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Collected Fall Mantle Four Ways

Today Mary Ann, Annie and I are joining three other bloggers and we are sharing our fall mantles. I prefer a collected look on my mantle. To give my fireplace a simple fall makeover I shopped my house and added some pretty fall leaves. No need to purchase a lot of new supplies. Shop your home and gather some items from nature. You will be amazed at what you can find. Here’s how I styled my collected fall mantle four ways.

collected fall mantle four ways

Before you start ask yourself some questions about your particular fireplace.

     Does the Fireplace Already have Dominant Features

       Keep the Elements Simple and let the Fireplace be the star

     Is it Calling Out for Color

       If so make sure the colors visually connect with the rest of your room

     Does the rest of the room lack texture

        Add Textural Items in addition to the art
        Layer Textures

     Where is the Center of Your Mantel for your Focal Piece
     Don’t Forget to Play with the Progression of Scale

Remember to Vary the Shapes and Sizes of the Elements
Start with Larger Objects in the Center and Spread out to Smaller Objects

     Decide if you would like a symmetrical arrangement or an asymmetrical arrangement

Version #1-Traditional Asymmetrical

For this version, I took a traditional approach.  I shopped my house for everything but the fall leaves.  The mirror came from Horchow many years ago, and the Indian baskets I have owned for years.  If you have been following this blog you have seen them in many other places in my home. The mirror is my focal piece.fall mantle four ways

The fall leaves are placed them in one of my Hungarian picking jars. The leaves pick up the color in the pillows on the sofa visually connecting them to the rest of the room. The geese in the windows we have had for years.  This is sort of their permanent perch (at least for now).

fall mantle four ways

I like the way the mirror picks up the color as the old beam that makes up the mantle. It is also repeated in the decoration on the Indian Baskets. The Indian baskets also relate to the rug in both texture and color creating continuity.

Version #2-add modern art

Here  I added two doors from an antique corner cabinet that were sitting in my closet.  They are in the original salmon paint for a splash of fall color. The doors are the focal point here.

Collected fall Mantle


I layered the doors with some old wood molds from roundtop for texture and a black and white print (a copy) framed in a Michaels frame.  

fall mantle

I like the addition of the modern art in the otherwise traditional space. The leaves on the right are from my pomegranete tree.


collected fall mantle four ways

Version #3-Minimalist

This version is the simplest of all.  I removed one door and one panel removed the art and added my vintage lawn bowling pins.  I purchased these at Roundtop several years ago. I am sure you have spotted them before in other locations of my home.

Fall Mantle Four Ways

I love the simplicity of this version.  You can appreciate the lines and structure of the fireplace, allowing the rest of the room to be the star.


Fall Mantle Four Ways

Version #4 -Simple Wreath

This was last year’s mantle.  I constructed this wreath from gathered materials.  For the Christmas holidays, I just removed  the fall leaves and replaced with christmas greens .  You can read about how I made this wreath here Diy Wreath from Foraged Materials.

fall mantle four ways

That’s how I styled my collected mantle four ways. Which look do you preferF? If you would like some more tips on how to style your mantle, you might want to check out the tutorial I did for a Spring Mantle several years ago. How to Style your mantle for Spring. 


I can’t wait to check out the mantels of our other participants.  Click on the links below and pop on over. 
fall mantles
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Reader Interactions


  1. Lynne says

    I have always been moved by your seasonal mantles, Cindy. You have captured the best of design feelings in this post.

    And bless you for reminding me of G&V designs on Etsy for stunning, rustic wreaths!

  2. Sheila-Merle Johnson says

    All four are inspirational, but I go for the modern as well. I love the mold from Roundtop. I think you are there now or have recently been. I look forward to seeing your treasures. I have always wanted to go, and to have a reason to go. Hugs, smj

  3. KAREN S SINK says

    Hi! For me, the middle one! I prefer more of a modern look and I feel this leans a little more that way. I love the look of the bottles and the textured wood piece. As always, you are an amazing decorator and I love seeing what you are going to do next!

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