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Creative Ways to Decorate with Christmas Ornaments all Year Long

I am not a fan of Christmas decor that can be used once a year and never again. I have some beautiful Christmas Ornaments that I have used different times throughout the year.  When Artful Home asked me to collaborate with them and come up with some creative ways to reuse and recycle their beautiful hand blown art glass ornaments I intentionally selected colors that were not specific to Christmas. If you don’t choose ornaments that are too literal you can find creative ways to decorate with Christmas ornaments all year long.  creative ways to use ornaments all year long

I started with a great stoneware vase in blue, branches from my yard, and these gorgeous ornaments hand blown glass ornaments from Artful Home.

creative ways to use ornaments all year long

Clockwise right to left the ornaments are  Top left, bella notte,  top right sea spray, and bottomcrystal blue persuasion. All three are by different artists but they are perfectly gorgeous together. Check the pictures in the catalog for image accuracy.

creative ways to decorate with christmas ornaments all year long

Here I added these mother of pearl art glass ornaments .

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

I couldn’t decide if I liked the blue alone or the combination?  What do you think?

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

I love fall decorating so I had to do one more fall table before we totally delve into Christmas.

creative ways to use Christmas ornaments all year long

I love the textural tension between the blue stoneware and the blown glass ornaments. I am also crazy about this color of blue with orange, so I loved combining the two.

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

If you love blue at Christmas you could easily do this same arrangement and add red. I am seriously in love with these ornaments, and I am planning to do just that.

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

I have done so many Christmas tables over the years for different events. Lately, I have enjoyed thinking outside of the box when it comes to Christmas colors and decor.  I often do neutrals in my dining room. I like the simplicity of plain white candles in a rustic bowl with walnuts, these luscious mother of pearl art glass ornaments , and a little Spanish moss.

 creative ways to use Christmas ornaments all year long

If you live near the Coast it would be fun to fill a huge antique trencher with the mother of pearl art glass ornaments , all kinds of coral, driftwood and the sugar baby ornaments        

Place a sugar baby ornament at each place setting for guests to take home and hang on their tree.

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

If you would like to continue with the coastal theme wrap your packages in sea blue and gold instead of the traditional red and green for a pretty update

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

For the ornament collector or special friend tie on an ornament.

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

creative ways to use christmas ornaments all year long

Do you stick to the traditional red and green for Christmas? Or do you like to shake it up a bit?  If you step outside the box may have some fun and find creative ways to decorate with your Christmas ornaments all year long.   Artful Home has a many more beautiful art glass ornaments to choose from on the website here.

I would like to thank Artful Home for sponsoring this post and giving me the opportunity to work with these gorgeous ornaments.  I am posting concurrently on the Artful Home Blog today. You might want to check out their blog as well if you love artist made goods for your home.

You might want to check out my previous post How to Transition your Christmas Ornaments from Holiday to any Day for more creative ideas.


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  1. Theresa Ball says

    Cindy, I recently found your blog through a home Christmas tour. THEN, I stumbled upon your post of the blue glass ornaments from Artful Home and the stunning arrangement of the ornaments, sticks, and rustic vase. The light coming through the ornaments is downright beautiful. I realized I could “sort-ta” copy the idea with a few glass ornaments I had. Although not as beautiful as yours (it’s without the overall theme of blue), the arrangement (pine boughs in lieu of sticks) for Christmas in my dining room is different, new to the eye, and I love it each time I pass. The light also comes through several! Moving beyond Christmas, I just ordered 3 blue glass ornaments from Artful Home to start the arrangement that duplicates yours. While the price of each is not unreasonable, I will have to go slowly over this year to build to 9-10 by next Christmas. All blue ornaments definitely works in my dining room – year-round! NOW, my husband will be surprised when I ask to accompany him on his walks by a nearby creek to pick up sticks! What!!??
    I look forward to reading future posts.

  2. Taste of France says

    Those are beautiful ornaments. Most of mine are sentimental–things I grew up with and wrestled away from my mom, or things I bought on travels. Or totally cheap schlock from Ikea to fill in the holes. On a real tree, there are always holes.
    I love the juxtaposition between the rustic stoneware vase, the delicate, elegant glass balls and the sculptural branches. Just perfect. You have a great eye. And your result is beautiful and not really Christmassy–unless one wants it to be so. Very true that your creation could span the seasons.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      My tree is a mishmash of sentimental ornaments as well, and that is just the way I like it. I have added a few “pretty” ornaments over the years for cohesion. That is what Christmas is all about, isn’t it?

  3. Karen Bunch says

    These are beautiful in blue…I could see using them in a bowl with shells during the summer months. Their truly little glass spheres of beauty.
    Thanks for inspiring me.

  4. Gail Storti says

    Cindy, what a wonderful idea to use special ornaments for occasions other than Christmas. I adore those beautiful ornaments, the blue with orange is gorgeous and perfect for a fall table. And I can see them with green, white and silver for spring. Your posts are always so inspirational. Thank you!

  5. holly says

    Beautiful – love the wrapping of gifts. Sweet gift + sweet wrap = lucky person! Love that you didn’t adhere to traditional Christmas colors too. Although I love the green & red of the season, it is too samey-samey – love your fresh ideas. 💙💛💙

  6. Celia Becker says

    Cindy, those are some of the most beautiful ornaments I’ve ever seen. Your idea to use them year round is brilliant. How pretty they looked in your lovely antique wooden tray. And what a great way to add so much pizazz to a gift by using the ornaments as gift tie-ons. That’s definitly two gifts in one!

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