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How to Get a Collected Look in a Twin Bedroom

I am trying to work (a little bit) on the bedroom that we will call Summer’s (even though others will sleep there we won’t tell her) I will be using things I already own with perhaps a few new things. More on that later. Of course, I want the room to have a collected look without looking museum-like. Let’s take a look at some beautiful examples on How to Get a Collected Look in a Twin Bedroom.

How to get a Collected Look in a Twin Bedroom

I like the idea of two twins as opposed to a king (we have that in our other guest room). If you have two guests who aren’t related they can share a twin room (a king bed not so much). Here are some great examples of twin bedrooms with a collected vibe. This is our twin guest room in our former home. Of course, we sold the beds and headboards with the house thinking we would never have use for them again.

cindy hattersley's twin guest bedroom

Love the crisp fresh look of this twin bedroom with the charming canopy beds by Bruce Budd. I love how he made the most of this small space. Note the tiny tables and floor lamps. What makes this room live large is the large window in between the two beds. You can follow Bruce Budd on Instagram for more beautiful images here.


Here are some of my favorite twin bedrooms with a collected look. Love the punch of red in this lovely twin guest room by JHR Interiors. Again they made the most of the space by placing a tiny table in between the two beds. The larger scale art gives the feeling of space.You can follow JHR Interiors on Instagram here.


This room is by Marshall Watson Interiors. You can view their entire portfolio here. This image is from maybe 2011, and guess what it still looks current doesn’t it? Why because it has a collected gathered look.

Love this pretty twin room from The Crown Prints on Instagram. It looks youthful without looking too “kiddish” which can become dated quickly.


No one layers patterns and color for a collected look better than Anna Spiro. You can follow Anna Spiro on Instagram hereor view her portfolio here.


Another clever use of space by Norris Architecture via One Kind Design. Note the teeney tiny drinks tables.

norris architecture via one kind design

I adore this clever room by Maria D Pinedo on Instagram. I love the ethnic accents.


I will keep you posted on the progress of “Summer’s Room”. They are coming in a couple of weeks. I don’t think it will be anywhere near done by then, but I have ideas in the back of my head. You can read my post on The Collected Look How to Get It for more on my philosophy on that matter. I want to keep the colors fresh and young without it screaming little kid. I hope you enjoyed How to Get a Collected Look in a Twin Bedroom.

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  1. Juliet says

    Cindy, I adore a twin bedroom. So many possibilities. The one in your former home is darling. I intended to have a twin room in our current house, but when the pandemic hit the room became a home office. I had fun looking at inspiration in your post and Pinned it because … someday! xo

  2. Gayle Miller says

    Cindy, for anyone who wonders if twin beds will be comfortable, I say put your fears aside. I slept on a twin bed for years due to space and health issues. I was worried that I might roll out of bed, but I’m happy to report that never happened. I think it may be related to weight displacement. In that regard, I think a twin provides excellent support. Since I am only 5’ 0”, an extra long wasn’t necessary, but for a guest room, it’s a good idea. It seems like the extra long bedding is only available when everyone is heading to college, but maybe that’s not the case now. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Gayle

      Thank you for weighing in. I think retailers are getting savvier about the XL twins now. I am finding options in more places.

  3. Pat says

    Cindy, Great post! I suppose the way to keep the collected look from looking cluttered is to not vary into too many different styles? So with your husband being the purist in American, would you not go for European antiques? I have French antiques ,a couple of English pieces, some colonial, that I started with. Is it okay to mix the styles to get the collected look? Also, would
    You use rattan for texture in dining chairs with a metal base and glass top dining table, in a room with French antiques? It’s good to know how far to venture out with a collected look, which I love. I will study your old post more.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Pat

      We have a mixture of antiques now but are heavy on American. We have a bench in our entryway that is probably English, we have a Mexican chest, and we own a few Scandinavian pieces. We own a French bride’s box. It has taken years but my husband likes a mix now as well. I wouldn’t be afraid to mix any of the things you love. I think you will find a lot of inspiration there.
      Take a look at my Pinterest Board the Collected Look.

  4. Karen B. says

    So much to admire here. I love twin beds in a guest room. The Anna Spiro room is amazing. Summer will love “having her own room” I’ll keep your secret. Haha.
    Karen B.

  5. Teresa says

    This came at a great time for me! I love them all! I am trying to turn a guest room into a room for our twin 3 year old grandsons and I would love some ideas. I do want twin beds they do not sleep good together 😂. Thanks for all advice!

  6. Janet says

    What a timely post! I’m in the process of remodeling a beach house that will be a second home. It only has two bedrooms. I’ve debated on whether to have two twin beds or one queen bed. I think twin beds will be better to accommodate my single friends!

  7. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    I love the idea of twin beds, my mom did that in 2 of the guest rooms at her house. When all 4 of the kids come home with their kids there is enough room for all of us. I am sure that whatever you do “summers'” room will be beautiful! I love all of your inspiration.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth

      I am working on it. I do have to buy new bedding as I sold it with the last house but I am able to use a lot of the things from her former room in a new way.

  8. JB says

    To all who are considering buying twin beds for a guest room I would encourage you to purchase extra long twins. They are much more comfortable for many guests.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi JB

      Excellent comment. I should have mentioned that I did purchase extra-long twins. My son in law is 6’8 and I know Summer is going to be tall!

  9. Barb L says

    We put a twin/trundle bed into the small bedroom. I love being able to have the 2nd bed out of the way unless we have guests. It’s very functional and our (now 5 yo) grandson Max loves the trundle. In fact he calls it ‘his bedroom’ and now we all do. (The trundle is not ideal for us older adults since its so low to the floor) but we’re able to accommodate both our kids and families when they come to visit) Fortunately we have another larger room with a queen that is a lovely space for guests (the winners of the coin toss get this one). The twin bed room is on my radar (and in my dreams). I can’t wait to see yours!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barb

      We have a trundle bed that fits under our bed. It was under our daughter’s when she was growing up. We were going to toss it since we never use it anymore. Maybe we should keep it. You have me thinking.

  10. Joanna says

    I think rooms with twin beds are beautiful but I personally would not want to sleep in a twin. I would always feel I might fall out when I roll over during the night. If the room was big enough I would do one with two double beds. That way people who visit get their own bed no matter age or size and it can accommodate both couples or singles.
    I’m sure Summer’s room will be Uber cute but not cutesy. She’ll feel special having her very own room when visiting.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Joanna

      Ahhh yes two doubles are ideal, but this room barely fits two twins!! As I said I try to make them extra comfy and they are XL.

      • TAG says

        Something to keep in mind when choosing twin over double is XL twin is longer than double (same as king) and the width is half of a king. The individual sleeping area is generous. You can also push two XL twins together for a king. They sell products that join the two beds so there isn’t a gap.

  11. Kathryn says

    We created a house “built for two.” It has an open floor plan in the main area, with a corner guest room off to the side. We, too, decided on twin beds to accommodate a variety of guests, and it has worked out very well. I think couples actually enjoy a bit of solitary bed space from time to time! ☺️

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathryn

      I completely agree! My sister (when she was well) used to claim our twins were the comfiest beds she had ever slept on. I did have mattress toppers on them. Thanks for reminding me of that. I hope I can find them!!

  12. Janet says

    I’ll be following this project closely. I am also doing a twin guest room in our new house & I’m ready for all ideas. I had a great plan for a queen bed room, then — long story short — I found myself with the twin beds.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Janet

      Our other guest room has a king bed. That room will be an interesting project as well! I like having a twin bedroom. I like the options. The challenge will be making it Summer like without looking too kiddy-if you know what I mean.

      • Janet Arden says

        Same here, I want my grandsons to enjoy it for sleepovers, but need to pass on the bats/balls and cars & tucks for our adult guests. I’m thinking navy and white.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Janet

      We have found after having two large homes that people are used to sleeping in King beds and are not overly thrilled about sleeping in queens. i think you will find the twins more versatile per all of the above comments.

  13. Susan R Gordon says

    I get such a kick out of reading about your Summer. Your joy is very apparent (and very understandable). You have your 4 year old granddaughter, Summer, and I have my 4 year old grandson, August. Now wouldn’t they be a cute match?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan

      Oh my gosh these two must meet! I love that! What a beautiful name he has.

  14. Carolina says

    Always inspired by your posts of rooms created by gifted designers. I restyled my guestroom a couple of years ago with twin beds. Because I have only one guest room, I am hoping that guests who visit with a partner do not mind separate beds. Most of my guests are single. with one couple exception. Wondering what you and your readers think of not sharing a bed with someone they usually sleep with.

    • Susan R Girdon says

      My response to Carolina asking for views about couples sharing a twin room:
      1. One couple we know who always stay at 5 star accommodations still loved to visit our small beach condo and share the “Lucy/Desi room”.
      2. The wife of another couple visiting us laughingly asked for a broom. She wanted to be able to give her snoring husband a poke.
      3. The young couples staying there would push the beds together.
      No one over many years ever declined to visit because they could not sleep in one bed.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Susan

        I completely agree with your response. When we had twins in our old house many couples slept in them and everyone commented on how comfy they were. I think you are right, a vacation from an extra body is nice once in awhile especially if the beds are extra comfy!

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Susan

        I completely agree. Everyone loved our former twin bedroom and they often chose it over the king!

      • MargoT says

        HaHa! My husband and I often slept in my old room when visiting my mom. It had a twin bed with a trundle that popped up to regular bed height and we referred to the room as the “Rob & Laura Suite” aka the Dick Van Dyke Show! Sleeping in twin beds was never an issue. We have a king bed at home but I’m pretty sure I had more room in the twin as my husband takes his “half” of the bed directly out of the middle.

  15. Pamela Whitcomb says

    once our youngest son finished college and took his bedroom furniture, I made his room a ‘coastal’ themed guest room with twin beds for grandkids and other guests. It came together so well. I love that room! :)I know Summer will love ‘her room too.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Pam

      There is just something fun about a twin bedroom, isn’t there? Our other guest room is about the same size, but I don’t think it will have the character of the twins.

  16. Judy says

    I love the look of twin beds, either in a guest bedroom, or a child or teens room for their sleep-overs. The rooms in your post are PERFECT!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judy

      I do too, and I am so glad you liked the round up of twin rooms. I find them very inspirational as well.

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