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Anthro & J Crew Sale Picks

I had another post planned for today but can’t believe two of my favorite stores are having great sales today.  Anthro is having 25% off on everything Mary Ann Kim and I were just there last week getting into trouble. J Crew is having 40% off cozy essentials (which I figured was not much), but it turns out sweaters, boots and outerwear are included. This is a great time to do some early Christmas shopping (or for yourself) while there are still so many options. I didn’t have any time to make this post pretty.  I just didn’t want you to miss out. So let’s dig in.  Here are my Anthro and J Crew Sale Picks. 

anthro and J crew sale picks

J Crew Supersoft Mockneck Sweater.  I am ordering this in gray and black.  The reviews are great and they say it runs a little small.  I am ordering the medium.

j crew mockneck

Puffy sleeve fuzzy crew neck sweater

j crew puffy crew neck sweater

Ribbed Tie Neck Tunic Sweater.  

ribbed tunic sweater with tie neck

Pointelle Cable Knit Sweater

j crew pointelle cable sweater

Fuzzy Balloon Sleeve Sweater

j crew fuzzy balloon sleeve turtleneck


These mules are 25% off yippee!

leopard mules j crew


This leopard topcoat is adorable and 25% off as well.

j crew leopard topcoat

If you are looking for a blazer both the Parke and the Boyfriend blazer are 25% off. There are so many other items at 40% or 25% off, I just didn’t have time to list them!

On to Anthro almost everything is 25% off.  Here are my favs that I am either purchasing for myself or someone else.

The Braise Sweater Jacket is the same jacket all three of us are wearing in the top photo.  It was super flattering on all of us.  Mary Ann and Kim both purchased.  The only reason I didn’t because I realized I have something that looks just like it. Very high quality, the pic does not do it justice.

anthro and j crew sale picks

I actually bought this vest and thought it was even a good buy at the regular price.  I returned it and am purchasing it at 25%off.  It is very flattering and versitile

Lydia Vest

anthro lydia vest reversible gray and black

Maeve Mariska Faux Leather Skirt.  I don’t normally buy skirts but I am loving these longer length one.  This comes in petite as well.  Good reviews but some complain about it being too long.

anthro maeve mariska faux leather midi skirt

My husband and I popped into the store yesterday and he actually wanted me to buy this hat. Great for when you don’t want to mess with your hair. Love the woven look, very well made and casual looking.  Already a good price at $59 but with 25% more off SOLD!!

The Cusco Rancher

anthro cusco rancher

This is pricey but lovely.  I am not much of a ruffle girl but give me some eyelet in a natural fabric in light gray…be still my heart.

Rebecca Taylor Eyelet Blouse

rebecca taylor phoebe eyelit blouse

If by any chance you need a wide boot  (to acoomodate your bunion) but don’t want them to be wide calf (why is it they always assume that?) these might be your new best friend.  They come in multiple colors and styles.  I have been eyeing these for a long time.  I am going to order the black suede and give them a try. I know I personally could not wear anything with a heel all day…way too old for that.

Silent D Careful Stretch Boots

silent d careful stretch boots

Are these cute or what?  I have a similar pair that I can no longer wear due to my bunion.  These come in wide, so I am going to give them a shot!

Dolce Vita  Gail Loafer

dolce vita animal print gail loafer

I bought these Faux Suede Leggings last year in Chestnut and I love them.  I wish they had them in black but the olive green is calling my name. FYI they come in tall, petite, and plus!! And they actually show you what they would look like on a plus model.

anthro faux suede leggings

Okay last but not least.  I actually purchased this Patty Cashmere Cowl Neck sweater at full price (sigh) I liked it so much.  I have to be honest I wouldn’t normally buy cashmere at Anthro and I would have never purchased from this picture. It is really flattering and super-soft.  I have no idea why they call this color maize.  It is a caramel color just like it looks in this pic.  I think I need it in charcoal too!!

anthro patty cashmere cowl neck

It looks great with the fabulous side button turtleneck that I mentioned before. It is seriously like St. John knit quality. Now that it is on sale it is much more reasonable!

Anthro & J Crew Sale Picks

anthro button sleeve turtleneck

I apologize for the haphazard timing and organization of this post.  I almost missed these two sales and I did not want you to.  I have linked all of the above in the widget below along with some other favorites I didn’t have time to show you above.  Happy Shopping my Anthro and J Crew sale picks!  Have a great weekend!  We are heading to Paso!

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  1. Cynthia says

    I only wear crème blush because powders look cakey & don’t work for our age. Anyway, I used to wear Nars crème blush & they no longer make it. SO, I went online to Amazon & got Honest Beauty crème blush in the color Truly Exciting & it WORKS! It is in a silver metal compact case with a mirror inside. You might like it. I am happy I found it.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cynthia
      I have given up on powder even though my skin can still be a bit oily at times. I read about Honest I am writing that one down and will check it out. I am on a mission for a new one.Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. bayboxwood says

    I’m not shopping for clothes at all this season, except for shoes and underwear – but I love all of your picks! Maybe the leopard mules will find their way to Houston???….

  3. debra @ 5th and state says

    heading to Paso….dreamy memories!

    loving all your selections Cindy. Puffy sleeves? I have missed this trend!

    cheers from across the pond,

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Pal
      Miss you guys! I am assuming you are back in the country and at high point! Have fun!

  4. LA CONTESSA says

    I thought of YOU yesterday wondering if you were in my hood!
    THOse sweaters look so short!I guess YOU being so small can wear these I would pass them up in a heart beat!!I’m off to look at those leggings you mentioned in a TALL!!!Even though, I am shrinking I like to THINK I AM TALL!!!Leggings and CAFTANS do well in WINTER!
    THANKS FOR THE HEADS UP!Maybe after loading the wash I will head out to these stores!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      The sweaters are short. Now that the waistlines are high again they can be flattering. Particularly for me since my waist is the only small part of me!!

  5. Joanna says

    Oh no! The black turtleneck in Standard is sold out already. I love a black turtleneck with some interest on the sleeve.

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