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Tahoe Notebook-Entry Working With Jute

I have been obsessed with ideas for the Tahoe project since I returned.  Barbie wants the entry to make a statement.   Here is where we are at right now. We purchased this great Bench from Noir/CFC.  The table is also from Noir/CFC.  Yvonne from Soft Accents made the beautiful black and white striped french style cushion.  The fabulous pillow came from Dani at Patine


So here is what I have come up with.  We are going to use my go to simple black rod from Antique Drapery Rod in black 
Click for larger photo
We are going to do big heavy linen (not burlap) curtains that will give the feel of burlap but not fade or smell like burlap.

this is a little masculine but i could add some silk ruffle to it.. that may girlie/soften it up a bit


They will be tied back with heavy rope similar to th.  Only we are using these amazing beauties that I found at Michaels while shopping for ribbon.  Aren’t they fabulous?  The rope is $5.99 and the tassels are $9.99!


We are going to do a similar treatment to below at the top, without the grommets.  I am not a big fan of grommets. Instead we will use drapery pins that you will not see.
Rope curtain rings with linen curtains, Remodelista
We will tie ropes similar to the above to these black rings that will be attached to the rod .  I usually get mine on Ebay or here at Home Depot as they are much cheaper!!

Katie Baker is going to make a couple pillows out of this jute webbing weaving it like a chair seat on the front.

We are looking for a big faux bois pot for the center of the Noir table  that we can fill with branches.  Anyone know a good source? This one is no longer available from Terrain is no longer available.  It needs to be big but not too heavy!!! Any sources will be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Anne says

    Love the rope details! If you cant find the faux wood vase, maybe a dark stone one would work instead? I do love how you are bringing in the natural elements,

  2. Leslie Harris says

    Oh I can hear your creative juices flowin' from here. These are such cool details Cindy, I love the rope ties and the heavy linen instead of burlap and the fabric on the bench seat. It's all coming together and it's definitely grand!

  3. Karen says

    What a great foyer. The selection of materials is so ideal for the mountain setting. I love your style. The tassels are great, who would have guessed Michael would have them?!

    • Cindy says

      Hi Karen

      I know for some reason our Michael's here in Salinas of all places is a good one!! They have some great cork pillows too!

  4. La Contessa says

    I think there is an antique shop in SONOMA on the RIGHT of the SQUARE who has those planters you seek!I read another BLOG awhile back WHO's I cannot recall where there were some!NOT CHATEAU SONOMA but before them!Love the curtain IDEA………..
    Are ALL your sources pretty much down your way?Upholstry , pillow maker etc………..I may need a SLIPCOVER DAME!

  5. Burlap Luxe says

    Hi Cindy, it's looking divine over here, all the tricks of the trade are adding all the right kind of rightness to the designs, like roping up the panels.
    I am so looking forward to you giving us that final reveal in a virtual tour.

    As for jute tone knits, yes they can be done, and a colour match can be matched to samples.
    Sizes as well, with out the feather and with the feather inserts.

    Your really wowing us, so much so I am sure we wish we were all moving into this dream home.


  6. The-Countrypolitan says

    The faux bois container would be really nice…but if you can't find a faux bois container you like…you might try some birch bark wrapped around a plain container and tied with jute or raffia…to continue with the natural/organic feel…

  7. Nancy says

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