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Best Long-Lasting Lip Color for Mature Women

Hi everyone I am joining my pals Sarah and Kim for our monthly Signature Style Series.  Sarah suggested lip color this month and I was shocked that I had not posted about this since 2019.  Let’s face it somewhere after the age of 50 lip color becomes a bit of an issue. Gone are the days when we could just whip on lip color and run out the door. With the good fortune, wisdom. and confidence that comes with age so does the dilemma of how to apply makeup to an aging face (sigh) Sure it is a little (well a lot more work), especially the lip area. Need help in that department? Let’s talk about the Best Long-Lasting Lip Color for Mature Women.

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersley wearing Nyx Long Wearing Lip Color

It was interesting reading my original article (the comments can still be seen below. You guys always offer such good insight), I have to be honest Covid, and finding a great product simplified my routine. My absolute favorite is the Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue ( a mouthful for someone who speaks no french) I am wearing the Bright Raspberry above. It is ridiculously pricey but in my humble opinion, it is the absolute best long-lasting, non-drying product on the market. I do not prime anymore and I do not line. It’s that good. The price pains me, I have to admit.


best long lasting lipstick for mature women



According to the experts, these are the tips you should follow in order to “properly” apply lip color that lasts.

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersleys lipcolor tips


#1 Exfoliate From my research (I will admit I am an over-researcher) the best exfoliant is something similar to plain old petroleum jelly (or a more organic option) applied with an old toothbrush.  Save your money for other products you are coveting. Here is a natural alternative to petroleum jelly (thanks readers!!) that you can find on Amazon.

all good goop

If that is too much trouble (sometimes it is for me), run don’t walk, and pick up the Buxom Powerful Lip Scrub.  I don’t use it as directed, I apply it to my lips every night before bed.  It really helps with flaking and peeling.  I am out right now and I kept thinking why are my lips such a mess??


#2 Use a Lip Primer

I am personally not doing this step anymore so I am not going to recommend any products.  I gave up on this step when we started masking and have not gone back.  Please share if you have favorites.  I am just too lazy for this step currently.

#3 line the outside of the Natural lip line with a neutral lip liner

Okay, I have given up on this one as well.  Masking & a great product changed a lot of things for me.

#4 Line and fill in with lip liner. I don’t do this anymore either.  The Chanel Le Rouge is just great by itself.

#5 Choose Apricot Berry, Rose, or Peach Lipcolors

You can read my post on Anti-aging lip care tips here.  That post is due for an update soon as well.  Please share any of your favorite lip care products.


For this post, I  made my list from the researched products ( see articles below) went to Ulta, and grabbed some price-friendly products. Here are the three I grabbed.  The NYX Lingerie XXL, The Smashbox (not price friendly enough), and the Colourpop Glossy Lip Stain (in roll out). There were many others but these were the ones that had colors that I thought would work for me. I have olive skin.  With my olive skin and silver hair, I need a bit of color on my lips so that I don’t look washed out.  I loved the color and ease of application for the Colourpop. It wasn’t overly drying but didn’t have the staying power I would like.  The price is so good it might be worth a try. The Smashbox (dream huge) (the most expensive) wasn’t really a great color on me for Summer but would be great in the winter. It transferred to absolutely everything, which would be really annoying. You should see my coffee cup.  It did stay on my lips fairly well.

over 50- style blogger cindy hattersley in mashbox-always-on

The Nyx Lingerie (on fuego) had the most staying power but the smell and taste were really unappealing in my opinion.  I don’t think I could stand it for that reason.  Think coconut suntan lotion from the early seventies. The color was very similar to the Chanel that I love.  If you can handle the smell it is worth a try. Here are my favorite budget-friendly long-lasting lip colors.

Price friendly long lasting lip color for mature lips


In my hunt for a great lip color that moisturizes, doesn’t bleed into the fine lines of the lips, and stays on (I know hoping for a miracle) my favorites haven’t changed much.   I used the Revlon Colorstay product for years.  It is reasonable, still highly recommended but just too drying for me. I used the Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick for several years. It doesn’t harden like concrete like some of the all-day lipsticks. It has great staying power but is also a bit too drying. I also like the Bobbie Brown Art Stick. The problem is (as we have all discussed) since Bobbie sold the line there are so few colors. While masking it smeared everywhere.  Before masking I was a strong devotee. You can slather it on…it stays for quite a while and it is not too drying.

Six Lipcolors with Staying Power


Check out this list from Harpers Bazaar and you are sure to find a lip color that you like. Susan from Une Femme d’ Un Certain Age has a great tutorial for obtaining fuller lips here. Oprah has a great tutorial on How to Prevent Lip Feathering on Need suggestions on what lip colors look best with gray hair (I do!!)

These articles might be helpful for selecting a long wearing lip color.  FYI they are all over the map on this subject.

Birdie Best Longwearing Lipcolors of 2022

Today 10 Best Long-Wearing Lipsticks Makeup Artists Love

People Best Long Lasting Lipsticks

Pure Wow Twelve Lipsticks that don’t Come Off

Best Long Lasting Lipsticks Harper’s Bazaar

15 Best Long-Wearing Lipsticks The Editorialist

As always thank you for reading the Best Long-Lasting Lipcolor for Mature Women.  Please share your favorite products and what works for you.  Now pop over and visit Sarah and Kim.  I am sure their suggestions will be much different than mine as they have younger lips!!



Reader Interactions


  1. Carol s. says

    I love your honesty and all the products you quit to simplify! Gotta go look at the price on that Chanel…by all the comments it’s gotta be $75?? Fun post pretty lady!

  2. Teresa says

    Bedtime routine – LANEIGE Lip Sleeping Mask – Vanilla is my fav. It stays on all night, and I’m addicted to it. I keep it beside my bed. When our grand girls visit it is a must for them too before lights out. 🙂
    My fav lipstick liner is Maybelline New York COLORSENSATIONAL Shaping Lip Liner 134 PINK WINK; My fav lipstick is Merle Norman Lip Pencil Plus. Color-Carnation Pink.
    I’ve made a list of MANY of your suggestions and ones in the comments too. Can’t wait to try a few.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Teresa

      I didn’t know Merle Norman was still around. We had a Merle Norman store in the little town I grew up in. I remember thinking the lady who owned it was so glamourous!

  3. BARBARA says

    What a great post! As the years go by I find that lip color is more important than ever and yet it is so difficult to find products that work. I have spent a fortune finding the “perfect” lip color. This is a great list and I have tried (and liked) several of them. But, you have some new options here I have not used and I look forward to giving them a try.

    I love the Chanel. But, honestly, the one I have found works best for me is one of the drugstore brands you mention – the L’Oreal Paris Rouge Signature Lightweight Matte Lip Stain. It is not drying, lasts a very long time, and doesn’t bleed. It has become my go-to lip color for most days. A couple others that are not mentioned here that I have had had good luck with are the Lancome L’Absolu Lacquer Gloss and the Nars Powermate Lip Pigment.

    Thank you for your great suggestions!

  4. Elizabeth says

    Cindy, you write the best posts! I won’t lie, I have never been a make-up person. I do wear eye liner and lipstick and my favorites have been Dior, Chanel, Burberry and YSL for years. But I will also wear a great color from TJMAXX or Walgreens. No lip primer or exfoliating, just lip balm at night.
    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. You look beautiful in both photos but then again you always do!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth

      I wasn’t either until I reached my 60’s. That’s why Sandra has to give me lessons. I am a rookie. I am learning due to the blog, and all of the wonderful ladies that read it.

  5. LA CONTESSA says

    BUT I DO LIKE TO TRY OTHER COLORS as BOBBI B. has not expanded their COLOR LINE!!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      HI ELIZ

      That is what irritates me about Estee Lauder or whoever bought her out. She had such a great product line and such a range of colors and now not so much.

  6. JB says

    Cindy, like you I’ve found the Chanel Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue to be the best there is! I take almost personal offense at the price but now that it’s my tried-and-true I’m not wasting money on primers and lip liners. Believe me I’m a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but a good lipcolor is important when I don’t want to bother with additional facial enhancements.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi JB

      I am on your team with taking personal offense at the price. I tell myself that I am not spending $$ on other products like you mentioned and I just buck up and pay. You are spot on about lip color. I do not leave home without it. So important at our age.

  7. Barb L says

    Oh gosh, I use chapstick at bed time and always on hand around the house, I don’t seem to have the need to exfoliate (thank goodness). I always wear lipstick and gloss over going out. Masks certainly changed things, didn’t it, although I always wore lipstick (I’ve had great luck with etsee lipsticks) even tho no one could see it, it made me feel a little normal. I always had used a liner but not so much lately. I am dying to try the Chanel. As always, you’ve given such great info and your research is terrific! (Love that Raspberry on you!)

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barb

      If you try the Chanel you will not go back. It is so much better than anything I have ever tried and not so drying as others are. I just tell myself I am saving on liners and preps and pay the price. I have found them on Ebay on occasion for cheaper.

  8. Marcie says

    I love seeing all the Burt’s Bees recommendation – I have enjoyed using several of the colors. You can’t beat the price, but of course, they do not last all day. When buying products that we apply to our skin, I think it’s important to find choices that are not tested on animals, are socially responsible, and source ingredients sustainably. Also, hopefully, they wouldn’t have ingredients that are harmful when they soak into your skin or that you lick off or ingest when on your lips.
    I need to do my homework – I have not been using much makeup since I have been wearing a mask in public. I wonder if you or any of your readers have suggestions.
    Thank you for your posts – they are always well-researched and interesting, whatever the topic, not to mention well-photographed!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marcie

      I love Berts Bees. They have been a staple in our home forever. Love their line!

  9. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    Who knew lipstick could be such an issue? I guess I’m lucky because I don’t have any problems with bleeding or dry lips. I always use Carmex or a locally made balm on them every night and my lips are never dry or flaky. I have a drawer full of lipsticks and glosses. (No lie) it’s a quick and easy and usually inexpensive pick-me-up. But most of mine are from the drug store. I do have a tube of Chanel and YSL, and some Bobbie Brown in there somewhere, but lately due to masking, have been using the long lasting crayon types from L’Oreal color stay,& balm stay from Revlon. I never leave the house without some color on my lips! I’m not crazy about anything sticky though.
    You always look great and seem to have found the perfect colors for you!
    So much interesting info here!
    Xo Heidi

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Heidi

      I agree about the stickiness. Thank you for bringing that up. That bothers me as well. You are lucky you don’t have drying issues yet.

  10. Sarah London says

    Thanks Cindy. Great insights! And you do look great in all those shades. I find it hard to wear vibrant lip colours, but would love to find some kind of red, so I’ll look closely at your berry selection..

  11. kim says

    Cindy fantastic post. Love all the ones you chose and how you tested then for staying power and marking. Chanel is the best one and I think worth the money. You don’t need to reapply and so you use a lot less. What color are you wearing with the lilac t-shirt? I just love that on you. You really look chic in all those bright colors. That is your signature and gorgeous with your hair and skin. I think I need a lip exfoliator! I have yet to do that. This was a fun post and I did and up finding some new ones too.
    Off to read Sarah’s. Love doing this with you both! xo

    • cindy says

      Hi Kim
      Loved your post. I am wearing the Chanel bright raspberry with the lavender. I have learned a lot about makeup from Sandra. She is really good.

  12. Pamela Whitcomb says

    I learn so much from your posts, Cindy! My cool tone skin does not handle bright hues in lipsticks…I look like I’m ‘working the streets’! But I have found ‘Color The World’ lipsticks to be wonderful, especially for mature women They are moisturizing, and they have a nice variety of colors; certainly ones that compliment my skin tone. And, each ‘color’ purchase includes a donation to a specific cause. 🙂 They have an online site:

    • cindy says

      Hi Pam

      You always have something good to share. I read at one time that color my world only posted positive reviews so I avoided them. Hopefully that is no longer the case. I love the concept and I trust your opinion. For those of you reading these comments Pam and I have known each other since grade school, and I am honored that she reads the blog!

  13. Chris says

    Cindy – thanks for your insight. I agree that the Chanel just cannot be beat and looks lovely. I have many colours now. I have also found that the Armani Beauty Lip Power (satin for me) is very comfortable to wear and lasts well. Have just tried (and love!) Westman Atelier’s Squeaky Clean Lip Balm. Also worth trying are the lip balms from Chantecaille. I know these are not the most wallet friendly but all of them are so comfortable to wear.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Chris

      I have not tried the Armani. I am afraid of loving another expensive option. I hear so many good things about Westman Atelier and Chantecaille. Must take a look. Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. Gayle miller says

    Cindy, I also use petroleum jelly at night around my mouth, as well as my lips. Despite what others recommend, I’m happy with it. I defoliate with a cheap sugar scrub stick from the dollar store. I have very fair skin, so intense color looks kinda Goth on me. I use Pacifica from Target in Blood Orange. It is a better version of my natural lip color. It is not a stay all day formula. It is similar to Burt’s Bees, but a better color, in my opinion. So, if I have to reapply, so be it. It seems to hydrate pretty well. My Target is iffy about keeping it in stock, so when they have it, I load up. You can get it on Pacifica website, too. I can even reapply without a mirror. I have done away with the liner, which I used to completely color my lips, because it was discontinued. Of course. Whatever I love will immediately become extinct. See load up when they have it.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gayle

      It sounds like I need to head to the dollar store. My dad lived in the dollar store. I got burnt out taking him there twice a week and I haven’t been back since. It sounds like I need to get back. I love the sound of that Pacifica. Anything blood orange has my interest. You are so right about whatever we choose becoming instinct. Isn’t that irritating?

  15. Mrs. A.J. Millington says

    ~ All good comments/suggestions. However, I’m 4 months shy of celebrating my 68th birthday ( 7 October). I started experimenting with makeup at age 13 (to the consternation of my mother whom I ignored and did it anyway). My skin care routine is pretty simple: I switch between Ahava and Paula’s Choice (fabulous serums) for my normal/dry skin. On monthly date nights with my [sweet] husband, I wear a little foundation, cheek color, eye shadow & mascara. For lip colors, I LOVE L’Oreal’s #825 Dulce De Leche. I never really used lipstick…since lipgloss works best for me. Just enough coverage without being overdone. At my age, I prefer a more natural look. I do have naturally curly hair and am definitely NOT READY FOR GRAY HAIR. I do color it from time to time esp. at the hairline. My workout routine is Millennial Elizabeth Chu’s ab workouts with a free weight (, the weight machine and Billy Blanks’ Tae Bo Power workouts. Lots of fresh fruits/veggies, lots of lemon water and lots of sleep! That’s it. ~

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Well hello there A.J almost 68. I will be 68 in December. How did that happen anyway? I am going to check out your workout suggestion on Youtube. Thank you for that. I have been very lax in that department. I eat well but need to work on the fitness end! Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Bebe says

    About 10 years ago I read an article on how the Hollywood makeup artists give the stars such luscious looking lips. Their secret was using a lip balm first; then using the Wet and Wild #666 lip lining pencil to outline and then fill in the lips. I’m a silver-haired 76 and you wouldn’t believe the compliments I get on my lip color. I also love Burt’s Bee’s Lip Shimmer in Fig and Rhubarb. This proves pretty lip color doesn’t have to be expensive. Try it, you may like it.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I should have mentioned the wet and wild it came up in my research a couple of times. I am going to give that a try. I love the Burts Bees in those same two colors we must have similar coloring. I am going to hit the drugstore for the wet & wild #666! Thanks for the tip!

  17. cherie says

    So, I’m over 70 (barely) – decades over 50 (how horrifying) and I haven’t been brave enough to go gray, but I do love your make-up, hair and fashion tips applicable to my life and look. What can I say — a California-born gal now living in Florida, not feeling or looking my age (at least I don’t think so), still pretty much in shape (except where did that waist go?). I look forward to your new entries and find myself going back over old ones. A BIG thank you for your inspiration. Also, love your blog in general. You’re right on!

  18. bayboxwood says

    Lipstick is a challenge, it’s good to hear everyone’s ideas and suggestions – for most of my make-up wearing life I used a true red, usually Chanel, or a deep berry, and while I can still wear those colors in clothing, directly applied to my aging face they can look a little intense. I like a sheer these days, but haven’t found quite the right color – I’ve been using a medium berry-ish liner all over, as lightly as possible, topped with lip balm. I like Burt’s Bees tinted lip gloss/balm whatever it’s called, color wise, and it’s very affordable since I like to keep tubes in my desk drawer, purse, etc, but it’s kind of sticky and doesn’t stay on long. The struggle is real.

  19. Lisa says

    Lush and Elf both make really nice lip scrubs. Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk is my favorite lip liner- neutral color and I often wear it with the Dior Addict Lip Glow.

  20. judith says

    Thanks for another great article, Cindy. Please, I beg of you, stop using Vaseline on your skin right this moment. Not only does it contain petroleum which is absorbing into your skin (as anything does when it is applied to the skin, your largest organ), it is actually dehydrating. I’m surprised you didn’t find this in all of your research. If you are looking for an inexpensive or home made lip scrub, dedicate a small bowl of sugar just for this purpose and use your toothbrush, or simply your index finger. It works. The trade-off we make in lipsticks is this: long-wear formulas are drying, “regular” formulas don’t dry us out, may actually moisturize, and have to be applied more frequently. I’ll take choice number two. As for lip liners, I like the DuWop Reverse Lip Liner; it’s colorless and helps keep lipstick from “creeping.” Brands of lipstick I like that aren’t drying to the lips are: Bare Minerals, Dior, Lipstick Queen, and Urban Decay. Some of the Clinique ones are pretty good as well. I know nothing about lip primers, but will try one because you recommend it. I’m somewhat new to your site, so you may already have written about this, but I would like to see you do a post about botox and fillers; I just got a tiny bit of filler above my upper lip and LOVE the results. For reference, I believe i am around the same age as the Contessa.

  21. Annette says

    Great article! I used the Bobbi Brown art stick for years and would add a little gloss for moisture. It was great, however I just bought the new Chanel product you mentioned and it is outstanding. My daughter told me about it because one of the blogs she follows really recommended it. We both bought the chic rosewood color and I am now a huge fan!

  22. Sandra Sallin - Apart From My Art says

    Once I stopped wearing Mac Lipstick my lips improved. I like using Fresh lip Balm on my lips at night. I find it works. I also love Dior I think it’s called Bal or #250 from Sephora. Again I think it’s the lipsticks that do us in.So Dior lipstick is my lipstick of choice. Is it expensive? Yes. But my lips have never been better. I also love the Bobbie Brown lip crushed colors. I wear two colors at a time. I do always use a lip pencil underneath. Yes I do if I remember.

    Oh, Elizabeth the lipstick you’re trying to remember is Laboutin. I know my lipsticks.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra!
      I am going to try the Fresh. I know you are the lipstick and lipcare queen! I have not tried the Dior either . I will give it a try!

  23. LA CONTESSA says

    SO those lip liners are basically a wax like my old secret……….never heard of them before!I do use a lip liner and color the whole lip.I SWEAR BY THAT FAT CRAYON by BOBBI BROWN even their lipstick in RED is staying put!I got a small sample when I went back to buy MORE FATTY Crayons.
    Also, another GOOD one is THAT VERY EXPENSIVE LIPSTICK and I FORGET THE NAME!COME in a GOLD VESSEl………..last year at CHRISTMAS time.COST $100.00!!!!YES, I DID IT.Bought one as a GIFT and decided I needed ONE TOO!!!!!I LOVe IT……….it’s a BLUE RED which is MY COLOR!
    I ADMIRE YOU NO END!!!!!!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Oh Elizabeth you can run circles around me!! You are famous. Use a soft toothbrush you don’t want to rub your lips off! I do like that fat crayon although since I am older than you I think it works better on you…just wait a few more years!! The creeping gets worse. I should have linked to your secret. It didn’t work for me…but you always have great suggestions.

  24. Jane says

    I love a good lipstick as my lips are so pale without it. And I get chapped lips I have to alternate days using a long-staying color with a simple gloss. The long wearing lip colors are getting a lot better as far as the drying out your pout! And I agree, a primer is the main thing to make a soft barrier between your lips and the color, and makes it last. My favorite brands are Bite, Bobbi Brown, Nars, and Urban Decay.

    The lip liner is important to keep the color from bleeding. You can make that last by lining in a soft color just outside the lip line, pat it in with the tip of your finger, pressing a little, then go over it again. You get a more muted line and it makes your lips look fuller. I always put on two ‘coats’ of lipstick…the first is full on, then blotted with a tissue, then another which it press in with my finger. It looks very natural!

    Thanks Cindy!


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Jane you always have great suggestions. I agree about alternating. Try the Bobbie Brown Art Stick. It isn’t as drying and works for the days we can’t have “concrete” on our lips. I am going to try the Bite it comes highly recommended by the experts and now you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I am so jealous that you can still pull off “gloss”. I wore so little makeup for years. After about 62 I had to step up my game darn it! I added a natural alternative for good ole vaseline friend. I know…should have thought of it on my own!!!

  25. Karen Bunch says

    Lipstick has always been a problem for me for all the reasons you’ve stated. Mostly, long lasting lipstick almost instantly dries out my lips, to the point where I feel like I’ve just walked the desert without water. I’ve read some of the links and made a short list of product that sounds promising. I’ll let you know if I find a winner.
    Thanks for this, I love these posts!

  26. Joe Anne Hust says

    I’ve always been such a lipstick snob but you are absolutely right, my old favorites just don’t cut it anymore. I’ve found that for staying power and moisture, I’m loving Revlon Colorstay lip liner in Sienna and Colorstay Ultimate Suede lipstick in Iconic or Boho Chic. They truly last all day and don’t dry out my lips and I can pick them up at Target.

    For color and moisture, Charlotte Tilbury in Walk of Shame and Bobbi Brown Pink Mauve lip liner are great but they just don’t last. I’m excited to read and try your suggestions. Thanks for another great post!

    Joe Anne Hust

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Joanne
      I think what we need to do is exfoliate and moisturize at night. During the day we have to go with a more longwearing lip color. At least in my case all of the moisturizing ones creep into the “unwanted areas”. I used Revlon Colorstay for years. I am going to have to revisit that one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


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