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Simple Ways to Create a Globally Inspired Den

Let’s look at some Simple Ways to Create a Globally Inspired Den. Don’t be afraid to mix the old and new, and the high and low. Use items you already own and combine them with elements from different countries and cultures.

In my latest project (my den) I have decided to go for a more ethnic chic/globally inspired look. We have a lot of American antiques, but I like to combine them with a few modern items, accessories from native cultures, and raw, vintage, and reclaimed materials for a more relaxed eclectic look. It’s a look that can be dovetailed with many styles and can be added to over time.

how to create a collected globally inspired den

The den is connected to my office. They are separated by a sliding french door, so it is important that they complement rather than compete with one another. In case you missed the post I did on my office, you can find How to Create a Stylish Productive Workspace Without Buying Anything New here. As you know I love a collected look, so this room won’t be much different.


I decided to gather many of our “globally inspired” accessories and use them in this room. I am using the corner cupboard that resided in the living room of our rental. It is an American piece like most of our furniture. You can see more of that room in the post-Fixer Upper Living Room Reveal Before and After. In that house, I filled it with Native American baskets from New England and the West which I may do again.

cindy hattersley's fixer upper living room corner cupboard area

Here is the same cupboard in our Chualar home filled with our redware collection. You can read more about that and see many other familiar items in the post Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home for Spring. I wish I still had those fabulous black wicker chairs. Unfortunately, we sold them with the home.

cindy hattersley's family room with corner cupboard

On the TV wall, we will be using a favorite twig console table that we had made by local artisan Jim Reese when we first built our home in Chualar. I originally thought we would use it in the great room or the hallway of this home, but it just didn’t look right for some reason. I was determined to make it work because Steve and I both love it so much. In our Chualar home, it resided under the shuttered tv cabinet.

twig console table cindy hattersley's chualar home

In our Chestnut home, we placed it in front of the beautiful picture window that looked out onto the courtyard. Don’t be afraid to use something you already own in a fresh new way. It will bring new life to the piece and the room itself. The chairs “supposedly” originally resided in the Ahwahnee hotel. They were found at a junk shop.



If you follow me on Instagram you noticed that I recently purchased these leather chairs from Pottery Barn that we will be using in the den.



Here is the inspiration board for the sitting area of the den. The corner cupboard will be in a different corner, but I placed it in the grouping to get a better idea of the whole feel of the room. I have on order the Pottery Barn York slipcovered loveseat in a performance fabric. The coffee table is from Uttermost and is reasonably priced. I wanted something that didn’t take up a lot of visual space because the room isn’t that large. I like the simple lines of the table. The small drinks tables are from World Market. I do not think it is necessary to spend a ton of money on these small tables. You can read my post on drinks tables, Cheap Chic Drinks Tables Under $150 here. I will probably rub some dark-colored briwax on these tables to give them a little more character and depth. The wall lights are inexpensive from Lamps Plus, and the art is from Pottery Barn. All items will be linked at the bottom of the post.

Inspiration Board Globally Inspired Den Design Cindy Hattersley

Here is another art option. I think Summer could do these, and we could use inexpensive frames from Michaels. I also might frame a couple of vintage textile pieces. I have a little time to think about this one.

globally inspired den ciindy hattersley design


Here is my proposal for the tv area. Again I have the corner cupboard in the picture just for reference. I think I want to use this tv cabinet from Ballard Designs to cover the tv. Most of the African baskets can be found on Etsy as well as the pillow covers. We used them in our former home. All are linked at the bottom of the post. You can find vintage Brighton Pavillion chairs on Chairish here, or on eBay here.


I don’t mind the TV without the cabinet, but I think I would prefer having it covered. What are your thoughts? What about the corner cabinet, baskets, or redware? FYI today and tomorrow only Ballard Designs is having 25% off one item only here.

inspo board for globally inspired den cindy hattersley


If you would like to create a globally inspired room in your own home, don’t be afraid to use what you have in fresh new ways. Avoid a matchy-matchy look by combining your new items with vintage and antique pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix the high and the low. Every piece doesn’t need to be expensive. The higher-end pieces will elevate the lower-end items. Be sure and blend elements from different cultures and countries. It will create interest and a well-traveled look, even if you never leave your home. Many of these tips are part of creating a collected look as well. You can read more about that in my post The Collected Look How to Get It.

Thank you for reading Simple Ways to Create a Globally Inspired Den. I would love to hear your thoughts about the design. FYI Thank you for all your wonderful comments about Beau. I am slowly making my way through them. He was a sweet boy.

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  1. D. A. Squires says

    I rarely comment but love your blog–and was amazed to see the leather chairs we just ordered from Potter Barn!! We chose the molasses, a dark chocolaty brown. We went to the nearest store in Boca Raton that had one to SIT in before buying, and we were sold. (Also had a wonderful 75 (!!) year old sales woman who has worked for PB for 50 years–she goes between FL and CT!!!) We gave up a super comfortable Lazy Boy ivory leather recliner– did not buy the recliner model, so hope we will be OK sitting vs reclining!!
    You are SO talented… and our purchase was validated… I just had mu husband look at this post : )

  2. Connie says

    Great ideas!
    I like the baskets in the corner cabinet and no cover on TV.
    The twig table is fabulous.

  3. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    I have been thinking about you all week, how are you? I know how hard it is to loose a beloved pet, take comfort in the memories and all of the fun times and antics of sweet Bobo.

    As for this post, you are not only a stylish dress but your moldboards and home are always filled with so much inspiration. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you use what you have in different homes and rooms and the pieces always look so beautiful. Collected homes are my favorites homes. I definitely have a collected interior, the pieces make me smile brings back memories of the people who gave them to us or where we found them.
    This room will be amazing.
    As for your chairs, I have always wanted a pair of chairs like that but just cannot make them work in my space. I am going to keep trying though.

    Happy weekend.

  4. Joan says

    I was inspired by your beautiful baskets so I went to my local Thrift and found 3 that I have placed in my entry hall. I still need a few more and will keep looking as well as bring out some I already have.
    I searched for Redware but alas, they were fresh out there…ha, ha. One can always hope.. Love all your collected treasures.
    I may have to go to the Rose bowl Flea Market one of these months.

  5. Karen says

    The artwork (summer) doesn’t strike me as being you. I have followed you a loonnngg time. Taste changes though.

    I hate it that you are.missing the chairs you’ve sold. We’ve all done that.😕😕

  6. Linda Ebright says

    Best place to buy Brighton Chippendale bamboo chairs in on Facebook Marketplace. Just be a bit patient and they are there at a fraction of the price. Same gorgeous, versatile chairs but much cheaper than other sources.

  7. Paula says

    Love all your ideas.

    I’m sorry, but I am spatial concept dysfunctional, so I did not see a picture of where the tv. was going on the wall.

    My son moved into an older home with a small living room, 14′ wide x 27′ long and I am having a devil of a time figuring out furniture placement, etc. Have you done blogs in the past about small rooms/

    It does have a fireplace, but he doesn’t want the t.v. above it. He is single so no family to concern with tv watching.

  8. Juliet says

    Amazing vision, Cindy! I love how you’re able to reuse your pieces so creatively in different homes, different spaces. Your corner cupboard is a treasure. And I really like those round end tables. Summer could definitely handle the artwork. I also like vertical orientation of the art. Can’t wait to see your den comes together! xo

  9. Pamela Whitcomb says

    Our ‘globally’ inspired room is instead ‘Texas’ inspired; I would call it ‘classy’ Texas rustic. We love it! It’s a relatively small game room upstairs, but very warm, inviting, and comfortable. I just purchased lanterns from Kirklands that look fabulous up there: wood frames, copper tops, and leather straps (SKU228380). With their birch bark candles (SKU159014) it’s a great look!

  10. Beverly Siek says

    Hi Cindy, I just love this post! It comes at a perfect time as my husband and I moved at the end of last year from Wisconsin to a new construction home in South Carolina. The light here is so amazingly different. We have a totally different style of home and floorplan so we have mixed things up as. to where we put them and how we use them, and are combining in new furniture as it arrives (long waits!). I love a mix of the redware and baskets, or just the redware, since you already have a lot of natural materials in the chairs and console table. I’ll be saving this post for your ideas. Thanks for the visuals! I love this look!

  11. Karyn says

    Both options are lovely. Reminds me of Jill Sharp Weeks in the most complimentary way. Please keep these home and garden posts coming. It is so fun to see the progress in your new home.

  12. Eileen H says

    I also like the redware. It’s a little bit of a different texture from the wicker/reed furniture. How do you like shopping for furniture online? I can order knicky knacks, pillows, lamps…But I worry about furniture online. Will I really like the fabric, is it comfortable, the cost to return? What had your experience been?

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      To be honest Eileen I have never done it. I know the fabric. If the cushion is awful I will have it redone. Most furniture frames are built similarly, unless they are dropped or improperly built they are okay. I didn’t want to wait six months or more! I will let you know. Pottery has upped their game with their upholstery line. I upgraded the cushion to a down wrap and have my fingers crossed. The leather chairs are fine. I may have the cushions redone if I don’t like them.

  13. Diane says

    What great timing for me! I’m planning to redo our TV/family room and was thinking about slipcovered sofas. I love these ideas for the end tables, coffee table and the wall lamps. Beautiful choices, as always, Cindy! I prefer the redware, but either choice is beautiful. Now we’ll see if I can get my husband to give up his recliner.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Diane

      There are some pretty good looking recliners lately I have to admit. I will tell you a funny story. A few years back a did a consult on a couple’s home (they were younger than us at the time) They had a nice home. They thought their living room looked dated. WELL HELLO they had two big cushy recliners and a reclining sofa in brown. I told them they were to young to have furniture like that.

  14. Donna says

    Consider the frame tv and then you can feature different art images; the tv becomes a part of your decor.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Donna

      For some reason, I have not gotten on board with that. I do feel it is an improvement, and in a more contemporary environment, it can totally be pulled off. I am just not sure about it in my home. I see them in others homes and love them.

  15. Mary Ann Pickett says

    Wow…isn’t it helpful to do mood boards for even your own spaces? This is so special. You have such a great collection of special things. I believe the Ahwahnee story!

  16. Gray says

    I love the whole situation. It is so different from my aesthetic, I so enjoy watching you work it.

  17. Vickie Hutchins says

    I love the baskets and the redware, but I think the redware wins for me. I love the pop of color, sheen and reflection it adds to the cupboard. I’m also really drawn to redware in autumn and at Christmas. A garland of bittersweet or a touch of greenery and it’s perfect! Perhaps you could change it out to the baskets in the spring! It’s all lovely.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Vickie

      Great Suggestions. I think I will probably stick with the redware for fall. Like you said I can always switch them out. The beauty of having too much stuff!

  18. M says

    Love option one, looks cosy and comfortable as we move into autumn but then they all look great.

  19. Shari says

    Amazing ideas! I’m saving this post to my Pinterest decorating board for sure!
    Your blog is the best

  20. Karen B. says

    I love your ideas. The natural textures and casual, inviting look work beautifully in the space you have. The home is moving along, and I love your style. Thank you for sharing such great ideas.
    Karen B.

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