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My Five Favorite Black Leggings

I promised you a post on the projects I am working on; but when my friends Lisa from Shine Your Light, Kris from Driven by Decor, Pam from Simple Details, and Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles invited me to join their popular five favorites monthly series; I couldn’t resist. This month we are focusing on fashion and beauty.  Since I am (ahem) the elder statesman of the group I am rounding up my five favorite leggings. For me comfort is always key so one of my favorites is this french terry legging from Splendid.

Splendid - French Terry Legging Women's Casual PantsIf you like a little shaping but don’t want to spend the extra $$ for the regular Spanx Line, the Spanx Women’s Seamless Slimming Legging from Target fits the bill. You get the slimming effect of the brand made famous by Sarah Blakely for a lot less money.
imageIf you don’t mind spending the extra $$ these essential shaping legging from Spanx will smooth out the bumps and outlast all the others. They are thicker than most with a waistband like no other.  If you only buy one pair this is the one
<ul> <li>The slim’s built in—shaping waistband with hidden power mesh</li> <li>Designed to hit at your natural waist for great coverage and no muffin top!</li> </ul>
The Two by Vince Camuto Seamed Back Leggings are favored for the slimming effect created by the seams that run from the waist to the feet in back.  At $49 they won’t break the bank and they come in petites as well.
Petite Women's Two By Vince Camuto Seamed Back Leggings
Another budget friendly option is the Hue Ultra Legging.

HUE Ultra Leggings w/ Wide Waistband

On Friday I will be featuring one of my favorite pieces from Artful Home’s Fall Collection.  On Monday, I promise to give you an update on my design projects.
Thanks again to four of my favorite bloggers for inviting me to share my five favorite leggings this month. Make sure you stop by their blogs to see what they have in store for you.

Kris – Driven by Decor
Jennifer – Dimples and Tangles
Pam – Simple Details
Lisa – Shine Your Light

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  1. Jennifer Connolly says

    Black leggings are a great essential in my wardrobe. I haven't heard of the Vince Vamuto ones so thanks!! Mine have got to be totally opaque or they feel and look more like tights…which I see all too many women wearing as leggings;)

  2. Kris Jarrett says

    Can I tell you how happy I am to get the legging run-down from you?! Can you believe I own zero pairs of black leggings – my last pair bit the dust over a year ago and I never replaced them. So glad to have some good recommendations from you! Thanks for joining us Cindy!

  3. pam {simple details} says

    Thanks so much for joining us today Cindy! This is exactly why I love these posts, you saved me all kinds of time, the last pair of leggings I bought ended up being way too long. I'm not a fan of that slouchy look around the ankles (what do I know though, maybe it's in).

  4. La Contessa says

    I wear them under CAFTANS but can not find them long enough especially HUE.This SVELTE company I just did a post on is GOOD for me but they have yet to send out my WINNERS PAIR so I may be chatting a bit OFF about them soon!Seems they do not ship to WALES, so I told them to ship to me!Have yet to receive that was two posts back!OTHERWISE, I may give your recommendations a try……………XX

  5. home before dark says

    Most timely. I'll take a look at the Camuto ones. My current fav is from Soft Surroundings. I wear the capri cut in summer and in the winter team them up with longer socks for my tall boots. I think this work around to longer leggings results in less bulk in my boot! And one of my deepest, darkest secrets: on long international flights I sometimes wear PJs that look like leggings but without the bind! Don't tell!

    • home before dark says

      in the same line. I thought these look like pants—not pjs or sweats—so why not? They are It started innocently enough when I bought a pair of they say PJ, I say $19.99 palozzo of Gilligan O'Malley from Target to wear with a longish tunic for one trip: lightweight, easily packed, no wrinkles. Works for me. Then the same line started offering "sleep pants" not as tight as leggings which makes them good in summer. I found one pair with banded bottoms and pockets! with a heavier fabric that is quite wonderful. Can't find anymore. Just look at Target in the sleepwear dept. and think: hummmmmmm.

  6. Karen says

    I've been buying these leggings thanks to one of your previous posts (the ones that aren't huge money) and love them. Thanks for this. I'm counting the days until fall arrives. We know that it can sometimes be very warm through October, but September marks the countdown for me! 🙂

  7. Lisa @ Shine Your Light says

    I was honestly just thinking about how I needed to find a cute pair of leggings to transition a tunic-style summer dress into a fall outfit, the timing of this post couldn't be better Cindy! You did the hard work for me. I have to check out those Vince Camuto ones with the seams on the back! Thank you SO much for hosting with us today, I adore your fashion posts and always love seeing your recommendations!

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