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How to Wear a Statement Jacket Over 50

Today I am happy to be joining Elizabeth from the Vintage Contessa and Tamera from Tamera Beardsley.  We are going to chat about How to Wear a Statement Jacket Over 50.  I know I am pretty brave joining these two.  They know how to rock them in a big way.  There’s something about a statement jacket;  it can completely transform your look, taking it from good to fabulous in an instant. You can throw one over jeans and a turtleneck and look put together without feeling overdressed. They are a great option for our weather here on the Central Coast. Remember A well-cut or striking outer layer is the last thing you put on but the first thing others notice,

How to Wear a Statement Jacket Over 50

What is a Statement Jacket?

A statement coat is just that.  It makes a statement.  Whether it is in a bright color, a striking cut, or a bold pattern.  A statement coat or jacket can completely transform a simple column of color, allow you to feel dressed in an instant, and make others take notice.

My Tips for Accessorizing a Statement Jacket 

If your jacket is a hot color or bold print stick to neutral or dark pieces.  Allow the jacket to be center stage.

Keep accessories balanced with how dramatic the coat is.

Don’t be afraid to make it your own.  Add unique or vintage accessories to make it uniquely yours.

Kantha Statement Coats

I love anything Kantha. Kantha quilting is made from recycled Sauri’s from India.  You have seen them made into quilts, pillows, and all kinds of clothing. Most of them are completely reversible so you have two jackets in one.This jacket was gifted to me from the Etsy Shop Shreeroophm USA I also purchased the tablecloth for my post How to Create a Collected Fall Tablescape. Sonal is great to deal with and she has a great selection.  If you don’t see something you like contact her.  Since this jacket is bold on its own, I  styled it with simple denim and kept my accessories simple to allow the jacket be center stage.  The earrings are inexpensive bamboo, the bracelets some new and some vintage. The jeans are from Madewell as well as the mules.  The jeans are still available and they have similar mules. All items are linked below

Over 50 Fashion blogger Cindy Hattersley in Kantha Jacket

I find this coat to be just as interesting from the back as it is from the front, and fits like a glove.  I am wearing a small. I love the mustard and indigo color combination this time of year.

over 50 fashion blogger cindy hattersley in Kantha Jacket From Back

Statement Jackets With a Striking Cut

You are probably thinking a statement jacket needs to be in a standout pattern or color.  I think a Jacket in a unique cut can also make a statement.  I have had this Gro Abrahamson boiled wool vest for years and I never tire of it.  I like it best with my favorite shirt from Planet for Artful Home, but it would look great with a pair of jeans as well. Eileen Fisher has a boiled wool vest from her current line that you could create a similar look with by pinning it asymmetrically.  The pin is vintage from Ebay as are my bracelets.  I am wearing simple silver hoops again because the jacket has a lot going on with the buttons etc.  I am wearing it with my favorite Spanx leggings and my Bed Stu Manchester boots.  I like these boots because they have a wide toe box (that accommodates my lovely bunion)

cindy hattersley in Gro Abrahammson

Bold Patterned Statement Jackets

Here I am wearing an old Biya/Johnny Was coat I have also had for years. You can find similar here on Ebay. I am wearing it with the Ganni turtleneck that I featured in my post Fall Fashion Trends We Can Actually Wear

The mesh turtleneck is great because it is lightweight and great for layering..  I am wearing it with a pair of Don Lucas earrings (over 20 years old), spanx leggings from Target, and my velvet birdies that feel like slippers.

cindy hattersley in vintage statement jacket

I love this J Crew Sophie Jacket (no longer available in this pattern), but J Crew Factory has one very similar.  I featured this jacket last fall in my post Over 50 Fashion Trends We can Actually Wear. I am wearing it with a vintage pin, my favorite J Crew Chambray shirt, Madewell Jeans, and Seychelles boots.  All items that are available linked below picture.

cindy hattersley in j crew sophie jacket and chambray shirt

This poncho is from Peruvian Connection.  Their items are an investment but their artisanal knits will last a lifetime.  This particular poncho is no longer available but you can find similar ones here. I

I have also linked some less expensive alternatives below the image.

cindy hattersley in peruvian connection poncho

Do you own any statement jackets? Would you feel comfortable wearing one? Now for some real fashion click on the links below to visit Tamera and 
Elizabeth. These ladies can certainly rock a statement coat.


How to Wear a Statement Jacket

You might also enjoy the article Town and Country Magazine Statement Coats are a Practical Purchase, Thanks for reading How to Wear a Statement Jacket Over 50 and spending part of your day right here.  I so appreciate it.

Reader Interactions


  1. Leslie Harris says

    Cindy this was such a fun post!!! I truly loved each look and I’m so in awe of how easy you make it all look. Now that I’m in Southern Cal I don’t get to wear a lot of coats. Between the warm weather and my hot flashes I’m quick to get those top layers off hahaha
    But I do enjoy seeing all the great options.

  2. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    I love all your clothes, and how you wear them! So stylish. You have such nice pieces and great jewelry and a wonderful way of mixing and creating new looks, which I admire.
    I have a few statement pieces but find living in a coastal surf town frustrating as far as fashion goes. (I love everything else about it though!) Anyway if I were getting up to SF more often like In the old days (pre-CoVID), I’d be pulling out those fun items again. I just purchased a faux suede snakeskin patterned coat in rust and black that I can’t wait to wear!
    Have a fun weekend!
    XO Heidi

  3. Kim says

    Cindy your coats are fabulous. The one in yellow looks amazing on you. I also love how you added the leopard but to the brocade! The poncho is stunning too. I LOVE your style Cindy and always get tips from how to wear things. It was so great to see you this week!! Sorry I am so late to this post.. Love it all! xoxo

  4. Lee Davison says

    Love Kantha jackets. I’m just finishing up my hand work on one I made and am getting ready to cut into another brighter green one.
    My question: what is under the front part of your coat? Is it separate or attached. Didn’t see it in the description. Just curious so I can accessorize mine.
    Love your style and Sandra Sandlin. I’m her contemporary, not yours but get inspiration from both.
    Lee Davison

  5. SaRahlondonstyle says

    What a lovely collection of statement coats you have. And how gorgeous you look in all of them, you’ve inspired me to think outside the box in updating mine!
    Thank you 😊

  6. Karen B. says

    Maybe you missed your calling as a model. You look great in each and every one of these pictures. I love statement coats. The jewelry and blouses you’ve paired with them are ideal. Great post.

  7. Nancy Brantley says

    As always you look fabulously chic in everything you put together!! These styles look so youthful! I love statement jackets too. I have a few I wear in Winter.

  8. mimi says

    Bought a hot pink thin material but long coat with mandarin collar from an etsy vintage clothes seller. I love wearing that coat. Now that it’s getting in the 40s here, I need to think of layers underneath.
    Also for those with wool, perhaps go to the Lowes or Home Depot & buy some cedar to keep in your closet or drawers– wherever the wool is stored. Lightly sand it each season to freshen up and keep working to repel moths.

  9. Juliet says

    Fabulous, Cindy! I love every look you’ve put together … but I keep going back to that amazing boiled wool vest. Wow. I love it! And, the way you’ve styled it. This outfit is tres chic … when you enter a room in this ensemble all jaws will hit the floor. What a fun blog hop. I’ve already visited the Contessa and now I’m off to see Tamera. xo

  10. Katherine says

    Thank you for your lovely and timely post. I am forming a fashion ‘Experience’ group in the Bay Area as part of a donation for my women’s choral group fundraising (WomenSing). The group participants receive a Fashion book (Brenda Kinsel’s Fashion Makeover: 30 Days to Diva Style) and some one-on-one with Andrea Serrahn of Serrahna Boutique Bazaar in Oakland. Andrea’s designs definitively include Statement Jackets as well as other pieces (kimonos, wraps, scarfs, jewelry and tunics) that ‘up the bar’ for being unique and notice-worthy–outfit-defining pieces. Wearing even one item that is playful , colorful and joyous seems to wake me up to again to having the desire to creatively express myself. Fashion is not asleep…just taking a nap during Shelter-at-Home. Thanks for the examples and ‘call’ to bring out the Statement Jackets.

    • LA CONTESSA says

      I DID ANDREA on AGELESS STYLE………YOU NEED TO POP INTO HER SHOP when you come up to babysit!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      That sounds wonderful Katherine and so happy you will be honoring our friend Brenda’s legacy.

  11. Diane Ruebel says

    Cindy! Don’t sell yourself short! Your statement jackets inspire on beautiful you.

    Thanks for this inspiring post.
    Diney on Camano Island

  12. home before dark says

    Love! Love! Love! I think statement/artistic coats and vests (and dusters and kimonos!) are a strategic way to have fun in your wardrobe I think you just look fab. And I adore Johnny Was and kantha from Artful Homes. Have a lovely celebration today.

  13. Gail says

    As always, you look fabulous, Cindy. I love your statement coats and your gorgeous hair! What a fun way to add some pizzazz into your wardrobe.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gail
      I always appreciate your support! Someone asked on Instagram today if my hair was natural?!!

  14. Tamera Beardsley says

    Beautiful styling my dear! And your wrap vest is a timeless treasure to be sure!
    Thank you ever so much for inviting me to participate in your Statement Jacket roundup! I am honored! I really enjoyed pulling my post together. I always knew I had big love for Statement Jackets, (actually Statement Anything), but I never realized that so many of my favorites are either vintage or have been with me for so many years. Just proves how timeless, well chosen statement jackets can live within a wardrobe!
    Thanks again for including me darling!
    Tamera Beardsley

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Tamera
      I knew you and Elizabeth could rock a Statement Coatl like no other. I was brave to post along with you two fashionistas! Thanks fo much for inspiring all of us with your amazing style!

  15. Carolina says

    Thank you for continuing to inspire! Going to wear the heck out of my 5yr old “statement coat” from Soft Surroundings this season. My favorite e-mail days are Sundays and Thursdays because I know that I am going to see something wonderful from you.

  16. judith says

    Yes, I would wear these and I do. In fact, I believe this is one item that we gals of a certain age can pull off way better than the younger gals do. I appreciate how you not only talk about fashion items, but show us how to wear them. That is what I like best about these posts. I would love it if you would consider doing an article on taking care of wool items, particularly how you deter moths. I have lost more than one nice wool sweater and coat due to those wretched things. Currently I am using the traps, but still worry. Thank you for another great post, Cindy. You crack me up about your bunion; is there any way it could be removed?

    • katherine cramer says

      Hello Judith,
      Moths! I am trying Dr. Killigan’s Moth traps (available from Amazon). I heard about it from BuzzFeed article on useful closet items. I moved from my older style home of 27 years to a newer home. I hoped not not bring baby moths to the new home. I have seen a couple of moths in common house areas and thought they had come in from the new neighborhood. We’ll see! I did put a beloved cashmere sweater in the freezer for a week. I’ll chime-in later– if successful.

  17. Sandra Sallin says

    Just perfect!! I love every single created look. We rarely have a chance to wear jackets down here in Souther California. I find that most of the year if I’m cold i can add a scar and that’s enough. BUT in the OLD Days when I was up north a lot I did need a coat. Love all of yours Thanks for the Etsy creator tip. Truly you Mis Uber Style!!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra
      I have to admit I can’t wear that vest that often either. Maybe that is why it is in such good shape! I have a boiled wool jacket that I love that I can rarely wear. Scarves are our go to. That is for sure!!

  18. Jennifer Connolly says

    You look amazing! Do let me know when you’re tired of that vest, please:) It’s truly spectacular! You have an amazing collection my friend, and show it beautifully.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jennifer

      Thank you so much! That vest has always been a favorite. An oldie but goodie!

  19. LA CONTESSA says

    I thought you were going to say” A well-cut or striking outer layer is the last thing you put on but the first thing” YOU TAKE OFF!
    AS is the case with me…………I usually am HOT by the time I get to where I am going!However, these next few months should bring cooler temps to THE Bay Area…….
    THEY DO SCREAM STYLE AND PULLED TOGETHER unlike a sweater that must be WHY I HAVE SO MANY!!!!
    I am in need of a CLOSET just for COATS.THAT is NOT going to HAPPEN SO I better start eliminating……………

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      You certainly are the queen of kimonos and statement coats. I am just now popping over to read!!

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