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The Best Bronzers for Mature Skin

Happy Tuesday.  It has been a while since we discussed skincare or makeup.  I have currently been on the hunt for a new bronzer so I thought we would talk about the best bronzers for mature skin.  Let me preface this by saying I am not an authority on anyhing involving skincare or makeup.  I defer to the experts and those that know far more than I.

I must say there were not very many articles on bronzers targeted to mature women.  Is it because we women of a certain age think we can no longer wear bronzer, or are we being ignored as buyers. I am not sure.  At any rate, I basically found three articles (yep that’s right three) that you might find helpful in your search.

can women over 50 still wear bronzer

Stylecraze Best Bronzers for Mature Skin

5 favorite bronzers for mature skin

Best Bronzers for Mature Skin Southern Living

I found a few common products that they recommended but still didn’t have a great grasp of what I should purchase or recommend, so I decided to check out a few articles on bronzers for all skin types.  I did find these articles helpful as well.

12 Best Bronzers for Every Skin Tone Business Insider

Glamour Best Bronzers for all Skin Types

Let’s talk about what we need to look for when shopping for a bronzer. First look for a shade that is one or two shades darker than your own natural skin tone. Creams and liquids will more than likely be a better choice because they are less apt to sink into the fine lines.  Try to avoid anything shimmery or glittery, and lastly look for ingredients with complexion-boosting benefits like amino acids, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins.

How to find the best bronzer for mature skin

After my research, these were the best options that I came up with.  Now I have to decide which one to try.  What I really need is one that stays on like a powder (my skin is still a bit oily), but is transluscent like a liquid. I also have olive skin and many of the bronzers barely show up on me. I am currently using the bare minerals ENDLESS SUMMER in compact form.  I like it but it is a tad to heavy for me.  I am tempted to try the Charlotte Tilbury.  I know many of you are fans of her products.

eight bronzers for mature skin


Now, how to properly apply it? The idea is to create sun-lit skin by applying bronzer to the areas of the face that the sun would hit naturally for an “effortless” glow.  Senior makeup artist for MAC, Dominic Skinner says to“get your brush and buff in from the top of the ear to the corner of the mouth for your first line. Then, at the same angle, apply from the corner of the eye to the temple.”

 Angie from Hot and Flashy has a good video, Hot and Flashy Sun Kissed Makeup Tutorial. I also found these two videos, Sephora How to Apply Bronzer to Mature Skin and Hindash Makeup for Mature Women helpful.

There are so many good videos out there I know. I personally prefer reading about products.  I find at my age I retain what I read better than what I see if that makes any sense. I do also enjoy all of my friend  Sandra Sallin’s videos and those by makeup artist Kerry Lou, who I interviewed on Ageless Style here.

If you do wear bronzer and are looking for something new, I hope this post the best bronzers for mature skin gave you some ideas.  Please share your favorites that are working for you.  We all benefit from your expertise!  I will be back on Thursday for Ageless Style with The Vintage Contessa.  Guess who we are interviewing? See you Thursday!



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  1. Cindy Hattersley says

    Hi Sandra

    I like the byterry hyaluronic powder finish, ,maybe I should try the drops. I have trouble with both blush and bronzer disappearing on my skin, since my skin is still somewhat oily. In my younger years powder blush was a must. I am still searching for that perfect combination!!

  2. Sandra Sallin says

    Hi Cindy. Thanks for the mention. I just read this post. Somehow I missed it. I’ve been enjoying the @danialsandler liquid bronzing drops and also the @Byterry CC tinted CC liquid. I’ve found that it really takes time to find the the right color and amount of coverage for our various skin colors. I’m always on the look out to find something new.

  3. Amy chalm says

    Hi Cindy
    I’m not a big makeup person. I have powder everything lol and i see here it’s not good for older skin. I also did try the trio of products offered by Boom by Cindy Joseph and I loved them. They are stick creams. The Shimmer stock is like a bronzer. One thing I just bought for myself to get ready for my sons wedding was tanning drops that you mix with your own moisturizer. I saw Christie Brinkley promoting it on Instagram. It made me look like i had been on vacation in the sun! Even my husband commented on my sun kissed face. I hate to wear foundation and this was my way of adding some color, and it was very realistic, not like a fake tanning lotion at all. You add four drops for the darkest and can go down to one drop for a slight effect. It is called Tan Luxe and I found it on Amazon.

      • karen karlsen says

        I am glad you learn from reading cuz boy do I have six weeks for YOU!!!!! hahahah
        I love Fenty beauty’s cream bronzer. I use it with a Chanel brush. My 24 year old daughter turned me on to this and I love it. K

  4. Ci says

    I have started using Trestique products. The foundation stick gives light coverage and is so easy to use. The bronzer is the best, a stick formulation and sheer. You control how the color by the amount you put on. I apply it after the foundation and then layer blush over it. It is very natural looking. I too have slightly oily olive skin and the powders were starting to look a little cakey.

  5. Téa says

    I have olive skin, as well, and I’ve been using “bronzer” since the ’80s – first was “Indian Earth” – the loose, highly pigmented powder that came in the little terracotta pot with the cork in the top! Nowadays, I use BB’s “shimmer brick” and her regular bronzer, Guerlain, and a very creamy “body makeup” as a face-makeup in the summer, when I want a little “something” for a night out – Vita Liberata Body Blur Instant HD Skin Finish. It’s meant for ones “legs” but I like the way it looks on my face! A little goes a long way, and it’s kind of “fool proof”.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Maureen

      I will check it out. I have a hard time with her colors not being intense enough both her lip and cheek colors, for my olive skin. I love her products though.

  6. Tara51769 says

    I am 60 plus, have no fine lines under my eyes. I haven’t using too many layers of makeup, sculpting etc. Going toward a CC cream, little blush, no powder, now highlighter. Ive watched a couple videos about highlighters. I dont wear shimmery eye shadows on my “aging eyelids,” but just had a makeup makeover with Chanel, my brand that Ive been using for a very long time now. Chanel’s make up, liquid or powder is so finely milled and so moisturizing, unlike makeup for younger folks. There is a texture for everyone. I used a very emolient foundation pre pandemic. However, now Im going toward a lighter and more translucent skin. The highlighter which I asked her to try was so very subtle, not glaring and literally lifted the face with youthful glow. Chanel is very good about letting you try things now. And any of the brands that your mentioning are all luxury brands. Chanel has the best color options. Ive been using wrong shade, due to undertones. But I’ll see if I can recreate a light look, without so many layers. I have Chanel Bronzer powder but Im not doing sculpting or too much color. Try using a darker foundation to give you that sunkissed look, with highlighter powder on your cheeks (bridge nose, forehead). (New makeup trend.) Chanel has a liquid bronzer you could mix into your light foundation too. That’s what I’ve learned on utube from others. Try to use what you already have during the summer. During winter you could go back to your normal foundation.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Tara

      Such good advice! I used the Chanel Le Teint foundation for a couple of years and liked it very much. As of late, I have been using the bare minerals complexion rescue tinted moisturizer which I really like. I need to force myself to learn more about makeup. I wish I lived closer to Kerry Lou! I have a lot of dark spots from sun damage. I did recently have laser (need to write a post on that) which helped. Great advice! Thank you so much for sharing!

  7. Liana says

    I have used the Chanel cream bronzer for over 15 years, whereas it’s beautiful, it’s not very blendable a top of my CC cream. Recently I’ve switched to buxom stick which can also double as a blush saving me one step on my make up routine . Buxom is really easy to blend snd doesn’t have a greasy finish. The physician’s formula from your list is another good one and smells like a vacation. A little goes along way though careful when applying .

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Liana

      I need to pick up that physicians formula just to try it. It was on nearly everyone’s list and the price is right.

  8. Juliet says

    This is a hot, hot topic. I cringed as I’m a powder bronzer offender. Oops. I’ll have to watch a few videos to get how to apply if not in powder form. I do love Angie from Hot & Flashy … I’ll start there. Thanks for the product recommendations. You’ve got me rethinking things. xo

  9. Beth says

    Great info! I have tried about 2/3rds of these, with some add’l suggestions from Hot and Flashy. So many people love the Physician’s Formula Butter Bronzer (price clearly a draw for many), but I cannot get beyond the scent. If a person wants to smell like a cheap dessert, then knock yourself out; otherwise, try the others on the list. The perfume in the Butter Bronzer Formula is overpowering. N

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Beth

      I have a feeling I would not like the scent. As my daughter says when they use a vanilla scent in a public restroom…who wants to smell vanilla poop!!

  10. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    This was an informative post. I don’t wear a bronzer but I’m happy to know of products that I might want to use.
    Do you wear your bronzer all through summer?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I wear it all of the time. I should have mentioned that I used a Maybelline eyeshadow for years as a bronzer. You need so little and I found it to be so similar to some of the more expensive bronzers, and I could never quite find the right color (in the bronzers). I no longer use that so I am on the hunt for more of a powder/cream version. The powder just doesn’t work well with wrinkles and a true cream does not last on oilyish skin. It is a challenge and a work in progress.

  11. Pam says

    Bobbi Brown has a new line called Jones Road Beauty and they have a Miracle Balm in Bronzer (also in Tawny, Dusty Rose and au Naturel). The quality of the products are superb and price point great ($38 and you get a lot). Bobbi Brown has a lot of videos on IG on how to apply. I find it (I’m 70 yro) youthful and fresh and wear the bronzer balm layered over the au naturel for a dewy look.

    • Susan says

      I started using Jones Road two months ago. I transitioned from Boom & Bobbi Brown cosmetics (the make up artist Bobbi is no longer affiliated with BB. only with Jones Road, her new company).

      It took me about a month to master it (which colors & best way to apply) but now I haven’t felt this attractive & natural looking in years!! I gave up foundation in favor of her glowing balms. At 70 I discovered I need to wear a darker lipstick under her lip balms & glosses. But everything else is strictly JR.

  12. Cathy says

    I use a Bobbi Brown product I like called “Shimmer Brick,” it is a pressed powder in a square compact, with multiple colors arranged in stripes. I apply it with a large brush but sparingly as I am a redhead and never tan. It just gives me a bit of extra glow.

  13. Lee Davison says

    Everyone seems to have their favs. I’m no exception. Sandra Sallin had a beauty expert from Seint cosmetics doing a demo on applying makeup but especially bronzer!
    Best I’ve seen. Ladies check it out.
    Colete Vanpaemel with Seint cosmetics

  14. Jes says

    Thanks for your post. It is very confusing and most of the time I do not wear a bronze because of the confusion!😊. I will check out your links. Love your style.

  15. 1010ParkPlace says

    I use Bobbi Brown Powder “Golden Light 1” and apply it with a brush and it’s subtle. Just the hint of color. I see too many women my age who have dark stripes on their face and they’re using terrible highlighters. A friend’s 10-year-old grand daughter has her using a shiny, pink/purple/pearl highlighter and it looks AWEFUL, but I wouldn’t say anything because she gets her feelings hurt easily. Also, the “shiny greasy look” I see women using, trying to imitate youthful skin is not youthful. It’s just shiny, greasy and silly.
    xoxox, Brenda

  16. Diane says

    I just received my Boom Trio, the products are so easy and look very natural, with that glow we all want and need. I really enjoy your posts. Thank you…

  17. Elle Corey says

    I agree with Julane. I’m 72 and just started wearing Boom products. I use Boom Glow in place of a bronzer for a sun kissed, glow-y complexion. It is comes in easy-to-use stick form, and there is no way you can mis-apply Boom. BTW, Cindy Joseph had a career as a make-up artist before becoming a model in her later years.

  18. LA CONTESSA says

    TERRACOTTA by Guerlain have been using for years!
    Just bought my second compact…………it does make a difference!
    Little bit goes along way!

  19. audrey says

    Guerlain Terracotta has been a bronzer favorite for thirty years. I’ve also tried and liked Laura Mercier’s Matte Bronzer. I’ve used Boom and Seint products too, but I always return to Guerlain’s Terracotta. I find it lightweight on my skin and it gives me the perfect summer glow.

  20. Maureen says

    I have been using a bronzer put out by Clinique It is in a compact and is the first bronzer I’ve tried. I feel like I have more control with the powder. It comes in several shades.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Maureen

      I think you are right about having more control with a powder. I have so many divets and crevasses that I have to have a light hand with powder

  21. Jennifer says

    I have used Bobbi Brown’s bronzer for 8-10 years, every time I want to try something new I always go back to her bronzer and the color Medium

    Well.. I think you might want to think about adding that one to your list.


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jennifer

      I agree all of Bobbie’s products are wonderful. However I have found that many of her products are not intense enough color-wise for me. See Peggy’s comment below.

  22. Peggy Beavers says

    Thank you for encompassing all mature ladies in your bronzer recommendations. As an African American, few articles that recommend beauty and hair products think to include my skin tone, my hair type. Too often when visiting makeup counters, especially for bronzers and BB creams, one does find a suitable hue offered. It is more than frustrating. It is it is insulting and maddening. I appreciate you remembering mature ladies come in all hues.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Peggy
      I am going to reply to you in person because I know many never go back to the blog (me included!).  I think of women of color every single time I purchase makeup.  I can only imagine how frustrating it is.  My skin is olive and I have a hard time finding lip, cheek, and bronzers that even show up on me.  I will say that bare mineral bronzer is quite dark that I am using currently, probably a little too dark for me.  I was shocked that there weren’t more recommendations for mature skin.  I can only imagine your frustration as a woman of color and the limited choices.  We aren’t all blond, blue-eyed and fair. Thank you for reminding us.

  23. Beth says

    In your opening paragraph, under the links to articles, I assume you mean to look for a shade one to two shades “darker” than your skin tone, rather than “lighter”, which is how it is written…..

  24. Julane Borth says

    Cindy – I love all the BOOM products by Cindy Joseph. I’ve been using them for 5 or 6 years. Her philosophy is one of pro-aging instead of anti-aging. I love the concept. I’ll be 80 on my next birthday and only wish I would have started much earlier. It’s a fresh and younger look. You always look great. Thanks for your messages each week.

    • dianne says

      me, too!!!!! I love Boom products and I love the “pro aging” concept, as well!!!! It is silly to try to look “younger” so I just try to look and stay as healthy as possible! Yes, Cindy – Thanks for your posts!

  25. Kathy Perdue says

    I love Bobbie brown bronzer in medium and I just got Chanel Les Beiges in medium plus which is a couple of shade darker than my skin tone. I love the Chanel Les Beiges tinte in light medium for my skin. It’s not exactly a foundation but it blend and softens the skin texture. I absolutely love it.

  26. Chris Bannard says

    There is a line of makeup that I think may be of interest. Wayne Goss has created a number of products that are absolutely suitable for mature skin. In fact, he says that he creates products for those who are more mature because if they work on mature skin they will work for anyone. In other words youthful skin can wear just about anything so products don’t need to be created specifically with them in mind. I have purchased each product he has released and I love them. They are sold at Beautylish and I highly recommend them. Since we are specifically talking bronzer today I can say the Wayne Goss bronzer is one of my favorites for sure!

  27. Heidi says

    This is great advice, I know nothing about bronzers and have never worn one. I do use blush everyday to give me some color and I think it “lifts” my face a little if that makes any sense. I have a bronzer that came with a Estée Lauder gift with purchase, I’ll try it and see how I like it!
    Thanks Cindy,
    XO Heidi

  28. eileen says

    I have been using all the products from by Saint ..bronzer is great..all are creams.

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