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Transitional Holiday Décor… Wreaths

I admit it I am a lazy holiday decorator.  If I decorate my mantle for fall (I didn’t this year) I use a base of twigs with lights. I add leaves and season specific fruits that can easily be exchanged for pomegranates and greens for Christmas.   If I purchase a wreath I try to purchase something that can be used for Fall and then with a few additions or subtractions be converted to a Christmas wreath
This Antler Wreath in it’s simplicity is a perfect example. It is seasonless.

Shed Antler wreath - cool idea for our camp:

This Eucalyptus based wreath can be enjoyed fall through Christmas by exchanging seasonal fruit.

eucalyptus wreath:

This gorgeous clamshell wreath from Martha Stewart could be adorned with a beautiful orange bow for fall, then changed to red for Christmas.

clamshell wreath from Martha Stewart Living:

The same treatment could be applied to this beautiful wreath of hydrangeas.

hydranga wreath:

I have been meaning to construct a twig wreath like this for our lake house.  We have all the materials readily available.


This bay leaf wreath from Terrain could be enjoyed fall through winter

Did you know that many common pests hate the the smell of bay leaves? Also, bay leaves make everrrrything yummy. Win-win!:

This moss wreath adorning my front door will probably only get a festive ribbon for Christmas.  Better yet it can be stored away until next year!

 Rough Luxe Fall Decor Wreath from Gifts on the Go:

Swap out this brown ribbon on this cotton wreath for Christmas.


I have purchased variations of this wreath from Pacific Evergreen at the Flower Mart in San Francisco many times.  Add a bow and remove the brown leaves and this one will be Christmas ready.

This woodland inspired wreath from Terrain is non season specific.

I am anxious to hear if any of you feel the same was as I.  The older I get the more I appreciate holiday décor that can transition from one holiday to the next.  How about you?

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  1. La Contessa says

    I AM JUST NOT THERE this YEAR!I could SKIP the whole thing!
    HORRORS………..and I will not.
    Need to shake MYSELF UP a bit!
    Maybe reading Decor Posts like this will HELP ME SNAP OUT OF IT!

  2. Debra Phillips says

    great ideas cindy as i too am a lazy decorator…..after doing so many others homes, i'm done! off to check out the antler wreath….love
    cheers my friend
    xx debra

    • Cindy says

      I know the feeling Debra! This is the first year I am not involved in a home tour. It is so hard to get excited about your own home when you are doing others!!

  3. Karen says

    I love the examples you've shared. I am the same, as I try to pare down some of the excess in our home, I look for things that can serve more the one season. Ideally, most of what you've shared could go up in October and with small additions, stay up until March. They are beautiful examples of nature's bounty. I love the twig and moss wreath you have on your door and more rustic example with larger birch(?) twigs and sticks.

  4. Sheila Irwin says


    Love all of these – just gorgeous! and makes me want to shop. I love a wreath that is transitional, though oddly enough this year I bought a Fall specific wreath for the first time. My personal favorite though is a boxwood wreath, with the ribbon changed out for the seasons. I even like it with burlap for the rest of the year!

    Great post!


    • Cindy says

      So true Sheila…I have enough boxwood in my yard to make a million wreaths. It seems the gardener always trims mine right before Thanksgiving though!

  5. My Little Bungalow says

    All of these wreaths are beautiful, Cindy. I am thrilled to have found Terrain through your blog. What wonderful things they have. You've inspired me to do a post on wreaths! I like the non-traditional ones as well as the traditional ones for Christmas. I am so looking forward to the holidays this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before we know it.

  6. D. A. Wolf says

    I love love love your eucalyptus wreath with citrus. I can imagine leaving that up on my front door for three months or six months and loving every minute of it! When my boys were little we used to go into the backyard and cut some greenery and then I would fashion a wreath from that. Time consuming but so much fun!

    These days I content myself at Christmas time with gathering some leaves and red berries from the side yard and arranging them on the mantle around the photographs and candles that are already there. I add a few pine cones, kumquats, and a small folk art Santa who sits with his little legs dangling over the mantle and we are set! (And so easy to clean up when the holidays are over.)


  7. Mary Ann Pickett says

    You could definitely make that lake house wreath! I bought a fall wreath last year and then when it god closer to Christmas…I hung a sparkly Merry Christmas sign on it. I still need to get a wreath. Perhaps we can go to the flower mart…although I went last week and didn't see any wreaths.

  8. Kelly - Talk of the House says

    Love the idea of transitional wreaths. In fact the one currently on my door (shown on the post today) was a crazy thing from Target with birch bark "leaves." I had eyeballed it all of October waiting for it to go on sale..but it was gone before I could get it. Then viola! Target introduced another wreath identical to it for December. They just swapped out the acorns on it for red berries. (And I bought the December one, and swapped out the berries for acorns I had for this month!) So even Target likes your idea of transitional wreaths. 🙂

  9. Katie Clooney says

    Hi Cindy… these are gorgeous wreaths! My fave is the Eucalyptus and the one made of shells. We live in a beach community so that one would be perfect. Just looked at your house tour and fell in love!!! Have a great week.

    • Cindy says

      Katie you need that seashell wreath!! I think one from oyster shells would be fabulous as well! Have your fish shop save them for you!!

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