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Five Favorites-Milieu, Survey Results and WW

Happy Sunday everyone.  Wow-what a week.  Just when we thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse.  Let’s have some fun and think positive. It is Sunday so I am joining Annie and Mary Ann for our five favorites.  Mine are all over the map this week.  Let’s take a look at my Five Favorites-Milieu, Survey Results, and WW.

Five Favorites-Milieu, Survey Results and WW

2017 Winter Issue of Milieu

I don’t know if you subscribe to Milieu.     

If you don’t you are missing a great read.  The 2017 winter issue featured this Richard Hallberg designed Malibu home.  Isn’t it wonderful?

Richard Hallberg Design featured in the winter issue of Milieu via Cindy Hatterley's blog

Richard Hallberg designed bedroom in Milieu via Cindy Hattersley's blog

Weight Watchers Weekly Favorites

I made these egg bites this week and they were delicious.  I made these ww approved substitutions. I used fresh red pepper instead of canned. I added three or four kalamata olives, and some fresh basil and green onions. I replaced the low-fat cream cheese with greek non-fat yogurt.  By the way, whenever I make scrambled eggs I add greek nonfat yogurt. It makes them much fluffier and doesn’t add a lot of calories and 0 points.  I don’t personally care for eggs.  They need to have a lot of additions for me to eat them. These were delicious

weight watchers feta egg bites

You can find the recipe here

I am going to do a Mexican version of this next week.  I find that feta can be easily substituted for cotija if it is being baked.


Do you read High Heels in the Wilderness?  Sue is a woman after my own heart.  She let her hair go gray (during covid) and I love her fashion sense.  Remember our discussion about Combat boots here.  You all had very strong opinions about that.  When I opened her blog today there she was in an H&M faux leather skirt that I was considering and combat boots! By the way, Ann Taylor and Banana also have versions of it.  I have linked them below Sues pic. Don’t you love it? Sue is coming to Ageless Style soon.

Sue Burpee in H&M & Combat boots on Cindy Hattersley's blog

I think I would wear her skirt with my favorite J Crew sweater that is 40% off that you are getting tired of seeing me in!


Thank you so much to all who filled out the survey.  It is not too late if you would still like to weigh in.  Here is the link to the survey. I always find the results fascinating.  Here are the categories and how you rated them.  Please note I left out Cooking and Entertaining.  Many of you commented on that.  Feel free to make suggestions in the comments below on that and anything else you feel is important.

More Over 50 Fashion and Style

More Ageless Style Featuring Women over 50

More Decorating Ideas and Tips

More about My Home and Design

More Over 50 Beauty and Skincare

More Gardening and My Garden

More DIY Projects

More Gray Hair Care and Tips

Most of you are from the US but many of you are also from Canada, Australia, The UK, and France.  Readers are from all over the U.S.  The largest group of you are 60-70 with 70+ coming in second, and 50-60 third. 58% of you came to the blog for Over 50 Fashion etc and 41% were more interested in Design etc.

40.3% of you would like me to post three times a week 29.9 would like me to post daily as well as 29.9 one to two times a week.

Thank you so much for all the suggestions for future posts.  There were some good ones!  I will take all of this into consideration moving forward.  As I said after I finish up a couple of projects I will no longer be doing Interior Design.  Many of you asked why.  My husband will be retiring in two years and we hope to travel more.  I want to be able to help out more with my granddaughter once we receive the vaccine.  Covid has really made it difficult receiving products.


I finally caved in and purchased the latest and greatest Iphone 12 pro max.  I never use my “good” camera anymore.  I have no idea why I waited so long.  I now can take fashion shots inside my house as you saw in my last post here.  I am in the process of pruning my roses and this is the last bouquet until March or so. Can you believe how clear this is?

Cindy Hattersley's roses
Of course, I had to order a new case.  I ordered this cute tortoise number fromAmazon.  

That’s it for my Five Favorites-Milieu, Survey Results and WW. Now pop over and see what Mary Ann and Annie are talking about.






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  1. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    I am set to buy a new iPhone, my 6S, which I love, is no longer able to be updated. (In other words, Apple is retiring it). I’m eager to upgrade partly because of the photo improvements.
    I retired a year or so ago and I truly enjoy the free time to see grandkids and work in my garden. I think you’ll love it.

  2. Annie Diamond says

    Wow! It was definitely worth getting the new iPhone if only to photograph your David Austin roses and of course Summer! Can you believe the difference. So much detail!

    Your WW breakfast meal looks delicious! I was telling Mary Ann, I need to get back on that plan and start counting those points!


  3. LA CONTESSA says

    I got the PHONE for my BIRTHDAY!
    COMBAT not for me…….we have had enough ‘HOSTILE WATERS” for the last FOUR YEARS!In defense for SUE I do think she lives where it is very cold SO THEY MUST COME IN USEFUL!I Admire the LOOK but not for myself.
    I need to get outside and finish the pruning!!
    DOn’t tell me you have fed them TOO ALREADY!!!????

  4. Leslie says

    I’m going to make those egg bites and so are several of my friends. And I decided to get that JCrew sweater in lavender. Looks like I’ll have something to look forward to. Last, I can’t believe you still have flowers that nice left in your garden. Wow!

  5. Juliet says

    Cindy … I subscribed to Milieu. WhyI haven’t I done this before?! Your egg bites look delicious … though I have no idea why you and MA are on WW … you both look amazing. Speaking of amazing, I love Sue and get a lot of style inspiration from her … although it doesn’t seem to translate into me looking any more stylish. I too finally gave in and bought the new iPhone pro. There’ve been a few glitches in the set up but the camera is absolutely incredible. xo

  6. Heidi says

    The roses. Oh my! I already have a painting planned, hope you don’t mind!
    Always fun to catch up here on Sunday, I’m late today but weighing in anyway!
    I love the pleated skirt, my mom wore pleats back in the 60’s, she was very fashionable and they remind me of her. Alas, I can’t wear one comfortably, they make me look huge (tummy!!) and I don’t like that. Combat boots don’t appeal to me, but everyone has their own style which is why fashion is fun. Your egg cups sound delicious. I always eat full fat Greek yogurt but never thought of adding it to eggs, will try next time I cook some.
    I’m envious of your new phone, you can really tell the difference in that gorgeous photo. My daughter recently traded in her 5S (!!) for one and loves it. . I have a 10 so it will be awhile before I upgrade, but I seriously need a new IPad or need to move up to a laptop. I’m having a hard time deciding, but my IPad is 8 years old!! Time for something better, that’s for sure.
    Anyway, hope this week is better for all of us, stay safe and sane and healthy Cindy!
    XO Heidi

  7. cherie says

    Your roses are absolutely divine! The combat boots not so appealing. When my daughter was wearing them back in the 90s, I thought them unattractive even on cute, young bodies. In my opinion, even in combat (the way our country is going right now, who knows…), I don’t think I’d go for them. Their appearance doesn’t do anything for my soul.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cherie
      I always love the back and forth when combat boots come up. Everyone certainly feels strongly about them one way or another! I love your comment about doing nothing for your soul. Such a good way to think about them.

  8. Kay Zmurrell says

    I take Milieu and my edition has nomRichard Hallberg house in Malibu. Is it the 2021 winter? I love the look of that house and just want to know where to find it. Love your blog! Look forward to it ! Thank you!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kay
      I emailed you directly so sorry for the confusion. It was the Milieu 2017 issue. I had it sitting right next to the current winter issue. Definitely a testimonial to how fresh the magazine is.

  9. Judee Biggles says

    May I use your photo for an oil painting project? I can’t believe how incredible
    the camera is ((I still have a “6” and as soon as the Apple store reopens in my area,
    I’m getting the 12.
    Also, I let my hair go “pewter” many years ago as I was allergic to the color molecule.
    I would like to know where I can purchase the pre blow out Moroccan Oil product you

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judee

      Of course! Please share your finished product with us!! Yeah for pewter hair! Same color as mine!! I will send you the link to the Moroccan Oil Product via email. It is the best and I have tried them all!!

  10. Wren says

    Yes, a diversion is welcome! Your floral arrangement and photo could be a Dutch still life. Enjoy those beautiful last blooms.

  11. Robin says

    Cindy, your photo is beautiful!! How did you teach yourself to take such gorgeous photos? What are your secrets? Blog post on your tips? I would love to learn from all of you talented ladies (Hello Sandra)- That might make a great collaboration between you and your buddies.
    Also- along with all the others weighing in on your survey, I am in Italy!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      HI ROBIN


  12. Linda Fant says

    As always, chock full of tidbits and recommendations! I too, don’t care for eggs, but they are an easy source of protein and so versatile that I am excited to try your egg bites!

  13. Susie Q says

    I don’t care for the combat boots, but to each his own. The flowers are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to get my oils out and paint them on canvas. Thanks for your inspiring columns.

  14. Gitte F. Olsen says

    Love the outfit. I have the skirt and will pair it with my combat boots and a sweater. I’m 66 and don’t think I’m too old for combat boots.

    Try Burga for beautiful phone cases. They have some beautiful designs.

  15. Janet says

    Your Sunday reads are the best and just what we need. I’m about to take a deep dive on High Heels in the Wilderness and then I’m going to try Greet yogurt in my eggs (which I eat all the time as lunch). And, yes, Milieu is a wonderful read. Have a great week! Looks like your survey results really delivered!

  16. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says

    Cindy, that rose bouquet photo is unbelievable.. I may print it and try to paint it. So gorgeous. I have the iPhone 11 and rarely use my camera anymore. I can only imagine the iPhone 12 is even better. Wish we lived closer so I could deliver fresh eggs from our hens. So significantly better than store bought eggs. Will try your recipe- looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  17. Susan Kelley says

    Pass on the combat boots.Look like my daughter’s Doc Martin in the 90ies! Also I had to wear brown lace ups to grammar school,never again-too many other attractive options out there!Love the roses! Things always seem to grow better in Calif rather than Florida!Keep up the posting. You all are my breakfast wake up friends every morning! realy enjoy getting new ideas from all of you bloggers!

  18. Laura says

    Love your flower pic. Could be a painting! I finally bought an iPhone 12 Pro when my 6 finally died this fall. I love mine also☺️

  19. Vieux Carre says

    Joining in re combat boots….. My opinion only, but too grunge and too contrived unless quite young. Loads of wonderful boots of all types that have style, are fun, and can be pretty. Combats are not one of them- heavy and clunking looking. . A fad that will go away soon. They remind of the Army Navy Surplus Store trend of the 70’s when I was in high school in SF.

  20. 1010ParkPlace says

    I adore Sue. For quite some time she was a valued contributor to 1010ParkPlace until I stepped away to work on my memoir. She and I share the same taste in style and designers and her combat boots and leather skirt has been hanging in my closet, waiting for someplace to wear them! xoxo, Brenda

  21. Sandra Sallin says

    That photo of the flowers is fabulous. What were you waiting for?Are you checking out the Portrait mode? It is wonderful. We use my phone for all my videos also. Always fun to read your blogs.

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