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Sue Bond’s Thesen Island Retreat

Well, all I can say is you are in for a treat today. If you are not following Sue Bond on Instagram. you will want to now.  I am completely smitten with her vacation home (and everything else she does) on the West Side of the Cape in South Africa. Our daughter spent a summer abroad at the University of Cape Town and I have been fascinated with their design aesthetic ever since. I contacted Sue and asked if I could feature her lovely home and she said yes. Let’s take a tour of Sue Bond’s Thesen Island Retreat on the Western Cape.

sue bond's home on the western cape

The outdoor spaces are absolutely mesmerizing

Sue Bond's beautiful South African Terrace

Wouldn’t you love to be a guest for dinner?

sue bond's south african veranda at night

Her attention to detail impeccable.  How about Christmas in this lovely spot?


sue bond christmas tablescape

I love the invisible line between the indoors and out.

sue bond's gorgeous family room

Beautiful artwork from local artists accentuates the lovely interiors.  Beautiful collections everywhere.

sue bond family with oversized art

Her dining room …what can I say?

sue bond's dining room on the Western Cape

Her tablescapes definitely hold center stage.  Love the blue her.  Blue is a favorite of Sue’s. She always sneaks in a little green.  Love the combination.

sue bond blue tablescape

How about this kitchen from her Cape Town home. I think even a non-cook could be happy here.

Sue Bond's Thesans Island Kitchen

Love the open shelving and the huge rattan pendants.

Sue Bond's Thesans Island Kitchen

Love the gorgeous fabrics in this beautiful bedroom.

sue bond bedroom in her Thesans Island Retreat

Love the mirrors in this beautiful bath

sue bond master bath in her western cape retreat

Even the laundry room is beautifully outfitted.  Love the art.

sue bond laundry room

Everywhere you look there are beautifully styled vignettes, in the garden…

sue bond garden vignette

Adore the styling on this console table.

sue bond console table

The outdoor spaces reign supreme don’t they?

sue bond's thesen island patio

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Sue Bond’s Thesen Island Retreat.  I intended to make this one of my Sunday favorites but felt it deserved it’s very own post. Thank you Sue for so graciously allowing us this peek into your gorgeous home. Be sure and follow Sue here for more of her signature gorgeousness.

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Below I have linked some collected accessories so you can make Sue’s look your own!


Reader Interactions


      • Ginger says

        Gorgeous feast for the eyes! The green really make the blue and white sing! And SO many fabulous details everything! Breathtaking!

        • Sue bond says

          Thank you Ginger !! I am such a huge blue and white fan it was the best discovery by adding green to see just that – it really does make it all sing ! I am such a detail person I drive myself mad … but I love it ! Thank you to Cindy for this beautiful feature

      • Sue bond says

        Thank you so much Cindy ! I cannot believe all of these fabulous comments and compliments ! The collected look is so satisfying , comfortable and full of stories about the journey of each piece into it’s place !

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you Pierette ! Isn’t it just too beautiful ! It is actually hand painted Belgian linen by a SA Company called African Sketchbook ! So talented !

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Pierette ! That wallpaper is beautiful Belgian linen hand painted by a Co here in SA called African Sketchbook . So talented … my fave proteas !

  1. CAROL Heartfelt Whimsies says

    I love how elegant yet casual Sue’s home is. A hard look to achieve but my favorite style. Thank you for sharing her gorgeous home and garden.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Carol

      Sue’s home just stopped me in my tracks. I think she did everything right and more. We may see more soon!

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Carol for this lovely compliment ! I agree with you , it’s not easy . Especially when you want your family to feel comfortable and relaxed but in a beautiful space . Such high praise to be featured by Cindy

  2. Sue bond says

    Cindy !! What can I say … a HUGE HUGE thank you for sharing my holiday home ! What a fab fab feature . I am honoured , high praise from you . Such style and gorgeous interiors … not to mention your garden ! I love what I do , but more than anything , to inspire is a treat ! I hope you are planning your next trip to South Africa . Such lovely comments from your followers too X

  3. Barb Wagner says

    Oh My Gosh ~~~ Thank you for sharing the home of this very talented woman – I’m now following her on IG – just want to see more & more. It seems so rare these days to see homes that are truly unique, and hers is now at the top of my list! Thank you Thank you!

    • Sue bond says

      High praise Barb ! Thank you so much ! I am passionate about my work so it is always a huge compliment when loved by someone else ! I have never been a follower of fashion … probably why I love Cindy’s unique style too ! Watch this space I am on the veranda today !

  4. Lesego says

    I am obsessed with Sue’s work 👌👌👌… Her home is really something else ❤️❤️❤️❤️Amazing work 🥰🥰

  5. Judie olivero says

    I just discovered Sue Bonds two weeks ago!!! Love, love, love her work so I was more than pleased when you featured her! Thank you!

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Judie ! What a lovely compliment to be featured by Cindy ! She has such style and great taste … not to mention her own home ! I look forward to seeing you on my page

  6. Shirley says

    Hallo from sunny South Africa, Cindy.
    Loved to look at the gorgeous pictures of Sue Bond’s house. Inspiring.
    I mostly follow your style posts, which I enjoy because of the unique content.
    Thank you.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Shirley

      I am so glad you enjoyed this post. It is always a challenge for me to keep my fashionistas and designers both content!

    • Sue bond says

      Hi Shirley , isn’t Cindy’s style just fabulous ! I love her posts !! Hope you are staying sane in this weird world we find ourselves in !

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Jean

      You are welcome. I thought it needed it’s own post as well. I did mix a few pictures accidentally of her Capetown home as well.

  7. Cheryl P says

    Just “followed” her, thank you! I love how she has a mural in the kitchen behind the shelves! Pretty colors used throughout the home and gardens. Thank you for spotlighting this talented woman. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Cheryl ! What lovely compliments ! So much talent here in SA , our artists are great ! The mural was painted by African Sketchbook on Belgian linen . I adore proteas which they captured so well ! Love Cindy’s page !!

  8. Cherie says

    DIVINE! Everything about Sue Bond’s home is perfect! Very comfortable and inviting. Wonderful collection of items picked up because she fell in love with them. Do you think she’d mind if I dropped in?

    • Sue bond says

      Drop in any time please Cherie ! I am such a collector !! I have carried things home with me from all over the world – including America . My last trip was to New York to shop with my Client at Ralph Lauren for his private wind estate in Franschhoek ! What a treat . So lovely to meet some of Cindy’s fabulous followers . Thanks to her !!

  9. Karen B. says

    I love the images you’ve shared, I can’t seem to link up with her Instagram account using your links. Let me know if it’s me or your links. =D

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Karen

      I emailed you the direct link but it worked on my end. Did anyone else have this problem?

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Karen ! I am so thrilled that Cindy chose to share my holiday home ! WOW ! An honour . I hope you managed to find me on IG

  10. Carolina says

    Just WOW=so beautiful! Love,love,love her all of her hanging light installations. Thanks for sharing something wonderful again.

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Carolina ! Lucky me that Cindy shared my home – such lovely compliments ! I adore using hanging lights in my interiors … watch this space , I am on my veranda today styling up !

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Sylvia

      There is so much inspiration each square deserves studying doesn’t it ? So glad you enjoyed it!

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you to all of you who liked my home ! Such a fabulous feature , I am blown away by the compliments . I can see why people follow Cindy , she is just fabulous with all of her shares ! I am so lucky to do what I love Sylvia

  11. Maryann Nolan says

    WOW! An absolutely beautiful home! I have went back 3 times to look at it!!!
    It is just stunning! I am now following Sue on Instagram. Thanks so much for sharing.

  12. Joanna says

    Such a beautiful home and garden! I particularly like the wallpaper behind her open shelving in the kitchen and laundry room. Her table vignettes are inspiring me to up my game. I am now following her on Instagram.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Joanna

      Aren’t her tablescapes beyond amazing. I will refer to them whenever (when I can?) I am entertaining. Tablescape Ed with Sue Bonds!

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you Joanna ! That beautiful wall behind my open shelving is a hand painted mural on Belgian Linen by a fabulous Company here called African Sketchbook . Proteas are my favourite flower … they did a stunning job ! In my laundry room that paper is a Sanderson . I am a bit of a wallpaper junkie ! So lovely to be featured by Cindy !

  13. Jill says

    This home, and garden was certainly deserving of its own spot. Absolutely beautiful, and inspirational. My husband and I were fortunate enough to be able to travel to South Africa, four years ago. Beautiful area, wish we had had even more time to spend there, and their wineries and wines, are spectacular, especially the pinotage.

    • Sue bond says

      Hi Jill , so glad you have visited our beautiful Country ! We live in Cape Town , I have just completed a private wine estate in Franschhoek , a wine region I adore . The foodie part of it has taken off … it is a culinary delight ! Thank you for your lovely compliments

  14. Patti says

    Wow, this home is so inspiring for Spring! So many details to look at! It definitely deserved its own post! Anyone have a suggestion on a paint color that resembles that green on the dining room wall?

    • Sue bond says

      Hi Patti , thank you !! Such a lovely compliment . Our dining room is wallpapered in a green grasscloth . In the flesh is a natural fibre so the texture is just superb ! It is a Thibaut product

  15. Beth Lowe says

    I simply love Sue Bond’s South African Home. And the style and decor are truly inspiring. I especially love the rattan tray, she used for her bar and for her breakfast station and her Ikat pillows, make me certain I will study Sue’s lovely home more. I would love to visit South Africa to see more style like this home. As a new reader to your blog, I can’t thank you enough for providing your readers interesting content.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Beth

      That was my favorite as well. Do you think I could source that? I could not find it in the USA. I will ask Sue.

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you so much Beth ! You should come and visit our beautiful Country ! My father lives in California and I adore Cindy’s style home ! The rattan tray that you love is from one of my favourite companies called Private House in SA . They ship all over the world , have a look at her on-line store

  16. Treva says

    Stunning!!! So much inspiration! You’re right Cindy, this home deserved its own post. Headed to check out more of Sue’s work on IG.

    • SuE Bond says

      Blue and white is my first love so I have loved bringing the greens into our holiday home ! Such a beautiful feature … Cindy is just amazing !

    • Sue bond says

      Thank you Robin ! My first love has always been blue and white . At our holiday home the outlooks are so green I thought I would bring it indoors . Just love how it turned out . So thrilled to be featured here !

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