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Workout Wear For Women Over 50 That Will Make You Want to Workout

I am joining my pal Kim fro Northern California Style for our monthly Signature Style Series (we sure miss Sarah). We are talking about what we are really wearing, workout wear, and leisure wear. Do you need a little inspiration to get you moving in the New Year? I don’t know about you but there is no way I can get excited about working out unless I have some new workout wear. It’s kind of like laundry. It’s much more fun in a pretty room. Let’s take a look at Workout Wear that will Make you Want to Workout. Spoiler alert this is not a glamorous post. We are talking practical workout wear.

Workout Wear For Women Over 50 That Will Make You Want to Workout

If you have been reading my blog long you know I am always interested in mixing the high and the low in fashion and decor. If you find something good who cares where it came from right? Today I am sharing my favorites from Athleta, and Old Navy. Pictures were tough this week due to the rain.

cindy hattersley workout wear that makes you want to work out

Old Navy Boyfriend Sweatshirt And Athleta Coaster Luxe Sweatshirt

First of all this Boyfriend sweatshirt from Old Navy is amazing. I love the Coaster Luxe sweatshirt from Athleta (same company). I have it in multiple colors. It is higher in the front and lower in the back so it covers the bum. This one is nearly identical. I am wearing a small. I purchased it in green, black, gray, and red. It is only $29.99. Run don’t walk for this one. It is selling out in many colors quickly for a reason.

boyfriend-sweatshirt-old-navy-workout wear that will make you want to work out

Sweaty Betty Leggings

I am wearing the sweatshirt in green with Sweaty Betty Leggings. Again this is not a glamour photo, but hopefully you can see how workout clothes for women over 50 don’t have to be boring or unflattering.

Cindy Hattersley wearing Old Navy sweatshirt with Sweaty Betty leggings.

Athleta Featherless Whisper Vest

In this photo I am wearing that fabulous sweatshirt in red with the Athleta Featherless Whisper Vest, my favorite sneaks and a very inexpensive hat from H&M. It keeps the head warm on cold morning walks. All items will be linked at the bottom of the post.

over 50 style blogger cindy hattersley in Old Navy, Athleta & H&M

Athleta Tights

I absolutely love the Athleta Whisper Featherless Vest. I owned the black so I ordered the Olive. It covers the bum and is quite flattering. It is well worth the price. The olive is no longer available but you can find them on eBay here. In my book it is all about price per wear. I am living in these vests. I am also wearing a small in the vest as well as the leggings.

cindy hattersley Athleta Olive Whisper Vest
back view of Athleta whisper vest on Cindy Hattersley

Athleta Hybrid Tights

I believe the Athleta tights are well worth the money. I have never gone the LuluLemon yoga pants route (sorry don’t get it maybe am too old?). These (sort of )hybrid cargo tights are great. They are kind of a legging but not really, but they’re great workout pants.

cindy hattersley in athleta whisper vest and headlands cargo tight

Tunic Sweatshirt With Athleta 7/8 Stash Leggings

Here is another Old Navy find. This tunic sweatshirt is of the same fabric (as the coaster luxe collection from Athleta). It too covers the bum. I am wearing it with the 7/8 Stash leggings from Athleta. I am a big fan of these leggings. I try to buy them on sale or often find them on eBay at a discount.


Long Down Puffer Vest

I have owned this Fillmore vest for years. Love the long length. It is still available but not in this color. All available items are linked at the bottom of the post.

over 60 blogger cindy hattersley in old navy sweatshirt, athleta leggings and fillmore vest

Athleta Speedlight Seamless Top

This picture is not flattering but I am also a huge fan of the moisture-wicking Athleta Speedlight Seamless top. It’s long sleeved, covers the bum, and is flattering. I was going to show you a back view but let’s just say it isn’t pretty. Let’s go with the also not so glamorous front view. It’s great this time of year under a vest or jacket, or on its own when it gets warmer.

cindy hattersley over 60 blogger wearing the athleta speedlight top

Fleece-Lined Leggings And Lululemon Jacket

Although I’ve yet to try Lululemon leggings or yoga pants, this jacket, albeit pricey, is really well made. In this picture I’m wearing it with these cozy fleece-lined leggings from Amazon and an inexpensive H&M turtleneck tee. With a good pair of sneakers, this outfit is great for cool morning or evening walks. It’s the Cross Chill Jacket and it has a water-resistant shell, which makes it great for rainy days.


These are my current favorites. I am still on the hunt for a personal trainer. I would love suggestions if you are local. It has been raining cats and dogs here. Steve has not been able to get back to Salinas due to road closures. You might also enjoy reading last year’s post The Best Sales on Athletic Clothes.

Thank you for reading Workout Wear that will Make you Want to Workout. Mary Ann, Annie and I will be back on Thursday with a great group of bloggers for our annual post on Design Trends. This is always a popular post. Now let’s pop over and visit Kim for her favorites.


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  1.  One2threeJewelry says

    I really like your gray hair. I still can’t decide not to dye my hair, but this is my dream!

    • Cindy Hattersley says


      It is a struggle I understand that. I had no idea that my hair was literally “white” until I quit coloring it. My mother’s hair when she died in her early 80’s was more salt and pepper than mine. I would say talk to your hair dresser but they don’t always know. Luckily I found one that said go for it many years ago and I have never looked back.

  2. Nancy says

    Athletic wear is the daily go to for so many of us, and while location or cost and convivence of going to a work out location may not work there are at home alternatively that are effective. I cannot more highly recommend Miranda Esmond-Whites program, it is cost free if you have PBS, and IS for ALL ages (but especially “ours”). Miranda is just over 70 herself and I appreciate her practical view and insight into movement. Combine her program with walking or other outside activity and you will be fit and fabulous. Aren’t we all, fabulous after all? Even in athletic wear…

  3. Geraldine says

    Like Julia K, I’m a gym rat. I love the stylishness of Athleta, but in my experience their tops and leggings don’t hold up well to abrasion from barbells and other gym equipment. My few remaining Athleta pieces now get worn only as athleisure or for tennis or pickleball. My Lululemon tops and leggings have held up extremely well to punishing workouts – no problems with pilling, fading or losing shape.

    I don’t know any trainers in Paso Robles, but you might consider trying out places like Orange Theory or CrossFit, where there’s usually a high level of coach support. I started CrossFit at 53 years of age.

  4. Liana says

    I love all the styles you highlighted on the post, working out or not, I confess that I practically live in leggings, for the comfort, versatility and adaptive character of leggings as a disabled woman. I find that a good looking outfit is critical for working out either at home or at the gym. Who wants to glance at a sloppy self in the mirrors right ? Looking put together is always a motivation to extra improvement. I also never jumped onto the Lululemon train, always found decent quality and price at Target and Amazon leggings, the secret is to wash them in cold cycle hang to dry . I am good at staying consistent on working out, but my trainer always tell me, watch your form while doing your house chores so things like doing laundry or loading the dishwasher can count as a part of your fitness routine.

  5. kim says

    Cindy I love everything you share here and you even style your workout wear so cool!I need some of those long sweatshirts. I think I would live in them! I especially love the mint color and dark leggings. The ones with the cargo look in the chartreuse are the cutest! This was fun and you have inspired to up my game beyond my black leggings. xo

  6. Francesca B says

    Hi Cindy,
    Wow what dramatic weather here in California; my husband and l keep checking on the creeks in our neighborhood and going into the local parks to see the difference in the water levels.. Loved the post thank you. You look great !! I bought the olive vest in the regular size as they did not have petite but it looks so fabulous thanks for the research. Keep warm and dry !

  7. Juliet says

    Love all your workout wear looks! Especially those wonderful long sweatshirts and vests. You inspired me to clean out my workout wear drawers this morning … so I can make room for a few new things. I hope you find a personal trainer, my experience with them has been amazing. I wish I had one now. If you’re ever in need for a PT in the WC area … I know someone really really good. And on that note, I should drag myself out to the treadmill … it’s been way too wet to walk the poor doggies. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy in your new home. xo

  8. Sarah London says

    Inspiring post for active wear Cindy! I’ve been wearing mine a lot of late as our weather is unlike yours and I can get out and about! I think a really great vest that goes with all your leggings/tops a wise investment. Love that olive one… miss you too xx

  9. Julia K. says

    Hi, Cindy —
    At 65, I am still a gym rat who works out every day — either running or weight training. I start my days with a 3 mile walk (after coffee, but in the dark this time of year), and then do my running or weights workout midday (I am not yet retired). I also do yoga daily, as I end my workday. I love my lululemon leggings, but I also love the basic All the Right Moves crop leggings from Target, and basic crop leggings from Old Navy. I’m not as big a fan of Athleta. I don’t feel they are worth the price difference, and they tend to run small. My gear gets washed frequently, in a delicate load and then hung up to dry.
    My recommendation to develop a regular workout routine is never miss a day! Do something for 30 minutes every day, and put out your best effort during that time. Build up to an hour. Set yourself goals and rewards. A workout buddy helps hold you both accountable. I have been practicing yoga for 40+ years, and recommend Yoga with Adriene videos as she puts the proper emphasis on the breath and suggests modifications.
    Keep at it! You will always feel better if you talk yourself into doing something to move your body.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Julia

      Great suggestions. I have used the all the right moves leggings from Target as well. I have never tried any from Old Navy. My problem is I am inconsistent. I used to work in the yard all the time and that was what I did to stay strong other than walking which I am good about weather permitting! I treat my workout clothes exactly as you do (no dryer). Never miss a day…great advice…

  10. Judy ibanez says

    Really appreciate that these aren’t “glamour” shots, as it gives one a better idea of how an average-sized person like me might look in these clothes.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Judy

      Glad to hear it. That is why I tried to do back views etc. I am glad you appreciate it.

  11. LA CONTESSA says

    LOVE THAT MANNEQUIN looking out the window!

  12. Char says

    Love the post! I am a Athleta fan too. Their workout
    wears great, well worth the money. The Athleisure
    wear, especially the joggers and wide leg pants, are
    great to wear and still look put together, Watch the
    sales and you can pick up some great items. I love
    their vests too!
    We live in Arizona so light tops and vests are
    key in the winter wear here and Scottsdale is
    very casual. I still like to look put together, even
    if only running errands. I have had good luck with
    Old Navy too, which really surprised me!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Char

      I am a total Athleta fan. I was completely and pleasantly surprised by Old Navy.

  13. Linda says

    Hi Cindy, I enjoy reading your post and a big thank you!
    My question is non related to workout gear.
    Wondering about your hair?
    1. Does it frizz in humid weather?
    2. If so how do you manage taming it?
    3. Do you have treatments keratin or Cezanne?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Linda

      OMG yes it does. I have gotten both. I have a new hairdresser whom I love. He does not think I will need it. I am hoping he is right. My hair is just wavy enough to be annoying. My mother and sister had beautiful curly hair. I got the frizzy waves. I plan to do an updated post on my hair soon.

  14. Karen B. says

    Since so many of these outfits have become my daily wear if I’m staying home, I find I like to have more than two or three options. I walk every day and with the cool weather layers are important. Thanks for the leads on some of the high and low priced items. My DIL gave me a pair of fleece lined Athletica workout pants and they’re great for cold mornings.
    Great post!
    Karen B.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      You are not alone. That is why we don’t want to wear rags, right? I wondered about those fleece pants. Who knew it would be so chilly this winter?!!

  15. Wren says

    Good morning from down the hill. Thanks for the good mix of workout wear. I don’t know if Target is still carrying the brand “all in motion” but awhile back, I found their pants and love them. They are leggings with pockets big enough for a phone and I find myself wearing them all the time. So comfortable, why wear something with a waist/belt?? I just ordered a couple of tops from Athleta on sale since I’m also a big fan of that brand. I like the vest you are wearing and wonder how that olive would look on me? I need some new athletic shoes and like yours… many of them these days are what I consider “over-engineered” with big clunky soles and treads. I need pretty basic for walking and gym. Stay dry and safe!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Wren

      I don’t think Target is. They have another brand that is not nearly as good. You are absolutely right about the pockets. I have purchased a couple pairs by accident that don’t have pockets and I rarely wear them. Who wants to be out on the trail without a phone! You can find my shoes at DSW in SLO that is where I got mine!

  16. Anita says

    I really like the longer vest. I also mix higher cost items like my Lilly Pulitzer sweatshirts with my flare legged workout pants from Walmart. They are the athletic works brand and I love how they fit and they look great after many washes.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Anita

      I must check out the lily Pulitzer sweatshirts. I bet they come in pretty colors!

  17. Mary says

    Love love love the casual look! The Athleta wear looks amazing. Vests , especially ones that cover the bottom, are a must have up here in Canada!!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Mary

      I am so happy that Athleta continues to have tops and vests that cover the bottom. All of those cropped looks are not flattering for women our age, well at least not me!

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