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Things Your Kids Don’t Want When You Downsize

Happy Sunday! Today I am joining my pals Annie and Mary Ann for our Sunday fab five. Today let’s talk about Things Your Kids Don’t Want When You Downsize (can you guess what they are?) our outfit of the week, pretty Instagram and more.


This week this shirt dress/tunic from Farm Rio was the foundation of this outfit. Isn’t it so great? Denim leggings from Lyssee, a great bag and earrings from Etsy, sandals from the Sac and Rayban Sunnies. FYI the dress could be worn alone.

farm rio outfit of the week



House and Garden UK. Love this kitchen by Sebastian Bergstrom


Another charming square from House and Garden UK via Studio Peake.


Christopher Sptizmuller’s Instagram account is filled with beautiful vignettes. You might enjoy his charming book A Year at Clovebrook Farm as well on Amazon.



Before everyone get’s all worked up and thinks this is political, it is not. I have to be honest, I do not sleep well. I tend to listen to documentaries (because I don’t necessarily need to watch them) so I don’t wake Steve up. I can’t even see the titles very well. I had no idea that the Gingrich Foundation put this out. That being said I don’t care. This is very well done and has nothing to do with politics. I would like to watch it again when I can pay better attention. It is all about the founding five and what each of them brought to the table. I found it fascinating. The acting isn’t that great but the information very good. Regardless of your politics, this is a good one. Isn’t it kind of sad that we can’t just watch it because it is good? Watch The First American on Prime, you won’t be sorry.

The-First-American on Prime


So many of you have asked me to do a post on wedding wear, I thought you might enjoy Juliet’s post What to Wear to a Formal Wedding. Fyi doesn’t she look darling?



I love this! As you know we downsized and are now upsizing a bit. I hear from you all about the things you would love to pass on to your kids but they really don’t want them. Thought you would enjoy this article from Forbes The Top Ten Things Your Kids Don’t Want. Does it sound familiar?








Thank you so much for joining me for Things Your Kids Don’t Want When You Downsize. You can find all of my Sunday Fab Five posts here if you missed any. Now pop over and visit my pals Mary Ann and Annie for their favorites. They are always full of fun.



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  1. Jan Correll says

    I loved each and every article. And that Farm Rio jacket was wonderful. As you know, we are downsizing although our new home is bigger, too, and I decided that this was not my right to throw away my children’s things I saved for them. So after 40 years, I delivered boxes and containers to our son and shipped 8 boxes including trophies and many things mentioned in the article to our daughter in Texas.

    We have given many things away and sold some things. I have decided that unless I can take something to our beach house in 2-3 years, (which is where we will end up), that it is not coming into our home.

    But don’t hold me to that! 🙂

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jan

      That sounds familiar! When we left our last home I said take it or dump it! I cannot believe the things I held on to!! I am glad this new home does not have a large attic.

  2. Ann wimmer says

    What a treasure trove of delightful discoveries and topics!

    As a lover of all things old, I feel sorry for the generations behind …. When they realize how beautiful it is to hold something in your hand that your ancestors once held.

    Love, Ann

  3. Cara (S. Fla) says

    Thanks for the recommendation. I greatly enjoyed the book The Founding Brothers, and hope you may, too!

  4. LA CONTESSA says

    What comes around goes around everything comes BACK into FASHION.
    Times are changing and I HOPE there is a BIG CHANGE in the GADGET INDUSTRY I would think Steve Jobs is ROLLING IN HIS GRAVE As he had young kids too.LOOK WHAT HE HAS CREATED!A BUNCH OF NON COMMUNICATING KIDS AND ADULTS.As far as the TEN THINGS I have been placing “NOTES” on the bottom of items that belonged to their GREAT grandparents……for instance GENERAL Nathanaels’s Greenes dueling pistols.I also started a book with photographs so they KNOW!The rest of the stuff can go…………the estate agent will have a ball with my house!That is if PUTIN doesn’t BLOW US ALL UP!
    I do have feelings something awful will happen here……….we are a little to close to RUSSIA at the ALASKAN border!25 miles and 16 miles!!!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Elizabeth

      My kids want some of our things, but they certainly don’t want all of it!!

  5. BETH 25 says

    I love the Farm Rio dress, but I believe I will shorten it, as you did and wear it as a tunic or shirt jacket. The entire outfit would certainly add a spot of fun to my wardrobe of basics. I have read many articles about What our children don’t want. As a childless person, I face a huge declutter. I have a few things pieces of Important jewelry to pass on to my cousins children. I am planning to start with clothes, books and antique linens. I still entertain, but I really can’t deal with all the things. I know what I need to save. I know there will come a time when those items must go, too. My biggest decision will be deciding what to do with my art collection. They have value, both sentimental and financial; however, several may belong in museums. I would prefer to enjoy them for my lifetime, but I need to make provisions for where they will go later.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Beth

      The people whose home we just purchased have a vast art collection as well. They are facing that same dilemma as they are downsizing. We also have a vast collection of antiques and some art. Our children surprisingly do want some of our things. The problem is room. My daughter has a small house. My son’s house isn’t small but they don’t want their home to look stuffed either. Now that we are moving back into a larger home we will be fine for now, but at some point we will be faced with the problem once again. The good news is we purged a lot after the last move.

  6. LYLE1914 says

    Thank you so much for the dresses with sleeves-just this week I found the perfect navy floral tea length dress at SheIn for $30 for my niece’s wedding in June

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lyle

      So glad to hear that. I have not purchased from them before but have been tempted!

  7. Nancy Brantley says

    It is so interesting to hear everybody’s story because I don’t really KNOW how each individual has lived their life in this world I have not been living since earth was created and KNOW exactly how everybody’s life has been since creation. But thanks for speaking your FREEDOM or is that a word??? Love your blog, Cindy!! Some kids don’t want what parents and grandparents had in their homes. I’m glad because my house is furnished with quality furniture and accessories from thrift and antique stores.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I don’t have any fine silver, crystal, or anything like that. We have never entertained formally much. My mom threw everything out. She was the polar opposite of hoarding. We purged a lot with the last move but we still need to purge more!

  8. Kim says

    I think keeping silver and china is a good idea and I am grateful to have my grandmother’s and mothers and I think my kids want it too. Furniture and figurines and other tchotchkes are a no. Having cleaned out my grandmother’s place – which took us one year, she never got rid of anything being a child of the depression. Well the bad part about that was the good things she did have, got lost in the huge amount of other crud and many got ruined, broken, etc. Everytime I keep something I think, will my kids want this? A quarterly purge is helpful! Love these kitchens very much and your pretty outfit. Cindy I hope you get those red ray bans! You would look lovely in them. As far as the show, you can say you don’t agree with his politics, even if you appreciate the show. x Kim

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kim

      Love the quarterly purge idea. Will you remind me to do that!! And yes to let’s keep our minds open to hey if it is a good show who cares who produced it. My pointwith the documentary was it was dark I like documentaries and it was good (not the acting). Maybe we should all have blinders on sometimes with our ears open. Maybe we would all not be so uptight about everything. We are all Americans.

  9. Lauren says

    I don’t agree about the dishes and silver….depends on how you taught your kids to view these things. If they only get hauled out for dinners like Christmas, etc. then yes they are unlikely to want them because they see it as a chore. On the other hand if like me you kept them accessible and taught them to use them all the time they are likely to want them. In the Winter a dinner of soup with a real soup spoon just feels good (and soup is easier to eat with a spoon designed for it). Then you use the soup bowls for a big dinner salad in the warm weather. You get the idea. And as for the silver polishing it is not a big deal to do that job with the aluminum foil, boiling water, baking soda and salt…..and its you use the silver flatware all the time it does not need polishing very often. The other factor is teaching kids to value the things that we are blessed to have….not just for the sake of having “things” but for appreciating what someone else designed and created rather than everything is disposable. Living life on different levels makes it more interesting as well….hot dog on a paper plate for lunch and then dinner on good china makes for a more well rounded life experience. And yes they are discussing who gets the dishes and the silver 🙂

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lauren

      Great comments. To be honest in our family our kids have been happy to inherit “some” of our treasures. They have their own style but they respect the old, and the new. We didn’t have any fancy silver, so that was not an option in our family. Both our son and daughter in law and our daughter and son in law have been happy to receive and incorporate some of our treasures into their homes. But there are some things they feel free to say no thanks. We have no problem with that.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      HI Lauren

      I love that! My kids like our stuff too but not all…great topic for discussion…thanks for weighing in

  10. Elizabeth says

    Cindy, I love your Sunday series with Annie and MaryAnn. It is always fun to see what catches your eye. Farm Rio is one of my favorites, that dress/shirt is so fabulous! By the way, TJMaxx and Marshalls online have had some farm rio pieces and they were very reasonable, in case you are in the market. Before we moved our old Tjmaxx had tons and tons of Johnny Was, my new TJMaxx doesn’t have “The Runway” so I do not see to many pieces.
    That kitchen is fabulous! So many beautiful ideas, especially the island.
    I’ve not watched this movie, it sounds very interesting. I am a student of the world as you can tell from my Friday posts, I will read almost anything and take something from everything I read and watch. Thank you for the tip.
    I am sorry that you are having a hard time sleeping.
    Have a fabulous week my friend.

    • Elizabeth says

      One more thing, I forget to mention how beautiful Juliet looked! Her post on wedding styles was fabulous!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eliz

      I should preface with I don’t sleep well but I am never tired so you don’t need to worry about me. I try to be on Steve’s schedule early to bed and early to rise. The problem is he goes to bed a little too early for me. Oh well, it all works. I too am a student of history. Not all of our history is good, but it is still our history. It would be sad if future generations lost that. Should we use the common moral standards of today as benchmarks by which wejudge past behaviors of our forefathers? Willette brought up some good points.It is very complex.

  11. debra @ 5th and state says

    I immediately ordered that jacket, may look like the side of a barn. who knows maybe it will inspire me!

    I am reading about the First American wondering why Cindy is saying it’s not about politics, and I am wondering why it would be until I scrolled further. if my pal says it’s good, then I am good to go


    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Disney Princess I mean Debra

      I guess I should have been more specific…it is not about “today’s” politics. It is about the politics of our forefathers. What fascinated me was how each of the five brought different strengths to the table

  12. Annie Diamond says

    I love that Jacket! What a fun outfit! I can see you wearing that. Love that article! I gave so much china and crystal away when we moved to CA 10 years ago…and now my daughter buys it at thrift stores. hahaha
    I love that kitchen. It looks they used a butcher block and a cafe curtain on a stainless island…giving me ideas!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Keen Eye…yes I think the skirt could have been a tad longer..what do you think?

  13. Juliet says

    Cindy! What a thrill to find myself in your coveted list of weekly favs! Thank you for the mention … weddings are big this year. Absolutely love your outfit of the week. And that magnificent kitchen… the island skirt is divine. It pained me to read ‘what your kids don’t want, but it’s true and we just face up to it. I wonder if there’s anything you regret disposing off now that you’re moving into your beautiful new home? Sometimes I’m too quick to let things go … a side effect of frequent moves. Happy Sunday! xo

  14. Julie says

    Good for you. I’m tired of being told what I can and can’t watch, say or do because someone might feel hurt. I’m tired of the manipulation some feel they deserve to impose on us because of …fill in the blank. I look forward to enriching my education on the founding fathers. Everything is not political, people make everything in their lives political for their own reasons. Open-minded, kind human beings remember we are all just trying to do our best. Well, most of us anyway. Thanks for the recommendation. Always enjoy hearing what others are reading and viewing. Some I like, some I don’t but how lovely to be able to make that choice.

    • Cindy Hattersley says


      Amen…We are all just people…grateful to be able to share our thoughts with others, because we all have the same goals I hope…

  15. Linda Lennon says

    As a retired librarian of 30 years I value the freedom to read, watch and listen to whatever I want. 1776 is a great book to read and Turn a very interesting series to watch. I often wonder where our personal political leanings would have been back then! Thanks for all your recommendations!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Linda

      So true …that is why I am fascinated by our forefathers, for their minds and wisdom good or bad…I am going to check out 1778 and Turn thank you so much

  16. Shari Goodman says

    Cindy, thank you for ALL the recommendations! It’s quite frightening when there are those who would like to censor, silence, and remove those with whom they disagree.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Shari

      We all just have to keep trying to remind each other of our commonalities that we all value no matter our politics. That is what makes us strong I hope.

  17. Judy says

    My husband and I have three adult children…One married for quite a few years…one divorced and one recently engaged. They all own their own homes and I have been quite surprised and delighted at a few of the family items that they have asked for. I have never wanted any of them to take anything that they didn’t want, just to keep it in the family. They each had such a love for their grand parents, that they all said certain items continue to remind them of all the love they felt from them. After both of my parents had passed and we were clearing out their furniture, our oldest, who had just bought his first home, had asked if he could have their dining room pieces. Some months later, he told me that everyday he sits in the dining chair that my father always sat in, and he said…”I feel grandpa every time I sit in it”. That truly brought tears to my eyes.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judy

      Your kids sound like mine. And you my dear are a good mom. Take what you want.

  18. Cind ylou says

    You are so right about our kids not wanting our things. I love dishes and ceramics and I have about 5 or 6 sets of dishes, mainly Spode- Christmas Tree, Woodland, blue, red and black transferware, a white set and a French ceramic set. I have used all of these depending on the season. The only thing my daughter wants is the Christmas Spode. I bought most of these at discount stores so it was not a huge outlay. I’m planning Easter dinner using my white plates. When I stop entertaining I’ll get rid of them. Right now I’m using the white set and the blue set.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Cindy Lou

      We just have to honor their wishes. I don’t think they will ever entertain like we once did. My daughter took my mom’s china and she is using it. They don’t want it all, and I understand that.

  19. Suzi says

    Thank you for the great posting today! Appreciating and recommending an article, book, movie, etc. is a sign of our enviable freedom in this country. I have lived in a communist country, so I know this personally. We need to be open to hearing from EVERYONE as a valuable human being. Life is good when we lift each other up, even when we have diverse life experiences.
    Happy Spring!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Suzi

      I so agree. Aren’t we so lucky that we can all express how we feel and not be punished? Life is good.

  20. Homebeforedark says

    My husband and I dated while he finished law school. Being a “word girl” I was fascinated by some of the phrases/concepts. Newt and his wife who has the distinction of being both an adulterer and devout catholic and Newt shutting down government over a temper tantrum have done nothing to win my admiration or respect. The legal doctrine that I apply to them? Fruit of a poisonous tree! Your blog/your choice of course. I applaud the blogger above…basically everything is political! That said love the Farm Rio and the touches of red, my neutral. Decades ago my son said he’ll stuff my stuff in his basement and open it up as a mom museum! We are starting now to reduce his holdings.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      HI Patricia

      Thanks so much for weighing in. As I said above, dark night, had no idea who produced it, but it was good information. Reminder to self to be open-minded and just listen.

      • Homebeforedark says

        In my opinion to be open minded is to know/research sources of information we “digest”. Blame it on my J-school background. Note to younger self: had you been smarter and less trusting your friends you would not allowed you and your husband be hijacked 50 miles away to what turned out to be an Amway recruiting session. Yes that happened. But the run-up info sounded good! Yes l was so dumb!!!!! Hugs from me to you.

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Patricia

          I guess my point was/is: I love history, if it is well done it shouldn’t matter who the author/producer is. If their views do not align with mine I shouldn’t watch it? I don’t feel like we used to be like that as a country. Am I just old, or did we use to be more willing to listen to those whose views we didn’t necessarily agree with? I am saying that because I too can be one of those people. I am trying to be more open-minded. Would I read an entire book from someone whose views I don’t agree with, probably not?

  21. Becca says

    The Forbes article was interesting but it was written 4 years ago. These days I keep reading about “Grand Millenial Style” where millennials want to decorate similarly to their grandparents’ style. I never know what is really “in” or “out” these days so I just do what makes me happy. When my kids (millennials) or our younger friends come to our house I hope they’re comfortable and don’t see our house as where old people live. We have updated much of our furnishings (I work at Pottery Barn) but I do have persian rugs and a few antiques here and there. I feel like it makes our home interesting. All that being said, I don’t think my kids are going to want much of anything when or if we downsize. I appreciate and read your blog regularly, Cindy. Keep up the good work!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Becca
      Yes, it was written four years ago but still relevant. We have antiques and Persian rugs as well. Our kids have been glad to receive some of our things. We just understand that they can use and incorporate some of it, but not all of it and we are not upset about it. I have tried to help them blend the old and new.

  22. Willette says

    Well way do I begin I read you blog for home and garden ideas. Since this is your blog you are free to share what ever you want and I am free nit to watch or read any recommendation I don’t agree with. Once has to be careful when they recommended any political book or TV show. Why because the person you recommended can be associated with the belief of the book or the show.. just saying the show or the book is not political is not enough.
    This is what I am tired of as a black women. White women telling me the country had gotten too political especially when their rights are not being stepped on left and right. It’s okay to step out of your bubble to see all the hurt an sadden going on in the works now. I’m nit trying to be political, just saying.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Willette

      First of all, thank you for commenting and stating your feelings. I get it. I am a history buff. I think our history is history good or bad. Do we admire every single thing our forefathers’ did no? However, they did create this “more perfect” union than we have seen in other parts of the world, yes?. They were great minds. Yes, they had their faults. Are we perfect, no? Can we learn from their mistakes, of course? Did they learn from their mistakes? I think they did. I think we should all be proud of our history, good and bad. . Hopefully, we will continue to learn from our mistakes and WORK TOGETHER for solutions, because we are all Americans.

  23. Alexis says

    I enjoyed reading the Forbes article about the things our family doesn’t want. I’ve inherited a lot of items from my grandmother and mother, and sadly I am guilty of collecting some vintage items myself at vintage sales! I’ve donated some china to tea rooms, books to library book stores and figurines to senior communities. I’ve also sold some jewelry at a local, family-owned jewelry store. I love the idea of digitizing family photos, and I think that will be my summer project this year.

  24. Linda Salazar says

    Guaranteed my daughter will not want 99% of my stuff lol. And I don’t even own the majority of the items on that list! When we cleaned out my in-law’s home 4 years ago the inventory was divided up amongst 7 family members. We kept a handful of things for ourselves but since they were collectors I sold over 500 items on eBay. Native American Pottery, fossils, sculptures, sterling silver jewelry, etc. Even though a lot of the stuff wasn’t our taste, I figured someone else would love it. Thank goodness for eBay!

  25. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Thanks for the show recommendation! I notice a lot of red here and to me that spells happiness! Such a pretty post.

    Distributing my mom’s things made me realize that I don’t want to do that to my kids.

  26. Mary from lie at bella terra says

    Cindy, thanks for the show recommendation. A good show is a good show. Plus our country has strayed so far away from what our founder fathers had envisioned and are becoming what our founding fathers feared. Looking forward to watching it. Plus those who will make it political are part of the problem…
    Happy Sunday.

  27. Karen B. says

    I love the Farm Rio jacket/dress you shared. I try to avoid linen, but this one is fabulous.
    I loved the article on things your kids don’t want. I was certain my sons (or their wives) would love some of my “treasures”. The truth is I didn’t want much of what my mom downsized years ago, so it’s not too much of a surprise. I appreciated the article’s suggestions of places to get rid of some of them. Haha.
    Karen B.

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