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How to Style one Dress Six Ways

My post last week How to Wear Black and White in Summer started out a little too long, so I thought I would create a second post this week on How to Style One Dress Six Ways. You might also enjoy my post from a couple years ago How to Style One Dress Five Ways.

how to style one.dress six ways

I purchased this dress/duster from 0039 Italy at Maison Marianne in San Luis Obispo. The owner Marianne is darling, has a great selection of unique items, and the shop is charming. You can follow Maison Marianne on Instagram here. Marianne said she could probably order this dress for you. If you can’t find this one, I like this 0039 Shirt Dress which is very similar. I will link similar ones at the bottom of the post as well. Here I am wearing it with Gelato sneakers (which are unbelievably comfortable). They were purchased at Sole Tree in Paso Robles. You can also buy them online here. I would not normally wear a dress this length by itself because it isn’t flattering on me personally. I have one severely scarred leg and it also hits me at the heaviest portion of my leg which isn’t flattering. I know many of you can wear this length however. It has a flattering cut and pockets.



It’s really a dress, but why not think outside the box? I think it is also fun as a duster with jeans. You can find the French Kande necklace here.

over 60 style blogger cindy hattersley in 0039 Italy duster/dress & J jill jeans


What about wearing it with the great Nicole Paloma wide leg pants and tank. Cinch it in at the waist for a different look. Add inexpensive rattan earrings and a not so inexpensive hat from Helen Kaminski

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersley in black and white duster with Beau


Here I am wearing it as a duster again over the Hannoh Wessel sleeveless dress (from last weeks post) purchased locally at Andbe Boutque in Paso Robles. I am wearing a necklace from Paula Carvalho, earrings from American Indian artist Federico Jimenez, and sandals from Sam Edelman.

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersley in black and white duster hannoh wessel dress


I am wearing the dress as a duster again here with simple cotton leggings and sandals.

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersley in black and white duster


What about tying it in knots on either side, or one side only and making it asymmetrical. Here I am wearing it with the Bryn Walker flood pants, a helen Kaminski hat, water buffalo bone earrings (sustainable by the way) and the oh so comfy dolce vita sandals.

over 60 style blogger cindy hattersley in bryn walker pants and 0039 Italy dress/duster


Perhap you already own a similar shirt dress. If so I hope this post How to Style One Dress Six Ways has given you some ideas for wearing your dress multiple ways. If you enjoyed this post you might also enjoy Eight Stylish Ways to Style a Scarf, or How to Style one LBD Five Unexpected Ways. Have a great Wednesday. I will be back on Friday to share my outdoor courtyard. Thanks for being here!

Reader Interactions


  1. Nancy Brantley says

    I love all your outfits. You are very stylish. But I can’t wear anything long sleeve until about October. The heat index has been well over 100 degrees with high humidity.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I can only wear long sleeves if it is linen. It gets hot here as well!

  2. Annie Diamond says

    Your creativity knows no bounds! I love every look! Everyone could do at least one of these looks! And you show us how! Gorgeous!

  3. Karen B. says

    I love the idea of wearing a dress too short for me with jeans or leggings. You always give me such good ideas and I love your style.
    Karen B.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I do not look good in that length, so I would wear with leggings as well. I only showed the look for others like Mary Ann who can still wear above the knee and look good!

  4. Kay says

    Thanks for the great ideas, Cindy! I bought that same 0039 dress in the Spring and have enjoyed wearing it as a shirt dress, but now am looking forward to trying it as a duster.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kay

      It’s a great dress isn’t it? That brand was new to me. Love it!

  5. Rene says

    I love your style!!!! I noticed that you also rarely wear heals. I unfortunately can not wear heals. What do wear to a wedding with a dress? I have wearing a flat but need to upgrade my flats. Any suggestions?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Rene

      I have not worn heels since my son got married which I believe was about 12 years ago? I have one pair of boots with a low heel and I rarely ever wear those. I wore flat rhinestone sandals to my daughter’s wedding. If you wear a long skirt you can pull it off!

  6. Peyton says

    Hello: totally off subject (although I do love your black and white combos) I have windows like yours – four over four
    panes – and having a heck of time finding replacements for mine as they are original and 35 years old. Are your windows
    Anderson or Pella or another brand? Thanks.

  7. Rosemary says

    Hi, Your outfits look fabulous on you but at bit over 5 feet way too much material going on for me to feel comfortable. Feel the print is a bit big for a petite girl too.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Rosemary

      I totally understand. I am barely 5’4 however. That is why I rarely wear much pattern! Do you follow Mary Ann & Jennifer? They are both petites.

      • Deborah says

        I am 5’2 and totally understand the pattern situation. Who are Mary Ann and Jennifer? Thank you !

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Deborah

          Mary Ann writes the blog Classic Casual Home and she is petite. Jennifer writes a well-styled life and she often wears a petite as well. I am long waisted so rarely wear petites. Although occasionally I can wear a pant in a petite.

  8. Nancy says

    Very cute ideas! I’m not sure how tall you are, but I am 5’2″ and I can picture modifying these looks to fit a petite. All look great on you! I particularly like the dress with the black pants.
    Love that cute straw hat, but $255 for a straw hat is not in my budget. Yikes! There must be knock-offs of this style?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Nancy

      I am 5’4, long-waisted with short legs. Oh yes there are knock off’s. The wallaroo hats here: are much more affordable I own the victoria. I think the emilia is very similar too. They are around $45 I think and very well made. They are not technically packable but I have packed them! Also check out ebay for the Kaminski province 8. You can often find them there.

  9. Marcia Rayne says

    Beau fits in well to your black and white theme! I love your six ways to style a dress! I rarely wear a dress but the duster over pants really appeals to me!
    Have a great week!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Marcia

      Ha ha! Beau will never pose but always parks himself when not requested to do so! I rarely wear dresses either because I am so long waisted!

  10. Sandra Sallin says

    You’ve got so much style. How do you decide what to wear in the morning? I love each and every look.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sandra

      Well I usually wear workout clothes all day because I am at my computer! You are my style icon..and beauty product guru!

    • Wren says

      Hi Bette,I jumped over to the Zuri website after your mention. What a fun collection of prints worn by exuberant models! I’m seriously considering one of the dresses and thank you for bringing that ethically sourced brand to my attention. Another FOC (fan of Cindy), Wren

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