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Simple Spring Cleaning and Decorating Tips to Refresh your Home

Happy Sunday! Today I am joining Mary Ann and Annie for our Sunday favorites. This week let’s talk about simple spring cleaning and decorating tips to refresh your home and more.

Simple Spring Cleaning and Decorating Tips

Natural Easter Centerpiece Ideas

Do you follow Janine Graf on Instagram? Her feed popped up, and I am loving her natural arrangement ideas for Easter.

Carrot and Tulip Centerpiece | Simple Spring Cleaning and Decorating Tips
Cabbage and white flower centerpiece | Simple Spring Cleaning and Decorating Tips

Slow Cooker Posole

This recipe is one of my daughter’s go-to’s on a rainy Sunday, slow cooker posole from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe.

Mel's Kitchen Cafe Slow Cooker Posole

Outfit of the Week

I ordered this tote from Madewell. It has the dragon diffusion look without the price tag. I love these sandals from Bernardo, this 100% cottonshirtdress from Banana Republic Factory has a great look and price tag, and tortoise accessories from Machete are always fun.

outfit of the week banana republic factory shirt dress

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Granddaughter Time

We were so lucky that Summer’s dad had business here on Thursday. We had four days to “love her up”.

Summer at Leo Leo Gelato

Most Lovely Things 11 Cleaning Tasks that Take 5 Minutes or Less

Annie had a great post this week on simple quick cleaning tasks. If doing a deep clean sounds daunting, I think you will enjoy this post.

We are heading to Savannah for a couple of days and then we are driving down to Florida to visit friends (Mary Ann and my lifelong friend Cheryl). We’ve been to Savannah before but it has been several years. We would love any suggestions for restaurants etc.

That’s it from my desk this week. Thank you so much for reading simple Spring cleaning and decorating tips to refresh your home. If by chance you missed my interview with the wonderful Jill Sharp Weeks, you can find it here. Now let’s pop over and visit Mary Ann and Annie.



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  1. Gayle Miller says

    Cindy, I didn’t read all the posts, but my favorite in Savannah is Vic’s on the River. Wonderful salmon, great collard greens, biscuit croutons, all yum. Be sure to check out the map on the wall from Civil War times.

  2. Barb L says

    Oh my gosh- Summer is darling and growing so fast! Great outfit, and the recipe sounds delish. We’re going to be in Savannah the end of the month – I’ll ‘borrow’ some of these great suggestions! Enjoy your trip!

  3. Wren says

    Summer’s outfit is too darn cute! Love the metallic (pleather?) pants. She’s going to follow in her fashionista – grandmother’s footsteps.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      She is very picky about what she wears. She won’t wear anything that is not soft!!

  4. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! That’s so fun that you’ll get to see Mary Ann and Howard on your up long trip! I’ll bet you enjoyed having summer for four days!
    Love your outfit of the week! I would wear every piece!
    Thanks so much for sharing my 11 cleaning tips!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Annie

      Yes we are looking forward to seeing Mary Ann and Howard’s new place!! We had a blast with Summer!

  5. Angie K says

    Try the Coffee Fox on Broughton & Whitaker for a Mexican Mocha coffee and then cross the street to the little shop called Paris Market for a little shopping. They also have beverages there as well!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Joan! How are you and Peter? Thank you for the tip! I just made reservations at Elizabeth’s!!

  6. Lauren says

    I have been chuckling at all the woven bags that have been popping up like mushrooms over the past year. There are tons of options and copies and it is kind of funny to see who thinks is copying who. To the best of my knowledge (and years looking at their website) one of the originals is Milaner an Italian brand that uses leather (suede and smooth) actually still has humans employed weaving the bags. I have a couple of their bags and they are fabulous…I doubt that they will ever wear out. I support Milaner because it is not just fast fashion made of plastic or even shaved down plasticized leather…Milaner is the real deal. Are they cheap?…NOPE because a real human made the bag and humans need to be paid a wage whereas a machine making thousands of plastic woven bags does not. Go to and have fun choosing which size/shape to buy

    • Rita says

      Oh my goodness Lauren, the bags are beautiful. Thank you for introducing me to this brand.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Lauren

      To be honest I think they all copied Botega Venetta . I am familiar with By Milaner. I actually have one of their bags!

  7. Diana M says

    Can’t wait to try the Posole recipe—looks really yummy. And Miss Summer is growing up so quickly! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  8. Daphne says

    Common Thread, The Garage, and Late Air in Savannah. Planter’s Tavern is the downstairs bar at the Pink House, you can eat there as well, very cozy. Perry Lane is great and you might take a wander through Hotel Bardo which just opened this month, right on Forsyth Park. Enjoy!

  9. Nan, Odessa, DE says

    All your post are all good.
    The ones with stories and pics are Summer my favorite.

  10. Pat Brady says

    A must – a roof top bar to view the container ships traveling the river. One suggestion, the Peregrin on top of the Perry Lane Hotel (there are a couple others). Your husband will thank you.

  11. Mary Ann Pickett says

    I saw that bag in person in Madewell. Looks really nice and similar to the Bembien one I love. Cute sandals too! I’ve been wanting to go to The Paris Market in Savannah.
    I wish our yard looked better for your arrival. We have brown grass and no leaves and pollen! My neighbor said March is the worse time here before Spring arrives. Oh well, we’ve actually had some lovely weather.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      We can’t wait to see your town and be guests of the best hosts on the planet!

  12. Leslie Larkin says

    Hi Cindy. Elizabeth on Thirty Seventh is another good place to eat. Be sure and get reservations.

  13. nancy moser says

    The Old Pink House has good food, beautiful atmosphere and a great little nightclub in the cellar with wonderful entertainment. You really shouldn’t miss it.

  14. Nancy B says

    I have several favorites in Savannah. A cafe called Goose Feathers for breakfast and lunch is a long time favorite, and in a great location for exploring the downtown shops. Plan on lots of walking, the squares are so pretty, and especially Forsyth Park. The Grey is fun, in the old Greyhound station, and with world class food.You probably need a reservation. Maybe also for the Olde Pink House, a Savannah institution with wonderful food and in a gorgeous old house. Hope it is a great trip all around!

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