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A Collected Pattern Filled Style you Will Love

Happy Sunday everyone! You know the drill. Every Sunday I join my pals Mary Ann and Annie for our Sunday Faves. This week I am sharing a yummy scallop recipe, a fun outfit of the week, and more. First let’s take a look at A Collected Pattern Filled Style you will Love.


I love Katie’s cheerful collected style. You can view her entire portfolio here., and her gorgeous textile line here. She gathers the most unexpected items and creates a whimsical harmonious mix that is full of fun.

KATIE-LEEDE-collected pattern filledLIVING-SPACE

This is Katie’s New York Apartment. You can read more about this space here on One Kings Lane.

katie leede's collected pattern filled loft
Katie Leede Collected Pattern Filled Bedroom


I Don’t know about you but I am ready for a vacation! This pretty dress from Anthro maybe going with me to a wedding in Hawaii! All items linked below the graphic.

Copy of outfit of the week anthro



This recipe Scallops With Brussel Sprouts and Bacon is from Epicurious. Steve and I both love scallops and brussel sprouts. I am going to fix this for Valentines Day.



Loved this post on my friend Elizabeth’s blog Pine Cones and Acorns penned by my friend Elizabeth (aka the Contessa) on regifting. This is a good one guys..

the vintage contessa


Who gets excited about laundry? Not me normally, but I have to admit this one caught my eye. .My friend Juliet”s post on laundry really hit home with me. FYI I wash everything by hand or in the washer (I don’t send anything to the dry cleaners anymore) but she shares a lot of new information and a great book I just ordered thanks to Juliet,

Well that’s it from my end. You can catch up with all my Sunday Favorites here. We are having the most gorgeous weather. Yesterday we went to Carmel for lunch ran into some friends and ended up spending the afternoon together. How are things in your neck of the woods? If you are in need of a little Sunday fun, pop over and visit Annie and Mary Ann. They always have something interesting to share. Thanks for reading A Collected Pattern Filled Style you Will Love.



Reader Interactions


  1. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    What a fun post. I’m always interested in better ways to clean using environmentally safe products. I’ll try Thieves, for sure.
    Karen B.

  2. Nancy says

    The scallop recipe link is not working. I don’t see where you mean, the link is below the title. What title?
    Maybe it was only good for a day?

  3. Elizabeth says

    Cindy, thank you thank you thank you for including me in your Sunday round up! I loved the post with Elizabeth, she is such an interesting and amazing lady.

    I do not eat scallops but I will share the recipe with my husband.

    I love to do laundry, I wash most everything by hand or in the washer but only use my dryer for towels, sheets and a few delicates. Most everything else is air dried. My husband is very particular about laundry so I actually gave him that book for Valentines day!

    I love that dress! IT is going to be fabulous in Hawaii! I might need it for a trip late this summer.

    Happy Valentines Day! Have a day as fabulous as you are!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eliz

      Of course I always love your posts!! I air dry everything too. I think it really helps protect them.

  4. LA CONTESSA says

    MERCI for the MENTION!
    Where on earth did you find THAT PHOTO?It is an OLD one…………
    OH HAWAII…………I need a BEACH and SUN TOO.

  5. Juliet says

    Cindy! I’m thrilled to be included in your Sunday faves. Thank you so much. Do you know I almost didn’t publish this post because … well, it’s laundry. I’m so glad I did because it’s generated a lot of discussion. As for the Contessa guest posting on Pinecones and Acorns blog … I absolutely love it! Speaking of love … that dress … and yes, I’m ready for a vacation too. And, now I’m off to lose myself in Katie’s beautiful designs before we begin our Super Bowl eatathon. Happy Sunday! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Juliet

      I think there are some genius ideas there! And I hate doing laundry! I ordered the book!

  6. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy, I love Katie’s NYC apartment. The textiles are so beautiful!
    And your outfit of the week would mix in well! It does look like you are ready for vacation…in the best possible way!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mary Ann

      Let’s go! Wait you are going to be living at the beach! You won’t need a beach vacation!!

  7. Wren says

    Good morning, My friend, Steve, sent me the same recipe and suggested we make it. Love the Contessa’s baubles….always! It’s so befitting that she’s CONTESSA. Is it a bracelet or necklace in the outfit of the week? It’s a fun piece that would jazz up any outfit ( you don’t offer a link). Reminds me a bit of the fun piece you were wearing with your red blouse for the reveal. I’m having 6 friends tomorrow night for a Galentines party, inspired by a few bloggers I read. Happy Sunday and Valentine’s!💝

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      I was burning the mnidnight oil last night and forgot the link! It is in the post now. The beaded beauty is a bracelet. Have fun tomorrow night!!

    • Katherine (Kathy) says

      Hi Cindy, yes I would like the link to the scallops as well. Enjoyed reading about the apartment, not really my style but I learned a lot and can use it in certain areas. Love the family photo ideas. You look so great.

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Kathryn

        The link to the scallops is right below the title. I corrected the link Sorry!!

  8. Teresa says

    Great post it is 23 degrees here in Cullman Alabma this morning burrr. I will be so glad when warm weather gets here we never know what our weather is going to do. They are saying tornado weather on Thursday 😩. I love the apartment style! Have a great day Cindy!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Teresa

      I thought Katie’s designs would lift our spirits this week. Especially those of you knee-deep in snow!!

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