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Ageless Style- Susie Wright

I am so happy to be interviewing Susie from So Susie this month on Ageless Style. I feel so fortunate to be able to meet (albeit electronically) these amazing women.  Each and every one of them has inspired me in some way and Susie is no exception. I feel if we were to meet in person we would be fast friends.  She loves pasta, but tries not to eat it, tries to eat mostly healthy foods, doesn’t really like to exercise, doesn’t take supplements but knows she should, and never intended to model on her blog.  Hmmmmm, sound like someone you know? Welcome to Ageless Style-Susie Wright, we can’t wait to get to know you better.


Cindy Hattersey's Ageless Style featuring Susie Wright

I know that you worked for Nordstrom for many years as a buyer, but now you work as a personal stylist. Do you find the one-on-one interaction to be more satisfying?

I loved being a buyer got Nordstrom, it was an exciting time, but after having three children, I knew it wouldn’t be conducive for family life, so I took ten years off. When I went back as a personal stylist, I found great satisfaction in not only helping women get dressed but developing relationships that have lasted years and go way beyond the clothes!
susie wright in safari jacket and jeans
How long have you been blogging at So Susie?
I started So Susie 2 1/2 years ago as a way to share outfit inspiration with my friends and clients. My buying experience has been a key part in this journey.
Portland Fashion blogger Susie Wright

Portland Fashion blogger Susie Wright for Ageless Style with Cindy Hattersley

Has your blog evolved over time or has your concept remained the same from the start? 
The original concept never included me being in the photos, and I certainly never dreamed it would grow and reach people across the country. It also took me over a year to figure out what it was I was trying to accomplish. Now I know!
What type of advice do your readers most often look to you for?
With online shopping offering all of us endless ideas and options, it’s my job to handpick the best of the best that’s out there and present it in a way that’s inspiring and helpful. I think sharing my dressing room experiences on what sells and what people are loving readers seem to like. As well anything denim related is always a hot topic 🙂
susie wright in black jeans and white tee
Who Inspires You and Why?
Other bloggers because this is a 24/7, full-time gig that looks way easier than it is!!
What is your favorite accessory?
A bag!
What are your favorite color combinations?
Faded denim with just about everything!
susie wright in jean jacket
How would you define your own personal style?
Do you have a signature piece that defines your style?
susie wright in white tee and jeans
I notice you have a darling home. Do you dress like your home?
Aw thank you:)
I love black and don’t have any in my house, but I also love light pink, white and blue so yes those things work nicely in my home!
What are your favorite beauty products and why can’t you live without them?
Retinol from the dermatologist, Giorgio Armani foundation and Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Chanel mascara and blush. With these things, I feel refreshed and pretty. They always do the trick
Do you have any style rules that you live by, or do you choose to break the rules?
I’m not good with rules they feel too constraining:) or I adopt something and then change my mind
susie wright in safari jacket and jeans
What are your favorite online and or boutique sources?
Who What Wear and Sheerluxe for style inspo. Le Catch is my favorite blog and then of course Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Shopbop, Anthropologie, and Revolve are my daily go-to’s!
 Do you have a particular diet and or exercise regime that you follow
Not really. Fish, vegetables, and tomatoes are something I eat every single day! trying to cut our pasta and rice although I could eat every day too. I’m thinking about getting a trainer because I don’t particularly like exercising. I do try and walk regularly
susie wright in safari jacket and jeans
Do you have any anti-aging foods and or supplements that are your go to’s 
No – I don’t really take supplements – I probably should
What advice do you have for women over 50
It’s never too late to start something – I had no idea I’d be a blogger at 56 – something I started in my early 50’s!
susie wright in pink and white zara shirtdr
If you love this darling shirtdress from Zara (I knew you were going to ask) I found it in multiple sizes on Ebay here. Susie really is the master of the high and low, and I know how you ladies love a bargain! Thank you so much Susie for allowing us a peek into your style and thank you for reading Ageless Style-Susie Wright.  You might also enjoy last month’s ageless style post on the darling Kerry Lou Henson here. You can also find all of my past Ageless Style Posts here.
You can follow Susie on Instagram here. I got lost in her Instagram stories last night when I should have been sleeping!! You can find her blog here




Ageless Style Cindy Hattrersley and the Vintage Contessa








Reader Interactions


  1. Ginger says

    Late to the party here but glad I made it! Susie style seems so relaxed and refreshing! Love her pale pink handbag! Going to find her on instagram. Thank you Cindy and Susie!

  2. Juliet says

    Susie! Where have you been hiding?! I adore you and already subscribed to your blog. Thanks for the tip off to Le Catch as well. And you’re right … blogging is a lot harder (and more time consuming) than it looks. Cindy, you’ve done it again … I adore this series. You and our favorite Contessa never fail to introduce us to inspiring … and fun … women! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Juliet

      So glad you loved the interview with Susie! I think you have similar styles!!

  3. Sue Burpee says

    Love all Susie’s looks. I follow her on IG. Being a personal stylist is about so much more than style. The “personal” bit is key in my view. I used to visit the personnel shopper at Holt Renfrew here in Ottawa and now she’s one of my best friends. Thanks for a great post. Cindy. 😊

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sue

      I so agree with what you are saying. A big part of what Susie does I am sure is tuning in to each clients own personal style and expanding on it. I couldn’t do it!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barb

      I think you will enjoy Susie’s blog. It is filled with useful information!

  4. Sandra Sallin says

    Well, what fun. I love a personal dresser that loves jeans!!! That’s the way it is these days. Susie is a delight and I can’t wait to check out her instagram and blog. Simply lovely. Does she work remotely these days? Lovely to see someone so casual yet polished.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Sandra I agree jeans have been my uniform for years. Susie really knows how to take them up a notch!

  5. Wren says

    I like her style! She seems down to earth but with a dash of Chanel and YSL and doesn’t seem hung up about designer logos. “Cute” woman. My high/low is Banana Republic/Old Navy. Haha!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      I love your high and low! Isn’t Susie just a breath of fresh air? Love her style!!

  6. Kathy Walker says

    Enjoyed this interview. Would like to know where Susie got her olive denim jacket. So cute.

    • Susie says

      Hi Kathy,
      The olive jacket is from last season and was $59 – 1822 denim is the brand, and I’ve been in touch with the brand, and they are restocking it this may. I’ll be writing about on the blog and Instagram the minute I spit it since it was a favorite and so well priced!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kathy

      Follow Susie’s blog and you will know when that jacket becomes available!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sarah

      Just getting to the comments a busy week here! I am so glad you enjoyed the interview. I would never had met you if it weren’t for Ageless Style!

  7. Karen B. says

    I always enjoy these posts and come away with ideas and inspiration for fashion.
    I am now following Susie’s blog.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I am also inspired by each and every woman I interview. Elizabeth and I so enjoy this series!

  8. Susie says

    Thank you Cindy for the interview, I’m so flattered you asked me! When the time comes I’m happy to share my home – we’re about to start a bathroom remodel!
    Thank you to everyone for such kind comments!
    Susie xxxxx

  9. Francesca B. says

    Thank you Cindy for featuring So Susie she is the best! I have been following her for a while now and just love her posts which are always fun and creative and has so many wonderful finds. Her daughter Emily also has wonderful selections that my daughter loves, and also nephews and nieces, so that helps at Christmas time and when I am looking for gifts everyone would swoon over. I like the way Susie shows high end clothes and reasonable priced items so you can get an idea how to put together a look and learn from the best. Yeah for happiness:)

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Francesca

      I agree. Susie does such a good job of showcasing the high and the low. Doesn’t she look amazing in that Zara dress?

  10. kim says

    So fun to read about Susie! I love her style and classic chic. Good for a stylist from Nordy’s for starting a blog. I used to work at Nordstrom and the people who were personal shoppers were so talented. I look forward to following her! xo Kim

  11. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says

    Cindy, thank you for sharing Susie. I hadn’t heard of her blog so I will check it out. I have also never heard of Hi/Low style so perhaps I need someone to define that further. Her home looks spectacular and I agree with La Contessa, we need a house tour. Fun post. Thank you!

  12. Julie B says

    I really enjoyed reading about Susie and discovering another gem to follow! PS…crazy about the Vintage Contessa’s denim smoked top maxi dress. Would love to know more about it asap. <3

  13. Heidi says

    Hi Cindy,
    This was a fun read! I really like Susie’s style, it’s relatable, and she doesn’t look like she tried too hard or is wearing a costume! I’m looking forward to following her on Instagram and will check out her blog.
    I love the closing photo of you and Elizabeth! You both look so chic, and those smiles show you are loving life!
    Hope you’re doing well!
    XO Heidi

  14. 1010ParkPlace says

    This is my first introduction to Susie Wright! Thanks so much, Cindy. Susie and I have the same philosophy about pasta, exercise and never wanting to be a model in our own blog. I put that off for a couple of years until I had no choice. And faded denim! Oh, yes! Hi Susie! Your website/Instagram are my next stops. xoxox, Brenda

  15. Joanna says

    Thank you for featuring Susie. Her style aesthetic lines up with mine – simple, clean, classic. I’m now following her on Instagram.

  16. LA CONTESSA says

    Loved the peek into her home maybe you need to follow up with a HOUSE TOUR CINDY!!
    I wonder if SUSIE knows what a SALLY BROWN was?That is where I started at NORDSTOM’s which turned into a full time gig with the PERSONAL SHOPPER years ago!
    I will pop over to her blog and see what I have been missing!
    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the answers and finding NEW PEOPLE TO FOLLOW!
    Susie, a personal trainer is GOOD but if I were you I would find a PILATES REFORMER CLASS……..cheaper and more stretching the BOD!I have done it ALL and that was my personal favorite until COVID STRUCK!

    • Susie says

      Hi and yes I know what a Sally Brown is!!!!! Since I started in 1982 🙂 Thank you for the Pilates tip – I’ve done it before and it does amazing things. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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