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The Rough Luxe Bath

 I have been researching bath ideas for our new project. I love anything repurposed. I am looking for a contemporary, organic look that is not too over the top.   Here are some of my favorite inspirational images.

via splendid sass
mcalpine tankersley
I am not so sure this one is extremely practical (what are you supposed to do with the buckets?) but it sure has a great look!
Love everything about this…especially the lights!
OOOhhhhh the marble here….
peter marino
Does the picture make the room here?
house and home
I have pinned this image numerous times…there are so many wonderful details…
Paola Navone
This bath has everything is my all time favorite.  I adore the mirrors, the pendant lights, the shutters, the repurposed vanity.  What’s not to like?
via traditional home
Simply marvelous from the inimitable Isabelle Lopez Quesada
The beautiful bath of globe trotter and San Francisco based designer Antonio Martins

Antonio Martins

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  1. designchic says

    We are trying to get little Will's bathroom figured out at the beach house and were wanting a little industrial chic…fabulous inspiration here!!

  2. Nella says

    Lots of design inspiration here…I love the mix of different elements and texture. I am drawn to your all time favourite, more my style..the weathered mirrors, vintage trestle table and lovely green shutters…the stone floors are perfection….country elements which I love! N.xo

  3. Victoria says

    For a large space, the image with the double sink trestle table is perfect. Lots of other great elements in the room too; the mirrors, the pendants, the window shutters. For a small space in a country home, I love the last image and the designer's creative maximization of the space by suspending the mirror partially in front of the window.

  4. LaPouyette says

    Prefer and like the bathroom in second image most, except the octagonal mirror, but that's personal….
    It has a clear line, nothing too fussy, and some potential for any kind of decoration. At the same time rather practical from my experience (bath/shower room in our guest house is very similar).
    Again – all depend on your budget. But I'm sure that you will create/design something special!

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