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Tahoe Notebook

Sometimes my head is buzzing with ideas and I feel the need to put them on paper. Rather than do formal posts about Tahoe I am going to use this space on occasion  to jot down my ideas so to speak.  Feel free to join in with suggestions.  We are working on lighting selections presently.  There is a stairway tucked at the back of the house that leads to the guest quarters.  It is turning out to be one of the most interesting areas in terms of design .  As always Dave from Mountain Concepts has wonderful ideas and ultimately has to make sure it all works. Mark and Jay and their team at J&S Custom are making it a reality.
I have been thinking about the lighting and I came across this stairway design by Melle design  (these ladies are brilliant by the way).  I think something similar to this

Incorporating the reclaimed beams, flooring, and rope in the design would be wonderful.
Manila Rope Hemp Cord 1/4" 600ft

via  vintage timberworks

via vintage timberworks
We have decided to use three of these pendant lights in different sizes in the stairwell area.  Laura Lee Designs does this beautiful trio
…In order to achieve a similar effect to this
rope lighting - houzz
Dovetail , and Restoration Hardware (presently on sale) offer more budget friendly lighting alternatives if needed.

Happy Friday!  It is raining here (hooray).  I hope you folks in the East are getting a respite from the snow!

Reader Interactions


  1. Francine Gardner says

    Love it!! I am yet to ski Tahoe, must really go. You might want to check out our Tekna Lighting collection, perfect for the mountains…unfortunately quite a few have been knocked off by Restoration Hardware, but nothing is better than the original…. my
    A ski house…my dream

  2. Nancy {at} powellbrower at home says

    Love the trio of lights, both the globe pendants and those rope lights! How exciting a project is this! Can't wait to hear more. HOpe all is well, and no, we got slammed with snow today! I'll be able to get out by the end of the week..could go crazy in the mean time! xo Nancy

  3. Leslie says

    Oh I like those pendants Cindy.. very nice! Gorgeous materials here. Reclaimed beams, flooring, and the like are showing up everywhere and I love it. Can't wait to see how things look when you're finished. xxL

  4. Pat says

    These materials/textures are so yummy together. Love the feel you are creating in this space.

  5. Judy says

    The portfolio at Melle design: beautiful! I always fall for that neutral/pretty/rustic look. They do it especially well. Thanks for the link.

    Judy Brown

  6. An Urban Cottage says

    Let me know if you figure out a good way to use rope for light fixtures. I wanted to do that with an industrial light in my kitchen but I could find a way to "bind" the rope in the top and bottom and have it look good.

    That vintage wood has gotten so expensive.

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