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Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer

It’s Sunday, so I am joining my pals Mary Ann and Annie for our Sunday faves. This week let’s chat about Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer. Are you planting a garden? What do you grow?

Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer

How to Start a Garden from Scratch

House and Garden UK has a beautiful informative post on How to Garden from Scratch that I think you will enjoy. Are you making any changes to your garden this year? I would love to hear what if so.

Wisteria covered trellis

Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer in Style

CNET How to Start Exercising in your 50’s and Beyond

I found this article from CNET interesting. I am considering one of these for my desk. Has anyone tried one? If you are having trouble getting motivated, or just need more enouragement, I think you will find this article helpful.

baseball cap

Eating Well Anti Aging Foods for your Skin

Here are twelve healthy beauty foods that will hopefully help keep your skin healthy, fight inflammation and keep aging at bay. I am sure you know most of them, but a couple might surprise you.

Outfits of the Week

This week I am featuring a cheap chic outfit and one from Eileen Fisher that you can wear forever. I love the vivid blue of this gauze maxi from Old Navy. I paired it with my favorite tee from Michael Stars, you could also pair it with this one from J Crew (on sale). I added inexpensive earrings and a bag from Etsy and Laid Back London sandals from eBay (you can find many other similar options on Etsty here as well)

blue maxi skirt outfit from Old Navy.

Eileen Fisher’s linen separates are timeless and I love this new flame colorway. I paired the pieces with colorful beaded earrings, a silk scarf, and gorgeous bag from Etsy. The sandals are from Sam Edelman, a favorite of you readers.

eileen fisher red linen outfit with colorful accessories

Shop the Outfits of the Week

Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer in Style

CNBC Five Podcast Episodes on Longevity

We all are interested in living longer healthier lives. I think you might enjoy these five podcasts from CNBC.

Healthy Cauliflower with Roasted Garbanzos and Peas

I haven’t made this cauliflower salad from the First Mess in awhile, but I plan to for book club this week. FYI you can find this recipe along with all my other salad recipes on my Pinterest Salad Board here.

cauliflower salad from the First Mess

That’s it from my desk this week. I hope Five Healthy Tips on How to Eat, Garden, Exercise and Live Longer has given you some “food for thought”. I currently don’t have any health problems. Let’s see what do I have going for me? I don’t have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, depression, cardiovascular diseases, blood sugar issues or diabetes. I don’t smoke cigarettes or any kind of tobacco and never have. I have a fairly healthy lifestyle. I do need to improve my healthy behaviors by increasing my physical activity (to increase/maintain muscle mass), limit my alcohol consumption (drink less wine), eating even more legumes, fruits vegetables, and whole grains. I could definitely improve my sleep quality, I need take my vitamins more religiously, and avoid snacks. Let’s see what else? Return to a more healthy weight, (bmi), eat more lean protein, fiber, work less, and enjoy life more in general. Whew! That was a list! What are your healthy tips for living a longer healthier life?

If you would like to catch up on previous Sunday favorites, you can find them right here.

We are heading out to pick up our new puppy. We haven’t had a puppy in fourteen years! Any tips will be appreciated. Fingers crossed! Now let’s pop over and visit Annie and Mary Ann for their Sunday favorites.



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  1. Barbara says

    Your garden tips in these two latest posts are very timely. Since you asked—-We recently moved from our large home of 28 years and even larger garden, with lots of perennials and vegetables. New home has a small shady yard that had been ignored. So the backyard is a blank slate. We’ve just added a custom wooden gazebo and a path of very large flagstones. Now for compost to improve the soil—and we’ll be ready for planting.

  2. Kim says

    Cindy so fun having the new pup and Steve retired! Excited for you guys. Great tips ! I love all these. You never age as long as I’ve known you.. must be the healthy living! I swear gardening is one thing that a lot of healthy people do !
    Love the red outfit too.
    x kim

  3. Barb L says

    My first spring without a garden ( love seeing your beautiful garden pics). Enjoyed the articles and beautiful outfits. Your pup is darling 💕 best tip I got was to have an inside pen in addition to the crate where he could play/eat/nap. I put a remnent piece of vinyl flooring under (protected the hardwood from spills and accidents). Kept our pup on the leash in the house while out of crate/pen until potty trained). Potty training didn’t take long at all and we didn’t have any isssues with him chewing things he shouldn’t. Good luck and enjoy the puppy kisses🐾

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Barb

      Scout seems to be doing really well so far! The weather has been so nice one of us stays outside with him most of the time except for the evenings and then we keep him in the den with us and take him out often! Only one accident so far!

  4. Elizabeth@pineconesandacorns says

    So excited for you and Steve and your new puppy. Beau was so loved and will be missed here but the antics and adventures of a new pup will also be enjoyed.
    Love all of your healthy tips. Some days are harder than others to stay motivated to eat healthy and get some exercise.
    HAve a great week Cindy!

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Eliz

      Sooooo true about being motivated!! We miss Beau so much, but we are enjoying the new little additions

  5. jULIE says

    Hi Cindy, I start the day off right with an almond milk latte for only 30 calories; if fills me up while I take my vitamins and doesn’t start a carb craving panic. Around 10:30, I make a chia pudding with hot water, add ground flax, frozen wild organic blueberries (low carb fruit!), maca powder (balanced my hormones at 56), a dash of stevia, handful of organic pepita seeds, 2 walnuts (brain food/protein) and 2 raw Brazil nuts (longevity/protein) and finally add a huge dollup of Greek yogurt (protein). When I start my day with a really healthy but yummy brunch, I set my day up for success.

    Spring greens as the base of a salad with chick peas, cherry tomatoes, baby cukes, baby peppers and some crunchy pea pods fills me up when I add some leftover protein from last nights dinner or some nuts and sunflower seeds on top plus EVOO & balsamic vinegar or fresh lemon juice plus S&P.

    My afternoon snack is usually a healthy treat of some sort; if I enjoy a treat in the afternoon, I don’t crave a dessert at night and feel like I’m missing out or deprived.

    Dinner is always a protein, low carb steamed or roasted veggie and often a chick pea pasta or potato.

    My nighttime vitamins are on my nightstand so I cannot forget them. 🙂


  6. Shirley says

    Thank you Cindy for all your good ideas! I love the earrings. So nice to have all the colors that can go with many different outfits.
    Question: How do you feel about wearing bright colors to church occasionally?

    • Pam Whitcomb says

      Bright colors are always appropriate for worship. They reflect the joy and life we have in Christ.
      “Enter His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise. Give thanks to Him and praise His name.” Psalm 100:4 That just ‘shouts’ vibrant color!! 🙂

      • Shirley Van Batavia says

        I agree! Thanks for what you shared. I too have joy and life in Christ! I feel I can brighten up my clothing and rejoice! Thanks!

        • Cindy Hattersley says

          Hi Shirley

          Pam and I are old friends from high school and college! So sad the Purdue boys lost yesterday

  7. Francesca B says

    A puppy !! How joyous! Love this so much. I have raised two dogs and they were such a wonderful addition to the family, sadly now passed. Have a look at Monty Don, presenter of Gardeners’ World. I notice he always carries his puppies around with him in the beginning, and when he puts them down he makes a bed from his jacket so the puppy is always close to his scent. He’s written a few articles on his relationship with dogs. Anyway lovely post, love the red pants especially!! Take care Cindy xo

  8. Becky parham says

    Anxiously awaiting seeing pictures of the new pup! I loved Beau and seeing all of his adventures. A dog completes a life and a family.

  9. Carrie 517 says

    Thank you for including a less expensive alternative for clothing. I love all the Eileen Fisher, and am buying piece by piece.

    I love your website and look forward to my almost daily emails.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Carrie

      I think you can always find good things. One just has to look a little harder. I am a huge fan of secondhand.

  10. Home before dark says

    It’s been a long slog to redo my nortside garden. We had 7 crabapples removed. In my younger ardor I kept them in vase shape. As I aged it got harder to find people who could prune the way I wanted and they got too big.

    A big stone retaining wall had to come out. In its place last fall finally deck was built that will be part of fence replacement and foundation for Japanese tea house shed. The planting will be simple and drought resistant.

    • Cindy Hattersley says

      Hi Patricia

      I think we have to keeps thing simpler as we age so we can still work and enjoy it. I keep telling myself that!

  11. holly says

    Great Sunday post! I really enjoyed reading the Eating Well article; it gave food for thought (pun intended LOL). The CNET piece was also fantastic and informative. With the weather improving, I need to up my exercise game. (Although let’s face it, we never really have bad weather in San Diego – PHT). By the way, that skirt from Old Navy is so cute! I’m definitely getting the black one.

    But the best part of your post was the news of your new puppy! I rescued a one-year-old pup in December after my 15-year-old Yorkie passed away. My house was too lonely without my husband there. Archie has been the best thing to help me through my grief. My best advice for you is to be patient, take deep breaths and enjoy the cuddles and puppy breath while they last. Also, having a puppy will provide you with an excellent exercise plan! You’ll be chasing him everywhere, and it will be so much

  12. Terry says

    I have a recommendation for comfortable shoes. The Charleston Shoe Company is very popular on the east coast and the shoes are stylish and comfortable. I had the pleasure of attending a presentation by the owner at my local women’s club and I was so impressed with her. Just wanted you to know for future blog material. I have several pairs and they feel wonderful on my 75 year old feet!

  13. char says

    Have lots of patience with the puppy and as mentioned pay attention,
    less accidents and chewing on things he shouldn’t!
    Start formal training as soon as he is old enough. I have a mini schnauzer
    and they are smart but stubborn so we did a mix of group training
    for socialization and private ones. We flunked our
    first puppy school and had to repeat it! 😂But they bring so much
    joy and love to you they are worth it all!!! Oh lots of play
    times and walks they have so much energy and need the
    stimulation. Do pictures when you get him for us to see.

  14. Mspoon says

    Hi Cindy
    How exciting a new puppy and lots of work. I have a micro mini golden doodle 1yr 5month old . Start potty training the day you bring them home. Take the puppy out side every couple of hours with treats and praise when she/he goes potty. I hung a bell at my back door so when my puppy has to potty she rings it to let me know she needs to go out. I crated my puppy until she grew out of it really helps with accidents. Walk them, it helps with all that puppy energy! Please be careful with dog toys, my puppy chews up fabric toys to sheds in a small matter of time and it is dangerous if they swallow pieces of it believe me I learned. P S No leather chews either.
    Hope this helps:-)

    • Janice says

      Socialize your puppy from day one. It is very important that your new puppy meets other dogs and people, so he or she lives a happy life with lots of Friends. Also, it is very important to clean your puppies teeth every day. If you start doing it when the pup is Young they will get used to it right away and not flinch as you continue to do it as they grow up. You don’t have to buy a toothbrush or fancy flavored toothpaste. Just wrap some cotton gauze around Your finger and go back and rub over your puppies teeth front and backsides if you can. Periodontal disease affects most dogs before the age of three. If you do this dental cleaning religiously, everyday, chances are you will never have to have your dogs teeth cleaned by the veterinarian , which can be very expensive. It is also a good idea to get your puppy used to having his or her toenails clipped, so keep an eye on those little nails and trim them when necessary. If you wait too long, and the quick gets long in the nail you will have a more difficult time keeping the nails short. You never want to let the nails get so long that they grow into the dog’s pads, or start to curl under. If you start to hear a clickity click on your hardwood floors it’s time to cut those toenails! Handle and mush your pup as much as you can, so they get used to you and the love and affection you both can share. By all means keep an eye on toys for your new puppy and when you start to see toys well chewed, it may be a good time to take the old toy away and replace it with a new one. Be vigilant, it doesn’t take much, a string or a piece of rubber from a toy, for a puppy to swallow it and end up in an emergency room. You sure don’t want that to happen! Lastly, think about getting pet insurance for your pup. Hopefully, your new doggy will live a very long, happy, healthy life, and pet insurance, while confusing, much like human insurance is well worth it in the long run. I’d also like to give a big shout out to CHEWY! They are one of the best customer service companies I have ever dealt with. When my beloved shih tzu, Toby died, they sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers… Now who else would do that?❤️

      • Cindy Hattersley says

        Hi Janice

        Great tip about the teeth. Our former lab’s teeth stayed squeaky clean. He only had them cleaned once and the vet admitted they really didn’t need it. As soon as Scout is out of puppy jail we will be walking him on asphalt so his toenails should not be a problem, but we will keep an eye on him! And we already have pet insurance as we remembered how many trips to the emergency vet we made when he was small. Thank you for all the great suggestions. So many things have changed since we last had a puppy!

  15. Gillian Talbot says

    I love,all your blog. It is so life enhancing, positive, joyful and so stylish. Thank you Cindy

  16. Leslie says

    What fun – a new puppy. I got Woody nearly five years ago and he’s such a pal. And I walk a lot more since I don’t have a yard. My tips? Crate train him. You will have far less accidents. And did you know they have dog britches? So if you take him to a hotel or someone else’s home you can relax. My other tip is to not feed only kibble. Many dog health issues come from feeding only dry food. I make some food for Woody once a week and give him high quality dried food in a separate bowl. He also has several washable dog beds so he knows where his spot is. I can pick them up and hide when I have a party. Socializing is super important because dogs are pack animals and need friends. Enjoy.

  17. EVA Popovich says

    My husband says, pay attention. The puppy will tell you what it needs, but you just have to be paying attention. We really enjoyed watching a program about different people training Australian shepherds to work with sheep. One of the things I loved is when one of the men showed how he picked up his puppy all the way into adulthood, just to bond with the pup. It seemed a little silly, but seemed to work very well.
    We’re not there yet, with a 12 year old dog ourselves, but a new pup could be in our future. I also think it helps a lot when you take your pup along with you whenever possible so that it not only bonds but gets to understand what is expected of him/her as part of your pack.

  18. annie diamond says

    Oh Cindy! Have fun with your new puppy! With Steve being retired and you working from home, a beautiful neighborhood to take your puppy on walks… you’re going to love it! It will keep you young! Haha

  19. Mary Ann Pickett says

    LOVE your fun, colorful outfits. So much inspiration.

    Have fun with the pup!

  20. Gray says

    Good luck with the puppy! We got Friday 8 years ago and it was much harder to train him than I thought it would be. But he’s a mini-schnauzer and you’re getting a lab! So therein may lie the difference! Good luck! Can’t wait to see him.

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