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How to Make your Home Office Stylish and Functional

I have always worked from home and I feel very lucky to have a nice large office space. This office back in the day belonged to my husband when he still had an office at home.   We painted the cabinets white over 10 years ago and repainted the walls probably two years ago. I finally spiffed it up a bit last year but have never really done a post on it.  Here’s how to make your home office stylish and functional.

how to make your home office stylish and functional

My home office is located right off the foyer when you enter the house.  I am a bit of a messy office person so I needed to clean up my act. Here are my tips on how I accomplished that (fingers crossed it stays that way).

cindy hattersley design home office  

#1 Make sure you have lots of drawers and cabinets for hidden storage.

About a year ago I added the rug (super cheap).  The chairs are from Mainly Baskets.  They belonged to my son and daughter in law and they no longer used them

How to Make Your Home Office Stylish and Functional

This spot below the bulletin board is where I normally worked pre shelter in place.  It was convenient with access to all the file drawers, my fabric books, and my inspiration board.  It was however cold, and all I looked at was the wall all day.

cindy hattersley design home office overall

Hanging on my chair is actually a hand towel by Trish from @cottagebydesign Direct message Trish if you need anything monogrammed.  She did the pillows in my master, my dining room chairs, a pillow for Summer, napkins (you name it). Her work is beautiful.  I can’t recommend her highly enough. 

cindy hattersley design office corner

The brown fabric was a remnant I purchased on Ebay.  The pillow is Kate Spade for Kravet.

#2 Create a Closet To Hide Unsightly Items

 To the left of this space is a large closet that houses my messy overflow.

cindy hattersley design home office

#3 Add Home Decor Items so it doesn’t look too “oficey”

cindy hattersley office with studio mcgee for target accessories

The vase and limestone link are from Studio McGee for Target.  Annie and I are doing a post on our favorites from the collection on Monday.

cindy hattersley design home office markham roberts book

#4 Make Sure There is Plenty of Light

Once I was trapped at home for days on end, I realized it would be nice to look out the window instead of att the wall.  I brought down a table from one of the guest bedrooms and parked it in front of the window.

cindy hattersley design desk with view

It is very hard to photograph, sorry for the poor photos. The view as you can see makes so much more pleasant.


cindy hattersley design desk with view

#5 Utilize Decorative bins to corral items.

To the right of this table are bookcases (messy) where I store all of my fabric samples, catalogs, and paint and other samples.  Beau’s bed bellow.  Most of the time you will find him sleeping right there unless Steve is home.

How to Make your home office stylish and functional

My friend Roxanne made me the darling calendar for my birthday. The vase is by @perchdecor.  If you need something similar contact Freia on Instagram.  I am sure she could use the business right now. Freia has great taste and can be trusted to find something special.

cindy hattersley design desk with view

This is my view from the window of the front yard.  The blooming shrubs in the background are cistus skanbergi (rock rose). What you see in the foreground are apple blossom ground cover roses that have not yet bloomed with lavender behind.

cindy hattersley design office window view

Here is the window viewed from the front yard. I filled the planter a couple of weeks ago so I would have flowers to enjoy.

cindy hattersley design office outside window


You read How to Make your Home Office Stylish and Functional here first on Rough Luxe Lifestyle.  Please check out my shop pages(linked at the top of the blog) for all my favorites from my home, over 50 fashion, cheap chic home decor finds, my favorite beauty products , interior decor finds, and design books.  I really appreciate you using my links to make your purchases.  It allows me to keep this blog going!

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  1. home before dark says

    I knew you’d have a beautiful “room of your own”. Love thepractical organization and, of course, the magnificient view. I think the rug makes the room. And the wicker chairs add useful and textural interest. I would never get any work done in this gorgeous room. Wait!!! I’m retired I don’t have to work. Enjoy your beautiful cocoon…a comfort in these trying days.

  2. Eva Popovich says

    At first when I saw this lovely office I was a bit jealous. I am retired now, and have learned now to love my little library table desk and small file cabinet, with a colorful picture hanging above it as my “view.”
    My husband, who has not yet retired from teaching college chemistry, has never needed a desk except to hide his messy but (for him) well-organized paperwork. Hence, the big rolltop desk works beautifully.
    Now he is teaching online from home, using my library table as his own! As I now had NO desk for my writing, I was quite sad — until I discovered that the little glass-topped table on the back porch overlooking our little tropical garden, with the birds in the big oak tree was perfect for me! Lucky is how I feel now.

  3. LynNE says

    Love your office, Cindy! I am going to pin this series for inspiration as I would like redo the space that doubles as an office and guest room.

    Always, Thank you for your inspiration!

  4. Cynthia Blaylock says

    Cindy, I love the neutral colors in your office and your garden is lovely! I wonder if you were to mirror that stretch of wall running under the cabinets and above the countertop opposite the window if that wouldn’t give you more of the light you like, and reflect the pretty garden views when you have your back to it.

  5. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! I knew I was going to love your office. In my post, I took a risk and said, “Cindy’s office looks out over her beautiful garden.” And sure enough, it does! And why wouldn’t it? I love that you brought a table down from a guest room and created a new workspace at this time of Shelter in Place! Brilliant and beautiful! I always love your organization. It’s completely functional while looking beautiful! When I looked at your post on my blog, I could not figure out what the Royalty pillow was exactly! Of course, Beau needs to be by your side!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      The royalty pillow is Beau’s bed. I think it came from Home Goods. There is actually a cat bed next to that as well but it is definitely not photo worthy! Thanks for the sweet comments Annie.

  6. classic casual home says

    Your office is spectacular. Love that you moved your desk. Everything is so tidy. You must be thrilled to walk in there. I see some Target items and can’t wait to read your post!!
    Mary Ann

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Ha!! Only those who know me well…know what a mess my office normally is. Now if I can just keep it this way….hmmmmm

  7. Lynne Short says

    I love this post Cindy. Thanks for sharing. My office is so tiny (I don’t have much to do there but pay bills) but you’ve given me some great ideas to make it function better! Can’t wait to see you again as soon as we get out of lockdown. 🙂

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hey Lynne

      Thanks for commenting. I miss our chats and wow you should see my nails…yikes!!!

  8. Karen B. says

    I love the decor of your office. The chairs from your kids are perfect and the new table at the window must make “work” way more fun.
    Great and timely topic.

  9. Carla Aston says

    Hi Cindy! I love that desk in the window looking out to your beautiful garden! Great idea. And your garden is so lush and beautiful. Nice to have that closet storage too.

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