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Two Weddings, Santa Ynez and more

Happy Sunday everyone.  We are in Santa Monica celebrating the wedding of Mary Ann’s darling daughter Ali.  We stopped in Santa Ynez on our way here so my Sunday favorites are all about our trip. Let’s join Classic Casual Home and Most Lovely Things for some Sunday fun, Two Weddings, Santa Ynez and more.


We love wine tasting in Santa Ynez. They have great Pinots and Chardonnays, beautiful wineries, and more and more great restaurants.

We love Babcock.  We have been wine club members for several years.  It is a complete experience.  I will post more in stories.

babcock winery

We love SY kitchen for dinner in Santa Ynez.

sy kitchen


Here is a candid shot of Mary Ann’s daughter Alexandra with her friends.  The party was wonderful, and we were honored to be included.  Pop over and visit Classic Casual Home for more details.

Alexandra and friends


I am always inspired by the beautiful work of Ohara Davies  Gaetano.  You can find her entire portfolio here

You can follow her on Instagram here

The ceiling in this dining space is to die for.

odg interiors dining room

odg interiors living room


I don’t often feature dresses and you ask.  This Free People dress comes in multiple colorways.  I like the bohemian feel without being too boho.  I think I could wear this.  It appears to be a little low cut so I added a cami.

outfit free people



Unfortunately my darling niece Erin planned a celebration of her wedding on the same day and time.  We had already committed to coming to Santa Monica several months ago.  We are so sorry we missed her celebration.  Here are a couple of shots sent by my daughter.

The bride and groom.

Erin and Paul

One of the crazy guests “aka Summer”

Summer at the Wedding

Thank you for reading Two Weddings, Santa Ynez, and more.  We are heading to Santa Barbara.  Follow me on Instagram for more on that. Now pop over and visit



Reader Interactions


  1. Mary Ann Pickett says

    I feel so honored that you came to our party, Cindy!!!! Love the ceiling in that dining room.

  2. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    The weather appears to have been perfect for the party. What fun. Summer looks like she had fun at your niece’s wedding party. =D
    Have a wonderful time in Santa Barbara. I’ll look forward to hearing about what you find. It’s been a few years since we’ve been to SB. Our youngest son graduated from UCSB.

  3. Marcia Rayne says

    I have only been to Santa Ynez once. We attended a wedding in Santa Barbara. Our friend married the daughter of a movie star. We visited a couple of wineries the day before. One was Gainey Vineyards. And we just happened to be seated at the same table at the wedding with the owner.(a very nice man) I wanted to talk about wine and he wanted to talk about my horses! We went to Solvang and stopped at another winery along the way. What a trip! Now I need to visit Babcock! And maybe make it down to the Blu Canoe on Balboa Island.
    Loved your post ! Summer is such a delight!

  4. Laurie says

    Hi Cindy! Thanks for sharing your trip to Santa Ynez on your travels. I was hoping you would have shared what you wore to the wedding as I have one in October and have no clue what to wear. If you can – please share! Also I love the blog and can’t wait for Sundays to see what you have shared. Never disappoints. Thank you!!!!!

  5. Laura says

    Can’t wait to hear about Santa Barbara-my second hometown! I have not been in years and miss my favorite spot, Joe’s on lower State Street.

    • Christine! says

      Its still going strong- Lucky Brand jeans owner is the operator now, if you don’t already know

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Christine

        That is so interesting! State Street looked pretty sad to be honest. I think Covid did many places in. Nordstrom is gone, Anthro moved I think to a cheaper location. Not many interesting shops besides Rooms and Gardens!

  6. Annie Diamond says

    Two beautiful weekends in one weekend, what are the odds? Probably a little greater since couples have maybe waited a year due to the pandemic. Summer looks like she danced the night away. Can’t wait to talk next week with Mary Ann to hear more about Ali’s wedding!!

    Love that ceiling! It sort of looks like a vintage rug!

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