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Self Care Over 50

Supposedly practicing self-care for wellness in our 50s and beyond consists of clean eating, getting plenty of rest (I definitely failed that one), regular exercise (ummmm depends on the time of the year), and keeping our minds active. I am trying to work on all of the above but in the meantime let’s check out Self Care Over 50.  Spoiler alert this post is not very glamorous.

Self Care Over 50

I ran across these articles that might interest you if you are trying to keep your mind and body intact.  Aren’t we all? FYI (I know you will ask) My poncho can be found on Amazon here.  It is by Barefoot Dreams and is super comfy.

Baby Boomster How to Practice Self Care Over 50

Huff Post Selfcare for the 50’s and beyond

I returned to weight watchers after the new year along with my pal Mary Ann. We are struggling and our husbands are dropping the pounds of course. The progress is slow because I am still drinking wine and I am not getting enough exercise (which will change soon once the yard work ensues).  I do think it is a good program.  There is nothing crazy about it and you don’t drop the pounds immediately but it stays off.  Whenever I pick up a few pounds I go back on it and in about a month or two I am back to normal.  I usually cheat on the weekends and stick to it during the week. I do the online version you can find here, which works better for me.  They just had a recent article that might be of interest to you about the top ten myths about weight loss.  I know many of you read Katy Clooney’s Preppy Empty Nester.  Katy lost over 20 pounds and looks fabulous.  You can read about that here or here At my age, if I lost 20 pounds my face would be sagging on the ground along with everything else if you know what I mean.

One of the perils of drinking red wine, ice tea, and coffee is the older you get the more discolored your teeth become.

Editors note.  I should mention that we do use an electric toothbrush and have for years.

self care after 50

About a year ago I researched teeth bleaching and ordered this one. 

glo whitening system

The Whitening gel that comes with it is only 5% which wasn’t strong enough for my “brown” teeth.  My dentist as a favor for a favor had prescribed the opalescence brand at 20% which I use with this instead. They also have 35% which I am going to try next.  I don’t have sensitive teeth and gums but I know that some do including my husband. Try the 5% if your teeth aren’t that discolored it may work fine.  In my case, I needed a higher percentage.


Our dentist suggested this rinse and it has worked wonders for both of us.


Floss no longer works for me so I use the above rinse with these little guys in between my teeth.  My husband has seen a lot of improvement in his gum health and I am hoping I will find the same when I go in for my check-up.


One other gem I randomly discovered is this Crest Charcoal toothpaste.  Anyone else taken in with those pictures on Pinterest of how charcoal has whitened their teeth?  There may be some truth to it.  This toothpaste has definitely helped the whitening process.

Crest Charcoal Toothpaste



I have been considering switching to a natural deodorant for various health concerns. Have any of you made the switch?


 In my usual over researching style I read the articles below and many more.

Here are Rank and Style’s ten best.,

Allure’s  Best Natural Deodorants

Glamours 15 best natural Deodorants that Actually Work

Harpers Bazaar Best Natural Deodorants

Oprah Magazine Best Natural Deodorants

Women’s Health Best Natural Deodorants

From my research here are five that seem to be favorites. Many of the those picked from the above lists have coconut or vanilla, two fragrances I don’t favor on my body or wafting through my house.

monday fun stuff-self care after 50


The Tom’s is the most reasonable and if you haven’t yet tried a natural deodorant it would be an inexpensive option to experiment with. According to the experts it takes about two weeks to make the switch. I have ordered the Mailin and Goetz.  It is ranked highly on many of the lists and I prefer a fresh scent with eucalyptus and lemon. I was first introduced to their product line when we stayed at the Hotel Emma in San Antonio.  You can read that post here Hotel Emma where Industrial Meets Luxury. They feature their products in their rooms. 

I hope you enjoyed Self Care After 50.  I plan to make this a regular series if this is an area of interest. Let me know in the comment area whatyou would be interested in learning more about. Please share any programs, products or general information you have.  We love networking.

Stop back on Thursday for Ageless Style I am featuring a darling over 50 beauty that you will love!  And you know the Contessa will have someone interesting up her sleeve.

Reader Interactions


  1. Cara says

    Hi Cindy!
    THE BEST deodorant I’ve ever tried is Nuud. I never used to have to use deodoarant, but for a lot of years now, it’s been necessary. For health, ethical, and environmental reasons, I only use non-toxic, un-tested on animal products and despite having tried many deodorants fitting that bill, none really worked. You have to order Nuud from Europe. It comes in a biodegradable tube and you only use a small amount, and it lasts for days! All natural, no toxins!

    I wonder if you’ve ever tried Dr. Tung’s charcoal floss? I have trouble with other flosses but really like this one. Those petroleum between the teeth thingies are really bad for the environment.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cara
      Thanks for weighing in on the deodorant. I will definitely give that one a try if the other doesn’t work!

  2. Claire Maloney says

    A little off subject, but I am in my 70’s and my weight is in the upper belly area, above the waist line. No problem below the waist in the stomach area. I would love to see styles that might camouflage that area that are not ponchos, mumus or maternity type outfits. Thank you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Claire
      We will try and get someone with that body type for one of our upcoming fashion posts! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Carol S. says

    I like this post. Bought the mouthwash, I always wonder if my breath is fresh enough lol! Post topic for future…where do you keep little toys for granddaughter visits?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Carol
      Yes all the toys! We have a built in cupboard in our family room and I stash them in there when she isn’t here! They are all over the place when she is, but it is worth it!!

  4. Judy says

    THank you so much for this post. It gave me the kick I needed to reenroll us in WW…we were on it last summer and both of us lost weight plus our eating habits were so much better. I too like the digital plan so that’s what I signed up for again.
    As far as the deodorant, I used the Native brand for quite some time but after a while it didn’t work for me (horrible pit smell….sorry for the TMI – LOL) so I went back to my old standby – Secret Unscented.
    I’ve been wanting to try the charcoal toothpaste but just wasn’t sure. So based on your review, I’ll be giving it a try. Also, going to order those floss things and your toothbrush recommendation.
    Sorry for the novel!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judy

      I know there are a lot of different dieting options out there but for me ww is just practical. It works and it is the way we eat most of the time when we are behaving! I am not about to give up an interesting meal on occasion but it just keeps me on track!

  5. Jane says

    Super post. Cindy! All of us mature ladies have these issues and appreciate advice. You have made me consider WW again. I had a lot of difficulty the first time around–I couldn’t seem to measure my food correctly or realize the portions…but I get the success of this program.

    I had teeth molds done several years ago. Then plastic molds were made to fit right on to my upper and lower teeth which I added a peroxide gel. They are clear- I have run some errands with them on! 45 minutes and the gel stops, so I pop them off, brush my teeth, and use a new Listerine solution which has a whitening effect. When I first started, I did them about 5 days in a row and stoped Now I do them about once a month, maybe three days in a row or spread out over a week. Insane whitening. The molds and plastic ‘trays’ and vials of gel ran about $300. I now buy the gel on Amazon for a song, and have new plastic trays made up about once a year as they do break down and become loose or cracked like anything plastic.

    I hope this helps. I’m a very happy person in doing this and people have commented on the whiteness of my teeth. Thats a win!!!

    Jane 😘

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jane
      That is exactly what I had and my housekeeper inadvertently threw them in the trash! I still have the molds so I could get my dentist to make another set. I do think I have the same luck with the glo system and the molds are sturdier. I do think the opalescense gel is better than what comes with the product. Like you said it is exactly the same as what we got from the dentist. What percentage do you use by the way? Thanks for your support Jane. We have to meet up one day when I am bag in the Midwest!

  6. Laura Bervig says

    As a hygienist of 26 years, I’m thrilled that you included oral care in your post!! Glad to hear you found an alternative to flossing, the “go-betweens” work well! As another reader mentioned, a Sonic brush would be the one thing I’d definitely encourage! Check out the BURST sonic toothbrush which is an amazing technology, long tapered charcoal infused bristles that move 30,000 times per minute, runs for 2 minutes, holds a charge for up to 8 weeks, has a lifetime warranty and with a professional code you can purchase one for $39.99 and the replacement brush heads will automatically get sent to you every 3 months for $6 with free shipping right to your mailbox so you never have to remember to replace the darn things! (one of the first things to go…ha!) Love your fashion and decor tips!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Laura
      I should have mentioned (I just made an editors note) that we do use an electric toothbrush and have for years. When ours conks out I will try the one you suggest. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. We have such a great group of women here!

  7. LA CONTESSA says

    I bought just plain charcoal off of AMAZON used for awhile got out of the habit because I cannot use a whitener due to FAKE TEETH!!!!I was missing SEVEN TEETH AS A CHILD THAT NEVER CAME IN!!!I feel I am the ONLY ONE LEFT WITH YELLOW TEETH!!!
    Giving up coffee TOMORROW!!!!!!
    Rarely drink TEA.
    NO wine for me for the last 16 months!!!!!
    MAYbe I have HEPATITIS !!!HA!

  8. Karen H. says

    Love your post Cindy. At the age of 69, I have become vigilant at switching over products that are healthier and chemical free. I’ve been using Schmidt’s natural deodorant for several months now. I really like the Rose Vanilla or the Bergamont fragrance. Also use Davids natural peppermint toothpaste. I’m still a fan of Crest Whitestrips every 6 months.
    Cheers to your Weight Watcher goals!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen
      Did you find that it took two weeks as they say to get adjusted to the natural deodorant? I used Tom’s toothpaste for years but just recently decided to tackle something a little stronger!

      • Karen H. says

        Yes, it took me about two weeks to get adjusted. I noticed that my underarms didn’t stay as dry as with an antiperspirant, but I got used to it. I dont think I would go back to using my old brand.

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Karen thank you for sharing. It is very helpful to those of us considering the switch.

  9. Kathy says

    Loved this post! I have been using the Kopari deodorant for a few years and love it! The scent is clean smelling and it keeps me dry.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      So glad to hear it works Kathy! Thank you for weighing in. Glad to hear you like the scent as well!

  10. Barbara says

    Your taste is impeccable, Cindy, and because of that I have great faith in your recommendations. I’m going to give a couple of your suggestions from today’s post a try. I also want to read the articles that you linked to and hopefully get another good idea or two. Thanks for all your hard work in researching and writing your articles. I enjoy each and everyone of your posts.

  11. Allegra Bridges says

    Hi Cindy, thank you for all the whitening info. I’m going to get to work on that. After years of using deodorant I gave it up because I never sweat or have odor. That was simple! I’m 66 and for last couple of years have been battling dry eye. Sounds like not a big deal but it’s very uncomfortable. This last year you seem to be slimmer and I’ve been meaning to as how you do it-now I know! Looking forward to future posts, as always.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Allegra

      I know a lot of others who have the dry eye issue. Have you found anything that works well? Please share if you do. I was slimmer last year than I am now that is why I am back on weight watchers. It is an easy program for me, because I eat that way normally (most of the time). Thanks for weighing in!

      • Allegra Bridges says

        The one thing I learned is to use PRESERVATIVE FREE eye drops-very important! The eye doc told me that most drops have preservatives which actually dry your eyes especially if you use them more than 3 times a day. Who knew. I also use the Preservision Areds2 supplements and all of this barely keeps the dry eye under control. But I am a dry old prune and fight dryness on all levels. Always need to drink more water which keeps me constantly looking for a bathroom. Don’t get me started…it never ends!

  12. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    Today I celebrate a milestone birthday, I choose not to disclose the exact number but oddly, it doesn’t bother me because I feel pretty good. But I have been working hard on being vigilant about the maintenance of my body parts. I always appreciate your research and the leads you share.

  13. Marcia RAYNE says

    I had gum disease but I went to a peridonist and had laser therapy. Ended up with a bone graft and 2 implants at $20,000 . Now I am maintaining my teeth.
    I too use a charcoal whitening powder once a day. I brush for 2 minutes. Then I brush with my Sonicare for 2 minutes in am and 4 min pm. Then I use a water pick flosser. You won’t believe how much food is still in my teeth after brushing for 6 minutes. I highly recommend them. Bought mine at Costco.
    I always use a alcohol free whitening mouthwash as my last step. Next I am buying the Opalescence whitening trays . Amazon has them for under $65 which should last me a couple of months. I highly recommend a YouTube video by Dominique Sasche on how to whiten your teeth. Her teeth are white as snow. (She is a Houston new anchor). Her video is several months old but easy to find. My dental hygienist tells me she can really tell the difference since I started this new routine.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marcia

      I am bad about taking the time to watch you tube videos, but I do watch Dominic Sasche on occasion. I just watched the one you suggested and I think I will try the charcoal powder! I think we need to get a sonicare!

  14. Sandy keen says

    Why do you always have sun glasses on? Is there something wrong with your eyes? Not trying to be rude. It just bothers me not to see someone’s eyes.

    • Sheila says

      The questions are rude. Many people wear sunglasses when outside. I wear them even on gloomy days as protection from wind and the elements. 90% of the UV rays from the sun pass through clouds and can damage your eyes.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandy

      To be honest, I recently got prescription sunglasses that aren’t very dark and I forget I have them on until someone reminds me. But any photographs taken outside always require sunglasses!

      • Sandy keen says

        Dear Cindy,
        I love your posts, thoughts and comments. From my heart, not meant to
        Be rude or unkind. I look forward to reading your posts and all the information
        Contained therein very enlightening.

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Sandy
          No offense taken. Please continue to comment! Mary Ann calls me Stevie Wonder because I forget to take my sunglasses off in stores sometimes!

    • LA CONTESSA says

      Because she is in her SON’s PUB and the sun is shinning through the windows VERY BRIGHTLY!!
      I have sat THERE and done the same thing!
      Especially if you are prone to HEADACHES…………….thats my guess!

  15. Donna Workman says

    I love the self care over50….way over 50. I don’t love the research but I adore the results. Thanks for once again nailing it!!!!!!!

  16. Pam says

    I have a list now of several of your suggestions. I especially want to try the Dentek Easy Brush and the oral rinse. We have used Tom’s Deodorant UNSCENTED for years and it works well! Thanks for writing about self-care.

  17. Renee says

    Cindy, do you use a water pick (water flosser)? I have a cordless “Water Pk” brand, that is awesome, doesn’t take up a lot of counter space and easy to store. I also, have dental cleanings every 4 months and use that 20% whitening gel (lightly) you mentioned about every 3 months. I’ve seen great improvement in my dental health as well as my teeth are whiter! Now, I’m curious about that toothpaste, mouth wash and natural deodorant. Thanks so much for these posts!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Renee
      We do not use a water pik, maybe we should get one. The mouthwash is great for bad breath and gum health. The toothpaste I stumbled upon and it has definitely made a difference! Thanks for sharing and reminding me about the water pik. We do use an electric toothbrush as well.

      • LA CONTESSA says

        MY MOTHER USED A WATERPICK FOR HER ENTIRE ADULT LIFE SHE HAD GREAT TEETH!YOU will be amazed at what flows out even after a brushing!!!IT is GOOD for the GUMS TOO!

  18. Rosemary Smith says

    A great article! Love your blog! Definitely will try the whitening advice and the mouthwash.

  19. Janelle says

    Great post, Cindy! We need all the help we can get. They say whiter teeth takes years off your face. My salon has a teeth whitening process that I am soon to try. I’ll report back!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Janelle

      Please share your results! I read an article once that your shirt should not be whiter than your teeth…..that got me thinking because the older I get the better I like white!!

  20. Linda says

    Both my husband and I are in our early 70’s and have discovered good old Arm and Hammer “peroxicare” toothpaste. Along with quarterly teeth bleaching, it takes care of keeping our teeth stain free and white. It’s the baking soda/peroxide combo that does it , and it’s inexpensive! Good post Cindy!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Linda
      I will have to give the ol peroxicare a try! Sometimes the old ones are the best! Thanks for Sharing!

  21. cherie says

    If only I were still in my 50s but, alas, that’s not to be — early 70s. I’m a California born girl living on the Gulf in Florida. I read your blog and take your advice. there’s just not many sources to turn to for how to dress, how to look, how to maintain but you and your posse are some of the best. I’m not overweight so that’s a blessing but nothing seems to be in the place it used to belong. I live in fear, especially living in a climate of heat and humidity and the beach down the street, that I’ll look like a fool. there’s a fine line for sure. I’m in California visiting my 99-year old dad, and I’m having a major case of homesick blues. Oh, the hills and trees! Thanks, Cindy, for a terrific blog!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cherie
      How did you end up on the gulf in Florida and how do you like it? You are right nothing is in it’s same place…dang!! You have longevity in your family so did I. My dad passed away at 95 because he was done. Enjoy your time with your dad. I miss my dad’s humor and support.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I am starting to fear the deodorant’s we have been using for years and I hate the way they smell. Time to try out the natural alternatives!

  22. Sandra Sallin - Apart From My Art says

    Yes, to all of the above, except. I daren’t switch deodorants. Afraid they will not be strong enough.
    My teeth, I haven’t heard about the charcoal toothpaste. It’s worth a try. What does that mouthwash do? Have you tried Sonicare for your gums? Ever since using it my hygienest never complains about my gums.Funny, I’ll be writing about my weight loss journey in an upcoming blog. See what you think about my discovery. Coming soon. That Poncho looks so soft. I’m going to check it out. Always love what you have to say.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra
      You would love that poncho. I need to try sonicare. The mouthwash is great for breath and aids in reducing plaque. I dip my little brushes in it and swoosh in between my teeth!

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