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Rough Luxe Bookcase Styling

  I think I may have done a post about this way back when forgive me if so.  I am working with a couple of clients that need a little styling help with their bookcases so I thought I would do a little post about styling.There is nothing like a well styled bookcase filled with books, accessories, collectibles, and photos that add layers and uniqueness to a space. Seek out well-loved accessories with a story behind them on Craigslist or eBay, and at flea markets or antique stores. If you have a collection, show it off! All of that history and personality will add to your home’s character. If you remember in one of my previous posts we were debating which shelving unit to purchase for one of my clients here    We ended up purchasing the Restoration Hardware version and now it is time to “style” it. #1 First and Foremost add Books! Bookcases without books look…well naked…For this look of course old leather-bound books are the best.  You can find them at any flea market,antique shop or second hand store. I have to say I  am not a big fan of the current trend of tearing off the covers of books so they all look the same. It turns them into skeletons. Providence Ltd Design - ProvidenceLtdDesign                                via Providence Ltd.                                 Vary the way books are stacked and displayed for interest. low bookshelf and wingback chair                                                                          image source unknown via Traditional Home  Michael del Piero                                      Michel delPiero  #2 Add Some Natural Elements I always like to add some natural elements into the mix. Coral is always great because it comes in so many different textures and colors.  I don’t think one has to have a beach house or “beachy” look to pull this off. ciao! newport beach: bookcase styling                                   Lovely Display of coral,etc. in this beautiful cabinet in a beach house in Miami by Cindy Christensen. Love the Design!          I love how the inside is painted #3 Vary the sizes and shapes of the objects via jill hinson #4 Add items that reflect your own personality Include items from your travels, small pictures or paintngs, or photographs that hold particular meaning for you. love display via via the style saloniste: Designer Jonathan Rachman Jonathan Rachman #5 (perhaps the most important) Hide the Uglies! There are so many great baskets and boxes available there is no need to have toys, remotes, or other essentials on display Nice shelving idea - painted to disappear. via image dan marty via World of Interiors Basket storage   #6 Add some antique and vintage items for character Look for well loved accessories with a story behind them. If you have a collection, display it! All of that history and will add another layer of interest to your bookcase. Centsational Girl » Blog Archive » Analysis of a Well Styled Bookcase Old world elements on the bookshelf.  Makes if very interesting. Gianetti Home   The bookcases at our lake house have a mixture of elements, old and new baskets, coral, vintage bowling pins, and new baskets to house magazines, books and games that aren’t very pretty to look at.  image This bookcase by Beth Webb is on of my all-time favorites. It is beatifully styled but not “overstyled”. It looks like they might actually use the things on the bookcase if you know what I mean? beth webb  love this In my next post I will give you some ideas and inspiration for styling bookcases with a more transitional/traditional look.

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  1. kim at northerncalstyle. says

    Great post. I think my shelves get a bit stagnant this time of year and I need some inspiration. I really love all the natural elements. Your lake home is gorgeous! Love those wicker chairs by the fireplace and how you styled the bookcases!

    Think I'll re-do all the bookshelves tomorrow!


  2. Leslie says

    Hi Cindy,

    Great examples of bookcase styling. I constantly struggle with this and it's easier said than done! I'm going to save this post:) Thanks for sharing all these great ideas!

    Have a nice weekend!


  3. Carol Tate says

    Excellent guide and top-notch examples. I was drawn to how you have used the green on the ship lap or t&g paneling. It not only acts as a good backdrop, setting off the objects on display, but makes the space dance as the eye picks-up on the other greens in the room. The dark framing and shelves play a similar role. Imagine how dead and stagnant that end of the room would be had the book shelves been painted all one color to match the wall!

    In a different vain. I like how Jonathan Rachman has picked-up on the somber blue-gray of the shelves with books bound in a like color. In this case, using this solid color sets a mood and tone so fitting to the old world flavor of the items displayed.

    So much to inspire!

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