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The Best Blush for Mature Skin

The main difference between a young face and an older one is not the number of wrinkles (well that too) but the loss of something called ‘the” luminance of contrast.” Translation, your skin begins to lose its natural glow and radiance as you get older. Skin tone becomes more uneven and brows, eyes, lips, and especially cheeks all lose color and become less defined. Let’s talk about The Best Blush for Mature Skin.


I penned the original of this post back in 2019 and decided it was time for an update. You will find the original comments at the bottom of the comment section. I have combination skin and am still prone to the occasional breakout at 67.  It has taken me a while to ditch the powder for cream.  I have a current favorite and have tried many on my original list.  A few remain but many have changed.   I am not an expert, I rely on the research of those who are.  I have done my research and am sharing my findings with you.


Most of us don’t look like teenagers like my friend Mary Ann of Classic Casual Home, but the right blush can help us get that glow back (or most of it).  I know many of us harbor visions of those “older” ladies that “over imbibed”. None of us want to look like that. Let’s talk about what we can do to look our best, and how to choose the right blush.

older lady with too much makeup

Before you go out and spend a lot of money on blush, you need to find out what your skin undertone is. According to makeup artist Tiffany Laurence, “Skin tone can change over time for a variety of reasons, but undertones remain constant (yes, even when you tan). Understanding your undertone is the difference between a flawless makeup application and looking too made-up.” According to the experts, there are three undertone colors: warm, cool, and neutral.

  • Warm: If the base tone of your skin is yellow or gold, you have warm undertones.
  • Cool: If you see hints of blue, pink or red, then you have cool undertones.
  • Neutral: If there’s a mixture of both warm and cool hues, or your undertone is the same color as your actual skin color, then you fall into the neutral category.
Supposedly if you look at the veins on the inside of your wrist and they are greenish you have warm undertones.  If they are bluish you have cool undertones. To be honest, I can’t tell with my own, but my veins are not very prominent.
Let’s take a look at some of the beautiful women who have been featured on Ageless Style, the series Elizabeth (the vintage contessa) and  I do once a month. Elizabeth is a natural beauty.  You might not know it but she can get ready in a flash but she always has a rosy glow.
Most experts agree that when comes to blush, it’s best to stick with a cream formula.  It looks more natural, and it’s less likely to settle into those lovely fine lines and creases. As we age it becomes harder for us to maintain a good moisture level due to the environment, menopause, and the whole aging process.
The beautiful Sandra Sallin of Apart from My Art. I want to be like Sandra when I grow up.  She always looks polished and her makeup is never overdone. If you follow Sandra on Instagram here and Youtube here, she offers a lot of great makeup tips for women over 50 and beyond.
Image Consultant Brenda Kinsel with red lip and glasses

Image Consultant Brenda Kinsel was a master at attaining that natural rosy glow and she always sported a companion red lip. You can still find all of Brenda’s wonderful tips on her blog.


The colors you choose and the technique that works for you can be a personal thing. The idea is to strive for the most natural fresh flush that will remain soft and balmy on your skin all day. Here is a roundup of some of the best blush options for mature skin and why the skincare gurus love them
the best blush for mature skin


Nars The Multiple

Nars the Multiple Blush

Why They Love It

A multipurpose stick for eyes, cheeks, lips, and body. Its unique lightweight, the cream-to-powder formula blends effortlessly to provide sheer allover color, shimmering accents, contours, and dynamic highlights for all skin tones. This is a much loved option.  I personally could not find a color that suited me


Cle de Peau Cream Blush

Why They Love It

This one is really pricey but is much loved

  • Argan Oil and Illuminating Hydro-Wrap Complex deliver moisture to skin for a soft, supple look and feel.
  • Light Diffusing Powder and Pure Chromatic Pigment create a natural-looking finish with vivid color



Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek Stick

milk makeup lip and cheek stick

Why They Love It

A hydrating, multi-use lip and cheek color stick fortified with mango butter and avocado oil. This is my absolute favorite.  I have been using this for a couple of years.  I love the color flip.


Patrick Ta Powder & Creme Blush

Why They Love It

A compact with two complementary blush formulas that give you full, bold color one powder and one creme.

Patented Biomimetic Pigments: Mirror the skin’s ceramide structure, ensuring adhesion, true color, and the most natural finish.
– Micronized Pigments: Provide even, flawless payoff, a luminous finish, and extended wear.

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush

Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush

Why They Love It

A Clean multipurpose blush stick that contains soothing ingredients that work to balance moisture. It is free of

  • sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc; also free of PEGs and synthetic fragrances
  • Cruelty-free
  • Made in Italy


Laura Mercier


Why They Love It

Another Soft, crème to powder cheek color, for a natural blush, look for those who can’t ditch the powder.

Fenty Beauty Cream Blush

fenty beauty creme blush

Why They Love It

Claims to be non-greasy, sweat and water-resistant, and impossible to overdo. Cruelty free, and instantly melts into skin for a wash of color and natural-looking flush in 10 easy-to-use, sheer shades.

This blush is formulated with nourishing minerals to provide a soft wash of just-blushed, subtle and natural color.  It is Paraben-free; sulfate-free; phthalate-free; mineral oil-free.

Ilia Multi Stick

Ilia Multi Stick Blush

Why They Love It

A versatile tint for on-the-go application with the hydrating properties of avocado oil, vitamin E and organic cocoa.
Maybe the most popular favorite

Bobbi Brown Pot de Rouge


Why They Love It

Multitasking cream color for lips and cheeks.  Drier skin types are advised to moisturize first.

You might also enjoy these helpful links for more in-depth information on the best blushes for Mature Skin and how to apply them.

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For more budget-friendly options here are some of the favorites for under twenty dollars.

Here are some articles that might help you if you are looking for a great blush at a good price:
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Whew, that was a long post.  I can’t tell you how many hours I spent researching this particular post.  I am determined to disperse more information about products for women our age because I know how hard it is to sift through or even find the relevant information.  All products will be linked below along with their prices.  I would love it if you would use the affiliate links above or below to make your purchase so I can continue to provide you with detailed posts like these.

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Thank you for reading The Best Blush for Mature Skin. Please share your favorites.  We would love to hear about them.

Reader Interactions


  1. Deanna says

    Thanks for all the research you did on this topic. I promptly went to Sephora and a lovely (very young) associate helped me pick out the perfect color of MILK blush. And talked me into a blush brush to apply it with. I’m loving it so far. It makes such a difference.

  2. Liana says

    What a wonderful post., the sallow look we get with age can only be fixed with make up, I’m a blush lover and cream makeup has been the best invention of the century. Recently, I have switched to Seint 3D foundation, with cream bronzer and cream blushes , Seint make up is weightless, it’s free of all the bad ingredients and cruelty free.when it comes to blush, and lipsticks, I admittedly spend way too much on them….

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Liana

      You are so right. I have heard good things about Seint. I think I will try it. You always look so gorgeous. We deserve it!

  3. Carol Diamond says

    Great post! Amazing research! Thank you so much. For reasons stated above sometimes I’m over blushed or under blushed! I have the cream blush by Bobbi Brown. It’s years old! I just carry it in my handbag if I need a touch-up, but I don’t use it on a regular basis. Then there are times, like The Contessa I just use my bronzer! I feel with the bronzer I can’t go too overdone! I like Bobby Brown bronzer.
    You gave some great alternatives too. I might have to check them out. AND try my cream blush in the mornings!
    Thanks again

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Carol

      I need to get a good bronzer. I know both Sandra and the Contessa both only wear bronzer. I need to find a good one. I like the Bobbi Brown by the way, but don’t love the color on me. I wish they would bring back all the wonderful colors that Bobbi had when she owned the company.

  4. Margot says

    As I’ve gotten older I totally get why older women sometimes look over – made up. First is the contradictory info you sometimes get while trying to freshen up your makeup look. I seriously got completely opposite advice from 2 different consultants from the same cosmetic line in a single week – what?! Then my fading eyesight (and with it the loss of really good peripheral vision) makes it difficult to say if I have on too much or too little. My girlfriend, who owns a cosmetic store and is always completely made up) always tells me I’m not wearing enough but I live an extremely casual life and can not carry that look. What to do!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Margot

      Oh my goodness you hit the nail on the head. I remember my husband’s mother (who was a lovely lady) in her old age had makeup in her eyebrows, lipstick misplaced etc. She had terrible lighting in her bathrooms and failing eyesight. If she had seen herself as others did. She would have died. I completely understand it now. I do agree that too much is too much. There is a fine line. All the talk about the french girl look which is very popular now, is all about wearing less but looking natural. Sandra Sallin has a great youtube video on that. Sandra does an excellent job with her makeup and she is over 80!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Margot

      I agree with everything you said. It is a dilemma isn’t it?

  5. Barb L says

    Perfect timing! I am down to the last few drops of my NARS liquid blush (Orgasm) . It’s nice, but doesn’t seem to last very long, so I am looking. Wow – you’ve given us so many great options, thanks! I appreciate all the work that you do in your research of these products! Loved the mention of Brenda, such a gifted writer and actually her blog led me to you and your circle of talented bloggers. I love the positivity and great info that you always share.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barb

      Ha! I love Milk. I have had the same problem. So far Milk is the winner for me, but as we know with makeup, it is ever changing!!

    • Sally says

      I was just getting ready to add loved the mention of Brenda! So miss her and her approach to fashion and make up. She’s still dearly missed. ❤️

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Sally

        I am so glad Brenda’s posts are still out there. She was truly the best!

  6. LA CONTESSA says

    RE-READING my last comment I still use the GUERLAIN BRONZER NO BLUSH……….
    I have tried the stick bronzer and highlighter and blush from BOOM and another but I was not that SOLD on them.
    I can give you the other set not the BOOM the other its name escapes now…… Cindy to try?
    PS. YOUR INSTAGRAM feed does not show up on the first page of your posts for me.Has a question mark?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eliz

      I didn’t have good luck with Boom either. It did not last on me, but I know many love it. Thanks for letting me know about the IG glitch. I can’t find anyone else that is having that problem. Maybe clear your cache.

  7. Mary from Life at Bella terra says

    Cindy, I always love your informative posts and it makes me realize how much I don’t know and how little I do. My makeup routine takes about 2 minutes in the morning~ha! and I don’t look in a mirror all day. Perhaps it’s time to do a little more. I, too, am doing more of a French look with a bit of bronzer, but using a matte, pale pink lipstick instead of bright red. It all works for me and I do spend a bit more time when I need to dress up. But love all the info~who knew there were so many choices!??! And I agree, providing this kind of information should be rewarded with people clicking on your links.
    P.S. Half the fun is reading the comments, too

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mary

      I don’t look in the mirror all day either. That is why I want something that lasts. I check my lipstick that is it! Yes everyone always shares great info in the comments! Love my readers!

  8. Wren says

    You are such a good researcher for those of us too lazy to experiment. I’m still using powder but it’s time to check out cream formulas because it makes sense with drier skin. I guess one pats them in with fingertips, even if it is in a stick form, to get evenness. One less brush to carry and clean!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      I was hooked on powder forever too. I am tempted to try one of the creme powder combos…maybe next!! Have fun in France. I am jealous!

  9. sandra Sallin says

    Wow! What a surprise. Thank you for mentioning and featuring me on this post.Would you believe I’m not wearing blush, I’m wearing bronzer!!! Ive started wearing a “French makeup look.” In fact I made a YOuTube video all about it. I bet it would look good on you also with your dark skin,
    Of course I adore all the women you mentioned. They all have their own unique and particular style. Boy do I miss Brenda. To be honest I think she was just the best. Not only a creative stylist but also a brilliant and creative writer. truly the best!!! Thank you for featuring her. She is missed.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Sandra I loved your French girl makeup video. I guess I have always taken that approach out of laziness. I so agree about Brenda. She was the ultimate pro. Such a great loss.

    • Karen H. says

      Oh, I miss Brenda too…I learned so much from her. She is loved and missed.

  10. Lynn says

    For natural glow I use Blue Water Beauty skincare products which are organic and made in small batches. Their serums and daily moisturizer leave my skin looking fresh and radiant. For blush, bronzer and lipstick, I use Boom Color stick which is part of the Boom collection by Cindy Joseph. At 73, I receive more compliments on my skin than I did at 23… and this is after spending 50 years in the sun without protection.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lynn

      Blue water beauty is new to me. I must check it out. I have tried the Boom. I love the concept, but for me it would not last. Maybe now that my skin is a bit dryer I should give it another shot.

  11. Jennifer says

    I’m a big fan of both the Ilia and the Westman sticks. Very, very nice! Great round up.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jennifer

      I loved the Ilia just did not like the color on me. I would like to try the Westman. I see a color that I think would work.

  12. Karen says

    I miss Brenda such a classy woman. Dressed with details but didn’t try to look Twenty-five . A few months ago I reread her entire blog.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      Brenda was one in a million wasn’t she? As Sandra said, not only did she have great style, but she was a wonderful writer. Such a loss to all of us who loved her.

  13. Holly Boyle says

    You always have the best tips … I was just thinking of tossing the powder blush as I felt I was looking a little like “over-imbibed” (well put! BTW). Will do a little shopping for my warm color! thanks again!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Holly
      Ha!! I have a love hate relationship with makeup in general. As I mentioned to Patricia I spent most of my life with very little. Now I want that look but I want to cover the flaws.

  14. home before dark says

    I think Sandra’s makeup looks fabulous. Like you I have oily skin…I had a pimple on my chin the week before my 70th birthday last month! Needless to say, I don’t use cream anything on my face, including Olay which I use on my neck and chest. I used powdered blush, currently bare minerals, and follow with a setting spray or simply a slightly damp makup sponge. For my birthday, my husband and I spent three weeks in France and I did not see one French woman in “full face makeup”. Plenty of red lipsticks, but everything else really subdued.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Patricia
      As always you have great information to share. You have my issues!! I use the oil of olay serum. I cannot use anything oily still! What is it with pimples at our age? I have one right now and I am turning 65 in a few weeks. I never wore much makeup until old age set in! Now I need to cover the sun damage. I used bare minerals for years. I just purchased their bronzer on the advice of a very helpful clerk at Sephora.

  15. Mary Ann Pickett says

    I got so much out of this post!! Especially that I need a setting powder! Man, my hair looks bad in that photo! It was right before I got the “works” done at the hair salon. Anyway, thanks for this authoritative post.

  16. sandra Sallin - Apart From My Art says

    Thank you Cindy for including me in this very informative blog. OK, I admit I still use powder blush. I have never gotten the cream to glow on me the way the powder does. I think when I spread it on my face, my face gets very pink so I never put the right amount on, and it fades. Maybe I should try again. BUT, I’m very happy using two powder blushes. Maybe because they are so soft they kinda glide on and I can mush them together with my bronzer so it just slides on. I love chantecaille’s powder blush and Dior’s Powder blush. I put them on with a ridiculously soft Bobbie Brown soft powder brush. I then blend them together with the bronzer I put on before. Again with a huge powder brush. I’ll try cream again just because of you. But the powder has been working for me. I think. But I could change tomorrow. Thanks again. Oh, BTW, do not smile while putting on the blush. It will get in your lines. This was a tip right from the mouth of Bobbie Brown.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Love those tips Sandra! What bronzer do/you use by the way? That needs to be in its own post as well. I have been using powder and it really is starting to look bad (like everything else) I have had the same problem with a creme blush that is why I am going to try the creme with a setting powder or a creme/powder. I had good luck with sephora’s own brand for several years but it is time to change!!

      • Sandra Sallin - Apart from My art says

        I think the thing about bronzers is that you need one that works with your skin tone., I have a lot of pink in my skin. So those orange and brown bronzers just don’t work. I use one from Dior that has the word DIOr imprinted on it. There is some rose in it so it works with my skin. I’m dead looking without bronzer and blush!

  17. Jill Miglin says

    Hi Cindy,
    Thanks for another great post! Since I’ve switched from a powder blush to liquid, I really like the NARS liquid blush in Torrid. I don’t use a setting powder. What I use is Urban Decay setting spray and it leaves me with a nice glow and makeup stays nicely set.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jill
      Thanks for the tip I am going to put that Urban Decay sparay on my list. I tried another brand one time and it didn’t work for me. I would love to hear what foundation you use as well. I am currently on the fence with that one as well.

  18. Jane says

    I love posts like this so much, Cindy. I spend way too much time looking at You Tube and Instagram tutorials, and while they are instructional for application, they don’t address mature skin and its needs. I know this was a huge post, for anyone! Linking products takes awhile. I’m appreciative of those links as well as t\hose of the women you featured.

    That said, I finally got off the powder bandwagon, as well a full coverage foundation. Where was my mind? I never paid attention to ‘coverage’ and then one day I saw my face in the daylight and I looked like I had a mask on! I don’t really have anything to hide and full coverage does not hide lines! I also learned at some point that setting powder, bronzer, and powder blush was one big build-up of powder that was hiding my true brightness and freckles (which I loathed at one time!). I just started using Bare Mineral Cream blush. I learned how to apply it with warm fingers and then blend it out with the correct brush. I am a little disappointed that it’s only available in four shades, so that’s a great reason to save your list of cream blushes.

    Thanks always for an informative post and gorgeous! I’m working to expand my blog in the direction of self care and your series with The Contessa is wonderfully inspiring!


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jane
      I kind of feel the same way. I never wore much makeup but now I have spots, wrinkles, and lines. It is hard to find something that covers but doesn’t look cakey. I would love to have my makeup done by someone that really knows what they are doing. It certainly is not my strong point.

  19. judith says

    Thanks for all of your research and sharing, Cindy. I am 61 (but don’t look it, I am told) and like the Jane Iredale powder blush as well as powder blush from Laura Geller. For a finishing powder, you cannot go wrong with IT, both loose and pressed (I think they are called bye bye pores), and Jane Iredale. Laura Geller also makes a really pretty finishing powder. You did not cover foundation, but for our age group, I like the mineral foundation from Jane, Smashbox, and IT. For a liquid/cream, I really like the Smashbox BB cream. I would love it if you would do a post on undereye concealers, Retin A (it is amazing, especially for gals of our age), retinol products, injections such as botox, and fillers.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judith
      Thanks for weighing in. I tried a few of Jane Aredales products years ago, I think I need to give them another try. I really like the IT line. I currently use her BB Cream. I will certainly continue doing these posts. I will try not to make them so intensive. I would love to get my Dermatologist to weigh in on all of the options she has availabe at her office. I am definitely a fan of Retin A. I only wish I had started using it years ago and stayed out of the sun!

      • judith says

        But that is the beauty of Retin A, Cindy. It corrects a multitude of sins. I am living proof. And none of us mind your being “intensive,” as you saved us a lot of work!

  20. 1010PArkplace says

    Great post Cindy! I love Bobbi Brown’s cream blush in an apricot. Not crazy about blush or highlighter’s that shimmer. I looked at most of your links and can appreciate how long your research took. Thanks so much! xoxox, Brenda

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Brenda
      I am definitely going to try the Bobbie Brown. It sounds like it might work for me. Shimmer isn’t good that’s for sure at my age! Thanks for sharing your go tos.

  21. LA CONTESSA says

    Well, That was a nice surprise!
    Thank you for the COMPLIMENTS!I can be ready BEFORE THE ITALIAN IS READY!!!
    I still use a POWDER BLUSH, but what I really LOVE is a BRONZER and just use as a BLUSH…….
    In this photo I have a pinky color but MOST DAYS its a BROWN.
    May I ask WHY you want a NEW BLUSH?What old blush did you use?
    I tend to have my blush for YEARS!!!!!!!I just tossed one a LANCOME that had to be 10 years old!I had to talk myself into tossing it!!!”Elizabeth, its OKAY if you do not finish the compact ITS OLD ITS GOT TO GO!”
    SO, you timing is perfect!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      What bronzer do you use? I hate to admit that I use eyeshadow for bronzer (it actually works and it is more pigmented for our darker skin) I would like to find one that is more official however! I get ready faster than Steve as well. What is it about the men that it takes them so long to get ready!!

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