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A Simple Tomato Salad, Closet Organizing Tips You Will Love, and More

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I am joining Annie and Mary Ann for our Sunday Fab Five. Let’s chat about A Simple Tomato Salad, Closet Organizing Tips You Will Love, and More.


There are a few designers and architects whose work I turn to again and again for inspiration and Jeffrey Dungan’s work is at the top of that list. If I were young with unlimited funds, I would love to have Jeffrey Dungan design my home. If you aren’t following him on Instagram you can do it here. His book The Nature of Home which you can find on Amazon here is one of my all-time favorites. I am hoping he will write another soon.

This Alys beach home which he designed with the wonderful Beth Web is striking in its simplicity.

jeffrey dungan design with Beth Webb

I adore the mix of textures in this Jeffrey Dungan-designed Colorado retreat. He really knows how to meld his designs with the surrounding landscape.

jeffrey dungan designed colorado retreat

Anyone else craving this gorgeous office space?

jeffrey dungan office design


The beauty of being our age is that we are not slaves to trends. However, we don’t want to have the same hairstyle we had in our high school yearbook picture. It is always fun to sew what the latest trends are even if we can’t embrace them. Check out the latest hairstyle trends from London Fashion week on R29 here.


This lovely utility jacket is in the Sundance Outlet store, I paired it with their legends turtleneck (one of the most well made in my opinion), Lysee faux suede leggings (I own them and love them) and my favorite Gentle Souls Emma booties (on sale at Zappos right now) FYI you can still get 20% off with the code CINDY20 at checkout for all Lysee products.

Outfit of the week, sundance, briton, and gentle souls



We are still harvesting tomatoes but I am dreaming of Spring planting. This article from Gardenista on how to put your garden to bed for winter is a good one.



Do You Follow Kathy Perdue on Instagram? I know many of you enjoyed Kathy’s blog, The Good Life of Design when she was.still blogging. This past week Kathy shared some great closet organizing tips along with her favorite products.


We still have tons of tomatoes from our garden. Tomorrow our son and daughter in law are coming to celebrate their birthdays. I am serving Empanadas from Bramble Pie Company and this simple tomato salad from Cookie and Kate for lunch.


That’s it from my desk this week. This week you got six for the price of five! Thank you for reading A Simple Tomato Salad, Closet Organizing Tips You Will Love, and More. As always you can find any of my Sunday Fab Five that you may have missed here. Now let’s pop over and visit Annie and Mary Ann to see what they were up to this week.



Reader Interactions


  1. Juliet says

    Jeffrey Dungan … yes! You always introduce me to the best designers. Love your outfit of the week … I alway s do. Those booties are great. It’s a little chilly and my feet are ready for fall footgear. Hope you had a fun birthday celebration with your son and daughter-in-law … I’ll bet they loved the menu! Have a great week. xo

  2. Barb L says

    The salad looks delicious. My garden is finally looking the way I had hoped for the summer. Oh well – I’ll be pulling it out and winterizing soon. You are so right about dressing in our comfort zone! You always look so great , I appreciate all the tips! Love the closet organization tips, I’m in the middle of my summer/winter switch out.

  3. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! That tomato salad looks gorgeous! I’m hoping we still have a few when we get back! I always love to winterize the garden. That was a great article in Gardenista! I, too, had to laugh at all of Kathy Sue’s stripe shirts after a purge, no less! I 3 and have been wearing them to death!

  4. Karen B. says

    Hi Cindy,
    I agree with you on the topic of wearing what you’re comfortable in rather than staying with trends. That’s age (maybe) where you know precisely who you are and are comfortable wearing what you like. 😊
    That tomato salad looks delicious. I’ll be making that this week as we’re having a revisit of summer. Ugh.
    Have a great week.
    Karen B.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I am loving summer still! It always cools off at night here so I am so enjoying eating outdoors as long as we can!

  5. Kathy Perdue says

    Cindy, thank you so much for generously sharing my Instagram page. I’m so touched. Happy you liked some of my tips!
    You’re the BEST,! 😘❤️🙏

  6. Mary from Life at Bella Terra says

    Cindy, love the garden photo. As most of the country is preparing their gardens for a winter rest, mine will be busy with fall and winter planting. And thanks for the reminder to purge and clean my closet! Happy Sunday.

  7. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Kathysue is so great! I had to laugh when I saw how many striped shirts she still has AFTER purging…well, they are classic.
    Happy birthday to the kids. That salad looks amazing!

  8. Rose says

    Hi Cindy—Love your blog. A few questions that keep popping up? Are leggings still on trend and can you pull off a sophisticated look without looking that you’re trying too hard? I’ve also read on a few blogs that animal print is out? I’m confused and don’t want to look dated. Please help.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Rose

      In regards to leggings, I do not think they are popular with younger women now. I do think they will always be a staple for those of us at a certain age with longer tunics and tops. I like something slimmer under something full. There was also the trend of wearing slim pants under dresses this year. I think at our age we wear what we love and feel most comfortable in. I don’t care for leggings unless the top is long enough to cover “one’s assets” at whatever age. If you are concerned about whether animal print is still on trend, you might want to check out the articles below

      I think women our age should wear whatever they feel most comfortable in while keeping our looks fresh and “somewhat” current. I am no expert.I love a wide-leg pant as well. I don’t care personally for the current mom jean trend because I don’t look good in them due to my body shape. I hope that helps!

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