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It’s Not Your Granny’s Table Skirt

I have never been a fan of the overly flounced table skirt,but I have been seriously thinking of using a more tailored version in my bedroom. If your space is limited it is a great place to stash stuff out of view.  Naturally I am drawn to something simple with maybe a pretty trim.
Nam Dang Mitchell
A polished option for the modern sophisticate, this table is clad in a tailored skirt with a protective glass top.
Can keep outdoor pillows under the table cloth

Friendly Foliage A group of plant prints creates a focal point in this entryway. Complete the neat look with a few coffee table books and a large hurricane vase filled with fresh clippings. For added structure, try putting a pleated skirt over a console table.
via my home ideas
Or maybe a linen look all purpose fabric with tie details like this one

via bryn alexandra
There is someone in my house that likes to rub up against everything, so an all purpose fabric is always welcome

A bold fabric like this one from China Seas would really make a wonderful statement. I know I would personally tire of it too quickly in my own home.
China Seas Sigourney - Google Search
Or this one from the wonderful Tom Scheerer

I love the idea of draping a vintage tapestry over the table….
From the Stacks: New Series at My Notting Hill
A fun animal print adds another layer of interest without over powering…

Skirted Table with Inverted Pleats | M. Frederick - Residential Interiors
What do you think about skirted tables…yay or nay?

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  1. Reviving Charm says

    You have some lovely examples here. I know this has been a controversial topic in blogland over for many years but I have always been partial to a finely tailored table skirt, especially in an entry. I do remember that the debate between Joni & Decorno! I am currently designing one for an octagon table for my home. It will be a lovely fine linen bordered with a great tape from Samuel & Sons. Nice post…

  2. StagerLinda says

    If your sweet family member will feel the need to disturb the pleating, then I must vote against the skirt. (Although the animal print could be a good choice.)

  3. Joni Webb says

    Yah! Yah! years ago – about 7 – I had a skirted table war with blogger Decorno. One Sunday we almost burned up the blogosphere with all the comments. It was hysterical. I'm still yes and yes especially to vintage textiles!!!

  4. home before dark says

    For my remodeled dining room now also a library, I'm covering the round table with a Afghan tribal rug. I want to add the color and pattern, but the real reason is my husband of 40 years retires in December and he has a pesky habit of setting packages on the dining table and scratching the surface. I'm thinking the rug will be the cast iron of cloths so that 6'5" husband of mine can continue his habit (he says because he's so tall, putting a box on the floor "hurts"). Agree about the dog. How could someone get mad at a smiling yellow lab?

  5. Burlap Luxe says

    Love the table aprons/skirts….they really clean up the harder edges of what piece may be hiding. I agree with you, I was never a fan of them even when I would have big hoilday dinners I would set the table as naked as I could, not a fan of place matts either, I really think there is no reason of place from them just a big money making estra for homes that tweak each holiday with a matching place Matt.

    I do miss seeing the beauty of the table when it covered,when the skirt is on think of all the stacks of magazines you can hide under the skirt?
    Love the post will return.

  6. Karen says

    Hi Cindy,
    I used to have a skirted table and tired of it so it's gone. Lately I've seen so many wonderful examples, including the ones you've shared, and I believe I could make room for one in my future. Same thing, I will have to think seriously of indoor/outdoor fabric, our dogs consider the sofa and bedside their personal napkins! If we tell them "no" they rub their faces on the rug. 🙂

  7. Jeanne Henriques says

    Cindy….you just made me love them again, in every shape and form. The vintage fabric calls to me and the little leopard pattern is locked in memory. Yes, yes and yes, I would do it again! You have provided wonderful ideas for our window seat cushions. You always do! I hope you are mending well and being a good patient. It can be so hard to do…thinking of you. xx

  8. Leslie Harris says

    I do like the look, especially those photos of-the entryways. I like the tailored style with a band of color on the bottom. But as far as decorating with one soon it probably won't happen. I see dog hair and one more place for coffee cup stains when I think of putting on in our entry hahaha

  9. Anonymous says

    Quilts make wonderful table covers also and DO NOT NEED TO BE your granny's!
    QVC sells many (even modern) inexpensively IF you wanted to give it a try.

    Nan, Odessa, DE

  10. Karena Albert says

    Cindy I have always loved a skirted table and the tailored look is just perfect!I think it is just a matter of the fabric you think is best and I personally would add a trim!

    The Arts by Karena
    Artist Alex Katz

  11. My Little Bungalow says

    Yes, I love tailored table skirts! They work best in more traditional settings. My favorite photo from above is the 5th one, with the linen skirt that has the ties in the corners. The one just above that photo of your adorable dog! I know what you mean about having a pooch that loves to rub up against things. My bed skirt is covered in dog hair thanks to our beagle.

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