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Must-Have Skincare and Beauty Products for Women Over 50

Welcome to our latest collaboration. Five of my favorite bloggers are sharing their go-to skincare and beauty products. For those of you who don’t know me, I am 63 (soon to be 64). I need all the help I can get to combat and camouflage my aging skin. Today, I am joining Mary Ann from Classic Casual Home, Brenda Kinsel from Brenda Kinsel, Annie from Most Lovely Things and Kristy and Beth from Design Chic.  I can’t wait to hear about their favorites. Here are my must-have skincare and beauty products for women over 50.

 Here are the seven skin care products that currently work best for me.

#1 Retinol

I should have started using this years ago before all the sun and acne damage. It is considered the gold standard for fighting acne, combating wrinkles, and sagging skin.  You need a prescription for the 5%, but if you are just starting out you might want to try one of the milder over the counter formulations.  Check out the links below for the most highly rated.

Allure’s Best Retinol Creams that actually Contain Retinol

The Best Retinol Creams  you can Buy Without a Perscription

Elle’s Best Retinol Creams That Will Transform your Face

Real Simple Best Retinol Products

NY Mag Best Retinol Products for Every Skin Type

Currently, I get a facial once a month from an esthetician my dermatologist recommended. If you are local her name is Carol Rosenthal and she works for the California Skin Institute.  She works in Monterey, Carmel, and Pebble Beach. Interestingly enough years ago I staged Carol’s home.  I have not taken care of my skin, I baked in the sun, and until recently did not take my skin care seriously. Carol is my age and knows her stuff.  She does a dermasweep facial on me and it has seriously helped my damaged skin.  If you are looking for a facialist and live in the area give her a call at the California Skin Institute in Monterey.

#2 Olay Regenerist Serum

I have tried many more expensive versions  and I always come back to this. My skin is still prone to an occasional breakout,  can you believe it?  I can’t use heavy creams on my face for that reason. This is a great product, especially for the money.

#3 Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash

Another drugstore favorite.  I have other expensive products that I have tried that I don’t like as well.  This works well for my particular skin.

#4 Advanced Skin Solutions 20% Vitamin C

This has the exact composition of one of the most touted on the market for a third the price.  I cleared this with Carol. It stinks, all vitamin C products do.  If you have an aversion to the smell you are out of luck apparently!

#5 Roc Retinol Correction Eye Cream

I use this one at night because it has Retin A in it.

#6 Skin Ceuticals Eye Complex

This product is highly rated and recommended by most dermatologists. The California Skin Institute packages their own so you can buy it there a little more reasonably.  I use it during the day.  I am going to try the  Triple Action Eye Serum from Amazon when this runs out.  It is organic and contains caffeine which is known to combat puffiness.  Has anyone tried it? If so I would love to hear about it.

#7 Kiehls Lip Balm

I keep this by my bedside and use it at night.  My aging lips are always dry.  This product is one of the most highly rated and least expensive.


There are always other products that I am on the lookout for but these are my current go tos. Of course sunscreen is a must as well but that is another complete post! What skincare products do you currently have in your arsenal?

Below are my five must-have makeup products.  A few might surprise you.

I did not include sunscreen on my list because that requires it’s own post!

#1 Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer

One of the few areas that isn’t too much of a problem is my under-eye area.  A salesperson in Ulta tipped me that this doubles as an under foundation concealer.  Bingo a two in one product!  This stuff stays on like glue.  It is great for covering the oh so lovely dark skin patches created by the sun.

#2 Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation

I had been using the Bye Bye Illuminating CC Cream for several years.  Carol (my skincare guru) hinted that my makeup could look a little more “au natural”.  I randomly tried this and it is my new best friend! It covers but doesn’t look cakey. It stays on and also has an SPF of 15.  If you forget to apply sunscreen first you have some protection.

#3 Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow Illuminator

Most experts concur that aging skin needs “illuminating”.  When I ditched the CC Cream I had to search for another product.  Powders lie in the wrinkles so I add a few drops of this to my foundation and I am good to go. It is pricey but lasts a long time.

#4 Maybelline Eye Shadow (I use it for blush)

I have been reluctant to admit this, but I have substituted this for blush for years.  I have olive skin and most of the  bronzers turn orange on me.  I have tried many and I always go back to this. This is actually an appropriate size because we aren’t covering our bodies with it, are we?  Have you ever finished one of those compacts before you pitched it? One of these lasts me until I throw it away.  Another bonus…it is $2.99.

#5 Sephora Colorful Face Powder

I have tried more expensive versions and this is my favorite.  It is not a dry powder that collects in your lines.  My face is still a bit oily so I can’t wear a creme version as suggested for women our age. If I do it disappears in about an hour. IJust a light swipe of flashy fuschia works on my olive skin, and it has great staying power.

I am constantly experimenting with new products, but these are my current favorites.  I can take a shower, wash and dry my hair, apply my makeup, and be out the door in 45 minutes. I like to keep my routine simple. I plan to do a post on lip and eye products soon.  Lips are a challenge for those of us over 50.  The dreaded wrinkles around the mouth are a constant battle.  Stop by and visit the other five bloggers who are joining us.  I can’t wait to hear what they are sharing.


Annie, Most Lovely Things
Brenda, Brenda Kinsel
Kristy & Beth, Design Chic
Mary Ann, Classic Casual Home


If you would like more makeup tips and tricks for women over 50 check out my Pinterest Board Beauty Tips and Tricks for Women Over 50.

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  1. Brenda Kinsel says

    Wow, Cindy, I think this was an advanced lesson here. Not only do I want to visit you and see your wonderful decorating but now I want to sit with you in front of your vanity and watch you do your routine. You are being so good to your skin. I can see I’m a slacker and need to up my game. Honestly, I feel so educated. I didn’t realize retinol was still such a go-to product. I’m learning every day!


  2. 1010ParkPlace says

    I love reading about other women of a certain age’s beauty products! We’re all so different with our choices, but retinol should be on everyone’s list. Great stuff!! The black and white top you’re wearing in this photo is gorgeous!! Is it something I can still buy? Would love to join you and Elizabeth if a trip to France… English gardens, Italy is in order. If you’d like another traveling companion, please let me know! xoxox, Brenda

  3. holly says

    Hello Cindy – thanks for these tips/products. Since your hair care suggestions have worked like a charm, i will take the plunge on the “blush” as i too have olive-colored skin. Hey, what the heck? I can spare 2.99 to try it! Thanks again, doll. xox-hb

  4. home before dark says

    I agree about finding what works at the best price. I do like the Garnier Micellar Water cleanser. In fact, I’ve gotten my retired husband to use it. It’s easy to use, but gentle and effective. I like Jane Iredale, Boots 7 Lift and Luminate (don’t you just the name and the “promise”?) eye cream and the Triple Action Serum. I also like Bae eye cream. I like Olay Regenerist cream for my neck (too much for my face). I’ll be 69 in October. Like you I have been bedeviled by acne since junior high. You know you are old when your dermatologist retires and you still need him! Oily skin helps keeps the wrinkles down, but having a zit and being on Medicare just does not seem right! To the writer above who said having a smile is great for the face is absolutely right. Yours is amazing! Love the tip about using eye shadow for blush.

  5. Design Chic says

    I think I may need to try your under eye concealer – too many planes and long car rides, and a few fabulous facials…heaven. Happy weekend, my friend!

  6. Jane says

    A wonderful and very relevant post, Cindy. I love this sort of stuff—I’m definitely a girly girl. I not only enjoy playing with makeup and hair products as a creative sort of thing, I’ve been trying to find the right, happy, and healthy regimen for my very dry and sensitive skin.

    I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a blog post on skin care and makeup. A few years ago I did a post about the makeup products I loved and used. I was seriously surprised that about 60% of the comments (out of about 90 total), revealed that makeup was a no go. 30% mostly only used a mineral powder, mascara and lip balm…rather reluctantly. And then there were a very small percentage that loved experimenting with products and loved to get their groove on!

    I was happy that many women felt comfortable in their own skin, but most of the comments echoed that it was just bothersome to do makeup. I get it!!! We are all different and there are no rules. I did feel that I was preaching to the choir when all was said and done!

    I like hearing what women our age use (I’m 58), as its never too late to start taking good care of our skin, and there are so many scientifically perfected options out there. I have very dry skin, so my routine and products differ a bit from yours. I use the Bye Bye eye cream, I have ferociously dark circles! I did have a problem using bronzer until recently, but I find if I use a primer, that keeps it from changing to orange. And a tried and true tip, I do my daughter’s makeup, and the foundation application for both of us, oily and dry, is the same: use a damp beauty blender and apply your foundation in dots. Pat that in with the beauty blender. You will get a soft, dewy coverage. If you have any flaws, you can build up the foundation a bit and the beauty blender will keep it all seamless.

    Oh, Cindy…I think I need to do that post! lol! I think you are lovely. The best thing you can wear is a smile!

    Jane x

  7. JO Mccomiskey says

    Hi Cindy
    Scrutinising those products 🙂
    Agree with the other posts re $$$ products- packaging methinks has a lot to do with the appeal!
    Glad to see Olay gets a mention!
    Cheers Jo

  8. Marsha Scott says

    Great post, Cindy !!
    Retinol just does not work for me as it’s too strong. Overnight my skin peels when I use it. I can use it on my chest, where I have many brown spots from years of SUN. I really have great skin as I’ve always taken good care of it. Wrinkles are not much of a problem, but now I’m beginning to sag.
    That is WORSE. And, there is NO ointment or creme for this. It takes the fillers, which makes one look like a different person, or the surgeon. I’m in love with Garnier Micellar Water cleanser. I’ve given it to all my girlfiends who love it too. I’m a NARS girl. I use every single one of their products and all their makeup. But sometimes, I sneak in Max Factor Pancake makeup, which I apply with a very damp sponge, it’s still the best for me as it’s a 1 application only. Leaves a matte finish, doesn’t clog pores, don’t need powder.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      I have heard others say the same Marsha. If you don’t have wrinkles and over pigmentation you don’t need it! Say a prayer and be thankful. I do not have sensitive skin at all so it has not been an issue for me. I know many are very fond of Nars as well. I haven’t tried them lately!

  9. LA CONTESSA says

    But first when is your BIRTHDAY!I bought your GIFT YESTERDAY thinking it would be for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!NOT ANYMORE!!!!!TELL ME!
    I have a lipstick I just found that works!No Liner NO into the wrinkles BLEEDING!!!!!!!Therefore, NO chapstick!Shall I save it for YOUR LIP POST????!!!!!!!!
    Beautiful POST…………..XX

  10. classic casual home says

    Retinol here I come! And the eye shadow for blush what a great idea! Thanks for getting us organized for this fun post. You always look so beautiful. And the fact that you can do it so quickly is because you are beautiful to start with! Now if I just had your fashion sense!
    Mary Ann

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Ha! I have been afraid to admit it! It takes so little (just like mascara) there is no need for a big compact of it! You really need fashion and beauty advice from me…you are the girl next door and look like you are 40!!

  11. Carol Rosenthal says

    Great post Cindy! It’s uber important to have your skin care treatments monthly for that “healthy glow” because we don’t slough the dead skin cells like we used to when we were younger. The dermasweep gently exfoliates and stimulates, then infuses the skin with a product for your skin type. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tips…I love it!

  12. Karen B. says

    I always enjoy hearing what women my age find to work on their skin. I especially appreciate your list for it’s honesty and for the fact that some of your products are affordable. I am never comfortable spending what I’d spend on a used car to keep the wrinkles at bay. 🙂
    The sunscreen topic is of great interest to this redhead over 60 who has spent too many hours in the garden (in the sun), not to mention my teen years as a SoCal gal!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Karen I so agree with your comment regarding expensive products. I find so many of the drugstore variety work just as well if not better.

    • JO Mccomiskey says

      Here Here !
      Also I use a product I find in the garden to remove sunspots on my arms ( harsh Australian sun)
      It’s milkweed – and yes it’s a weed but a good one! You’ll have to google it for appearance.
      The milky sap in the stem is what you use. Break the stem and dab a little on a spot and it should eventually flake off.
      Not too much as it’s pretty potent.

  13. debra@5th and state says

    love hearing about others who have had success, and who better than those I know!

    one of my “go-to’s” is Dr. Jart LIFTRA, instant success with this set of face cream, and contour fixer spray

    off to read the others!

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