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A Stylist’s New Farmhouse Kitchen

My friend Roxanne is uber talented.  She does beautiful floral arrangements and can style the heck out of a room.  She and her husband Steve have lived in their house almost as long as we have lived in ours.  She is my age; her children have long been gone, and she now has a passel of grandchildren.  She not only has great design sense but is a fabulous cook as well. Her old kitchen was isolated from the rest of the house and dated. Let’s take a look at a Stylist’s New Farmhouse Kitchen.

She decided to open it up to make her kitchen more functional and accessible to the great room. She added old barn beams to the case opening where there was once a wall and centered her dining table in the opening.

Where the once cramped dining space was Roxanne created this comfy banquette area that overlooks the rose garden.



The west wall in the kitchen houses a new double oven, cook top, dishwasher, and sink.
Every inch is perfectly styled.


Beautiful greens from her garden in vintage glass jars adorn the kitchen counter.



The barn door to the left accesses Roxanne’s craft room
The south end of the kitchen houses a wine refrigerator.  Roxanne repurposed an antique hanging cupboard to house glassware. This adds a sense of history and character to the more contemporary space.




The east wall that backs up to the great room houses the refrigerator and more cabinetry.
Roxanne had her carpenters face the shelves with the skins from the old beams. Iloveove the character the beam skins and beautiful styling add to the space. Imagine this area if it were filled with only new HG stuff? Roxanne added her personal signature to the space by adding vintage and gathered elements.The vintage and gathered elements add Roxanne’s personal signature to the space.



I am sure you recognize this box.  Roxanne’s husband Steve constructed it out of old fence boards from their property.  I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one that adorns my dining table as well.


I hope you enjoyed this tour of my talented friend Roxanne’s new Farmhouse Kitchen. If you want more I will do another post on the other updated areas of her home soon.

Reader Interactions


  1. Mary Beth~FurnishMyWay says

    I love the harmony of old meets new in your friend's kitchen! Reminds me so much of something I would see on HGTV's Fixer Upper. She definitely has some professional level talent!!

  2. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous!!! PLEASE show more of her home — she has a great eye for design and visual balance!

  3. JenT says

    I adore every single thing about this new kitchen. I would copy all of her ideas if I could. Yes, please show us more, and thanks for sharing!

  4. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Oh that Roxanne! Now I know why you are always quoting her 🙂 I love the tile and how she surfaced the free standing shelves…and all the character. It's really gorgeous. I want to see it in person some time…let's take a bottle of wine over to Roxanne's and surprise her!

  5. Nancy says

    simply stunning! birds of a feather flock together and you two friends certainly know how to make everything you touch beautiful.

  6. Gail Storti says

    Hi Cindy, Roxanne's kitchen is amazing, I love everything g about it! Every detail is perfection, the colors, vintage touches and artistic vib make it an inviting space and I'd be so happy to cook in that kitchen. Thank you for sharing this gorgeous re-do! I give it a 11 out of 10!
    xo Gail

  7. Karen says

    What an amazing job your friend did in redesigning her kitchen. I love her touches that make the kitchen have warmth and personality. Is the subway tile glass? Thank you for sharing such a beautiful remodel.

  8. Anonymous says

    Comfortable, lovely, inviting….the use of the antique cabinet in the new wine fridge/bar is inspiring. Everything works, when done with thought and style! Linda Klinger, Houston

  9. Debra Phillips says

    loved this tour, so stylish and well done….LIVABLE comfortably. unfortunately an inner demon has emerged; i want a craft room off my kitchen, a wine fridge, a banquette, beams & beam SKINS!!! uber talented is oh so right
    xoxox (missing you)

  10. leslie says

    Uber talented is right! I Love the shelf behind the stove. It was on my list at my home and I don't know why it didn't make it to the finish line! Have a great day! Leslie Sinclair

  11. Holly Boyle says

    Love the antique hanging cupboard over the wine refrigerator – a beautiful contrast to take the edge of the stainless fridge and shiny tile. also the styling on the shelf – bottle, framed art, cutting board. no color too harsh. just a lovely place to gently browse her treasures. thanks to both of you for sharing…..xx-hb

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