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Five Over 50 Wedding Guest Outfits you Will Love

This month I am joining my pal Kim from Northern California Style for our monthly Signature Style Series. This month we are mixing it up a bit. Kim’s readers are wanting dress suggestions and you all want suggestions for proper wedding attire. If you are a wedding guest over 50 or way over 60 in my case what to wear can be challenging once you receive that wedding invitation. Let’s take a look at Five Over 50 Wedding Guest Outfits You Will Love. Times have changed since 1975.

cindy-steve-wedding-photo-cindy hattersley design

According to Glamour Magazine ” bright colors and floral prints are always welcome (especially if the event is taking place in a garden), you can totally wear black to a summer wedding, especially if it’s a cocktail or formal ceremony. (Just don’t wear plain white, obviously.)”. However some weddings are now requesting that guests wear the wedding colors which sometimes will be white or off white. So basically anything goes as long as you follow the wedding dress code specified by the bride and groom to be. It all depends on the type of wedding, and the time of day of the wedding. I constantly get inquiries about the outfit that I wore to my daughter’s wedding years ago, so I have tried to replicate it somewhat.

Over 50 Style Blogger Cindy Hattersley at her daughter's wedding


The great thing about a beach destination wedding is that it calls for casual wedding attire. You can wear flat sandals especially during the day. Who wants to wear heels in the sand? Your husband or date can even pull off a button down shirt with or without a tie. Your date can even wear a white shirt and dress pants. This outfit could also be worn to a garden wedding . You can check out my post on How to Rock an Over 50 Travel Wardrobe-Hawaii to see what I wore for a beach wedding here.

Beach Wedding Outfit-Cindy Hattersley


This outfit would be great for a mother of the bride, or for a black tie, formal, or semi-formal wedding. If the wedding calls for an evening gown, or a cocktail dress. The sparkly tee adds an element of fun. You can wear flat sandals and no one will notice, or wear a low heel if you prefer. All you need in my opinion, is a large pair of rhinestone earrings, and a silver clutch to complete the ensemble. You could also switch out the tee for a white silk shirt tied at the waist.

formal spring wedding-cindy hattersley design


This midi dress outfit would be appropriate for almost any venue or setting. If formal wedding attire, is required, or if it is black tie optional, this would fit the bill for a cocktail dress at a formal event. This beautiful dress is a statement on it’s own so minimal accessories and simple sparkly heels are all that is needed. Your date could wear a dark suit, (a bow tie would be fun with this), or a tuxedo and be comfortable with you.

Spring Wedding Formal-cindy hattersley-Five Wedding Guest Outfits


I love a dressy casual wedding that doesn’t require a formal dress or cocktail attire. Your date can wear a jacket, dress shirt and tie. No white tie, or formal attire required. They are just relaxed and fun. Your date might wear a sport coat, button-down shirt and a tie. Again simple jewelry is all that is needed as this dress has a lot going on.

garden wedding outfit cindy hattersley


This last outfit would be perfect for a older member of the wedding party, mother of the bride. I love the combination of kelly green and pink but you could easily replace with silver or nude if it is too much color for you. I prefer this midi length with sleeves to a knee-length, shorter hemline. I just think it is more flattering at our age.

spring wedding outfit-cindy hattersley


If you would like more information on what to wear to a daytime, beach, casual or cocktail wedding, you might enjoy the articles below:

If you have been invited to a formal wedding and you know you probably will not wear whatever is required again why not try Rent the Runway.

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I have linked more wedding guest dresses that I love that can be interchanged with some of the accessories I featured above.


Thank you for reading Five Over 50 Wedding Guest Outfits you will love. Now let’s pop over and visit Kim. She is talking about dresses today.


Reader Interactions


  1. Liana says

    Love all the dresses, I love attending weddings, always a beautiful moment to witness and a great excuse to getting dressed up. This summer I’m attending a wedding mid July, it will be hot 🥵. My goal was finding Julia Roberts dress featured on the “Ticket to Paradise” movie , wasn’t able to found the exact same but I’ve got a similar-ish .

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Liana

      You are so right about weddings! So glad you found a similar dress..that one was a beauty!!

  2. Bonnie White says

    Love everything on this post. I miss just getting dressed up like we used to. Dress down America has always been a thorn in my side.

    Wedding, going to dinner, symphony- we need to start dressing up to raise the bar for everyone.

    Thank youuuuuuu

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Bonnie

      I go back and forth between appreciating it…and not…I know exactly what you mean!

  3. Annie Diamond says

    Cindy! I love this post for multiple reasons! Your style is always brilliant! But then the photo of you and Steve and the one with you and Jenna and Darius at their wedding! So beautiful!!!

  4. Susan S Daniel says

    Cindy, I am having difficulty getting your shop links to load. Everything else loads on your posts except for the links.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Susan

      I would try cleaning out your cache. Let me know if it won’t work. I can email you any link you would like.

  5. Katherine says

    Hi Cindy,

    I am a sentimental gal and the most important comment I want to make first is the beautiful picture of you and Steve when you got married and the pretty picture of you your daughter and son-in-law. I like what you wore and you looked so cute in short hair.
    This post took some doing. I love the green dress and then the long bright pink and the pretty jelly green shoes are pretty together.
    The pretty busy maxi dress I even think is a standout. There is something for everybody.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Katherine

      This post did take awhile to produce. I am so glad you appreciate it. I constantly get requests for one, so I decided if I was going to do it I needed to do it right! Thank you for appreciating the work that was involved.

  6. Linda s. says

    You look so beautiful at your daughter’s wedding, that was my favorite outfit but I love them all. You did a great job. I just recently found your blog and I am obsessed. You are so talented. Having fun following you and your talented friends. Have a good summer.

  7. Barbara at Mantel and Table says

    I just love your eye for color Cindy! All these combinations are lovely – and of course your mother of the bride outfit is spectacular. Thanks as always for the great ideas and fashion inspiration!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barbara

      Thank you so much! My daughter’s wedding was a few years ago…you can tell by my hair color and style!!

  8. La Contessa says

    I just got a phone call after reading your post and I forgot entirely with my comment was so please forgive me your wedding attire for your daughter’s wedding is the best!

  9. Juliet says

    Cindy, I love your throwback photos! You and Steve … and you at your daughters wedding. Gorgeous gorgeous MOB ensemble. That green Farm Rio dress is divine … I’m definitely considering it for an upcoming wedding. And the floral gown … wow! There’s nothing I love more than weddings … and wedding guest dresses. This was so fun! xo

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Juliet

      You look so fabulous in dresses! I believe my daughter has been married for 12 years. I was still salt and pepper then!

  10. cheryl p says

    All beautiful! I remember seeing you all dressed for your daughter’s wedding, and just loved what you wore! Happy memories!

  11. Cath🇨🇦 says

    Cindy, these are beautiful ideas!
    So, this is what I’d like to do with something I have kept since an earlier wedding in 2007… take the beautiful golden skirt and add the cross tie upper part of the raspberry dress… not those colours ! but that look. I have a gorgeous fern skirt (just like the gold) but am looking for a cream ( not white) blouse to wear with it, with a side tie. I have lovely fern silk slides with applied silk flower petals and beading , as well as a beautiful silk shawl given at Christmas several years ago. Happy I kept the skirt, but hope to complete the look. Any suggestions?
    Guess I should get the Etsy app! Might give me more opportunities to find the blouse.
    Thanks for these suggestions.

  12. kim says

    Cindy just beautiful ideas, Love all of them.. You find the most gorgeous pieces and the perfect accessories too. Love the green and the pink dress and even the last dress so much. I just wish I had a wedding, or something fun Will share this with all my friends who do and pin this!
    So many wedding this year, I know people will really appreciate this post as it’s hard to navigate the wedding guest thing!
    Love doing this with you! x Kim

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Kim

      We have no weddings this year either! Love working with you too Kim!

  13. Cindy Hattersley says

    Hi Ann

    Thank you for providing the link. I work really hard on these posts and depend on my readers using my links so that I can make a small profit to keep the blog going. I hope you will understand if I delete your link. All of the links are there now.

  14. Gray says

    I have been looking for something for a formal wedding in 90° weather. Thanks for these options.

  15. cassandra greene says

    i am so impressed with the dresses you have chosen….. I have a few things coming up and i would like to refresh my closet with all of these dresses and shoes and earrings but i do not have the lints… Please send them to me as I am dyung to check them out. Thank you Cassandra Greene

  16. Myla Ramsey says

    Good morning! I would love links to all of the outfits. They are individually beautiful and fabulous ideas for wedding events. As usual, you knocked it out of the park!

  17. M Manson says

    Would you please provide links to the wedding outfits described in your blog ?

  18. elizabeth gifford says

    I too would appreciate the designer of the green “beach” midi dress! And where to buy..details PLEASE!! Thank you

  19. Susan Snell says

    Can you tell me who makes the green midi dress? I couldn’t find a link. Thank you!

  20. susan K. says

    where oh where do I find that gorgeous green dress at the top of this email- my perfect dress!! Thank you-

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