way to live.

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