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How to Translate your Holiday Look from Day to Night

Today I am so happy that Mary Ann, Annie, and I are joined by Janet from The Gardeners Cottage, Joni from Cote de Texas, Kim from Northern California Style, and Brenda from Brenda Kinsel for our Holiday Fashion Edit. I am featuring two foundation pieces, an inexpensive tulle skirt, and the J Crew Peyton Velvet Pant. Let’s check out how you can combine them with versatile pieces you already own for a “desk to drinks” outfit. Whether it is a family get together, a simple dinner date with friends or a more formal occasion I have you covered. Here’s how to translate your Holiday look from Day to Night.  Use what you have and add some inexpensive jewelry to create a festive holiday look without breaking the bank

How to translate your holiday style from day to night

Here I am wearing a mustard turtleneck I have owned for years, an old J Crew Calf Hair belt with the J Crew Peyton Velvet Pant, and the Remy calf hair slides from Madewell.  I added tortoise hoops and my horn bracelets for a great daytime look.

cindy hattersley wearing j crew velvet peyton pant and madewell leopard mules

For my night time look, I pulled on my tulle skirt, added a suede obi belt, pinned on a vintage rhinestone brooch, added some chicos (and one of my own) rhinestone bangles, and some new earrings from Chicos (whoops one is missing misplaced it while modeling!!).  It’s rough being a granny model.



In my next look, I am pairing the Peyton Velvet Pant (these are amazing by the way they look fab and feel like jammies), with an old gray turtleneck, the fabulous j crew cashmere wrap, some bracelets I already own, and my french sole gaga flats.

cindy hattersley in j crew peyton pant and cashmere wrap

For the nighttime look, I added my gorgeous necklace from Parham and Co, inexpensive Chicos earrings (they have great holiday earrings by the way), an old calf hair clutch, and the silent D boots form Anthro (they are stretchy so they work with bunions and they are very comfortable even with a heel).

cindy hattersley wearing gray sweater and tulle skirt




I don’t know about you but we rarely (well never) go anywhere during the holidays where I need to dress formally.  Here are five looks with the fabulous Peyton Velvet pant that you could wear to work or out for the evening. Did I mention I am in love with these pants,  I had no idea I would be such a fan when I ordered them.

how to translate your holiday look from day to night

Here I am pairing the velvet Peyton pant with a shirt made from vintage lace fabrics from Tancredi and Morgen (over 20 years old), a vintage rhinestone pin, Chicos earrings, a vintage rhinestone bracelet and a couple of chicos stretch bracelets (love these too).

cindy hattersley wearing an embroiderd white shirt with j crew velbet pant

Another piece I picked up this year is the Anthropologie Cashmere Poncho. It comes in five colors including a gorgeous raspberry.  I purchased it on sale.  I think I may use my birthday discount and get the black as well.  It is beautifully made. I am wearing it with its ribbed button turtleneck (another favorite from a previous post). It is back in stock now ladies.  The quality is amazing and it is very slimming. I am combining this with my horn bracelets, and inexpensive tortoise earrings. I think this look is dressy enough for most gatherings and you could wear it to work as well.

cindy hattersley wearing the j crew peyton pant with anthro cashmere poncho

In this next look, I am pairing the Peyton velvet crop with a favorite Crew sweater (also recommended in an earlier post), my target leopard scarf that I have had for several years, my coin bracelet from Etsy, and those great stretch bracelets from Chicos.  

cindy hattersley wearing j crew peyton pant with j crew sweater

In this last look, I styled the Peyton pant with a vintage leather jacket, the ribbed turtleneck from Anthro featured in a previous post, the Remy mules, and my own Jewelry. All items that are available are linked below.

cindy hattersley in vintage leather jacket and J Crew Peyton Pant



Don’t be afraid to pair the high and the low.  My beautiful necklaces are both gifts from my husband.  I would not invest a lot of money on anything too glitzy or holiday-specific. Save your money for accessories that you can wear year-round.  FYI the earrings and bracelets are on sale at Chicos right now.

I hope you enjoyed How to Translate Your Holiday Look from Day to Night. Click on the links below to visit my friends.  I can’t wait to see what they are sharing.


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Mary ann-Classic Casual Home
Joni-Cote de Texas
Annie-Most Lovely Things  
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 Janet-The Gardeners Cottage  

Reader Interactions


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Celia you are the best! You are always so supportive. I really appreciate your friendship. We need to get together before you move across the United States!

  1. Amanda says

    I also ordered the pants! You make a great case for them with so many stylish looks! Anyone can copy a pretty outfit, but your ability to mix them up in so many different options shows the difference between great taste and great personal style. As a 41 year old, you make me excited about aging gracefully. Love your blog!

  2. Mary K says

    Cindy, you are just so cute! Practically every time I come here you make me smile and sometimes laugh. Enjoy life my friend!

  3. Brenda Kinsel says

    Cindy, I think the moral of this blog post is to get those Peyton velvet pants ASAP! Wow, loved every single way you styled them. I also went crazy over that tulle skirt. I love tulle so much and have been a little nervous to try it but if you can do it, I can too. At least I’ll start there and see if it ends up being true or not. LOVE your style! xx

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Brenda
      That velvet shirt was magic…the color…the scarf…loved that. You are my fashion guru!! I learn something from every post. Every time I wear earrings I remember your advice about not touching the collar…so true and I never thought about it.

  4. Sandra - Apart from my art says

    How fun! and look at what a model you have become. A regular Linda Evangalista! I always knew you could do it. So I got into those velvet pants and started thinking. Oh, I need those. But a little bird in my ear said go look into your closet. Sure enough I’ve got them. But I loved all your looks. Bravo to you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Sandra! You have taken enough pics with me to know it takes a lot of pics to get a good one. You on the other hand are just flat out cute! I bet you do have a similar pair of pants! Congrats on your art at the MOA and happy belated birthday!!

      • Sandra Sallin - Apart From My Art says

        Thanks Cindy. Everyone takes at least 50 photos to get 1! Maybe Cindy Crawford doesn’t. You look real and relatable. Abt done with style. Thank you for the good wishes. Kisses to you.

  5. Deborah Peterson milne says

    ALL such chic and classic ways to style timeless, valuable pieces. You my friend could wear a paper back from Von’s and look exceptional.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Deborah you are my new best friend! Don’t believe what you see…it takes 100 pics, perfect light and sunglasses to cover the wrinkles to get a good one at my age! But you made my day!

  6. kim says

    You were so smart to get us together and doing this post now. Holiday dressing is one of those things that creeps up on me and before I know it I am scrambling for something to wear. Thinking ahead and using pieces we have is so smart.
    You made me laugh out loud about the granny model thing. It is so NOT true. I think you have more style than most of my younger friends. Every time I see you I want your whole outfit! I love how you make everything look luxe and thus this blog is so spot-on! I have a list of things here I want- your mules, the earrings you chose and omg that tulle skirt! You take fashion chances and you look good in everything- unlike what you believe.
    Thank you for driving yesterday to my place. I felt so good after having you gals here. You all are too nice. I feel so lucky to be friends with you Cindy. xoxo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Kim I love your fashion posts. You are so fashion savvy. I just try to throw together something and try to make it presentable. You looked so elegant in your moms earrings and that look. Thanks again for the great day yesterday!

  7. LA CONTESSA says

    TULLE SKIRT ON YOU!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!Especially with the turtle necks!
    What Fun you all had I visited each and EVERYONE!Don’t think my comment took on Joni’s Post and Janets Blog I can Never comment but let them KNOW I WAS THERE PEEKING!!!!
    Fun seeing YOU yesterday!YOU are all so GOOD for my SOUL!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Thank you so much pal…you need to do the next one with us!! It is always so fun to get together! You need to come down and spend a couple days again!!

  8. classic casual home says

    You look GORGEOUS, Cindy. Of course I am ordering your pants…and probably a few more things. I just love your effortless, classy and pulled together look.
    Hope this comment posts.
    Mary Ann

  9. Nancy2 says

    You rock these different looks!
    I really like your mix of high $$$ and low, something for everyone.
    Love your blog

  10. bayboxwood says

    I am now the proud owner of a pair of velvet pants. I was committed to not buying any clothing this season, but I can’t resist those. They’re a great value, thanks so much for the suggestion! (the tulle skirt is tempting, too)

    All of your looks are fantastic – festive without being fussy, and so many pretty accents. Just right.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I have to be honest I was planning on ordering those velvet pants for the shoot and sending them right back. They are seriously one of the best pants I have ever owned. I have no intention on sending them back and I am sure you won’t either. You will LOVE them

  11. maude Ciardi says

    Thank you for the great post. Such useful ideas. You are a great model! I am not good at pairing clothes together so this is very helpful

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Maude
      I am a terrible model but thanks for being so kind. I am so glad you enjoyed the post.

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